I make PewDiePie's replacement 100 MIL subscriber award (and mail it to him)

3M views • 8 month ago
3M subscribers
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Holy crap my little Dukeys, this piece was sooo challenging but I still feel that it was all worth it in the end :) Just so you know, PewDiePie knows that I made this and that I'm mailing it to him, so try not to spam him about it. I hope you all like it! YAAAAAY!!

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Jordan Greene 8 month ago
I was like “why isn’t this trending” But the I realized this whole video is a diss to YouTube
Phoenixking 732 6 month ago
Is everyone going to ignore the fact that not only did he crack his rib, but he got up and went "YEAH!" after like it was nothing? What a legend.
LaserGadgets 6 month ago
Watching this again and I am asking myself: Bobby.......are you actually truly REALLY a gamer?? ._.
Austin Gibbons 6 month ago
Has pewdiepie gotten this yet? Like he hasn’t said anything about it
Raging Red 6 month ago
Monsters are gonna spawn in the middle because he didn’t fill it in
Sub or Gtfo. 6 month ago
_Who's here after pewds newest video_
Shaan Shekhar 6 month ago
Finally Bobby Duke Arts gonna get some serious recognition. Pewd finally showed off the play button.
Madison Newhart 5 month ago
Every Minecraft fan ever: I recognize that square
sofia nazari 6 month ago
Felix needs to watch this tho. I don't know if he knows it took him all this effort to make it, using real gold and those features...
HitzCritz 8 month ago
*Plottwist:* YouTube's actual plan was to make a playbutton so bad that Bobby felt obligated to give PewDiePie an actual badass playbutton
Ali Kabeer 6 month ago
the mini pewds action figure should be laying down on that chair
subadub 6 month ago
Came here after Pewds received the award! I honestly agree with him when he says that an award from a fellow 19 year old means more than an award from YouTube. Stellar job!
XXKINGTWISTED gaming 6 month ago
bobby: *stops being wired* fans: ooooohhh must of looked up the wrong person
Simrasil 6 month ago
big pp energy
The Saminater 8 month ago
the pure dad energy emitted from this guy is astonishing.
Daniel Holmberg 6 month ago
I'm sure this video is going to get a lot more views once pewds actually makes a video about it
UP5 UzayonPlay5 6 month ago
Bobby Duke Arts: WUUD! YouTube captions: WEED!
The BirthdayMon 6 month ago
“It’s a minecraft block” *WHAAAAT” “Imma paint it very carefully” “STUP”
Muhammad Zubair 6 month ago
Who Came here after LIAWY where pewdiepie appreciate his reward
Poi The Friendly Dragon 8 month ago
He literally broke his bones for pewdiepie to receive what he deserves
Special Ed-kid 6 month ago
Who else is here after watching pewds unboxes the 100 mil award
Hitarth Vyas 6 month ago
Is it me or he really looks like Tyler from Dude Perfect
Viktor Stoppenbach 6 month ago
T This is literally THE BEST VIDEO IN YOUTUBE.
CJ and Auntie Yaya 6 month ago
And Pewds proceeded to put it in a side on the desk barely in view... Hope he sees this video and realizes exactly how much frikken time and skill went into his award then make a shelf right above his mirror background so it is in the direct back center.
Gustavo Alves 7 month ago
I still don’t understand why YouTube hasn’t hired you for making the custom Playbuttons
RavFrom Yetti 6 month ago
you should make something for MrBeast as he got PAST 20mil trees fundrasing.
xGreek_21 6 month ago
That wood store had the 20mil trees that Mr beast planted
Noodlerpirate XD 5 month ago
“I’m going to the shed” Me: somebody once told me the world was gonna role me.. I ain’t the sharpest tool in the sheeeed.......
Rhianna Rajput 6 month ago
Imagine if he did all of this and it breaks in the mail 😔
Doge King 8 month ago
The hero we needed but didn’t deserve
Addilyn Tripp 5 month ago
"I'm gonna get some wewd" Idk what kind of weewd I'm geytin
riZeEco 6 month ago
Bobby: that’s how we get wuud Me: wait, that’s illegal
Natalia Wintersparrow 5 month ago
4:03 me staring at the medicine in the background:😐
jtpuni7 6 month ago
0:55 my great grandpa going to heaven
Foe Fighter 8 month ago
YouTube: Yeah, we spent 5 minutes making PewDiePie an award that broke Bobby: I cracked a rib
daleandrew.gamer 6 month ago
"What's your youtube channel" "Smack smack kar on ies" "Ok cool."
dqscout 5 month ago
Bobby: ness quiet Me: that’s how I would pronounce it Bobby: Walmart Me: *breaks in laughter*
Reiastra 6 month ago
search your channel right after watching pewds unbox his award!!!
Megurine Luke 4 month ago
bobby: says sharp pointy thingies me: thinks of nerdecrafter also me : THEY SHOULD DO A COLLAB!!
WalkerBrosFilms 7 month ago
YouTube needs to be ashamed when creators are making awards for each other.
incog nitor 6 month ago
Subtitle:"Im not sure what kind of weed im using"
Cartoon Network Fan Creations? 6 month ago
*_So you the mastermind behind this lovely creation......_*
Sham Emiee 6 month ago
Christian Holmlund 6 month ago
I wanna see his reaction hahahah the suspense is killing meeeeee.
PanhaRith Heang 8 month ago
YouTube: Here's your 100M play button with same design. Bobby: That's ugly, now hold my cracked rib.
Rally Monster 6 month ago
"Thank you so much for making it to the end of the video" *me who just skipped the video to see the end result*
The Uazzmeister 6 month ago
*He shoewwwed it FINALYYYYY*
klannstyle 5 month ago
as @Hordan Greene said this should be on... trending as: YOUTUBE DISS 2019 ;-) Let's bring it there!
• Izzy • 6 month ago
This is on another level of Dad mode, and all of us love it Bobby: OH FUDGE OH BUTT SNIFFING Also Bobby: *Throws rock and makes odd hand movements*
FUCK T-SERIES! 8 month ago
This is definitely the play button PewDiePie actually deserves for hitting 100 million subscribers
Flaming Demon 6 month ago
im happy this was in my recommended
whydoessodaissweet bruh 4 month ago
wood seller: how many woowd would you buy? bobby duke: yes
oskat 2005 6 month ago
It looks really awesome well done and pewdiepie just made a video about it. That is so cool or I would never had found out about your channel.
Jaidyn Andvik 4 month ago
I love all this but... im still laughing at the fact that the brand of the wood garnish is DEET
Rin ??? 8 month ago
Everyone: ew pewds 100 mil trophy is boring Bobby duke: hold my top hat
Ash Town 4 month ago
jishnu jichu 6 month ago
I'm officially changing my pronunciation of wood from WOOD to WOOOOOD!!!!
Eyismal Ieazlean 6 month ago
“Im am much excite” are u the voice for 3D barbershop experience?
Ultra Mage 4 month ago
4:52 “it’s gonna be delicious” hehe
Madelaine Wice 8 month ago
More people need to appreciate this guy, everything he makes is really intricate and he’s also really funny!
Vollick 6 month ago
This was really nice, Great job!
Nate 6 month ago
Thank you for Felix’s award :)
Sad sans 4 month ago
Subtitles when he says wewd sounds like he’s saying weed
Travis Kim 6 month ago
Finally, He's rewarded. Congrats
Jessica Fernanda 8 month ago
When this guy is more dedicated than youtube ever will be
AFG Goliath 6 month ago
This is my first time seeing you. Your personality has instantly made you one of my favourite YouTube peeps. I liked and subsequently subscribed.
ImBlakest 6 month ago
Never heard of you before this, but you've earned a sub!
Nathan Do 6 month ago
Doing a group project: Me: 3:18
Shannon Casey 6 month ago
You did a fantastic job! Can i just say i saw piewdiepies reaction... But can i also say if i got something like that from you, i would prbly scream. Anyway so cool to see that the youtuner i look up to looks up to another youtuber 😛😁
Marcos Serrano 7 month ago
Which one is better YouTube’s play button or Bobby’s custom one Like if you say Bobby Comment youtube
xGalaxyx 6 month ago
imagine if a package theif decided to show up-
愚かなYøkii 6 month ago
Sela Rock 6 month ago
After he painted it and said top coat, I was just like, glossy taco. lol
Nathaniel Graham 6 month ago
He finally shouted it out! Congrats man
youssef haitham 8 month ago
Youtube: a boring play button Bobby: hold my wewd
SeducedEnvelope The First 6 month ago
0:55 I never thought I'd see such amazing cinematographic talent
Soph W 6 month ago
Oh my God I have the captions on for this video and everytime he says "wewd" it comes out as weed😂😂
Irish Anonymous 6 month ago
About time he showed in a video! Haha
Mohammad Adnan 6 month ago
He finally showed it in his video today. He seemed really happy
Raven The Weirdo 8 month ago
How dare Youtube not notify me of this masterpiece.
Hello, 123’s 6 month ago
That would be my face to break my ribs.
Sy Uptagrafft 6 month ago
*FILEX SENT ME* love your channel already.
Musicals Trash 6 month ago
I love everything about this video I’m so glad i found u through pewds 😂😂 its made my day
Jaki 6 month ago
Now this is an EPIC gamer moment!
TheToastIsBurning 7 month ago
*HE BROKE A RIB TO ENTERTAIN US* *he’s truly the best youtuber*
Faicc 6 month ago
I keep hearing "weed" instead of "wood"
nicole murphy 6 month ago
Sometimes I wanna listen to narrow ations when it's my boy the time ending timeless a God Morgan Freeman
Roy 6 month ago
He received it now, in his latest video. congratz!
Infinite Lifeline 6 month ago
Bobby: wood Subtitles: weed
The Info Finder 8 month ago
That is a million times better than what youtube gave.
FireHand 4 month ago
4:36 Hey i cut my videos with resolve too
Equindix 5 month ago
When I heard the knocking, I thought My Mom and Dad were back
•RachieGamer• 6 month ago
“You need more subs.”
Saltwater Scourge 6 month ago
The way he says wood is so hilarious and I love it
Don’t worry I’m just a regular guy 8 month ago
Tfw when one person can make a way better award than a huge company This is truly an epic gamer moment
Quack Nation 6 month ago
You're really amazing uwu that was some quality content I'm your new fan, thank you for making such an amazing thing for felix-san,its really incredible
Richard John Grayson 6 month ago
Pewdiepie said "Thank You"
IN_DEI_XICHT___ 6 month ago
Its so cool to see how far you evolved Bobby! I remember when i first saw your videos, when u were 20k subs young! :)
My Name Suc 6 month ago
The subtitles say weed when he says wood lol
Video Game Music 8 month ago
Me at start of video when falls off bike: *giggle* Me when he says he cracked a rib for us: *sob*