Middle School Class President

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Me doing the most in middle school.
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Jay Sucks At YouTube 11 month ago
Hah. *And they said Obama was the first black president.*
Maria 11 month ago
“He’s this light skin dude” *Animates him with the same skin colour as himself*
yang S 11 month ago
Kindergarteners + First Graders: *exists* Swoozie: *its free real estate*
The Dragon Lord 10 month ago
Here’s the answers on the board 1. z=15 2.r=12 3.a=17
Y2Kelly04 11 month ago
Adande: **never attempts to ask Jane out** Jane: **asks another boi out** Adande: *:O*
TJ Toons 11 month ago
*Yo,why am I getting notifications of this after like 5 days??*
Amigo Rigo 11 month ago
"Middle School Class President" Swoozie: I fought kindergartners daily
Rusty Nail 11 month ago
Can we just admire Shawn’s fade
Hey YouTube 11 month ago
I would start “play fighting” *tosses a kid in the air*
Feimihumu 11 month ago
Swoozie : is 6+39=56 Teacher : Yes
Daniel McKeehan 10 month ago
Swoozie: my crush just asked out a guy in front of me. Me: swoozie it's ok in like ten years you'll have girls all around you because of YouTube. Edit: Thanks for the likes btw thank you even though it's a small amount it means so much.
movie watcher 10 month ago
1:58 swoozie that ain’t being Batman that’s literally season 6 of arrow 😂😂
Majikalnight 11 month ago
Swoozie: "Everyone gets a free puppy" Oprah: "Everyone gets a new car"
Xhiom 11 month ago
Lmao first thought “I should go fight these kids” 😂🤦🏾‍♂️
chafos 11 month ago
Wait I'm so confused. What did fighting the kindergarteners have to do with anything?
Brieen 10 month ago
i think it's because you were balding in the 6th grade
All because of ACS Entertainment 11 month ago
Literally no one: Swoozies fans: literally no one joke Me: So original
Just Julia 11 month ago
Literally nobody: not a atom: not even your mom: comment section: litterally nobody: Nobody:
Kid teacher 10 month ago
Adande: I never told anybody this. Tells all of YouTube the next day
Fadeback17 11 month ago
That “Old Town Road” - Animal Crossing remix at the end tho!
Potato Sack 11 month ago
Wait, you were 13 in 6th grade
GMD Sc0ra1s 5 month ago
Teacher: Someone teach the class. Me: Class Dissmissed
KobethaGOAT Bryant 11 month ago
Literally nobody: Swoozie: I fight kids after school for fun
Emaaan 10 month ago
Who notice on the white board that 2+39=56 good math swoozie
Anime Nerd 11 month ago
“I should go fight those kids.” I wouldn’t be surprised if Swoozie didn’t upload for a while due to the FBI banging at his door.
Not a people Person 8 month ago
“I start play fightin” *chucks kid*
Liam N 11 month ago
Kinder Gardener: Swoozie: I'm about this man's whole career
Missy Blue 11 month ago
All my favorite animators just postin this week. *And I'm here for it.*
Breanna Rod 6 month ago
“I’m the chosen one” iconic 👌🏻
Dionne Minus 11 month ago
Why that 3rd world baby look so mad about being kissed? 😂😂💀
It’s Ghozt 11 month ago
He makes the best videos on YouTube. He’s the beast! If you think he’s a beast like⬇️
robert madison 3 month ago
Y the teacher in Jeremy a** like that “Suit there like a lil Punckck,” 😂😂😂😂 She a whole boss “do what it do... I’m out”
sWooZie 11 month ago
Me and Batman have never been seen in the same room ijs
Javaris 11 month ago
ME: “ Swoozie takes too long to upload.” *As soon as I found out he uploaded* Me: “ YO SWOOZIE MY GUY THIS WAS SO QUICK*
K It 11 month ago
That was very interesting with 2 completely unrelated middle schools stories. 😂
Eric Emilio 11 month ago
How much you want to bet he watched Aladdin live action version.
GARAFE KING 5 month ago
I about died when He said adande has left the chat😂
Mischa Pinoargote 11 month ago
Im supposed to be studying for finals but screw it😂😂😭😭
Daniel McKeehan 10 month ago
Swoozie: I would play with younger kids. Me: dun dun wtf swoozie Swoozie: but I was 13 Me: hew swoozie was just bored nevermind.
Meme Kid 7 month ago
4:10 My face when my ex is dating my best friend from 2nd grade *btw it auctualy happened 💔😪
Olly Brooker 3 month ago
"I was confusion" Swoozie 2019
Destroyer UwU 4 month ago
3:53 i am in seventh grade and my class mate is 6.4 (195 cm) that is hilarious 🤣🤣🤣
Isa Carey 11 month ago
“I wanna fight these kids... it wasn’t a real fight okay calm down” 10 seconds later: *throws kid* YEET
KR Carbin 11 month ago
Swooie I watch all your videos I neeeeedd more
thepro 99 3 month ago
Jane: don't ask swoozie out on a date Also jane a few years later: let's tye him up and do sexual assault
Danielle Fields 11 month ago
0:34 “I would start play fighting.” *Throws a kid at another kid*
Sven 8 month ago
Do you know what this is amazing I have to share the secret everyone must know OK so this is what happened FBI: open up! Me:OK you know what there’s no secret I got a run I can’t tell you anymore
Dope Devastation 11 month ago
2:48 "so u just gone let Tina go up there and kiss babies from Haiti and u ain't gone nothin about?" 🤣😂 Teacher instigatin HARD lol
Kezzex 11 month ago
0:33 That's my thought when I play with all my little cousins XP
Eliza The China panda :3 3 month ago
You: IM BATMAN.. Me: Boi I’m watching bat man I he dark knight rises -~-
Patrick C 11 month ago
2+39=56, change my mind
SayySooFlyy 11 month ago
You gon sit there like a lil punk ???!!!!
Ororo D 11 month ago
4:52 So Jeremy was basically the BRAN STARK of your school. Gotcha 😂😩😭😭
L O R Y M I C H E L L E 11 month ago
Aye bro I’m Haitian 🇭🇹
luna Gibbs 11 month ago
"He's 6 ft tall in the 6th grade..." Lmao love Swoozie.
Cecilia Limon 6 month ago
Batman: come at me Bros! Me: when does Batman say "Come At Me Bro!"? That made me laugh so hard😂😂😂😂
MoleRat 10 11 month ago
0:33 "Play fighting" Literally Chucks him🤣🤣
Dan Nod 11 month ago
He pretty much promised 4 day weekends you gonna let that slide 😂😂
Bobby JCFHv Lichtenstein 11 month ago
I never thought this was going to be today's notification
Fury 10 month ago
Nobody: Adande in highschool: I should go fight these kids
C0ND0R 11 month ago
0:20 that would be my first thought
Ben Aronow 11 month ago
Why were you not a camp counselor
SHAY 11 month ago
Nobody: Literally nobody: Swoozie: "I should go fight those kids" Edit: Omg thx for the likes guys😆😆
Teenage kicks 11 month ago
Thanks For Listening To My TED Talk😅
Anime World777 11 month ago
I remember when I was in school me and some of my classmates would sometimes take on a whole Kindergarden class (me more than the rest) just for fun. My friends would be on the side lines watching either in entertainment and some taking mental notes (lol). It's like that scene of of Naruto when Neji vs Naruto Fight happened and Neji took on a whole furry of the clones with ease. We just want to feel that skill power lol 😂😂😂
Imperial Bagel 11 month ago
What was the song a “remix/instrumental” of in the outro? It sounds so familiar...
Sammy Williams 11 month ago
How did I never see this one? I know it's a week old, but dang. I'm embarrassed to watch this 9 days later
Nathan Baiamonte 11 month ago
5:11-5:21: that was Old Town Road, I recognized the beat XD
Da Good Vybe 9 month ago
"Kiss little babies from Haiti" I'm Haitian/Domincan-American and AM SO🤣🤣🤣
Tyrique Sutton 11 month ago
I'm waiting for someone to comment, "Oh yeah I remember you threw me across the park, ahh good times" lmfao
Briana L 11 month ago
Just imagine a kid come swinging his hands when you're walking
marleydebaas 11 month ago
Yooo u on a video with YOUNG DON THE SAUCE GOD lmao funny af. Btw still waiting for a new vid
Yoongi's toe nails 11 month ago
4:36 Maddox, what are YOU doing here?
Avreil David 11 month ago
No one: Not even a single soul: Swoozie: “i should fight these kids”
Rowan Byrne 9 month ago
I’m was 6”2 in sixth grade soo btw all of us are on growth hormones btw
chicken noodle soup 11 month ago
"Ya know, I should go fight these kids 🤔."
affromattics *reborn* 3 month ago
It might be because I have low self esteem but whenever my crush even smiles at another boy I am heartbroken 🤣🤣🤣
Castelle 11 month ago
"Shawn's this 6'0 dude" I mean like kids in my grade are as tall as my 16 year old brother... WE ARE GOING INTO THE 6TH FLIPPIN GRADE
SnowFlake OfTheWorld 11 month ago
Uwu rob lowe is in west wing. Time to find my new favorite show
Fluffyfluff Fox 11 month ago
0:49 MORTAL KOMBAT!!!! "plays mk theme"
jewel harden 11 month ago
4:09 me when i get my report card in the mail
Orbitz 8 month ago
"I'm Very Confusion"
Nayely Zamora 11 month ago
As an employee from chick fil a , seeing the waffle fries here made me laugh 🤣 they looked exactly like the fries , loved the video !
Starry Waves 8 month ago
Swoozie: “i should beat up these kids” *kids* “HELP HELP!! PLEASE HELPP!!” Swoozie: GAME OVER
King Blu3 11 month ago
Now I see why he makes so many videos about girls
Eleri Soto 8 month ago
I’m surprised you haven’t talked about one of your female friends getting pregnant 🤰 😱
Seth Pickett 10 month ago
1:30 when I saw the fact I just thought of something... So in swoozie’s 2 girls 1 cup ice video, he said that he heard a camera recording and that the video was put up somewhere. So one day I decided to search up “Swoozie 2 girls 1 cup”. And the first thumbnail was of the 2 girls (that looked EXACTLY like how they where drawn) and swoozie, just standing in full clothing. When I clicked on the video it was just a loud screaming with a picture of a witch. After that I haven’t seen the video since that.
AJAH786 8 month ago
Is it just me or why is the heads in the animations so big 😂😂😂
Raiyan 11 month ago
Nobody: Swoozie: "play fighting", *throws first kid* HAHAHAHAHA
Caleb Stevenson 11 month ago
Heartbreak in the 6th grade that’s rough 😂😂 is kings need to stay together
Chris the Leavittman 9 month ago
1:31 That’s hilarious!!!
Gogeta Blue 8 month ago
Bro I know how you feel when jane asked shawn to be her boyfriend , my friend Dyshawn tryna steal my crush Jada
Hurks Jr 11 month ago
Swoozie were you in one of the episodes from The 100
NiSoFly 11 month ago
There is always that one girl you need to impress in class
Chicken EEK 5 month ago
2:06that’s how u always win a election
judy love 11 month ago
A A 9 month ago
Girl: Shawn wanna be my boyfriend Swoozie: TRIGGERD
thecoolkid 5484 11 month ago
Wolf Media 11 month ago
Moral of the story: Change your name to Jeremy, do nothing in life and you’ll become president
Doggo DaDog 11 month ago
0:35 bro same here I do that with my little brother and I love it