Tom Steyer hoping for top-2 finish in Nevada caucuses

5K views • 3 month ago
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The billionaire Democratic candidate says he wants "to come in first or second" in Nevada, which will hold its caucuses on Saturday.

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Maria Badillo 3 month ago
This disgusting dunce (Tom), doesn’t have chance either.
Charles 3 month ago
The fraud that says he is so good on the economy, yet he lost 40% of his client's money in his hedge fund, and then exited the building with 1.6 billion dollars. What a disgrace.
Nathan Baker 3 month ago
Steyer is my third favorite candidate, after Warren and Sanders.
Tudorinc 3 month ago
Does anyone other than himself, even know he’s running ?
Bea FreeAll 3 month ago
wow he is a dreamer...
mopthermopther 3 month ago
53 comments? I seen more interest in the Weather Channel ...
Craig Blanche 3 month ago
I stan steyer
Charley Folkes 3 month ago
If any Democrat had an actual PLATFORM with a coherent message ( other than Socialism and free stuff ) they might have a chance. They can’t win on Trump hate .
John Cole 3 month ago
He’s taking his lines from Marina Williamson
justmemadison 3 month ago
I live in Nevada. When Obama was running I could barely open my front door for fresh air without someone from his campaign (volunteers, etc.) coming to my door within minutes. My mailbox was stuffed full of fliers. It was like that for months. I have received one text from the Steyer campaign inviting me to attend a rally. Other than that, haven't heard or seen or received a single thing from any other candidate
Jeffery C 3 month ago
kydrythm 3 month ago
Richard Parker 3 month ago
For a candidate to win they need to talk about 3 thins and 3 things only and boil it down to a single word or sentence that everyone can understand. Then just keep repeating it. The mass of people don't want to know specifics. The only job a candidate has is getting elected. Nothing else matters.
justmemadison 3 month ago
Democrats better hope they win the majority in the Senate and keep the majority in the House. Trump is going to get reelected and that is our only chance of slowing down that wrecking ball.
Reathety 3 month ago
Another democrat with no chance to beat Trump.
John Whitney 3 month ago
' Mar-A-Lago economy' -- great comment. He should use it more often.
Fellow White Person 3 month ago
Handrubbing merchant
Tim Lang 3 month ago
Giving to black colleges sounds reasonable.
Alan Johnson 3 month ago
Never trust a ny banker😁
charles bromberick 3 month ago
I´m wondering about which shoes she is wearing today???
Kevin Davis 3 month ago
Trump 2020
norman duke 3 month ago
Q 3 month ago
Steyer need to drop out stop wasting time put your money behind ads bashing King Putin Trump.
brian woo 3 month ago
I will vote for him in primary.
Chadillac 3 month ago
Does anyone really think that someone should be president when they're so stupid that they think they can change the weather by raising taxes?
Totalero Ecu2 3 month ago
Steyer is a great candidate: intelligent, successful, with a clear moral compass.
El Impoluto 3 month ago
Another climate-change nut? That climate-change scare/propaganda didn't work with Gore & it won't fly in 2020 either. Even in this day and age there aren't that many brainless twits who fall for that pseudo-science.