Everything Wrong With Knives Out In Whodunnit Minutes

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Knives Out, Rian Johnson's follow up to The Last Jedi, was a universal home run with critics, and a hit with audiences alike. Because it's f*cking rad.

But we do what we do, so we did what we do, and here is what we did...

Thursday: Animated sins AND a brand new CinemaSins intro video-bumper!!

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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Lee Westmoreland 9 days ago
Chris Evans most difficult acting scene in his career : PRETENDING HE DOESNT LIKE DOGS
Christian NoName 9 days ago
I get the feeling that Cinema Sins liked this movie...
Grey World 9 days ago
This movie has the closest we’ll get to an actual evil captain America lol. Donut hole.
C K 9 days ago
“FISTING. HE DIED BY FISTING” when I say I started cackling-
Reis White 9 days ago
CinemaSins: “I’m removing 5 sins” Also CinemaSins: *removes 4 sins*
The Average Poser 9 days ago
Sorry, but I will defend that Windows XP wallpaper to the grave. It’s as much a nostalgic comfort as the XP startup sound.
mozxz 9 days ago
I just love the line where he has to admit that life makes no sense anymore, because a character is not an asshole for holding an "Apple"
OwO 9 days ago
Well, I can tell you one thing. This movie does have a lot of points for pulling out so many knifes
Aaron 9 days ago
A good explanation as to why the supposed smart villain hires the best detective ever would be ego. They could get away with the crime with a mediocre or even a decent detective but they want to prove they are as smart as they think they are. Even if its just in their own head.
New Message 9 days ago
Someone's Iron Throne DIY went sideways there.
Jackson V 9 days ago
“He died by fisting” at first I think I wouldn’t like this movie until I heard that 😂
Sheehan Fan Films 9 days ago
Captain America’s life after he went through the time machine.
Sasha-Kay SHORTER 9 days ago
"Fisting...he died by fisting. Solved the case"
xoxCCC 9 days ago
CHRIS EVANS in a classic cream sweater being Chris Evans. That is All,
Auditory Cheesecake 9 days ago
Fun fact about Knives Out: Directors are not allowed to show movie villains with Apple products. Ransom is the only character who doesn’t have an iPhone
Alarec Scarbrow 9 days ago
In my mind she was staring with hunger when he was talking about donut holes. Like me. Now I want donut holes.
Otium200 9 days ago
So no sins for the nanny being alive for hours after getting a morphine overdose?
Kevin birdofgreen 9 days ago
"I am removing 5 sins" only removes 4 sins.
yoni the poni 9 days ago
Jeremy, I LITERALLY just finished watching Knives Out minutes ago, and you already uploaded this today...... *I SUSPECT FOUL PLAY*
katie lloyd 9 days ago
the fact that you didn’t take off a sin for the camera work when marta is leaving after the will reading is a MAJOR sin *ding*
GoldenBrownApples 9 days ago
I really liked this movie a lot. It was fun and clever and had me interested in everyone until the end. I'm also glad you sinned it, just so I can watch parts of it again.
Trey Morton 9 days ago
Really loved this movie. I think a lot of the sins Ransom racks up for doing dumb stuff though is chalked up to the metaphor Harlan makes at the start of the movie- He plays life like a game without consequence. He's not as smart as he thinks he is and he makes choices without thinking of the consequences or the reactions it causes, thinks his plan is perfect, etc.
Luísa de Almeida 9 days ago
0:37 The shadow projected on Marta’s face is from the crucifix hanging from the mirror. Don’t know if that’s common in the US, but it’s very common here in Latin America
Henry Simpson 9 days ago
When cinema sins AND cinema wins realise their videos for the same movie in the same week
Anonymous Anonymous 9 days ago
Dog: "she's innocent as long as the belly rubs keep coming"
Darryl Jack 9 days ago
Cinema Sins uploads their thoughts on Knives Out a day after Cinema Wins uploaded his. Me: Perfectly Balanced as all things should be.
Kameron Gillum 10 days ago
Frank Oz didn't make "5" with his hand he just forgot he didn't have a Muppet on his arm. (omg could you imagine if this movie had Muppets?????)
Colder Canada Russiaball 9 days ago
I clapped in the theater when the “Dead Deer” reference was made
Hugo Durand-Mermet 9 days ago
I attended a premiere in Paris where we had the honour of having Rian Johnson for a quick Q&A after the film. One of the questions actually addressed the whereabouts of Harlan's mother after the story ends. Rian simply responded that if you don't see her outside with the rest of the family it's simply because she'll stay with Marta in the house. Case closed.
Comedy Bros 9 days ago
I refuse to believe this movie had any sins. It was absolute riot. Best time I've had at the movies in a while!
Bubbles093 9 days ago
Can’t believe you didn’t take any sins off for the “eat s**t” scene! 😂
The Isles Kid 9 days ago
I literally finished Knives Out last night
MaTriX Beats 9 days ago
I'm so early I think the credits just finished in real time
Reincarnated Pewdiepie 9 days ago
The male kid is a "troll" yet he never is shown to be a character.
Thomas Daintree 9 days ago
Dude I can agree with literally everything in this video including how much you like this movie. Ana de armas being robbed for the Oscar and how many little details there are and all of the sins I can agree with and this is just a long way of saying I absolutely love your videos and also please do more best picture nominees for a cinema sins video because those are my favourites if I can even pick favourites
AmareTheDog 9 days ago
you know its good when even Cinemasins has trouble sinning it THEN TAKES OOOFFFFF sins because he knows its good this movie is art in every way possible
universalladyn 9 days ago
Oof that scene about nobody knowing where Marta is from...agreed, brilliantly done!
Epicenter 9 days ago
I still count that dad as a villain, he raised the family to be dependent and then ditched them at the last moment. This whole movie was his fault.
Omar 94 9 days ago
I found Knives Out to be the best film of 2019
Skid. 9 days ago
Am I the only one who watches a movie then immediately after watches the cinema sins of it. Just me?
Fire Blood 9 days ago
You guys should do a everything wrong with Creep (2014)
Mike Kaltman 9 days ago
I'm too lazy to research this, so … is this the fewest number of sins ever for a full-length movie (not TV show)?
Jean-Daniel Mohier 9 days ago
5:55 funny that the changing color of blood is a plot point in the Brother' Bloom, another Rian Johnson movie.
Belinda Shang 9 days ago
They really thought putting Hannah Baker in a movie called Knives Out was clever.
Blanca Berger Sollod 9 days ago
"you've never heard someone pronoun game about themselves before" sir have you never seen a new hope. "of course I know him! he's me!"
Fockinmokybokka 9 days ago
"I'm removing five sins, mainly because I've been an unruly asshole to this fantastic film" removes four sins...
Naomi Lopez 9 days ago
The trick widow is mentioned to be something Harlan had written into one of his books. One of the officers mentions it when they find it. I believe Harlan added different aspects of his books into his house.
Will Wiegelman 9 days ago
"I'm removing 5 sins" He removed 4 sins *ding*
Mc Donalds 9 days ago
"I'm removing five sins for this ending shot!" *removes four*
Zwergz 112 9 days ago
CinemaWins: "Everything GREAT About Knives Out" CinemaSins: *Reverse UNO Card*
Avid Reader 9 days ago
The "strange shadow" @ 0:28 looks like a traffic light.
Hidden Desire 9 days ago
7:09 My grandma used to have kitchen magnets that powerful. We replaced them one day because she kept having trouble removing them.
Reuben George Mathew 9 days ago
Cinema Sins: I'm removing 5 Sins! Also Cinema Sins: Removes 4 Sins.
ebels3 9 days ago
Anybody else get Kevin Spacey vibes from Daniel Craig's southern American accent?
Tony Stark 9 days ago
I've given up watching movies and now just watch the EWW version of it.
Konky Dong 9 days ago
Please do penguins of Madagascar I wanna see if that movie would break you
Jacky Garcia 9 days ago
Omg I’ve never been this early. I’ve been waiting for CinemaSins to do Knives Out 😂😂
The Isles Kid 9 days ago
You forgot a sin: When Fran have Ransom the blackmail paper, it said 8AM, but by the time Marta got to Fran it was 10AM. They stated at the beginning of the movie that after get too much morphine you would die in 10 minutes.
Doug Bleach 9 days ago
If she just called an ambulance then everything would've been fine. Instead the old man takes shit to eleven super quickly.
Doc_ Trancy 9 days ago
He died by fisting! And I died by laughing,
Nigga from Diary of a Mad Black Woman 9 days ago
Nobody: CinemaSins: ____ seconds of logos.
Natty 9 days ago
Friday: bought and watched knives out Saturday/ Sunday: everything great about knives out Monday: everything wrong with knives out What a great quarantine this has been so far
Maya Mason 9 days ago
Majority of comments: iVe NeVeR bEeN tHiS eArLy WoW
Violet Wynters 9 days ago
3:00 Harlan had to establish somehow that he was seen alive after Marta “killed” him. What other way could he have done so?
Joseph Davidson 9 days ago
"why didn't the blood on her shoes turn brown?" Great Bros Bloom reference!!!!!
Gabrielle Kelly 9 days ago
No....Blanc was right. At that moment, 3 of the interviewees had lied explicitly: 1) Marta about Richard’s affair 2) Richard about having an affair 3) Joni about the money wiring issue (well...her feeding off Harlan’s money) Sooooo....that sin should be removed from the total
George John 9 days ago
I love when they do fantastic films like this, it's so hard to sin
Side Kickz 9 days ago
Wow...I NEVER get to "like" within the first 100 likes!
Brian O'Neil 9 days ago
"He died by fisting!" Holy shit I completely lost it at that!
Jeremy Abraham 9 days ago
Before watching this: “Knives Out was a perfect movie.” After watching this: “This movie was good but it had flaws.”
Gabi de Oliveira 9 days ago
I watched this movie while in Brasil with my family, and I must say, the whooping that happened when they called her Brasilian was unmatched by anything I’ve ever heard in a theater.
Cupcak9 3134 9 days ago
I am SOO glad to see that they know that Knives Out is actually a good movie
Israel Lara 9 days ago
4:27 That’s exactly what happens to Marta, though. Right after she finishes telling “fragments of the truth” to Lieutenant Elliott, Trooper Wagner, and Benoit Blanc, she heads to the bathroom and vomits. A scene you conveniently cut out of your clip.
Aoife Clancy 9 days ago
I literally just watched this movie recently, I loved it and I thought it was a good plot twist. However I’m excited to see all the sin tallies because I was kinda able to guess who the killer was at the beginning of the movie.
Ostatni Inzynier 9 days ago
would love to meet this man lol
Anton Baumgartner 9 days ago
4:40 I've seen the film twice. I somewhat remember her running into the bathroom right after that.
Side Kickz 9 days ago
I vote you double up the vids during this pandemic. PEOPLE NEED YOUR ENTERTAINMENT!
Someone Somewhere 9 days ago
I loved this movie. My favorite movie I've seen this year. My one big strike is: too many plot conveniences to make sure the plot works correctly. But I forgive that because the movie was just too fun. Edit: And I agree about Ana De Armas; she was awesome. She held the film together from the start and was always believable (to me).
Bethany Laurell 9 days ago
"...rusty Smith Corona..." Me: "Corona? TRIGGERED!"
Lost Legend 9 days ago
Please do Everything Wrong With Zodiac (2007)
George Lathrop 9 days ago
7:41 is by far the most detective big brain moment ever
Lauren Griffin 9 days ago
The third "I know what you did last summer" 😂😂😂😂😂😂
ScarAnrew 9 days ago
0:33 or she has a tampon as a good luck charm on the mirror you know like some body have dice hanging there ok Ishut up already
Darrian Yates 9 days ago
I said a sin at loud about the logos in this movie and someone said, "Is that Cinema Sins?"😂🍿
BgDragon 9 days ago
I know it's a bit old but can you make "everything wrong with Rio 2" pls
MARK speelman 9 days ago
are we not gonna talk about how the cops let ransom re stab her with the fake knife where they just watching they where right next to her
Nia Fletcher 9 days ago
CinemaWins just posted a two part video on this movie... coincidence?
SonicBoom8645 9 days ago
When you watch Cinema sins even though you’ve never seen the movies
Private Investigator Rick 9 days ago
Everything Wrong With Steven Universe: The Movie please
Zodiac Watcher 9 days ago
Do Everything Wrong With Jojo Rabbit
ForcefieldDown 9 days ago
> That little drop of blood could've been anyone's blood. A stupid point to sin. It's not like he arrested her immediately after that. Of course anyone would assume the blood came from the obvious source.
Ellie Paige 9 days ago
10:37 if you think this is weird, you’ve never been on highways in certain parts of New England after tourist season
Mack Williams 9 days ago
Guys it’s a joke, there’s nothing wrong with Knives Out, it was flawless
Chris Dobson 9 days ago
Can't wait to watch this, this movie is a masterpiece
American Political Activist 9 days ago
_LaKieth Stansfield says, "Get Out!"_ Everybody: 😁
lillithdv8 9 days ago
No points for Chris Evans in thar cable knit sweater :( for shame
Elliee the Humann 9 days ago
Amanze Ihedioha 9 days ago
I say, I say Whodunnit they did?!🙃
Big Dog 9 days ago
Did anyone else notice that he didn’t remove 5 sins at the very end
Adrian Martinez Dorsett 9 days ago
9:19 There are already three "I know what you did last summer movies"! You just got sinned!!!