I Take Off My Headphones

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The time has come... Headphones take off reveal.

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Davie504 2 month ago
Lautaro Rodriguez 2 month ago
Davie: "Headphones take off reveal" Also Davie: Profile photo without them
- CtrlAltDelete - 2 month ago
8:00 "Now my profile pic is not cursed" *checks profile pic *still has headphones on it *N O T E P I C*
ThatDued 2 month ago
Davie: The universe is as big as my pp The universe: *ever expanding*
Jesper Rosén 2 month ago
Me: I have small PP Davie: that’s pretty good Me: EPICO!!
Stick Moon 2 month ago
Me: talking about how I'm finally dating my crush Davie: Stop trolling. Ouch.
Juan Sinag 2 month ago
Davie504: so i can hear myself. If im saying words correctly Me: i accepp
40204 2 month ago
2:11 "Are you a bass?" *plays C* (Italian for yes = sì = C)
hyper3cube 2 month ago
Davey504: "I'm going to take off my headphones" Every clip of Davey in intro: no headphones
pijung Erice 2 month ago
Davie: therapy time Me: talking about how bigger my Pp than his and he agreed lol
Tristan Lobo 2 month ago
that moment when you realize that davie wasnt wearing his headphones during the sdaiay intro
Alan 2 month ago
Davie: Didn’t do the reveal at time 4:20 Me: NOT EPIC
Loewin Villanueva 2 month ago
Davie:Makes a whole video to show his ear Me:but you can see it in the intro Davie:CHECKMATE
Walter Lobingco 2 month ago
"What's that behind you? " Davie: its a box Me: oh i thought it was a door My life is a lie
ZCC 2 month ago
Davie: *reaches 6,942,068 subs cause noone wants to see his pp* Everyone else: *"NOT STONKS"*
Nikki Flag Arts 2 month ago
Davie: takes of headphones Me: *WOAH HE HAS EARS HE'S A LEGEND*
Gialia Bautista 2 month ago
Mathieu Lacasse 2 month ago
"What's the size of the universe?" Then Vsauce theme starts.... That's just genius.
MathiFox YT 2 month ago
Davie: "im gonna take my headphones for first Time " Also Davie: *puts a video in the video like with 3 scenes without headphones* :v
thasup nick 2 month ago
Davie:"headphones take off reveal" Also Davie:"intro without the headphones"
LuciusGamer 2 month ago
Davie: “I Take off My Headphones” SDAIAY Intro: “Been there done that” 0:48
Ren P-G 2 month ago
***Therapy time*** Me: I want to show my pp in the subway.. Davie: Its really good, I’m here for you and I will stay here until it happens!
first last 2 month ago
2:12 he exposed himself again, Davie just tell us that you’re actually thanos’ bass
jason hizole 2 month ago
Gioveh 2 month ago
unpopular opinion: I’VE LOVED THE THERAPY session time. do a whole video about it or I’M GONNA CALL THE POLICE :(
Pugsforlife Yo 2 month ago
4:10 ROOMIE OFFICIAL IN THE HOUSE also I just realized that in his SDAIAY intro he is shown WITHOUT his 🎧🤭
Samitobito 2 month ago
He’s not wearing headphones in half his intro lmao
Santiago Talero 2 month ago
6:20 - 7:17, words form the hearth, congratulations Davie, greetings from Colombia
Respati Bramono 2 month ago
4:20 Davie takes off his headphones 5:04 when Davie tried again
Ben Lacsina 2 month ago
Nobody: Davie, an Intellectual: 𝗟 𝗶 𝗳 𝗲 𝗻 ’ 𝘁
Nutrian Rineynutz 2 month ago
YT time: 4:20 Davie: "BASSIST"
Kambinox 2 month ago
"I'm proud of you, especially if you slap like on my videos." LMAOOOO you, sir, are a hoot! For the record, I slapped like before that... soooo, I let you down by ignoring your request, that time, on the grounds that I wanted the prior like to stay a like. Pshhh... YouTube.
Jamie-kun 2 month ago
Davie504 doesn't realise that his intro of SDAIAY includes him not wearing headphones before 6mil subs Checkmate!
User 1corky 2 month ago
*Davie does an epic headphone take off reveal* Everyone: I loved that part of the video Me: I love therapy time 😂😂😂
Sam Skate 2 month ago
“Big pp reveal” Every girl: Wet
Igor Matheus 2 month ago
Richards González 2 month ago
Me: Davie this video was amazinggg, just that Davie: Shocking
Mellow Yellow 2 month ago
So anyway, my father ended up dying.. "I remember that, *chuckle* I still smile thinking about that. Good times..." Wait, what...
JaTaJoV 2 month ago
"The universe is as big as my pp" It's a small world we live in
Tenebris Aeternam 2 month ago
When you realize that in the sdaiay intro he's shown w/o headphones.
Earl Jhoen Decuzar 2 month ago
When RoomieOfficial wants Davie to change his hairstyle...
Jacob Caravaggio 2 month ago
“how big is the universe?” plays vsauce approved ☑️
Insane Gaming 2 month ago
Davie: I might take off my headphones at the 5:04 time stamp All his fans: NANI!?
John Randy Ocampo Polo 2 month ago
David: therapy time Me: hablo en español sobre como cocinar arroz.
Clash of Clans Wins! 2 month ago
5:41 ngl he almost had me there🤣
Doctor Freakshow 2 month ago
Davie504: "Am I gonna reveal my headphone take-off reveal at 5:04 timestamp of this video?" *Me watches all the video and returns to 5:04 sees Headphone take-off Reveal for the 2nd time. Me: "Good job Davie504! Now we never have to ask why Davie504!"
J Brown 2 month ago
“Headphone removal review” .... into with music pushing swing and laying in bed without headphones*
Jimmy Quasar 2 month ago
I was literally making jokes and then you said ‘be-serious’ thing and my mind is blown.
Dawn Gooden 2 month ago
Davie: I'm proud of you. Me: *weeps uncontrollably*
Dr Ruchama 2 month ago
I love every time he explains why " 504 "
Daniel Ferreira 2 month ago
Me saying makanadas Davie: Stop trolling me, be serious
Kakarot Terry 2 month ago
"How big is the universe?" *Vsause music plays for a fraction of a second*
DavidWas77 2 month ago
when Davie doesn’t heart your comment from his last video.. PP SMALL
James Harris 2 month ago
It's a religious thing to watch all the way to the final "O M G" 😂
Cameron Grant 2 month ago
The headphones are off, he's growing ever more powerful.
Antoni Gates 2 month ago
When other YouTubers steal Davies memes. *Pshhht; stronsi* When Davie does his memes. *Epico*
marinerphil xavi 2 month ago
3:19 Exactly what i tell people who ask me to teach them Bass. Spot on Davie504 👍🏾
JakulaithWolff 2 month ago
Why is this random man recommended to me? xD I have no clue what this channel is. But this stranger looks better without headphones, in case it was my opinion that was needed... ok, bbye!
ZachDanny23 2 month ago
His headphones are literally off in the SDAIAY intro....
Blessed 2 month ago
His profile picture is literally him not wearing an earphone lmao
Rocket Child 2 month ago
3:35 all the Jojo's bizarre adventure music is his WEEB reveal lol
losershaven 2 month ago
Me: *Watches This video even if Ive seen his ears in his other videos*
Sean Spencer 2 month ago
therapy time me: you didn't include my meme on your subreddit page Davie504: shocking me: i know 😐
Cy Cabs 2 month ago
Davie: Im about to remove my headphones for the first time. SDAIAY Intro: Video Montage of Davie where most of it he has no headphones. Epico.
Jared Spaulding 2 month ago
I'm really curious what the hell he's actually gonna do for the pp reveal lmao.
Julieta Ugartemendia 2 month ago
Me: *sings a song* Davie: sTOP TROLLING ME!!! Me: *ok*
Human !llusion 2 month ago
10:00 Thank you Davie. Your words touched my heart and made me feel less lonely 🌠
Alex 13 2 month ago
Davie: my profile pic is not cursed anymore Me: you pp is still cursed lol
Tracy Faour 2 month ago
7:07 you accent Is great man, it adds comedic affect to your jokes, cause your voice matches it perfectly
Finn Goldberg 2 month ago
Me:telling david I've been contemplating suicide Davie:I still smile thinking about that
G H 2 month ago
"Is there life after lifen't?" hahahaha
H1D3R _ 2 month ago
Guys the reveal is him taking of his headphones not ear reveal or when he’s not with headphones
Javin Knows everything 2 month ago
0:50 We have seen his ears for however long he has had this intro
Human !llusion 2 month ago
6:36 - Me too Davie, me too... I hate my voice, i never send voice messages to people, even friends. It's awkward and cringe in recordings or calls. Plus i can't even make a proper conversation. I try sometimes to listen to my own voice so i get used to it. I'm a bit less uncomfortable but still..
Duno Watudu Food & Travel 2 month ago
I love how the 7M reveal will be something serious
Пе4ka 2 month ago
Davie: makes pp reveal Monetisation: bye
Soin Solih 2 month ago
How to calculate Davie’s age: 25-BASS=16
atticus wilson 2 month ago
When you realize you can see Davies ears in his profile pic
Mr. Foxy Fox 2 month ago
“Therapy time is probably my favorite parts about each video, It’s just so calming and-“ *OMG*
Eliyah Shabat 2 month ago
Who else slaps like before he tells you to slap like
URANlUM 2 month ago
Davie: *OMG* Subtitle: orange
Rocket Child 2 month ago
I remember when Davie asked for about 20 likes for an elbow reveal, now he's revealing his ears (which we've already seen before) at 6mil, lol. Such a difference
Satria Utm 2 month ago
Davie504 : *reading questions* Subscriber : *realize there is RoomieOfficial* Davie504 : ....
Jogador 1 2 month ago
1 thing: RoomieOfficial marring reveal at 6M subs, you said that
Luís Martins 2 month ago
"welcome to a new scientific episode of sdaiay", proceeds to fail basic math
AS_Quadkiller28269 2 month ago
I love how his headphones are off in the intro
NOAH ALMAZAN 2 month ago
All I’m going to say is that his YouTube profile has no headphones on.
Mr.Detroy 2 month ago
U Could See his Ears When His SDAIAY INTRO
Bobjake 333 2 month ago
did anybody realize that he never had his headphones in the intro soooooooooo
just a toy review channel 2 month ago
RAPHY G&R 2 month ago
5:43 I thought it was airpods take off reveal in 7M subs
ThiefofBaghdad 2 month ago
It's funny how we knew exactly what he looked like without headphones but him removing his headphones still was such a big moment :')
the_big_david_boi thee boi 2 month ago
When the SDAIAY intro has davie504 without headphones
Funartic 2 month ago
6:12 That Vsauce song drop always gets me
Crowned mirror81 2 month ago
Davie504:sdaiy SDAIYtheme: no headphone
Giovanni Battista Emiliani 2 month ago
First take off attempt at 4:20 (lmao) and second at 5:04 I'm Italian don't judge me for my English
MilitaryBoy55 • 2 month ago
Someone should record themselves talking with davie during therapy time
T- REKT Fortnite 2 month ago
6:38 I didn't expect that
Cupasmell33 2 month ago
“Cumming soon😉” perfect!
saint shimy 2 month ago
I waited so long for this moment that now I don't know how to react :]