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Frankie Russell 3 month ago
The Weeknd's about to have us heartless this Valentines.
Patryk Nalepa 3 month ago
XO fans : Abel drop the album!! Abel: Imma drop the title
Keenan Stanley 3 month ago
Me: haha it says fro Everyone else: F R O G
Pals P 3 month ago
For few seconds I legit thought that the album title will be "Ferrero Rocher"
Raji A. Samuel 3 month ago
What if the album title had ended up being "Album Title"
Cansu Bilal 3 month ago
Me: having the worst time of her life. The weeknd: *hold my mic*
Adversity & Cartoons 3 month ago
Who else thought it was gonna say "ferocious".
Deus Vult 3 month ago
*F* *R* *O* Me, jumping the gun: Afro? 🤔
Jok St 3 month ago
2020: Album tittle (Probably) 2025: Album
Abdallah Umar 3 month ago
If this album doesn’t drop this Friday I threaten to not say “uuhh” when ever I hear blinding lights
Fam it's me 3 month ago
Director: so when’s the release date? Abel: no
DaFuq!?Boom! 3 month ago
Looks pretty atmospheric. Having high hopes for this.
Vicente Fosco 3 month ago
We will look back at this and think “we had no idea what he was about to hit us with” !!
ʜʏᴘᴇʀғᴏʀ1ᴋ 3 month ago
Fans: Abel Drop The Album Already!! Abel: *Let's give them the title* 😄 Classic Abel.
tim_tim XO 3 month ago
Title name:After hours Release date:we don't do that here
Osama 09 3 month ago
Happened on this day : Michael Jackson Released his single '' leave me alone '' of his album Bad in 1989 Well abel , That make sense now!
Shen 3 month ago
YouTube: Album Title Me at 3am: Drunk and thought it was *No Tears leFt tO Cry*
Eliezer.G 3 month ago
BREAKING NEWS: Globel warming solved with the teaser of The Weeknd’s new album ”After Hours” which scientists have claimed to save the world.
Kane Games 3 month ago
Name: Album Title Release: Januember 32, 9999
ItsZlay 3 month ago
Aaron Gameros 3 month ago
This video is actually of abel on his way to collect his Grammys for this album
es 02 3 month ago
I thought for a moment it's a stranger things opening theme
luis fernando 3 month ago
- Por qué tan elegante Homero - muchacho hay un nuevo álbum 🔥
Ajay Kumar 3 month ago
Omg it's happening Who are all excited👇👇
Mr Eltro 3 month ago
Heartless: scene starts with a Car Blinding lights: scene starts with a Car Party monster: scene starts with a Car The hills: scene starts with a Car Album title: scene starts with a Car Now is it just me or does the weekend like cars😂 .......
kisame 3 month ago
The love i have for this man and his music is indescribeable
WaterMelon 3 month ago
I tought the title was going to say F R O G 🐸 But it was AFTER HOURS
Nixolas 3 month ago
Nobody: Me: *The only one who focused on that beautiful 70's Chevrolet Corvette*
Amogh Chaudhary 3 month ago
That ovo and that xo is everything you believe in I know
DN1X 3 month ago
Idk why tf I'm getting GTA 6 vibes
NJASZN 3 month ago
This is going to be the best album 2020. I feel it coming. 👁👁👁🖤
Attah Gideon 3 month ago
Abel you the man. AFTER HOURS! This is mad oh
Mr. Mado 3 month ago
This week: Abel drops Title „AFTER HOURS“ Next Week: Abel drops „THERE‘S STILL NO ALBUM“
Pigeon Princess 3 month ago
0:35 - I deadass thought it was gonna say FROG for a second bc of the Heartless mv
Melrose Place 3 month ago
Everything he’s touched turns to platinum status!
FaZe Thugger 3 month ago
album name “after hours” and we will be receiving it after 2020
Haider Hasan 3 month ago
"AFTER HOURS" - Neveruary 2020
Muzaffer Lincoln 3 month ago
Well,I'm okay with this "After Hours" sounds like just The Weeknd
Commander1SUV 3 month ago
C P 3 month ago
I just hope the album doesn't drop AFTER I'm dead.
The Raym Twins 3 month ago
Producer: how much red do you want The Weeknd: *YESSSS*
Saksham Tewatia 3 month ago
He forgot to add the release date "maybe never"
Enxric 3 month ago
0:00 - 0:06 reminds me of the Uncut Gems transitions (the movie The Weeknd played himself in which is on Netflix)
Music_Topic 3 month ago
0:15 ohhhhhh the vocals!! We bout to be heartless this Valentine's.
Ələsgər Ələkbəroff 3 month ago
After Years we're getting an album named "After Hours". Not cool man
LeBeautiful 3 month ago
AFTER dropping the title HOURS later... *Abel:* imma drop the tracklist
Oyunsavar Oyuncu 3 month ago
0:36 LOL i thought it was gonna be F R O G
camila 3 month ago
kiss land is still the best art abel made , very excited for after hours whenever it comes out xo
Trilegy •B 3 month ago
Trilogy Kissland Beauty behind the madness StarBoy My Dear melancholy Heartless/Blinding lights After Hours
B Acv2 3 month ago
The Weeknd: "One Last Ride" Me: 😰
Ari 3 month ago
Who came here right after the IG Post? Abel seaseon bout to begin! XOTWOD 🖤
Amazingness Of Cars 3 month ago
2020 *Abel drops the title* 2030: *Abel drops the album*
Steezy Kane 3 month ago
zola powxo 3 month ago
Me:Should I cry guys Abel: no my sun her u go after hours after hours is gone be realsed Me😷😍😍😍😍
xotwod_gurlll 3 month ago
Dinesh Banne 3 month ago
Who's came after the notification off weekend.....can't underestimate the weekend 💪💪
Red Archer Live 3 month ago
Beauty Soul Tarot 3 month ago
My heart is so happy seeing this ❤❤❤
Xen J Angelo 3 month ago
Abel shall cast thy shadow upon his enemies with this
Jameah Webster 3 month ago
Bogdan Sava 3 month ago
just went back to his older songs, and I gotta say, man such a progress! It's amazing to see the changes between his new self and older self. Gratitude <3
CARELA BOY 3 month ago
4 years waiting for this, I'm just so excited
Video Corner 3 month ago
People : Release Date Weekend : Cos I'm Heartless
Kim G. 3 month ago
He's definitely teasing us, drop that album already please 😫😭😭
Christian James 3 month ago
Lowkey felt like the Stranger Things intro
Shayaan m 3 month ago
Who else thought the album was gonna be named frog
slimie brian 3 month ago
Simply guys the new album is called "AFTER HOURS" 0:45
Luis Silva 3 month ago
The Beauty Behind The Madness Starboy My Dear Melancholy After Hours
Caesar Nyangoya 3 month ago
Just when partynextdoor is about to drop The Weeknd is petty as hell but i love this rnb beef 💪🏽😂😭
Asus Gamer 3 month ago
This feels like forever
0:35 for a moment I tought he will be a frog!!!
Fathurrahman Prasetiyo 3 month ago
Finally he drops the albums After Hours
Louie Sutton 3 month ago
The Weeknd knows exactly when to drop
Nishit 3 month ago
Its "AFTER HOURS" Thanks me later..
KNO LEDGE 3 month ago
How many times did you watch this😂🤣😂
Alexandre Oliveira 3 month ago
X5 Ant 3 month ago
Finally a release date definitely hype now but hiding it in the video that’s something new 🔥 xotwod
Xoned Out 3 month ago
Actually got me dizzy. This album is gonna be great.
lil0mike0gkb 3 month ago
I'm at work right now, I literally had to stop taking clients in order to watch and post this on every single social media outlet I have lol
Naser Al Shuqaihi 3 month ago
I hope I don’t die before this album comes out
hung tn 3 month ago
i feel like in stranger things here
Christian X'O 3 month ago
*YEAHHHHH!!!* Is this a new song? (the rhythm that appears)
Pekka Master 3 month ago
What is that song the the background
rian pariona 3 month ago
Petition for the release date to come out on *Valentine's Day* :
nik i 3 month ago
'After Hours' I'm still waiting for the damn album
18 Age 3 month ago
Just in case y’all want a release date February 16, 2020 “And ima do it everyday in my birthday “ And I haven’t been this drunk since Thursday” Thank me later y’all 💕💕😅
Max Playz 3 month ago
Ready for the album 🔥🔥🔥
Badr Abushaar 3 month ago
Abel: *drops title* XO: well yes but actually no
Pankaj Ahuja 3 month ago
Not to be confused with Majid Jordan’s breakout mixtape.
Lucid Memer 3 month ago
After hours is gonna be a classic
Yaboonz 209 3 month ago
It's kind of hard to know if he's gonna drop it on Valentines Day or on his Birthday😂they're 2 days apart lmfao (btw i can't believe i have the same BIRTHDAY as THE WEEKND) 🤩
xTheodorx 14 3 month ago
Kind of a dark note although (specific for The Weekend), but it seems to be a pretty good album for the future! That dark note make the difference between the album Starboy and this upcoming album. Also, judging by the name of the album and the related video, it can be said that it is a reflection of the action / actions taken in the past; being in my opinion more alone trying to break out of a state of heartbreak.
Didi Sara 3 month ago
More like, ‘After Years’ he finally comes back with a new album
lil fetus 3 month ago
Usually when he announces names it’s literally right before the project drops I could see it coming out on Valentine’s Day mainly with it being a Friday
samar 12 3 month ago
He is a starboy He can make you feel more irrelevant than the third E in weeknd
ALYSA ROOCKER 3 month ago
Me: fear me Me: furious Me: I can’t spell...
Johan 3 month ago
Honestly him dropping the album on friday is gonna be the biggest diss to Justin Bieber
yash verma 3 month ago
That voice at 00:15 😍
Stefan Jovanovski 3 month ago
He forgot to put “Coming in fall of 2020 or never”
Aleka 3 month ago
Me: wow new album After hours Oh its just a video