Amy Klobuchar: I Am A Fresh New Face In Politics | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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2020 Democratic candidate, Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn, discusses her poll numbers in New Hampshire, her fundraising efforts, why she says she's a fresh face in politics and why she's gained traction in New Hampshire. Aired on 2/10/2020.
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Amy Klobuchar: I Am A Fresh New Face In Politics | Morning Joe | MSNBC
Lord Luke Lightbringer 1 month ago
How can you be a fresh face in politics when you've been in the Senate for over a decade
Luke Laugh 1 month ago
"I Am A Fresh New Face In Politics" wtf.....
Jay Collins 1 month ago
Fresh new face?! She's been in the Senate for 13 years!
Cornell Collins 1 month ago
Fresh new face, same establishment ideas and policies.
Nanette Burroughs 1 month ago
I'm 73 and I wonder what happened to the thought that we need good schools and good teachers for our children because they are our future. I remember in high school we were in the top 5 in education in the world and it was important for us to get better. Now schools are only interested in the gifted child but the ones struggling now will struggle their whole life because they either fail through the cracks or drop out and end up in dead end jobs perpetuating the decline in their ability to know what words really mean. You know how to avoid another trump running for any office? Everyone who runs for ANY office they must get at least 90% or better on a general knowledge test including Civics, history, and of course geography. Let's throw in an English & grammar section too just for the fun of it. I avoid calling trump supporters stupid by saying they are undereducated.
Charles T. 1 month ago
Amy was dead last in Iowa, yet she’s getting more time than anyone else in msnbc... 🤔
Adriano de Jesus 1 month ago
New face, master in the art of corporate politics and stapler throwing.
Petronius Arbiter 1 month ago
With the same stale old status quo debt spending, washed up catch phrases.
Poogle Chen 1 month ago
I like presidents that don't paint their face like a poop stain 😂😂😂
Seraph Johanson 1 month ago
Literally everyone can see your bias against Bernie, MSNBC...
NOYDB 1 month ago
"Help Me KlobiWan, you're my only hope" - Princess Leia.. Star Wars. A New Centrist Hope. 1976.
james west 1 month ago
Oh, she feels fresh today, thank god for summers eve!!!
Jerry Andersen 1 month ago
Fresh?...New? Hahahahahahahhahaahh
myfathersbastard 1 month ago
Nope. No thank you. No. Not interested. #bernie2020 all day every day!
Andethidial bubabibub 1 month ago
Loved watching Msnbc last years, can't do it anymore. They gasp for any candidate but the obvious one... Disguisting and selfish, becoming the fox News for moderate dems driven by feelings over policies and bias questioning
ʝǟƈӄ ֆȶɛʄǟռ 1 month ago
"59 is the new 38" and the choo-choo train story works on boomers. By no means is she a fresh new face in politics.
BraapBraaap 1 month ago
If that's a "fresh" face, I'm never eating salad again.
Francisco Nava 1 month ago
New fresh face?! Come on girl give me a f break! Bernie2020
MR intel 1 month ago
A fresh new face? What is "new"? Klobuchar sure does not say or represent anything new.
Na M 1 month ago
I'm a bit of a mess and I haven't slept in over two weeks, but I'm feeling GREAT!
zahrans 1 month ago
Fresh new face, eh?......
David Powell 1 month ago
What? In other News Biden claims he is the sweetest man alive.
BraapBraaap 1 month ago
"Hilary Lite"
Furious Rivera 1 month ago
Well compared to Biden , Sanders & Trump i guess you can call hers a fresh new face.
Schelby LO 1 month ago
When she says about herself: "I am a fresh new face ...", it sounds queery. Because only others can call her so, but not she herself. She could have mentioned, that she thinks, she's not known by most of the people yet, but calling oneself a fresh face is bad style.
jim thomas 1 month ago
When did a catchers mit look like a fresh new face???
Morpheus Magellus 1 month ago
Eeehm a fresh face is not a description that works ...
Billy Jack 1 month ago
MSNBC clearly adores Klobucher. They're really cranking out the videos today.
david zero 1 month ago
Amy seems to be the most relevant candidate these days!
ritaperdue 1 month ago
Amy, you are NOT EVEN a fresh new face! So you took a couple of jabs at Brett kavanaugh...WHOOP! You're too much of a ME, ME, ME, person! There is no I in TEAM.
Louie D 1 month ago
She reminds me of an old burnt out hippie chick.
Hannah 1 month ago
You got this Amy stay strong💪
Steve B. Warwick 1 month ago
John Weren 1 month ago
I'd love to see how your hair would fair in a blizzard!
Ro G 1 month ago
Hey Amy - Are you going to sell out our democracy for a Big Mac meal? 🤔 No? Perfect. You're already an upgrade from the current clown. 🤣
Vince Crain 1 month ago
must be exhausting being a centrists, no opinions, ideas, platform, policies. Doing nothing solves nothing...America needs a progressive like YANG 2020!
Holstorr Sceadus 1 month ago
Poor choice of words for someone who constantly looks like she just smelled a fresh fart.
Elvia Yribe 1 month ago
Amy are you going to represent the whole country or just a Midwest cuz you never talk about us and the big cities. And we get the products to the Midwest. Hello..
Courtney Lynn 1 month ago
jamie c 1 month ago
Heads! If Amy's a "fresh new face"...
Derek Hird 1 month ago
I'm a fresh new face. Pete has no experience you need experience like me. Pick a side. This is why she is no good.
crocusflower 1 month ago
i'm with you senator.
Eddie Ed 1 month ago
Unless you have some free college or student loan debt cancellation ideas ... DO NOT talk about education!!!
Pollywant Acracker 1 month ago
Hysterical Joe and Transgender Mika give Amy a hand job
Ken Bugbee 1 month ago
A not so fresh face wearing a creepy forced smile !?!
Denyze 1 month ago
Amy is a good candidate. Amy, Elizabeth, Pete, Yang, Bennet, Bloomberg, Sanders are all great candidates Vote for the earth, for integrity, dignity, intelligence, leadership, and sanity
prometheus5700 1 month ago
Dead Eyes
Phea Ram 1 month ago
Established B.
Derek L 1 month ago
Reasonable realistic and effective moderate. She would carry the Midwest and draw voters in the middle who don't favor socialism.
Rich Bespoke 1 month ago
Yang 2020
PushPullPp 1 month ago
I like Bernie Sanders best or Elizabeth Warren who has equal experience but I'll vote for Amy if she's the Dem candidate.
Anron Jatu 1 month ago
Shes a young Nancy
Sheryl Ferraro 1 month ago
Update: I did go back to find the question. What was asked was "Does anyone have a problem with a DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST leading the ticket" Amy K You purposefully left out the words Democratic Socialist and changed it to "Socialist". As you seem to want to make this one of your big stories in this interview, the least you can dio is get the information right. This is very dishonest. You know there is a difference and that is exactly why you presented it this way. DISHONEST. I'll have to go back to see if there were any other questions asked of other candidate that are on the same level as this one, specifically aimed at Senator Sanders. It was a loaded question to begin with aimed to shed hyped up bad light on Senator Sanders. For many of us all this interview shows is the MSNBC bias against Senator Sanders and those of us who support him and the message. Amy K, you are dishonest. You weren't doing so bad but now we know who you are. Original post: Amy K stated that George Stephanopoulos asked her how she feels about having a socialist leading the Democratic ticket. I am going to look for that because it is hard to believe that he said just that. Senator Sanders is a Democratic Socialist (social Democrat} the term socialist is being used as an attack weapon towards Senator Sanders. Oh no! The socialist boogyman.! Visit his website and see for yourself what his plans are for the country. Then you will know and not through the filter of someone else's agenda.
Chiriwil Pascualito 1 month ago
Frank Brown 1 month ago
Fresh ? About as fresh as your clam.
Jim Battersbee 1 month ago
Just another corporate Dem. Love how she warned people what to expect if she was elected when she said, "no matter what happens to you, you gotta pick yourself up...……" Oh boy. Trump will likely win again.
suicide alone 1 month ago
fresh or dnt know anythin. Putin loves fresh candidat. He put buttergeek as the tp one in Iowa
Richard Hunt 1 month ago
Troyous Ricciardi 1 month ago
#Yang2020 is where you get substance, and numbers, and a well-laid plan. Klobuchar has no solutions of merit.
Cydp Palley 1 month ago
Go Amy 💙! And yes everyone on stage the other night is better than the Shithole!
snoop alert 1 month ago
Democrats love to talk about everything except for their policies
Philippe Baquet 1 month ago
Terry Kiddy 1 month ago
I’m a victim worship me worship yourself
Indrajith4evr 1 month ago
Faken Name 1 month ago
There ain't nothing fresh about you.
Super Videos 1 month ago
I support her
Muhammad Cushmeer 1 month ago
She is not the answer ..she is a trickster ..
Mike Laing 1 month ago
“A fresh face” ? There’s so much low hanging fruit to make a joke here, but having sisters, daughters, a wife, and mother I love and protect, I just can’t pull the trigger.. sorry folks!
Sheryl Ferraro 1 month ago
Maybe no one said anything because they respect Bernie. Next time quote a comment/question correctly..
Kevin McClain Sr. 1 month ago
So is Andrew Yang!!!! “Yang” for President “!!!!!🇺🇸
Chinese American 1 month ago
So many talkers
summermojo 1 month ago
She would make every state a Welfare State just like Minnesota. You will be paying more TAXES out of your paycheck.
K Baker 1 month ago
I will give her credit. She doesn't look anything close to 59. Wow!!!
Mad Luigi 1 month ago
Bernie isn´t a socialist. It´s mindblowing that there are candidates who want to become President of the United States and don´t even know what the Nordic Model is. Even worse...that they want to deny the American People to get such a system. A system that would be so much better for working Americans and at the end of the day for everyone. This completely disqualifies her for me. She´s not getting it. Completely outdated frame of mind like most of the candidates on the stage.
Saynoto Socialists 1 month ago
Better than Bernie or Pocahontas
Janet Oh 1 month ago
We need more than a fresh face. We need a warrior, a fighter. Let Trump have it!
Andethidial bubabibub 1 month ago
2:11 is she drinking?
micheal conley 1 month ago
I'm voting for any Democrats that believe in compassion and. Justice for all.
Laura Lafauve 1 month ago
#BernieSanders2020 Medicare for all Americans. #NOT #ME #US
Muhammad Cushmeer 1 month ago
She has a problem with a socialist leading ...i have a problem with that. .no Amy sorry
Jamie Gard 1 month ago
Bernie 2020
Laura Lafauve 1 month ago
I care about her policies, not her personality.
chuy L 1 month ago
I get a good laugh watching MSNBC.
lerinnenatalia 1 month ago
This lady is delusional. And the fact she actually voted "present" makes her nothing more then a fresh new seat warmer.
ProgrammingFlaw 3489 1 month ago
Can she be anymore irritating, probably.
ala ska 1 month ago
Offers NOTHING for PRODUCTIVE Americans.
Carl Moscatello 1 month ago
Klobuchar coming in 3rd or 2nd pretty much locks in a Bernie victory. That means that her and pete will battle on for multiple states, and then its going to be too late before one of them consolidate the vote.
Rickey Robinson 1 month ago
What A wast of time and money Ha Ha that’s her First lie As soon as she open up her Mouth she lied the first thing out of her mouth Was A lie
Brad Tyrrell 1 month ago
LOL is she now
Muhammad Cushmeer 1 month ago
Every one of them have weakness ...but Bernie has the least
Letty Pompa 1 month ago
A fresh new face in politics is Andrew Yang!!
PJH199 1 1 month ago
We're good on another corporate democrat. Bernie 2020
VanGiai Do 1 month ago
Kolbucha is not new she was a team with Feinstein working for deep state to fabricate dirty stories to attack judge Kavanaugh and voted with Adam Schiff against Trump on Impeachment articles without facts.
Carlos Peirano 1 month ago
Amy, you seem to be a very, very nice person, definitely not presidential, sorry.
Penny Liqueur 1 month ago
Virginia tinsley 1 month ago
Why ???has nobody not named Trump...... temper tantrum!!!
Eric Moreland 1 month ago
A fresh face paid for by corprate thanks!!!! Bernie 2020!!!
Brian Hughes 1 month ago
MSNBC is garbage, except for Chris Hayes. That is all.
Jeff Hershey 1 month ago
Amy klobuchar will never be president
Jorn Buster 1 month ago
she seems very likable , but i dont agree with her ideas