NBA Commissioner Adam Silver Joins Inside the NBA To Address Hiatus During Coronavirus Pandemic

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NBA Commissioner Adam Silver joined Inside the NBA to address the NBA hiatus during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Footage via NBA on TNT.

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Adam Vanderwarf 2 month ago
give this man a round of applause, dude looks like he's getting hit with questions left & right... Prayers 4 Adam Silver man...
David Asare 2 month ago
Adam Silver is just on a hot streak as a commissioner. It’s refreshing to see amongst the NFL and MLB goofballs.
Adam Nex 2 month ago
Best commissioner in all pro leagues right now in the US, hands down
Despair 2 month ago
Please be considerate to Adam. This situation must be eating him alive with so much stress and anxiety. Let's try to chill out.
Collin SexyTon 2 month ago
Can we please have a prayer for Adam Silver he must be under so much stress trying to find away to please all the fans make money and also keep everyone healthy at the same time. You can see he’s stressed we love you Adam stay strong we believe in you
OB Speaks 2 month ago
He looks exhausted. Can't blame him. Not easy decision to suspend the season knowing how much revenue will be lost. But this is bigger than basketballπŸ€ (checkout my channel btw. Im making self improvement and motivational videos)
HighLifeBeatz 2 month ago
I love Adam silver he is such a great commissioner it isn't often that he makes a bad call ! We know this time is rough rn keep in there Adam !
ZhangtheGreat 2 month ago
Adam Silver has fully won me over with this decision. I knew when he banned Donald Sterling that the NBA had picked the right guy to succeed David Stern, but if he hadn't done so before, this decision solidifies him as an A+ commissioner.
arjun 2 month ago
I think Adam Silver is one of the best NBA Commissioners ever. Even though none of us want the season to end it was a really smart and important decision. Props to him for putting health and safety over making money.
T.M. Will 2 month ago
By far the best commissioner in all of sports. Imagine this happening in baseball. Their commissioner doesn't even have the guts to simply punish cheaters, we still wouldn't even have an official response from him in this situation.
Rainmaker 2 month ago
I was so mad at that dude when he put that cartoon shoe in the barrel of acid on "Who Framed Roger Rabbit"...
mensrea 2 month ago
Transparency: A Messaging: A Leadership: A Well done Mr. Silver. Goodell, Manfred and Bettman, get your asses back to study hall and learn to do better.
chopsuey8 2 month ago
damn, Adam looks so old in just a few months. Saw his interview somewhere last year, and he's in good spirits. I guess the death of the Ex-Comm, Kobe and all other stuff around NBA has its effects on him. Prayers for you Adam! You're doing a good job compared to other leagues out there. Keep safe!
Give Aways are A lie. no one ever gets nothing 2 month ago
why my man look like 1922's nosferatu
jaelzion 2 month ago
He's such a good commissioner. He consistently makes good decisions in times of crisis.
Jefferson Darcy 2 month ago
Adam Silver is a genuine dude. Great commisioner
Greg Hill 2 month ago
πŸ‘ Adam Silver.. Im so glad he's the Commissioner. Everybody take care of yourself. God Bless
Daniel Mitchell 2 month ago
Prayers for everyone in the world!
Srijit Gaire 2 month ago
You know my mans hasn't slept in a couple of days. Adam a goated comish!!
aedr04 2 month ago
When the NBA commissioner gives you more comfort from his leadership on this situation than the freaking potus... and it's not even close
xReversed 2 month ago
He looks so tired, feel bad for him, hope this all gets better soon, and praying for everybody that has it.
Brad Hansen 2 month ago
We need more people like Adam silver God bless
PacisJusticia 2 month ago
Respect to the NBA decision makers for leading the way and doing this before a lot of other sports/events. Let's all do our part in getting this situation resolved by being judicious about handwashing and self-isolating (if possible) when sick. Looking forward to that Rockets/Lakers game when this is done.
Wayne Pua 2 month ago
Best major sports commissioner around.
pointzeroblack 2 month ago
3:58 coughs in background....
Thomas Lambert 2 month ago
Oh my gosh he looks so tired
x CED 2 month ago
Sad thing is Charles Barkley is self quarantine and getting tested
CC8 2 month ago
Adam silver is the best commissioner in sports to me
Arbor 2 month ago
Greetings Earthlings! What's happening with your planet?
Castle Five 2 month ago
Good move by Silver, hope the best for him
The Juicebox 2 month ago
You can see the tiredness this man is going thru, look at his eyes. They look red and his voice sound like he been screaming. The stress and anxiety his going thru, I can only imagine
Jordan Davis 2 month ago
I feel for Vince Carter who might’ve played his last game, or those seniors who may never make it to the league who were looking forward to playing in the Tournament. Adam Silver has done a tremendous job though
Steven Hartshorn 2 month ago
This guy is literally how everyone thinks they look like when they shave their head for the first time.
Brandon Deloney-Fulmer 2 month ago
Simply the best! Adam Silver is the best. Great Job Adam!
Manny 2 month ago
Great leadership = Adam Silver πŸ‘
Trying to hit 10k without content 2 month ago
He looks exhausted.
nick 2 month ago
Dang it man
SunshineSurfsup1 2 month ago
Amazing leadership! Bravo, Commissioner Silver.. Bravo!
Spider-Man Mode 2 month ago
Adam Silver is just an amazing dude. Since day 1. Stay safe everyone!
Sean ie 2 month ago
Best Commissioner in all major sports
Grayson Marmie 2 month ago
Damn... Praying for the people who have the virusπŸ™
Bishop Sharp 2 month ago
Adam Silver looks so creepy, he looks like the creepy old guy Kane in the old Poltergeist movies.
G Lopez 2 month ago
Adam Silver Great Commissioner well said
J Rock 2 month ago
Adam is guiding the league through the worst season since the lockout with a clear mind and rational decision making.
Willie WMS 2 month ago
Never cared so much about an executive. I swear Adam Silver is the chosen 1. Thank you Mr. Silver.
Peter Solar channel 2 month ago
Rudy Gobert touching those mics was like holding the future in his own hands!
AdamHrz Beats 2 month ago
We are literally in the midst of a historic event rn
Sleek S 2 month ago
β€œWhen it comes to sports, money rules over common sense.” - Sir Charles Barkley
Tober 2 month ago
I'm always amused hearing Adam Silver speak. Very interesting person. Definitely a monster.
Tayshawn Holland 2 month ago
Best commissioner in the 4 major sports in the States right now. He always see the bigger picture.
Felipe Amaral 2 month ago
Adam silver does a great job as comissioner manfred could learn from him
Hyabusa 2 month ago
Adam silver needs to be tested as well, he seems a bit off. Stay safe Adam!!!
Trying to hit 10k without content 2 month ago
I praying for yall man
Ernesto Balcazar 2 month ago
There’s a reason he’s the only commissioner that most of the players in his league respect and really like
Jesse McFarlane 2 month ago
I’m still trying to figure out where Ja Rule is.
Brian Lockett 2 month ago
One of the finest leaders in the world, quite honestly.
Masoud Abdun-Noor 2 month ago
Dear commish, we need game of thrones during these troubling times while the league’s on the PUP list
Louie Sutton 2 month ago
3:57 everyone RUN!
Vape Naysh 2 month ago
2:35 one of the players who tested positive πŸ‘€
Borderlands Uploads 2 month ago
3:58 he has it too
Grayson Marmie 2 month ago
Charles is right
uKNO_KILLA 2 month ago
Good job Adam. You did the right thing.
Frank Gonzalez 2 month ago
Adam Silver the goat commish
Daniell Pingue 2 month ago
Its sad but what sir adam silver did is absolutely necessary! Thank you sir
SimbaUzumaki 2 month ago
Adam good job on your decision on suspending the season until hopefully this is situated. In a way, you saved the rest of the NBA leagues lives including your own.
Derek Ngwu 2 month ago
Dude reminds me of The Hitman
Sonic The Hedgehog Gaming Fan 2 month ago
Adam has a great point there. Looks like everyone's back to square 1 - watching Netflix.
Hyabusa 2 month ago
Adam silver clearly has something either a flu or the covid-19. He needs to be tested ASAP
Bob Pancake 2 month ago
Adam silver be looking like nosferatu
East(Ayy-Dee)Salinas 2 month ago
Brendan McCallion 2 month ago
I was waiting on him to say "10th level... Thousands of battle droids."
Daniel Trujillo 2 month ago
12:18 Damn it EJ ! Lol
Kevin Settles 2 month ago
β€œWe need your hellllppppp!” Bug on space jam! Real talk everyone stay safe!
Carlos V 2 month ago
Adam Silver πŸ’ͺπŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯🐐
Adam 2 month ago
Thank you, everyone.
J W 2 month ago
Was Adam Silver in Men in Black 1? you know the tall guy
Fan Xiong 2 month ago
Adam Silver for a DC U.S. Congress seat next! We need more people with good decision-making skills more than ever!
CarlJohnson 2 month ago
Adam silver is so sharp as MF
VersionBest 2 month ago
Adam Silver is the best commissioner ever.
James Therrien 2 month ago
adam silver GOAT comish
G. Coleman 2 month ago
Class act. I love effective decision makers! Great job the league is in the Right hands 🀲
Easy Mode 2 month ago
Adam Silver has been an absolute star this year.
Bape X Anime 2 month ago
This has been the craziest year in NBA history
Glenn Vicencio 2 month ago
I respect this man. I'm empress
Jacory Beauvais 2 month ago
I praying for yall man πŸ˜”πŸ’œ
Jorge Ramos 2 month ago
Prayers up for Chuck πŸ™πŸ™
Hs 4a08 2 month ago
Damn the raptors are two time champs
Elliott O 2 month ago
Really hope the playoffs come aroundπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
Cool Zay 2 month ago
I need a big to play 2k with im tired of playing w randoms πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„ 6’5 offensive threat all my badges 95 overall
Joseph Luna 2 month ago
Prayers for everyone hopefully we can resume play at some point !!!
Javian Johnson 2 month ago
Historic events going on right now. Wow.
Matthattan Beats 2 month ago
Prayers up πŸ™πŸ½πŸŒπŸŒπŸŒŽ
Lord 2wice 2 month ago
Prayers up for everyone πŸ™πŸΎ
Kipsang Oscar 2 month ago
Looks like an anime πŸ˜‚
Sam Koyl 2 month ago
He’s a G
moad saeed 2 month ago
I knew the raptors were gonna go backtoback years. πŸ†πŸ™πŸ½
BMW W. 2 month ago
This dude looks like Dalsum from street fighter
E CARSM 2 month ago
NBA clearly has TDS and Obama lover. πŸ˜‚
Yaramyah Yahawadah 2 month ago
All I got from this interview he said don't touch your face after you wash your hands , after you wash your hands your hands should be clean so you should be able to touch your face right, are is he tell us the virus is n the water🀦😷😷
T.R.U. Louisianimal 2 month ago
Look at them ears tho lol