Vanessa Bryant and Daughters Visit Kobe and Gianna Mural

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Vanessa changed her Instagram profile picture over the weekend, posing in front of a mural dedicated to her late husband and daughter.

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Fernando Coronado 2 month ago
Natalia is tall like her dad.
NikkiSiixx 2 month ago
Man she is such a strong woman. God bless her and the girls. She is handling this with such grace and dignity. I dont know how she is so strong but man she is the Definition of STRENGTH. I know I couldn't be that strong. We love and support you Mamacita! And mini Mamacitas. R.I.P. GiGi and Kobe. Heros come and go but LEGENDS never die!
Brittanii Starzz 2 month ago
Natalia is tall like daddy & looks just like her mommy
Gaming Celebrity 2 month ago
I still can’t imagine how Vanessa is still grieving after it being over a month. I feel sad for her.
i i l x m o n 01 2 month ago
I can’t believe what Christmas would be like for them... Edit: btw al seasons will be hard for them. I just highlighted Christmas idk why? ty for the likes
Belle 2 month ago
They didn’t deserve to pass away, but God does things for a reason. That mural is very beautiful.
Kelly Lako 2 month ago
I honestly can't imagine the pain of losing a child and a husband, a man she's been with since 17, God look after her and her babies. No money in the world can remove such pain
cipherP9 2 month ago
NaTALLia, man that girl has some height on her now.
Teresa Baxter 2 month ago
Artist have painted their tributes to Kobe and his daughter Gianna all around the City of Los Angeles it's very moving that Vanessa is paying tribute to these artist and recognizing that their artwork did not go unnoticed. It must be very difficult for her but also very healing. Thank you for sharing
Junah Richards 2 month ago
This is so sad. Vanessa is such a strong woman after losing some of the most important people in her life
Nikki Saracini 2 month ago
Her daughter's r beautiful ❤️❤️😍
Keep it all the Way Funky 2 month ago
Still unimaginable that she’s got to move on. Her strength is inspiring.
Miracle Williams 2 month ago
Natalia have her daddy's tall genes. #RestInPeaceKobeGianna. Gone but not forgotten.💔☹️
Cherael Symone 2 month ago
Wow, this still hurts me smh, life can be so hard sometimes, can't even imagine how they're feeling.
Manuel Padron Rubio 2 month ago
God bless the Bryant family, and the other families involved in that horrific horrible day.
Rah Torres 2 month ago
So damn sad ugh poor woman she’s definitely still grieving you can tell she’s been crying a lot I feel for her
Javonta Kelly 2 month ago
We miss ya'll so much Send prayers to vanessa And her daughters Through this Hard Time But we all feel the same way they feel but Kobe was a inspiration To us all he's been my hero since I was a Kid
Loni Lo 2 month ago
My godfather Jason who is on Instagram created a portrait of Kobe and Gigi together and it had a lot of detail it looked just like them #Kobe&Gigi
Shernice Harper 2 month ago
Ugh. This is so sad. I cant imagine the grief. The way she is able to wake up every day and move forward takes such strength. God bless them and the families impacted by this tragedy.
Lady G 2 month ago
Queen Mamba you and the Mamba girl's hang in there, so good to know you're out and about carrying the torch,. Like you said "we're still a team". PEACE BE UNTO YOU!!!!
Willie WMS 2 month ago
Great to see smiles on their faces!
Karla Soto 2 month ago
Miss u kobe and gigi..🖤😔 Can't imagine what they going through
Jason Shampansky 2 month ago
Still in shock that Kobe Bryant is actually gone and his daughter as well, I think it will always be that feeling whenever I see a clip of him or a story, he brought so much joy to me and my family watching him over the years, and I’m sad his life ended that way
warichards1 2 month ago
Man oh Man! Reading some of these comments about how long somebody should be grieving the loss of a husband and daughter— in such a devastatingly catastrophic way. Listen— people grieve in different ways and there is no set timetable— grief can last a lifetime! If you ever lost someone suddenly— especially in a shocking manner — trust me— it’s emotionally debilitating! I pray and pray for Vanessa and her beautiful daughters and Kobe’s parents and sisters and the other families. Surviving family see reminders every single moment of their loss— photos and clothes in the closet and all else. It’s hard... very hard. I applaud Vanessa for her strength and grace as she has to lead the family. God Bless them— in Jesus Name, we pray, Amen.🙏🏿🎚🤔
Fatuma Hassan 2 month ago
It's so surreal still Kobe was so smart and handsome tho
MaxMilli ELos 2 month ago
Glad she opened up to Kobe fans and recognizing LA lost someone who they cared about too!
F C 2 month ago
The Bryant’s are literally the definition of great loving people .
Monique Henriquez 2 month ago
Aww...good for you Vanessa. I can't imagine what she has had to endure. No one should have to experience such pain as that.
Deborah Burks-Moore 2 month ago
Nataila needs to model professionally like yesterday.
Denese Anderson 2 month ago
Papa bear and baby bear😊 RIP⚘⚘⚘🙏
wanda Shivers 2 month ago
She's tall like her Dad .So beautiful. Wishing their family well.
Summer x 2 month ago
Yesterday i was praying to god to give them strength. the day after i prayed they posted pictures of them smiling, i hope it’s God! God and jesus is good, amen.
Mass Gaining Guy 2 month ago
Stay strong Vanessa Bryant!
Brenda Colon 2 month ago
My heart hurts for the families, my family and I send love and hugs to the families. May they find strength and hold all the beautiful memories in there hearts. ❤️🙏🏼🏀✨✨✨
chaniqua smith 2 month ago
The oldest daughter is crazy tall.
MzBrown 2 month ago
Capri looks like a baby Kobe
Muva Foo 2 month ago
Goodness this hurts. I couldn't even imagine going through this
Braun Tough 2 month ago
Time marches on in Gods Speed.. Memories are the greatest equalizer.. Amen..
Natalie Jones 2 month ago
Natalia is so tall. Holy crap. She looks like a mom🙊
Frosty NY UK 2 month ago
Still cannot believe Kobe & Gigi are gone! It’s a nightmare my heart goes out to all the families that lost loved ones.. why why why?? 😓mural is absolutely beautiful 🙏🏼🏀🌸2-8-24
Annie Cortez 2 month ago
Breaks my heart every time I saw this kind of News about Kobe and his Daughter.. and can’t imagine how his wife handle the pain, the children losing their father and sister.. Let alone the younger daughter that will never experience picking her up in school by his Dad..😌
Donna Cunningham 2 month ago
Vanessa I'm so proud of you and your daughters, I'm so happy that Our Heavenly Father has given you strength and courage to understand what life throws at us, I know from reading the Bible that Our Heavenly Father doesn't take our loved ones from us, the only one that does evil deeds like this is Satan and his helpers 👿 keep your spirit 🌬️ with Jesus Christ Almighty and He will always have your back. Amen 😇
Johnathan Brown 2 month ago
Rica Johnson 2 month ago
Smiling through the pain! ❤️ God wrap your arms around them
Thomasean Jones 2 month ago
Me sad 😥Forever in our hearts 💙💙💙
Mark Sammons 2 month ago
Still can't believe Kobes gone
Laurie Myers 2 month ago
Natalia looks just like mama!!
Lin Bonner 2 month ago
Beautiful family moment. Some AMAZING ARTISTS. ❤💔❤
Rollo Lamont 2 month ago
May the Good Lord continue to lay his Comfortable healing hands over the Bryant family alongside all the family members who lost loved ones on that tragic helicopter ride.
monique doll 2 month ago
I love how basically the whole #LA is going in on the murals. Yall got some dope artists. That support means everything. Love that Vanessa brought the girls out and took a picture like that. Ps. We supporting over here in NY as well. xo #mambaVibes 💜.💛
Mousy Leigh 2 month ago
Awe that’s precious
Patricia Armstrong 2 month ago
This daughter is every bit as beautiful as GiGi and there mother and look at the hight on her just like her dad great art work
Dorothy Aguilar 2 month ago
Life goes on , they need to understand that their time on Earth was fulfilled God called them home a stairway to heaven for them to be in His mighty presence. Rejoice with the Lord for they will never be forgotten. Gone but never will be forgotten.... 💫👼💫 R.l.P. 🌸💕🌼 Gianna & 💜🏀💛 Kobe for ever in our hearts 💔
Elizabeth Lastra 2 month ago
It's beautiful to see the Bryant family having a nice day. One day at a time.
adyllia williams 2 month ago
Natalia a stallion 😍
nateblanch squad 2 month ago
God took amazing souls including the ones who died that day.I hug my babies tighter you never know when thrash day will be my heart and prayers are with Vanessa natalia Bianca Capri and the families of the other victims God but never forgotten
Mike Lowery 2 month ago
I will never get use to hearing Kobe Bryant died
SunKissNicole 2 month ago
I love that they're smiling again!
Rjfjj Djdjf 2 month ago
Their Daughters are gorgeous
Megan Cox 2 month ago
Yes I know I don’t have that emotional strength!!! I’d still be in bed, I’d probably need a bed pan to pee in because I don’t think I’d be able to get up and walk to the toilet. My nannies if I could afford them would be working overtime. Truth. The depression would either kill me or nearly kill me. Natalia being able to smile like that too obviously she has her mothers strength. Man I don’t know how they were able to stop crying for these pics. It’s sadly the closest the family gets to having a portrait now 😢 How bloody horrifying.
totek david 2 month ago
I miss you already kobe. Your loyal fan since 1997😭
BEBA Pagán 2 month ago
This episode is repeated. I saw it before.
John Brown 2 month ago
Just trying to be a whole family again😢
Amelia Rose 2 month ago
I can’t imagine the grief that Vanessa and her family are going through. Not only her husband, but her child. I pray that one day that the hole in her heart will heal. They both will never be forgotten and neither will the other victims. Sending my love to everyone affected 🥺❤️🙏
Bambi B 2 month ago
I'm so sad when I found out I was CRYING for 2 hours. So sorry Vanessa hope you and your daughters can live your life. and stay strong! Like for Kobe and Gigi
Liz Jones 2 month ago
Lovely girls, he’s watching over his girls😇
mrs D vapes 2 bfmv 2 month ago
it's amazing how many lives Kobe and Gianna Bryant touched
Alesha P Austin 2 month ago
Vanessa Bryant, my children & I hope you & the girls are doing ok, your a very strong beautiful woman... GOD BLESS...💖💖💖
Monique Pierre 2 month ago
That is a strong woman......such a beautiful family ....i pray she continues to heal ❤🙏...
GYPSY JEWS 2 month ago
Let the Bryant's be in peace my gosh 🙄
Dorothy Odobo 2 month ago
I really wish them the best of life They have to be strong She has to be strong for the other kids. Stay bless
Joann Hardy 2 month ago
this is beyond sad love you Vanessa God got you ,❤️❤️❤️❤️
Sharel SweeTz 2 month ago
Dear Person That's Reading This You May Be Goin Through Something But God Got U He Didn’t Bring You This Far To Quit.We Don’t Know Each Other But I Wish U All The Best In Life 2020 And Beyond.🇧🇸❤️ ~Sharel Sweetz~
Sapphire Steamy 2 month ago
The pain the entire world feels... I could not imagine what it took for them to smile today🙏🏽🖤🙏🏽 #AllHailTheGods
Jacky Ruiz 2 month ago
❤️fly high gorgeous angels fly high❤️Rest In Peace gorgeous a angels Rest In Peace❤️you guys are in a better place now❤️long live you gorgeous legends❤️fly high gorgeous angel fly high❤️❤️
Barbara Ramirez 2 month ago
You have such a beautiful family.Just remember Kobe and Gianna will always. be watching over you and the girls from "Heaven Above".
Soma Kalubovila 2 month ago
💜💙 God Bless you Dear Vanessa & Daughters I'm Punsisi Jayathillaka frm Srilanka
Tracie Richards 2 month ago
Beautiful, strong and prayers 💕🙏
richard Testa 2 month ago
A mural of all that perished would be a beautiful tribute. All those lives mattered.
Miguel Hernandez 2 month ago
Natalia carries her father’s smile. Vanessa we love you!!!
Mjanedimasacat E 2 month ago
Strong woman Vanessa❤️
박은지 2 month ago
I wish all 9 victims were still here 😔❤️
Bear 7 2 month ago
To not get to hug, kiss, feel, smell, talk, admire my kid anymore is beyond comprehension and my human capacity. I just can’t wrap my mind around it. My oldest is giannas age. And we are close. I cherish and not take it for granted that she’s here in the flesh with us. #girldad here also. 🙏🏼😔😔😔 Love my babies.
DEADSHOTSNIP3R7 2 month ago
0:46 they died omg I didn’t know🤦‍♀️
I don’t Care 2 month ago
God bless them. They might have lost Gigi and Kobe but they still have each other ❤️
Jungkook’s Wifey 2 month ago
I went on insta to check the photo and it popped up right away the one with Natalia😢
La Tricia Fisher 2 month ago
Lord please give all the grieving families the strength each and every precious day🙏🏾😢.
Charles Walker 2 month ago
Damn Miss all y'all 😭😭🙏🙏🙏✌️✌️✌️
deb fox 2 month ago
God Bless them all! So missed
James Gonzales 2 month ago
God BLESS them All!!!!!!!! So BEAUTIFUL!! I want to LOVE more everyone!
Silver Mont 2 month ago
Beautiful painting 🖼 RiP ❤️🇨🇦
Sincerity 2 month ago
Love the beautiful artwork!!!!!! God bless your talent beautiful murals!
Cae Bae 2 month ago
their girls are so beautiful 💕
wxnder lxnd 2 month ago
Damn, what a strong woman
Preet Rayat 2 month ago
May God give them strength to move on and may Gigi and Kobe Rest In Peace.
angie murray 2 month ago
Brave beauiful vanessa I can't imagine the pain your going through. Losing your daughter and your loving husband. You are so strong you can get through this. Kobe and gigi are still with you in your heart. Sending you love you are in my prayers xxx
Lee Zeidel 2 month ago
The tribute murals are incredible I've been to Los Angeles recently and seen some but I wish this horrible tragedy never happened it's still fresh in my mind as I'm sure it is in many other's R.I.P to all that lost their lives on that fateful day 😪😩🙏
honey buzzard 2 month ago
SA CHEA ADAMS 2 month ago
Who dislikes this? Smh The only thing in life that’s certain us death. Prayers to all of them. 🙏🏾
GIGI and Kobe Your legends 2 month ago
I’m glad to see them smiling