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Seriously, where did you find these pictures of me?
Epic episode of SDAIAY. OMG.
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Davie504 3 month ago
*subscribe now* or i'll call the *fbi*
다니 3 month ago
My therapist: "hey why did you stopped coming for our sessions?" Me: "because I am now subscribed to Davie504."
Jhoan Andrade 2 month ago
Davie504 emotions: Happy: 😐 Sad: 😐 Angry: 😐 Confuse: 😐 Playing a 🅱️ass: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Gabriel Moreno 2 month ago
I would like to see Davie talking like a normal person. I mean, his edition is fun and all, but I would like to meet the human being behind it. Omg.
Joshua Benedic Rosanes 2 month ago
I literally cried during therapy time, Davie is such an angel..
Dirty 2 month ago
Davie: how are people finding my personal pictures? Also Davie: sure, I’ll open this random .exe file on the internet....
Lila lol 3 month ago
I challenge davie to give this comment a heart!
Excuj meee 2 month ago
Me in therapy time (seriously) Me : My pp is soft... Davie504 : It's hard, but I believe in you. Wtf lol
牛奶•BerryMiilki 2 month ago
Davie: THERAPY TIME Davie: Everyone has hard times You can tell me everything Me: Not speaking
Eliezer Sumampouw 2 month ago
Me: "i'm playing guitar" Davie504 : "i do that sometimes too.. very fun times" OMG
nekoofthetruth 2 month ago
When u have an anxiety-depressive disorder and don't pay money to actual therapist, because u have Davie504
Search 2 month ago
Davie is like he is going to slap the Corona Virus in Italia
Yeetyboi9000 3 month ago
Davie: Therapy time Me: I’m gonna give up playing bass Davie: *Now that’s something you should keep doing*
ᒪᗩᐯEᑎᗪEᖇᑌᗯᑌ the II 2 month ago
Me at therapy sesh with davie: so, we are gonna move houses and uh- Davie:ThAtS nIcE—
ಥ_ಥ 2 month ago
Old man: **eats spaghetti with scissors** Me: *hey that's illegal*
My pants are falling off 3 month ago
Davie takes off headphones only to reveal there’s another pair of headphones.
Nikkolas Issen 2 month ago
In therapy time I told davie how I’m a heroin addict and i cant stop even though its ruining my life and probably gonna kill me and that I want to stop but i get painful withdrawls and i fail every time and I feel like the only way out is to just kill myself. I’m not even depressed I just really wanna stop doing H and I just can’t. He’s always so supportive. I was watching davie videos the last time I tried to quit and it didn’t work too well but shit it helped. I can’t quit dope, but your videos help alot. Seriously, I mean it. I’ve seen every one of them. Even though, I play guitar too. And the messed up thing is that I have no one to talk to but a youtube video from a stranger on the internet. No one would understand or want to help me. But you did. Thanks, Davie.
RAZZ 2 month ago
Davie: Ears reveal at 6 millon subs but he dont know that in sdaiay intro you can see his ears
stephenbagley8 2 month ago
The way he says “Italy” is so elegant
XnErTz88 NoOb 2 month ago
Davie504: *reads italian words* Me, who doesn't understand italian: *o m g*
Caleb Myers 3 month ago
"It's therapy time, go on..." "My pp" "It's hard. I believe in you." *needs to stop watching therapy time....
A cE 2 month ago
Davie504: smiles Me with depression: *cries* it's too pure
budhimr 2 month ago
Davie504 : How dare you found my photo when I was young. Me : Then clearly to me that you confess you are now an old man.
Hector Manuel 2 month ago
9:28 me:I was playing guitar earlier davie:I do that sometimes too
miska sticc boi 2 month ago
Me: You inspired me to play Guitar Davie: I do that sometimes too, very fun times Me: ...waaaaaaaaait
Luis Yangki 3 month ago
Davie504: "Hopefully its not gonna take 44 years to get 50k subs." Me: 69-44 = 25 Davie504 is 25 *CHECCMATE*
Trịnh Minh 2 month ago
I think you should make a “like button” bass...
Reclaw 2 month ago
therapy time : me : I have a bully who always bullies me mentally Davie504 : it's hard.. but I believe you thank you Davie
Saipeo 2 month ago
Just realized I could see his ears in the intro But I still wanna see pineapple pizza
Alexander Carbone 2 month ago
The moment u actually say stuff to David at the end
Leif on a Tree 3 month ago
Davie: "bass is the answer to everything" person: "what is the worst instrument ever?" Me: *visible frustration*
Lorenzo it said to put last name so oke 2 month ago
But we can see his ears in the intro..
Joey savage's Channel 2 month ago
When David talks about his last time wearing headphones in sdaiay, but in the intro it has him without headphones
Informatyk Youtube 2 month ago
-I wanna kill myself Davie... - Nice! -Davie I feel bad all The Time -Now this is something you should keep doing Why ;w;
Izuku Midoriya 2 month ago
*Therapy Time* Me: I have big PP Davie: It's hard, but I believe you.
Litonoxystic 3 month ago
teacher: *asks me a question me: Bass
Phone Gamer 2 month ago
2:53 so he is 25 years old rn..
156 great white 2 month ago
No one: Actually no one: Davie504: Slap like NOW or i will call the FBI
Aditya More 2 month ago
Davie: this is my last episode of sdaiay with headphones Sadaiay opening song plays Davie playing bass without headphone
Queen Elizabeth 2 month ago
The intro of sdaiay has davie's ears exposed.
Kenji Maxilom 3 month ago
Therapy time: Me: Hold my pp Davie: *it's hard*
VexciYT 3 month ago
3:19 what if the question is what is the worst instrument * in the jungle starts playing *
Alexandru Vlada 2 month ago
0:25 Davie without headphones
Christain Reggi 2 month ago
I was in the middle of watching, when a guitar ad came on Me: Omg, not epicol
Enoch Joo 2 month ago
That moment when he'll take off his headphones at 6M, but we can already see his ears in the sdaiay intro 🤔🤔🤔
Sed 3 month ago
davie: its'ok to feel bad sometimes me: *smile* davie: now that's something you should keep doing it's very good for you me: *bigger smile* davie: i do that sometimes too, very fun times me: *amazed* davie: *nods*
Mr PinkSwan 2 month ago
Noob (kid): guitar with 4 string 😀😀😀 Noob: bass 😅 Advanced: B- ass Pro: 🅱 ass Me: 🅱 🅰ss
B18 2 month ago
0:20 there are his ears OMG
V 2 month ago
Notice how he's playing less bass with each episode.
Surusuru Kun-kan 2 month ago
I’m at school I’ve got a test There’s a question I dunno I put B A S S
10k Subscribers without any videos. 3 month ago
Davie: _"Stop with the PP jokes."_ Everyone *_Hold on, this whole operation was your idea._*
Scrotum Chronicle 2 month ago
Davie without headphones in the intro. Lol
Maria Ocden 2 month ago
Pro: 🅱-ass Me:🅱-🅰ss
Нефтяной Отдых 2 month ago
3:18 Friends: Do you want to go out with us? Me: BASS My gf: I think, we need to break up, isn't it? Me: BASS
Shuni Gimu 2 month ago
I’m leaving a comment: 🅱️ A S S
ALLeRz|ף0Ī× 3 month ago
SDAIAY intro: has Davie without headphones Davie: This is legal
Waste Man 2 month ago
What the hell your smile is so cute why u so 🅱️ass
DismalKibbles 2 month ago
5:31 means "me doing a meme in italian on davie's subreddit to take the upvote of the italians"
Marco Peek 2 month ago
I love how the first 14 definitions of the word “slapper” on Urban Dictionary all have to do with Davie and then the dictionary definition is obly 15th 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jesus Cortes 2 month ago
Saschrick Delceppo 3 month ago
this guy's therapy time is helping a lot of people without him probably noticing ..... thanks <3
Milo Kotak 2 month ago
Roomie after watched this video : DAVIE DID IT AGAIN HE COPIED PEWDEPIE oh wait roomie cant survive the Holy slap :(
FaZe_PoosOnToast 2 month ago
hey davie I'm Italian and I went to Italy last year I went to: Venice, milan, rome, naples, Sorento, Amalfi, position, Tropea and calabria. after that I went to Athens in Greece and Santorini.
FireyFan 2017 2 month ago
EPICO 6 mln subs time for davie to take off his headphones
John Hyujin Caro Blue-Nightmare 2 month ago
Test paper : Find the x Other Idiots : here is it Me : Bass
Steve 3 month ago
Me : "I didn't took a bath" Davie : "Now that something you should keep doing. It's very good for you"
Ryzon Dela Cruz 2 month ago
zesty-gamer XD 2 month ago
Davie:this is going to be my last video... Haters: :D Davie:that i wear headphones Haters: :,D
Justarandomdude 69 2 month ago
DeathShadowX5 2 month ago
Legit was playing 🅱️ass during therapy time. Davie complemented my noob skills, but I try.
ya boi guzma 3 month ago
davie: "at 269k likes I'll teach you Italian" me, an italian: CHECKMATE!
C R E E P E R 2 month ago
Davie:Stop with the PP jokes Also Davie a second later:BiG pP
Jacey Nichols 2 month ago
I can see his ears in his sdaiay intro
Marc Christian Sampani 2 month ago
Me: (Watching Davie504) Ads: (Plays guitar) EPIKO
Francis Madlife Ortiz 2 month ago
When Davie have the power to make it 504 upvotes, I also saw the dislikes on this video is 968. I have the power to make it 969 , but at what cost?...
ApesEvolved 3 month ago
Davie: The only answer to any question is B A S S. Someone: What is the worst instrument ever? Davie: (Begins sweating)
o zone 2 month ago
Me: How can i slap like through a monitor? Davie504: it's hard but i believe in you, you know sometimes we experience bad things but i am here to help u.
Ajdin Djuliman 2 month ago
Teacher:Lets learn how to play bass Me:I watch davie how to slap Teacher:You get A+
Hayden Malone 2 month ago
"stop with the pp jokes"
CreepyPastaProject 2 month ago
but we've all been watching him and he has already revealed himself without headphones.... in his intros for SDAIAY ps I play electric guitar a big amount of the time but I can sorta S L A P a 🅱️ass
chris. cc 3 month ago
Me: smile why don’t you smile your smile is very handsome Davie: *its hard*
BMXgang 2 month ago
when you SLAP at the same time as Davie I HAVE THE POWER!!!!! THE POWER OF 🅱️ASS
The pro Oppo 2 month ago
The intro just already reveal his ear lol
ThatsABiggon 2 month ago
Anyone else notice Davie looks almost exactly like Ravi from the show "Jessie?"
729mana 2 month ago
4:04 so Jakie Chan disguises himself as a skirt wearing bass player and no one notices
kakaxix a 3 month ago
Me in Davie's Therapy Time: I have small PP Davie: It's hard, but I believe in you Me: ;-; Edit: I'm famous ÉPICO
Aian Lenard Santiago 2 month ago
Tip the stiay intro has clips if u not wearing headphones CHECKMATE
Zero 2 month ago
Me: telling Davie504 that i hate life Davie504: now thats somthing you should keep doing
Erin H 2 month ago
SDAIAY,,,Said I'm tryin to teach myself how to play bass but only have a guitar. U said its hard but I believe in you. I will continue my journey sir Davie504. Pleas, please, please keep it up.
Davide Mengoli 2 month ago
Me: Davie I feel sad Davie: now that's something you should keep doing!
Sebastian Alessandro 3 month ago
Davie: stop with the pp jojes, they are very childish jokes Also Davie: proceeds to make a pp joke
Pou ldron 2 month ago
Davie: its okay to feel bad sometimes.. Me: yeah, it feels bad that i slapped my mother last day.. Davie: NOW THAT'S something you should keep doing! Its good for you! I do that sometimes too, very fun times. Me: wait wh-
Awesome Boys | JPTV 2 month ago
Waiting for Davie504 judging videos: 1. Unknown Bassline Challenge 2. Davie504 Guitar Cover 3. Davie504 Epic Battle
Arya Doğulu 2 month ago
Me : so I cry a lot and-.. Davie : Now that is something you should keep doing. It’s good for you. I do that sometimes too, Fun times. Me: Fun??....
Aqib Mohd 2 month ago
0:20 davie has git no headphones on💀😱
Anuradha Shetty 2 month ago
Whose waiting since he hit 6 million ⬇️
Alberto Lara 2 month ago
Therapy time Me: I have problem in the school Davie504: it's very good for you Me: wait what
Makalumang Papuri Covers 2 month ago
6 Million na remove the headphone or I'll call the police
sock puppet 2 month ago
I will like Davie if he likes this comment BASS=slapp
Luigi Vercotti 3 month ago
Davie504: The more strings on your instrument, the bigger the pp. *All pianists: **_damn right_*