JBL on being elected to WWE Hall of Fame, helping John Cena’s career | WWE BACKSTAGE | WWE ON FOX

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JBL joins Renee Young, Booker T and Mark Henry on this week's edition of WWE Backstage. JBL talks about being elected for the WWE Hall of Fame, helping John Cena, and much more.

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JBL on being elected to WWE Hall of Fame, helping John Cena’s career | WWE BACKSTAGE | WWE ON FOX

WWE ON FOX 3 month ago
Does JBL deserve to be in the WWE Hall of Fame?
darkshadow ink 3 month ago
JBL still got it Love him or hate him he still got it
Kripalu Singh 3 month ago
Mauro Ranallo on JBL being inducted in HOF.. "MAMMA MIA"!!!
Ruan Antunes 3 month ago
Most Heels get Cheered these days & JBL is absolutely right when he said "If you have a Heel section, you have failed as a Heel"
TJ Ellsworth 3 month ago
When you hear what JBL is doing for kids outside the ring much respect
Rjv Ernesto 3 month ago
If APA is inducted to "Hall of Fame", Ron Simmons & JBL are gonna be 2-time Hall of Famers.
Master Jay 3 month ago
I know Ron Simmons will Induct JBL into the Hall of Fame but I wished it would be Teddy Long just cos I liked the way he would say “JBL” - Ref Smackdown 2004
Keshav 3 month ago
I just love WWE backstage.. The insight into WWE from this show is outstanding
Keanu Cora 3 month ago
Love him or hate him JBL earned his spot in the Hall of Fame.
doubleana Ali 3 month ago
JBL is like pure annoying when he does that laugh. That makes him unique
The Web Addict 3 month ago
It's sad that we don't have any guys like JBL in the WWE today.
Jetfire507 3 month ago
Hate him or not, he deserves it, a pretty good brawler and one of the greatest heels, congrats JBL!
Seri Heartly 3 month ago
When I saw the title i thought it said JBL On being elected as President
Marvin Soriano 3 month ago
one of the best heels of all time... before john cena got his first wwe championship
Ymikxxo 3 month ago
The heat JBL could get back in 04-06 was magic
Keshav 3 month ago
I just love WWE backstage.. The insight into WWE from this show is outstanding
BIG MIKE 3 month ago
It would've been fitting if Eddie Guerrero inducted him into the hall of fame. That would've been special. Either way, JBL deserves it. Congrats
FZ Essex 3 month ago
I like him when he was part of Acolytes/APA... U know business is about to pickup when their entrance music plays
Rajesh Raina 3 month ago
John cena vs JBL - I quit match Judgement day 2005 is one of my Favourite Match
Joshua Pinho 3 month ago
Weird, i was just thinking about how much i miss him on commentary.
Jose Gomez 3 month ago
He's right when he says when you're a Heel you gonna do whatever it takes to get the biggest heat from the fans cus now a days Seth Rollins being a Heel he still gets cheered by the fans
Legend Man 3 month ago
JBL was an old school heel that wasn't afraid to get heat , these young guys could learn a thing or two from watching him
tony matrisin 3 month ago
APA was one of the best tag teams of all time
Paragonix 3 month ago
When you do your job as a heel so well you decided to allow it to follow you through real life
LogicGambit 13 3 month ago
I want the limo entrance at the ceremony
series motion 3 month ago
Wtf jbl elected officially.....🤓🤓
Khalil The Highlight Real Sports Report 3 month ago
Congrats JBL going into the 2020 WWE Hall of Fame!!!
vaibhav madan 3 month ago
Well Deserved !! Great to see him pay respect to Eddie...Eddie guerrero Vs JBL was Gold
ryanEstandarte 3 month ago
One of the best heels in the business.
Bryan A. López Flete 3 month ago
I would like to see him on commentary again... BIG MATCH JOHNN!
Clarence 3 month ago
One of my favourite heels of all time
hari jha 3 month ago
Mark Henry is very emotional man I always see him crying 😢😢😢
Joshua Pierre 3 month ago
Booker T said “I’m working on my 3rd one” 😂
Deleted 3 month ago
When he’s giving his speech he better mention something about his ecw promo that was some great heel heat
Nihilist 3 month ago
He may be a backstage bully and a jerk, but his career is HOF worthy. He was one of the best heels ever.
Mrgeomel123 3 month ago
That Judgement day 2005 I quit match is still one of my favorite match ever
Jonathan Chuta 3 month ago
Congratulations JBL.. you deserve to be in the HOF.
RarelyEvenn 3 month ago
He reinvented himself and was a big draw at one time.
SlimyBro 3 month ago
Hate him or love him he's a wrestling god and he deserves it
leo king 3 month ago
The greatest heel ever
Knossi Karrossi 3 month ago
JBL is a Legend ! 😍
I am Supernaut 3 month ago
Being "elected"? Elected by some kind of committee? Pretty sure Vince McMahon gets the final say.
Mikey Baker 3 month ago
JBL had one of the best finishers of all time with it being so protected and man did I love to hate him when I was younger
saeed mateen 3 month ago
Congratulations jbl...
Andrew Sanchez 3 month ago
Thos clotheslines were no joke!😬
Jesse Alexander 3 month ago
JBL and Edge were the greatest heels of A+ The Miz the best of B+
F. Mans 3 month ago
Hopefully we see more of JBL on this show To have mark Henry - booker t - JBL talking about wrestling is a good show to watch
Exc Maruko 3 month ago
Tribute to the Troops was also his idea. So he definitely deserve it, what of the greatest heel you love to hate.
Matthew Siriani 3 month ago
I forgot about the segment with Eddie Guerrero’s mother.
NightmareEntity 3 month ago
He’s a legend!
Justin Meeks 3 month ago
Lord Pai 3 month ago
Make him fight dave for the greatest hall of famer vince.. Classic
Living My Life 3 month ago
He was a great heel, good speaker and commentator. He deserves it.
Offline Feeds 3 month ago
Miss him on commentary.
MyJanvic 3 month ago
A honor that JBL deserves. He is the Texas brawler who turned into the "Wrestling God" of WWE's Ruthless Aggression era.
edward diaz 3 month ago
We’re just gonna continue to rub it in the co host face, Christian, how everyone else is HOF. Smh.
tom motha fucken cable 3 month ago
he missing his hat 🤔
Ewan 3 month ago
One of the greatest heels of all time.
George Venancio 3 month ago
As a Chicano I hated him and I loved him !!! Thank you JBL
McSeal 3 month ago
1:14 They showed an image of him with the US title, I wonder who he beat to win it 🤔
HyperVoxel 3 month ago
One of the greatest heels ever
Jonathan Chuta 3 month ago
Eddie... I miss him so much.
Brody Marsh 3 month ago
He surely deserves to be in the Hall of Fame, congratulations JBL
bradley201288 3 month ago
One of the greatest heels. I love his feuds with Cena and Eddie
1999 3 month ago
I've been waiting this for a very long time! Bradshaw deserves it ❤
OMSTV 3 month ago
Jeff Hardy: just Renee JBL: Renee, Mark, and Booker Audience: blinded by nostalgia
Kamalakant Ajinkya 3 month ago
Yes he deserves for his hard work and his raw talent
Mikołaj 3 month ago
He deserves it... Rey Mysterio vs JBL was AWESOME
The Blaziken 3 month ago
Wow all the ones going into Hall of Fame this year makes me feel old
King Kardashian 3 month ago
That cow moooing and that two step got me rolling 😂🤣
T Oliverr 3 month ago
Bradshaw was one of my faves when he was in the APA.
WrestleFan 3 month ago
Roman Vargas 3 month ago
0:01 I miss that entrance Thank you JBL WRESTLING GOD YOU DESERVE IT
Real Deal Stewart 3 month ago
Mitsuki_ forgiven 3 month ago
One of the best heel also .
Young MA 420 3 month ago
Truly one of the greatest class I will put up with any other HOF class💯
Cris Reyes 3 month ago
JBL is an amazing human being work all his charity work is amazing
JD 3 month ago
Next inductions into the HoF: Hitler and Stalin.
Nathan Francis 3 month ago
JBL was the baddest heel when I was growing up! He absolutely deserves to be in the Hall of Fame!
Melvin Robbins 3 month ago
Definitely a deserving one. Congratulations are in order to JBL!
Kevin James 3 month ago
2020 Hall of Fame JBL
Marcus Goshey 3 month ago
I'm so happy JBL is in the HOF now. He's a legend among legends!
Superman Wayne 3 month ago
JBL deserves it. I watched his whole Heel run as a kid and remember hating him 😂
Fire Angel Chris 3 month ago
One of the greatest heels ever
Juan Oro-Barcenas 3 month ago
The JBL entrance reminds me of Smackdown 2004 intro I want it all.
Ajaka best 3 month ago
JBL is here to be a heel to John Cena I really understand his mission JBL still have unfinished business with John Cena 👌
Daniel Hall 3 month ago
Congrats on going to hof john
Home of Wrestling 3 month ago
Bring him back for commentary.
twentyeight thirtyseven 3 month ago
"Eddie and his brother Chavo" 🤦
Robert Lacy 3 month ago
THE WRESTLING GOD IS IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations JBL!!!!!!!! Thank all of the Hall Of Famers for the memories!!!!!!!!!
Jesus Cortez 3 month ago
My childhood villain . If I had to pick a favorite JBL moment was when he brought rent a cops to arrest John Cena and when he gave Eddie Guerrero's mom a "heart attack"
Josh Cooper 3 month ago
One of the greatest Heels oat
CHiBeTheName G 3 month ago
JBL Vs. Rey Mysterio Was A Great Feud As Well Great Bad Guy He Earn That Spot 💯💪🏽🔥
RAUDO DUVAL 3 month ago
SinisterzSanctuary 3 month ago
The cow mooing is the best thing a heel could ever put in their entrance music.
Nurdin* 3 month ago
JBl for president we just don’t need him for a Hall of fame 🙌🏼❤️
Alexander Cruz 3 month ago
I love how he mentions Eddie Guerrero! So much respect for you JBL.
Montinez Humphrey 3 month ago
When you finna Tripp and play it off 🤣🤣
Shawn E 3 month ago
Congrats, and much respect to you for your work outside of the WWE, I commend you for helping to empower others!!!
Daniel Perkins 3 month ago
He is a legend. Greatest Heel of all time.