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New information received from the Harbour Office 05/01/18


The Harbour Authority strives to maintain a safe and efficient environment for all of its users
whether they use our harbours for leisure or commerce.
Part of this commitment involves an approach whereby risks are continually assessed and
practices improved for the good of all users and the environment.
With this in mind, revisions have been made to the published Safety of Navigation and
Bathing Water Guidance documents. The new versions have been emailed to all berth
holders and we would ask that all users review the guidance to ensure they are aware of
their contents and how it may affect them.
The Bathing Water Guidance supports our objective to ensure that Scarborough and Whitby
Harbours have as minimal effect on the area’s bathing water quality as possible and
suggests ways that you can help to ensure this is the case.
Of special note is an addition to your berthing terms and conditions, which prohibits the
discharge of black water (sewage) whilst you are within the Harbour Authority’s area of
The guidance recommends that this discharge should not be made whilst you are within 3
miles of the coast (a suggestion supported by the RYA) and preferably users should make
use of the pump out facilities at Whitby or the chemical toilet disposal point which will be
available in the new user facilities on Vincent Pier.
In any case, toilets and holding tanks must not be discharged whilst you are within the
harbours or their approaches.
To support the initiative, it is intended to introduce the policy of placing dye tablets into the
toilets and holding tanks of visiting vessels. The dye tablets are approved and safe for the
environment but will make it obvious if black water is discharged into the harbour so that
action can be taken against offenders.
Your support on this matter is greatly appreciated and will go a long way to ensuring we all
have safe and clean beaches, harbours and rivers to enjoy, long into the future.
On behalf of all members of the Harbour team, may I wish you and your families a very
happy new year and all the best for 2018.


Bathing Water Leaflet

Bathing water leaflet 2017



(4th EDITION / 17 )

At meetings with representatives of the Scarborough Harbour Users Group during 2015 the following
acts of normal and best practice were reviewed in line with the Port Marine safety code guidance and
agreed to be applicable within Scarborough harbour. Following which in June 2017 these were reviewed
by the Harbour Management team and found to be satisfactory.
If all harbour users apply the following examples of good and proper practice then the existing safe
situation should be preserved within the harbour.
It was agreed that the main area of concern regarding possible interaction between vessels is
approaching and leaving the harbour entrances and the area surrounding the inner harbour pontoons.
It is agreed that craft leaving the harbour should give way to craft entering.
It is agreed that vessels equipped with VHF should maintain a listening watch on Channel 12, the
harbour working channel in order that advice can be given by the harbour watch keepers and call when
approaching or leaving the harbour to ascertain vessel movements prior to entry or departure.
All vessels should proceed at a moderate safe speed. This will be set by Byelaw at 5 knots. The
skippers of all craft should be aware that they are responsible for the wake caused by the passage of
their vessel and should proceed at such a speed so as to minimise any effects to other vessels operating
within the harbour limits or to vessels moored alongside. A sign is erected at the entrance to the harbour
to direct the skippers of vessels accordingly.
The practice of yachtsmen leaving the helm to adjust or set sail whilst still close to the harbour entrance
was discussed. It is felt that this practice is imprudent whilst within the confines of the entrance and
skippers should ensure that their craft are well clear of any traffic entering or leaving the harbour prior to
carrying out this activity, no vessel shall operate under sail power alone within harbour limits if unless it is
its sole means of propulsion.
The dangers of craft exiting the outer harbour underneath the Vincent Pier bridge was discussed it was
felt that good practice would be for all vessels exiting / entering the outer / East harbour to use the East
pier entrance when accessible during March – November to help ease the potential risk at peak times
around the main entrance to the harbour.
Safe operating information is available to all day launched craft both on safety notices distributed by
harbour staff and is available on the harbours web site
The harbour watch keepers can be contacted on Channel 12 VHF, the port working channel, in order to
provide information on tidal heights, weather conditions, the availability of berths and the movements of
other vessels within the harbour. ANY INSTRUCTIONS WHICH MAY BE GIVEN BY THE WATCH
It is expected that new Byelaws will shortly be introduced to assist in the safe management of
Scarborough Harbour.
Capt. Ian Vasey
Borough Harbour Master.

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