Christian Seavey vs. My 4 Boyfriends | Twin My Heart w/ The Merrell Twins Season 2 EP 6 Pt 1

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This is the episode you've all been waiting for!!
He Shocked Us All *Self-Elimination | Twin My Heart w/ The Merrell Twins Season 2 EP 5 Pt 2 -

Through the makeups and breakups, the tears and the kisses, Franny and Nezza have to decide who their perfect match is out of the last four contestants. But first, Twin My Heart Season 1 winner, Christian Seavey pops by for a surprise challenge...stay tuned for part 2 on Thursday. 💑💖💑💖

Veronica and Vanessa Merrell are setting up not one, but two of their best friends, Franny and Nezza, as they search for love. It's a race to win their hearts, as contestants compete in challenges, deciding who will stay and who will go. ❤️❤️

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If you see this, comment below on how you like your french toast. YUM. 😋

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AwesomenessTV 9 days ago
WHO ELSE LOVED SEEING CHRISTIAN?!?!!! 😍omg guys can you believe the finale is here?! Tune in on Thursday at 5:15AM PST to find out WHO THE WINNERS ARE!!! sorry im screaming im just excited
Lucille Garcia 9 days ago
christian is looking charming as EVER with his vibe and smile
Dustin & Denzel 9 days ago
Who else is excited that Christian’s back but also sad this is the last week 😩 EDIT: Sorry about your tongs Christian 🙃
Taylor Heinbaugh 9 days ago
Christian is so wise for his age, just wait he will be even wiser when he gets older! 🤣😄
Lauren’s Life 9 days ago
Christian: Don’t mess up Denzel: Breaks egg into pieces with bowl Me: Dies
Natasha 9 days ago
Franny: that one was a little thicccc, this one was a good size. Nezza: a good size, fits in your mouth. Christian and Nezza: **dying**
Joelle T 9 days ago
can we just talk about christian seavey's beautiful blue eyesss, honestly he looks super similar with daniel ❤❤❤ where's my limelights at?
Stella Hong 9 days ago
When Christian comes in- Roni: clap like she saw james pass a test Nessa: smile subtlety The boys: clap Franny and Nezza: NO WAY!!!! CLAPP CLAPP LIKE YOU’VE NEVER CLAPPED BEFORE! ALSO SORTA SHOVE EACH OTHER!
I'm Just JhoKing 9 days ago
I really hope they don’t end up like Nessa and Christian “ just friends “ I just realize a lot of people commented this 😂
cherry loo 9 days ago
Okay but... nezza describing dustin: funny nezza describing vince: he’s so loving, so sweet, caring, thoughtful, I knew he was a good cook, etc
Addy Xiong 9 days ago
Christian: hey I got a tip for you Denzel: what Christian: don’t mess up Denzel: ( immediately messes up) All the guys: laughing there hearts out R.I.P. Tongs 2020-2020 died cause of Denzel
ThazCatz 9 days ago
I remember the French toast incident when all the boys overacted about Christian trying to hard lmao
ss amiravs 9 days ago
Christian: showing off will get you no where Flashbacks to when the twins dad said “Flattery will get you no where”
Amani XOXO 9 days ago
“Girl powow.... WITH CHRISTIAN”😂
Annies Life x 9 days ago
twins: “were gunna take the girls up to the room and have a girl powerwow! with Christian to, christian is coming” christian: “YASSSS WERE GUNNA HAVE A GIRL POWERWOW” awwhhh I do love christian
Likka 9 days ago
My theory: Ryan and Vince are gonna be winners because they are wearing suits on "commentary scenes" but brothers are wearing same outfit...
Shriya Prabhala 9 days ago
When Ryan was like annoyed at Dustin for NEVER HAVING HIS SHIRT ON.. idk that made me very happy
Just me Sry 9 days ago
I think next season they should try to find Alex or Aaron a girlfriend
Geri Ramirez 9 days ago
When Dustin took off his shirt he lost a lot of points 🥴🥴🥴🥴it was just weird
Estelle 9 days ago
Vince and Ryan have to win. They convinced me that they genuinely care for and even fell in love with the girls. I wasn't able to sympathize with the brothers as I'm not able to tell if they're acting or not. Dustin is way too cocky as well, could be for the show, but it comes off as annoying.
Jennie’s Armpit is hot 9 days ago
Vince: Christian's long lost brother. Not only they look alike, he's also a good cook 👌🏻
Layla Deesamer 9 days ago
nEvEr LeT dEnZeL iN dA kItChEn PERIOD
Johanna Mae 9 days ago
I'm starting to notice that the brothers are pretty cocky. They obviously see it as a joke but it can get a little far sometimes.
hola cómo estás 9 days ago
i forgot that these aren’t full episodes and now we gotta wait till thursday 🥺😢
Troy Wilson 9 days ago
It was so refreshing seeing Christian. Also, am I the only one who was happy that Vince won? I love the guy! I hope Nezza picks him.
Lillian Pennington 9 days ago
I 100% would date Christian he seems like the PERFECT guy💕
Margenique Petersen 9 days ago
Christian : hey ! I got a tip for ya Denzel : what ? Christian : don't mess up Denzel : breaks tongs Christian : well , there goes my tongs Me : OMG 😂😂😂😂
Riham Belhamdi 9 days ago
11:07 nezza: it’s a good size fit in your mouth Christian: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jala Sumrain 9 days ago
Watch them JUST BE FRIENDS it’s a freaking DATING show
Katie J. 9 days ago
I see a lot of comments about how the brothers should win because they’re funny, but that’s about where it ends. They’re overconfident and cocky, which I know Franny and Nezza don’t like. They’re treating the girls like they’re a competition, not actually people. Vince and Ryan take into account their feelings, and they’re caring and observant. Ryan and Vince should win hands down
Abby Adair 9 days ago
Ryan: DUSTIN put on your shirt for once Me: 😂😂😂
Andrea G 9 days ago
love how christian helped vince’s dish out by putting more syrup on it when nezza later confirms she likes a lot of syrup on her French toast 👏🏼
Quynh Chau Nguyen 9 days ago
10:58 did anyone notice that roni was going to say something about the French toasts but got interrupted? I feel kinda bad for her
Luv kpop 9 days ago
Who thought Christian was going to say Ryan when he was asked with whom he vibed the most!! At 11:57
Sarah Orkus 9 days ago
When she said the “final four” I was like basketball come back😅😂😢
L Henn 9 days ago
*talking abt bread* NEZZA: “Yeah it’s a good size- it fits in ur mouth” Christian and Nezza start cracking up lol did anyone else catch that?😂
Allison Granzier 9 days ago
I HAVE A THEORY!!! So in all of the interviews in this episode, Ryan and Vince were wearing suits, while Denzel and Dustin weren’t. If you think back to the last season when Christian won, at the finale when there were cute shots of him and Nessa, he was wearing a suit. So I’m guessing they did all the interviews for this episode on the finale day, and Vince and Ryan won because they were still in their suits after the cute little shots that they did with Nessa and Franny(if that makes sense). Idk it’s just a theory
Sunshine24 9 days ago
The twins: "Christian is such a good cook. He makes so many stuff. He'll help u guys" Christian (season 1): *cooks french toast* Christian (season 2): *Cooks french toast*
Chloe Nguyen 9 days ago
When Nezza said, "I like it because it has a lot of syrup." when trying Vince's french toast, I was like, "Good save CHRISTIAN!!!"
Katelyn A 9 days ago
Christian: “welp.... there go my tongs” I’m deaaaaaddd😂😂
Anna Kobulia 9 days ago
When dustin took off his shirt his armpits were white like covered in deodorant
Amelia Sanchez 9 days ago
I think next season should be with a dude trying to find a girl
Shelley Li 9 days ago
Roni: I really, I really Nessa, Nezza, Franny: (did she say something?), not letting Roni speak honestly, I feel bad for her
Ilda 9 days ago
I love how dustin thinks omg "shes gonna look back think look at that body" lolol
lina alqahtani 9 days ago
I feel like dustin is more into beating vince to prove he is the best than actually caring about nezza
• Ebear495 • 9 days ago
Can there PLEASE be a SEASON 3 for your male friends? So it’s gender reversed?
Skadiard Uwu 9 days ago
I need to re watch this, I was paying more attention to Christian than the actual entire show 😂. Now you can actually tell how much I loved seen Christian. Hahah❤ Also was I the only one that when the girls sad that they were going to have a Girlpowow with Christian, man I just love so much how Christian went so happy about it. 😂
rhiiannon 1205 9 days ago
Rumour has it that Denzel's still trying to make french toast.
Anthony Perry 9 days ago
Who else is happy to see Christian in today episode of twin my heart
AnjuBanju 36 9 days ago
Do y’all also hate the parts I was so exited to see who won but no it’s just part one
Lauren King 9 days ago
Why didn’t Christian give Vanessa a hug. He literary went straight to Nezza and Franny.
k t 9 days ago
Really nice to see Christian honestly. He’s a great Chef and it’s so nice to bring him back onto twin my heart.
nusrat farah 9 days ago
5:47 "welp... there goes my tongs" I SHOULDNT HAVE LAUGHED-
Minahil Khan 9 days ago
Saige Colon 9 days ago
Did anyone else see that when ryan and Vince went into the talking station thing they were in suits while dustin and Denzel were still in their normal clothes? Is this a mistake and did they get picked or am I just thinking too much into this? Vince in suit:1:27 Ryan in suit:1:36 Denzel and Dustin talk just a few seconds after that in their normal clothes
sarah 9 days ago
10:58 I feel bad for Roni everyone kept interrupting her :(
lovey zezz 9 days ago
Christian looks more handsome😍😍 I'm still praying that Nessa and Christian would end up together❤
Purple Unicorn 9 days ago
really wishing they make a mistake and post 2 part on one day like they did before...LOL
Ari Alvarez 9 days ago
I think I know who’s winning: Ryan and Vince because whenever their confessions come their in suits and the other 2 aren’t 🤔😳🤫
Reaction memes 9 days ago
Ok but y'all notice how vince and ryan are wearing suits while they were talking but not the others. This might be because these two won, just a guess tho
The Pastel Rose 9 days ago
I love Christian so glad he won I voted for him since the beginning of season 1
Lelai Jurolan 9 days ago
Christian never looks at nessa’s eye even their talking but its oky i love them still😍😍😍😍😍
Sarah Buttera 9 days ago
Idk why, even though i want Ryan to win, i feel like if Franny chooses him they would end up as friends
kylie reeder 9 days ago
doctor: “you have 13 minutes and 2 seconds left to live” me:
Elena Claire 9 days ago
“Welp, there go my tongs”....😂😂😂
Family Nguyen’s 9 days ago
Ryan: “put your shirt on for once” Me: *laughs too hard and faints*😂😂😂🤣
Sara Alkaabi116 9 days ago
Look at 11:02 at roni she didn’t even get to talk😂😂
Maria Saucedo 9 days ago
I haven’t finished watching but when the girls said the challenge was to cook, I remembered when Christian cooked in season one for nessa and I got emotional 🥺😭
Eshal Khan 9 days ago
If Franny doesn’t end up with Ryan I’m gonna lose it
Ngozianyi arisa 9 days ago
When Christian was mad about Denzel breaking his tongs(5:47). His expression was so funny! It was like when your dad tells you to bring his phone and he see's you accidentally drop it down your 17 step staircase. That's when you messed up. When Ryan criticized Dustin on taking off his shirt, I couldn't agree more. And it is hilarious when Dustin gets mad when the producer wants to talk about Vince and he covers his anger by saying he's going to win because he's "the better guy" and Vince is just good at cooking.(10:05) P.S. Lets just appreciate how Franny is dragging Denzel and Dustin with their cooking not knowing it's them.(10:45) She was sticking her tough out and all that stuff!!! 😆😆🤣🤣💕💕(She's the type of person to be a chef on worst cooks, while Dustin and Denzel are the recruits
Seen Al.w 9 days ago
7:59 Looooool😂😭😭😭😂 I am crying 😭😭😭😂😂😂😂
Jess Queen 9 days ago
Why are they in a rush while cooking 😀🤣🤣🤣 wtf?!
Antonia Russo 9 days ago
I kinda feel like none of the boys are good enough for the girls. Like yea Nezza and Vince have a pretty good connection & Franny and Ryan do too, but I just don’t see the girls in a romantic relationship with any of the guys, I feel like they’re better as friends with all of them😂 I definitely think Ryan and Vince are the best guys and have been putting the most effort, but for some reason I just can’t picture the girls with any of them. I can kinda see Vince and Nezza together, but I don’t see them lasting too long. That’s just me though haha, hopefully I’m wrong🤷🏻‍♀️
Reaction memes 9 days ago
I really love vince, he seems like a genuinely nice and sweet person and on top of that hes handsome too. He just got those vibes with him
Luz Alvarez 9 days ago
Omg wise words from Christian at the end, what an angel he’s still my fave
Sarah McGovern 9 days ago
Christian: Welp, there goes my tongs! Me: LMAO!😂
Jary Otero 9 days ago
😆 when I saw Christian i was not even their and even I felt a sigh of relief
x._keerti _x 9 days ago
I'm not sure but I think Ryan and Vince are going to win as they were the only guys wearing suits.
Ai Rene Yong 9 days ago
Who's happy that Christian back? He's so funny and wise and such a good cook. 😊
Adriana Rose 9 days ago
I mean like..we can already tell by who's going to win by the outfit they're wearing during the confessions 🤔😂
Fly High 9 days ago
Audrina Khan 9 days ago
Wait what happened I thought Christian was dating Vanessa. The fact that she called him her friend.... I-
Andy33 _Wolfie 9 days ago
I'm so happy that Christian was there. U gotta love that guy he's so sweet and funny plus he's a great cook. 😋
I'M A KOOKIE 9 days ago
4:59 😂😂😂😂😂 Denzel just makes people laugh naturally
Rebecca Vlogs 9 days ago
I think ryan and Vince win cause during their confessionals they were in suits and the bros weren't
Bored Claire 9 days ago
The guys on this season were so sweet!
roni sal 9 days ago
I still remember when nessa and christian went to the cat cafe in the first season The cats were so cute🐱🙃
Heidi Warren 9 days ago
“Dustin put your shirt on”. “I know Nessa is going to look back at this and say wow look at that bod!”😂
Dalal Hamad 9 days ago
I can’t wait for season three I bet it’s better then this one
Calvin Rego 9 days ago
Roni: We going upstairs to have a girl powwow. Nessa: And we are taking Christian with us. Christian: OH NO Me: 😂
Ai Rene Yong 9 days ago
Merrell twins: We gonna take the girls up to the room and have a girl powwow! with Christian (yeah Christian coming with us) Christian: oh great GIRL POWWOW! Me: *dead laughing* 😂
Lauren Phillips 9 days ago
Franny and Nezza’s reaction when christian walked in would be mine if he walked in the room too 😂
Laura Alcala 9 days ago
I love the brothers their rly funny but when it comes to them dating Vince and rayan are more of a match
Violet Danielle 9 days ago
When they start testing, my mind goes "DON'T GAG RONI!!" 😆😆😆
koala buddies 9 days ago
Christian: aye Denzel: what? Christian: i got a tip for you Denzel: what is it? christian: don't mess up Denzel: ok Also Denzel: *messes up completely*
Michelle Realon 9 days ago
Ryan and vince are wearing tuxedo in the talking part, while the 2 brother are casual only so does that mean something? Is that a clue??❤❤😗😘
Simply Butterflu 9 days ago
I swear if they say they are just friends after the show I will throw a puppy (not really I love puppy’s)
Le monde De Maliha 9 days ago
I'm so happy Christian is back I love him so much and his energy js just so positive 😊❤
Lola Giwa 9 days ago
I was watching episode 5 on the tv in my house and my dad came and was watching for a while then he was like is this on tv and I said YouTube and then he went upstairs and I know for sure he went to watch this😂
The three kittyteers 9 days ago
You should look up: Glamour before and after a date Dustin is on there and he says what he likes about a girl and what not