Joyner Lucas - Lotto (ADHD)

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ChrisTal CeeTee 29 days ago
He really dropping the whole album before he drops the album.
ThaArtist 29 days ago
Plot twist: none of these songs are on the album he’s just having fun
Shreknologist 29 days ago
Plot twist: he's telling us that Pablo Escobar is still alive .
Ronin 29 days ago
"Thought he had a plan till the fist Hit em" "Everyone got a plan to they get punched in the face" - Mike Tyson
MamedXD 29 days ago
Plot twist: hes tryna teach us how to play the violin.
Derek Holt 29 days ago
“Always on time, I’m never late.” Say that to everyone who been waiting for ADHD to drop
TN_TEFLON-NATION 29 days ago
I love how humble joyner is. You get all these young rappers these days that talk about "being gratefull" for what they have but all they do is flex and talk about how they came up "on their own" but they forget about the guy that took time to listen to them and most importantly they forget about the people that was suffering with them. But joyner is not like that and that's why i love his music
PrimeDUBz 29 days ago
No life Shaq: we like doe’sss “” 0:04
Motivated Gamers 29 days ago
Is it even a Joyner song if he doesn't start counting? This song went hard though ngl
Bradioaction S 29 days ago
Anyone else hear that 50 cent line "I ain't pretty but my mom thinks I'm handsome"
Hayden Levi 29 days ago
This makes me want to leave the table without being excused
Mayday D. 29 days ago
Manager: How many languages you want in the song? JL: Yes
Black Dread 29 days ago
I remember when i was spamming my friends to listen to Joyners "bank account" at 50k views and now people for likes be like "who's here before 1 mil views". Im glad this happend, sriracha was the first big cross over and then Em, man, im very happy for this man. Hope this happens to K.a.a.n too, that boi also fire.
ArnoId Vogt 29 days ago
White dressed violinst and booty was the combo I never knew I needed to bop
Matthew kimani 29 days ago
Plot twist: he tryna be the rap version of Dora...
Jordan Dunmore 29 days ago
What makes the song even more fire is how the violin blends so perfectly with the song 🔥
Jamie Fox 29 days ago
I like how dudes demolishing furniture have moments where they are in sync with the beat.
Just let me eat my grapes in peace 29 days ago
"What do you want honey" "A Spongebob cone!" *hands pound of cocaine over*
xXDeadXx xXopsXx 29 days ago
When Joyner said “I’ve never been pretty but my mother thinks I’m handsome”.........I felt that
IVIR 808 29 days ago
This beat is incredible 👌🏼. Joyner flowin nicely over that booty, I mean the violin 🤷🏼‍♂️😅
Gildartz 29 days ago
2:21 c'est le décor de Korn- Freak on a Leash ,la classe!
Aodas 29 days ago
*turns on subtitles* "Kids are clean" "Husband's killers I" "[music]" *turns off subtitles
Oz KayLoz 29 days ago
Uno dresh drash drush. I like it.
Zhur Taa 29 days ago
i don't have to jump i levitate That's tuff! 🔥🔥 i Burned the god damm Replay button this is too 🔥
Papi Chulo 29 days ago
When Joyner said "I've never been pretty but my mom thinks I'm handsome" I felt that.
Lyrical Music 29 days ago
Who else gets their headphones before they listen to the song because they knows it's going to be fire 🔥🔥
Abdulrahim Ly 29 days ago
The booty shots are really distracting, I hope he keeps his clips as usual
Ethan 29 days ago
0:27 click clack wila wola big bang. i felt that
Mach 29 days ago
0:55 When your mom makes you go to your 9 year old brother's birthday party with all his friends.
Shreknologist 29 days ago
I think it's that girl who really has the ADHD. She can't stop shaking .
Goku 4pres 29 days ago
Mans gonna drop the album before the album comes out😂
Royål 29 days ago
Uno dos tres quattro, Moreno Gringo Hemra Vato
Loggo The Doggo 29 days ago
0:41 Joyner out here flipping houses, hope he don't turn into Vanilla ice 😬
Spencer Whitfield 29 days ago
Plot twist: he’s tryna teach us Spanish
Nick Writer 29 days ago
Joyner with glasses looks like that one nerd that was friends with all the cool kids.
Esosa Ohonba 29 days ago
Crew: How many different outfits do you want? Joyner: Yes
Fonsley 29 days ago
Does anyone know the name of the shoes hes wearing at 0:23?
Blaze Ackramen 29 days ago
Not one song from this man I haven’t liked
Sup 29 days ago
Not gonna lie, when he started speaking Spanish it caught me off guard 🤣
Cyberdaawg 29 days ago
hasmanking 29 days ago
man i hate how he been releasing the whole album over 3 years i just wanna hear the whole thing but it gonna be the greatest shit this year foreal
Esteban Rodriguez 29 days ago
When Joyner said “click-clack willa-walla bing-bang” I felt that one 🙌🙌
Blake Ba 29 days ago
I’ve listened to every Joyner song but I don’t know how to feel about this song
Energy 29 days ago
Lil Nas X mixes rap with country Joyner mixes rap with classical music
Jack Bunch 29 days ago
What are the shoes he's wearing with orange laces
ChrisBstation 29 days ago
Joyner is one of the few artists where I genuinely love every song.
DJ NEFF 29 days ago
Joyner always coming with the dopest visuals!! 💯💯 really like how he been realizing this album single by single 🔥🔥💯💯
Xey phias 29 days ago
Who made that beat? Its like the best beat i've ever listened to. Much love <3
Fishing For Candy 29 days ago
Im so glad he isnt flooding the net. He drops when we need him. i love this
The Alligator 29 days ago
Joyner Lucas: can I copy your homework Little Einsteins: yeah just change it up a bit so it doesn’t look obvious you copied Joyner Lucas:
Papi Chulo 29 days ago
"I've never been pretty but my mom thinks I'm handsome" *I felt that*
Unknown User 29 days ago
Plot Twist: Every "Plot twist" comment have actually made me laugh...
Nimr alhashimi 29 days ago
plot twist: he been hit the lotto
Laziz R 29 days ago
And NOOW its OFFICIALLY MEME TIME Used this time stamp, you’re welcome 3:32
I need this on spotify when I wake up in around 5hours pls and thank you🙏🏼
Serious GaminG 29 days ago
Teacher :How you learned Spanish? Me: Sometimes I listen to Joyner Lu... Teacher: Say no more 😂
Juan Barahona 29 days ago
We got Joyner, wayne, EM, drake, ANYONE ELSE 🔥💯🔥💯.
Gh0stTV 29 days ago
I know its adhd but my ocd went crazy when that last candle didn't blow out at the end
StormerMusic 29 days ago
I wasnt sleeping on joyner lucas when he wasnt big yet , good to see him moving up and up
Fardeen Ahmad 29 days ago
The Italian guy in the back do be vibing doe
kaan 29 days ago
"always on time im never late" we been waiting for 3 years joyner. come on.
Horus Gaming 29 days ago
What other song is that “money” bit from the start, something tells me melly but idk
Hunter Lorenz 29 days ago
I feel like he’s sarcastically making fun of hip hop in the first 8 bars
Vic161983 29 days ago
"I wish i can hit the lotto"
Gregory Pron 29 days ago
"Now I'm boo'd up like Ellai Mai(LMA), I just wanna get away ohhh(O)" god this fire on so many levels
Cabbage 29 days ago
2:59 those J1's tho
Drem m 29 days ago
I see you Joyner repping the C's. Joyner already owns New England shit.
Luke Halton 29 days ago
Other rappers: can I have a lambo Joyner: can I have an ice cream van
KING TUILĒSU 29 days ago
“She only give me head cause the bed to squeaky”
Kevin Yaa 29 days ago
Was waiting on a new Joyner since revenge wanna full my playlist bredda 🇬🇾🇬🇾❤
melano vadachkoria 29 days ago
This man needs glass of water
NoRtHyY 29 days ago
When he starts doing a bit off spanish acc sounds sick
Off Account Uranus 29 days ago
Idk I look back at his older songs and there more of a vibe... they have a message to send and is done in a very skillful way but this just doesn’t feel the same
Grujson 29 days ago
"never been pretty, but my mom thinks I'm handsome" lmao
DPHX 53 29 days ago
I cannot wait for this project to drop. Mans was like “ watch this “
ichi bunbun 29 days ago
Someone say "That as* still thrill until this day"
Ice lolly 29 days ago
THE REAL STORY. Joyner started gambling after he realized only his mom taught he was handsome.
Jordan Pennock 29 days ago
What are we supposed to say to this song? Like...congrats, you're rich? Who cares? I hate these guys that blow up and just can't stay humble. It's like they can never remember trying to make it big in the first place. What a load of pretentious bs
nikki dew 29 days ago
Switch lanes on em, hit the midrange 🔥🔥🔥
Nohelia Eguez Soliz 29 days ago
Solo me sé la parte que dice: 1, 2, 3, 4, Moreno, gringo, hembra, bato
Shake n Bake 29 days ago
Joyner is the light skin Morpheus 😂
Elbert Ellis 29 days ago
That brunette is thick, son!!! A beautiful thing.
Roscoe Smudge 29 days ago
It’s funny how everyone sleeps different. I sleep on my side, my friend sleeps on his back and the rest of the world sleeps on Joyner Lucas.
Lips 1878 29 days ago
N. C. 29 days ago
When you hear it my birthday and it actually my birthday today
Ryan Grainger 29 days ago
One of the most underrated rappers even though his songs are 🔥
Smoothie 29 days ago
Joyner is just straight fire man. I'm hyped everytime I see his new songs hit my notification.
Icindace Gaming 29 days ago
Dr Asian Gamer 29 days ago
Plot twist: its an isis recruitment vid
Leanora McCarthy 29 days ago
love it!! I especially love when bass beats meet classical! 😍😍
Jay WBell 29 days ago
Serpent 29 days ago
Mexicans: we need our own song right now Mexican guy: hit up joyner and threaten him easy Joyner: well then here you go
Lamont Whitebear 29 days ago
Song went hard but the beat and his flow didn't really go together. Like I feel like wit the lyrics and flow he used the beat should've been harder and vice versa. The beat was good, but I feel like lyrically he coulda done way better. Still a badass song tho, joyner got me into new music so nothing buy respect for talent.
Nick Miller 29 days ago
“Never been pretty, but my mom think I’m handsome” we can all relate to that
Private App G 29 days ago
This shii go hard 🔥🔥
SavKulture JT 29 days ago
The fact that the virtuoso was staring at me made me feel like I wasn’t jamming hard enough and he was disappointed 😭
Thomas Davis 29 days ago
It's Joyner splitting 🔥 🔥 🔥
William Delgado 29 days ago
"I kidnap kids like Amber" funny... A fat broad named amber tried to kidnap me as a kid
Proz_ Eric 29 days ago
Joyner really over here trying to teach us Spanish 😂 na I'm jp this song 🔥
Starbourne 29 days ago
I've been trying not to have aneurysm while waiting for Joyner to release after revenge