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Hi! We're in New York City and hope you love us on YouTube as much as you do on television!


Q: Where can I send a news tip?
A: You can email us using the link below or give us a call at 917-260-7700.

Q: How can I connect with Bill Ritter?
A: He's on Facebook and Twitter along with the rest of the Eyewitness News team.

Q: How do I send you a photo or video of a news event?
A: Use the hashtag #abc7NY or http://photos.abc7ny.com/ to upload.

Q: Where can I watch Eyewitness News Live?
A: Channel 7 on your TV, our website (abc7ny.com) or by downloading our Eyewitness News app or the ABC app.

Q: Where in New York City are you located?
A: On the beautiful Upper West Side of New York City at 67th and Columbus Avenue. We even have a streetside studio on the corner of 66th and Columbus so you can stand on the sidewalk and watch us, take selfies or dance.

Q: When did Eyewitness News debut?
A: In 1968 with Roger Grimsby.

Visit us at http://abc7ny.com/