I turn my Arm into a Glowing resin Sculpture

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Hello my little Dukeys. In this video I show you how to make a glowing resin sculpture without actually needing to know how to sculpt. All you need is an idea, and the desire to make it a reality. you have no excuses. Love you guys :)

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Bobby Duke Arts 6 month ago
see, you really don't need to know how to sculpt to make something beautiful. all you nee is an idea, and the desire to make it a reality. You have no excuses! If you want more Dukey in your life, go follow my Instagram https://www.instagram.com/bobbydukearts/ and Twitter https://twitter.com/bobbydukearts?lang=en Love you guys
Drummerkingrulez 6 month ago
Yor daughter looked like she waited her whole life for that moment
Nintendo Hangout 3 month ago
For as goofy and silly as Bobby is, he's an AMAZING artist, sculptor, whatever art name thingy he is Edit: sorry to be one of thos people but thank you for the likes, this is my second one with over 100!!🙃
Celestthephoenixninja Phoenixrandomfandomz 4 month ago
The arm looks like its being teleported into the minecraft world
Alexander 5838 5 month ago
you know a man is dedicated to art when he willing to wax his entire arm for it.
TeleportBread 5 month ago
"He looks like he needs a doctor" *Nice.*
KzCreationz & More 6 month ago
Bobby: **doesnt use wewd** Wewd store employee: I think he’s dead.
Izzy Gardner 4 month ago
“I like him cause he’s squooshy” that got me laughing. Like a lot. Like to much I think it was the voice.
The Sock 5 month ago
Bobby: IS THIS SAFE?!?!? Daughters: HAhahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahaa No
Bray Peasey 4 month ago
Bobby: But first let me tell you about my sponsor ray- Me: not Raid Shadow Legends not Raid Shadow Legends Bobby: Raycon Me oh thank goodness.
Mr. b I g I r o n 5 month ago
Nobody: Not a single soul Bobby with a dab chick shirt: *AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA*
Christian Twichell 6 month ago
Thanos: "Where is the Tesseract?" Loki: "Umm, it was here just a moment ago." Bobby: "So I have this cube."
*Insert inetersting name here* pls 5 month ago
Dad joke idea: When your family member says *I need a hand!* give them the sculpture
Moe Cronin ‘ 4 month ago
Hamilton freak 5 month ago
10:48 "we're gonna go out to the shed but first we gotta go out to the shed" 😂😂😂
Madeline R 4 month ago
"I look like a superhero with, like, a cannon" So, Samus Aran?
ash 6 month ago
“I almost forgot your name” Yup, he’s a dad.
Drape Nailed Talaoha 4 month ago
Me: * see blue cubes Also me: **INFINITY WAR FLASHBACKS* Loki....
Vipapon Pholee 4 month ago
Lolol my Dumb ass forgot what your channel was named so I just typed “wewd” in the search bar and it actually worked🤣
Sidney playzz 5 month ago
“Ok enough shay nay nay gains”that sentence made my entire day!
JasonPlayz 4 month ago
Bobby's Family Tradition: Waxing The Dad's Arm.
Kaivian Hines 6 month ago
“ You’re embarrassing me in front of my friends “ 8 year old me felt that
Merle Ripcke 4 month ago
"I'd go see a doctor" You DIDN'T 😂😂❤️. (Also, I'd phrase it more like "I'd go see The Doctor"😏)
mightysloth234 5 month ago
Thumbnail: "it's stuck" Me: that's what he said
Also Mr. Sir 4 month ago
Him: all you need is an idea Me: *sad uncreativitynoises*
Modern Bladesmith 5 month ago
when that "ray" came up, i thought you were going to say raid shadow legends and i was so mad.
Grant Thompson 6 month ago
I died laughing every time he hit the thing off the table when he was saying “ok”
WolfSnipe 5 month ago
3:28 Im still waiting on how to enter the giveaway
Steven Fox 5 month ago
his arm was reaching out of the minecraft world
That Random Gamer 5 month ago
it looks like something out off a movie like someone’s trying to grab the cube while being pixelated
Nick Memeholder 5 month ago
I wonder how much guap he could make if he soled his entire collection of sculptures
Chiizugua 6 month ago
Your wife and daughters really enjoyed massacring your arm
PotatoLoverz 4 month ago
10:55 that’s clearly fake, normal swingie chairs would have flattened the whole shed
Timmy the Spider 4 month ago
3:07 *proof Micheal Jackson is still alive* Hee hEE
"Art is an explosion" Only Naruto fans know this quote
Jadifer 3 month ago
(Bobby sees a Silence) Bobby: He should go see a ‘doctor’
It’sSawyer [Operation SSR] 4 month ago
Bobby: you’re embarrassing me in-front of my friends! Me: what friends?
Trần Đức 3 month ago
2019:Raid shadow legends vs Raycon 2020:Raycon
Maddox 4 month ago
did he actually get the, "see a doctor part"? or was it pure luck?
klucas 3 month ago
1:15 “You should see a doctor” I love this so much
VeloBlynk 6 month ago
Bobby: * doesn’t use wewd * Me: wait that’s illegal
Hunter Scull 3 month ago
I like how he's wearing a Barnaby Dixon shirt
Olivia Hawkins 3 month ago
This dude was in so much pain he turned into Michael Jackson for a hot second
Mr_Tosa 3 month ago
How nasty it looks when you have a shaved hand and other one heary
Joslyn Binkowski 3 month ago
Did anyone else notice, when the daughters were waxing his arm, he was wearing a BarnabyDixon shirt Just me? Ok
Alexander Willow 6 month ago
You must be one interesting father. Teacher: what does your father do for a living? Daughter: oh, my dad makes lamps out of his hands.
DaedalusProps 3 month ago
The nerd in me just realized that at the time of this comment, Dukey has 3.14 million subs. EMBRACE THE PI
Jaden Marc ❶ 4 month ago
Song in the end: Reversed Beginning - Luwaks
Kool Kat Kid 3 month ago
Science Kidz 5 month ago
Well there is a tiny bit of air coming out of the valve so when he blocks it it builds up more pressure so when he unblocks it it releases the last bit of pressure that’s what the sound is
Gage Olson 6 month ago
All the embarrassment he’s done to his girls has come back to haunt him!
Houdini 5 month ago
1:18 I’d go see a doctor 😉
Intellect123 3 month ago
talk about "suffering for your art" ... wow that wax session hurt me lol
•bluebear-y• •Edits• 4 month ago
When are you gonna post again? I’m a biggggg fan! I’ve watched pretty much all of your vids but an odd few! Pls see this! Btw ur vids are funny! You always make me cry of laughter!
Ash Scorch 3 month ago
7:31 He Has ElectroBoom Merch on! I want that!
Siggy Guitarist 5 month ago
When you knocked that hand over the third time, that was the moment I decided to subscribe. But then I found out I was already subbed so I hit that notification bell so hard it ringed all the way into 1927...
Blue 4 month ago
I feel like this dude would be that one dad that would do the school project the night before the projects due for his kids and would get them a A
Arthritis Boy 3 month ago
bobb duke arts: king of visual dad jokes
Kaitlynn Burke 3 month ago
“Mr. stark I don’t feel so well” is all I could think of
TJS_123 4 month ago
See slender man looking guy “ he needs to see a doctor” but he’s from Doctor Who
Emma Walters 6 month ago
“I’m about to art” Sounds like a good T-shirt design to me.
RANGERHOOD 5 month ago
The waxing part I was like I’ll remove the bandage rlly fast to feel what waxing feels like
Bäñgtäñ Wolf 4 month ago
" I like him cuz he's sqwooshy " I love that part.
Hani Bahanan 3 month ago
Woah... that’s one of the most beautiful things i’ve ever seen, great job! i want one, please 😂
Silver Hyrule 4 month ago
*waxes arm* Me: you know, you could've use a razor Fastw, and less painful
Trickery Skyz 6 month ago
That jiggly arm thing looks like Harry Potter when he lost his arm bones
Zeke Smith 4 month ago
Simple, you just trapped the air in and the sound was it releasing
JuiceTrue 4 month ago
I really wanted to try this... until the arm waxing starts.
Brendan Jakaus 4 month ago
Jesus right when I saw his shirt when he cut to the garage I said "I want that" before I even realized it already said it
PB&J sandwich 3 month ago
it just makes me sad when people disliked i wish i could like 1000,000,000 times
_ Preemitec _ 6 month ago
Can we just have a Museum of all your art? We'll call it "I want that"
Retarded Turtles 3 month ago
That intro scared the HECK out of me... (sorry for swearing)
AlpacaBoi7 4 month ago
10:58 When I'm lazy, and mom says "Pizza Rolls are Done!"
ThatMadCoconut 4 month ago
1:43 i thought he said “i need to remove my arm here”
Lesley Young 3 month ago
Let's hope Aizlynn has no plans on becoming a Doctor or Nurse, she enjoyed that WAY too much!
GhostQpid 6 month ago
Me: Were you able to cast your arm? Bobby: Yes Me: What did it cost? Bobby:My arm hairs
Peanut Gallery 3 month ago
I thought the title said I turned my arm into a glowing raisin lmao
Dee DraculaXx 4 month ago
Lmao she prepared sooo fast like she wants, this she wants you in pain, rn, immediately! x'D
Hamoon Farhang 5 month ago
i would like to make that at home but the only tool i have is a butter knife.
Taryn Sears 4 month ago
This guy sounds like josh from the show called the magicians also the hand turned out absolutely amazing
Nikki 6 month ago
Bobby: “I sTiLl DOnt kNoW iF tHIs iS goINg To WoRk” *turns out perfectly every time*
Ian Scanlon 5 month ago
That looks like something from Detroit: Become Human
Rebecca Johnson 4 month ago
Who else thought he’s insane XD
Dethcat 3 month ago
That's awesome, it's almost like Babyface from JoJo attacked your arm.
Kavai 3003 4 month ago
14:17 I was waiting for you to say it and what do I get? Disappointment.
VPC 6 month ago
“All you need is an idea” **uses a pressure cooker**
Shadow_Splash 4 month ago
Bobby in a nutshell: Imagine building a chair and using to sit... YEA lets do that
Schmeat 4 month ago
The noise when he spilled all of the ornaments on the ground as so satisfying
SimplyKiusen 3 month ago
It's look like an idea from " Dice">>Webtoon Novel ❤️❤️
濂 リアン 리안Lib 4 month ago
When you ehave wax in this way, if blood may come out TT
The Hiders 4 month ago
Bobby: Leave a comment in the description. Me: Hol up Everyone else: This seems normal.
Ben Hub 5 month ago
The reason for the pressure building up when you put your finger on the hole is really interesting. The moment you first open the valve. The pressure in the tank escapes and evens out to normal air pressure. While doing so energy of the gas particles is transferred from heat energy to kinetic energy. That just means the air inside the tank gets colder. While the pressure is able to escape in a very short time the temperature needs a lot more time to even out to room temperature. When you put your finger on the hole. The rasing temperature in the tank is then building up pressure because warmer things expand. The moment you take away your finger the pressure escapes. Thats what you are hearing. This happens until the temperature in the tank is the same as the rooms. (You call it an adiabatic process)
Nishanth Rao 3 month ago
Is nobody going to talk about the *FFUULLL BRIDGE RECTIFIERRR* shirt that bobby was wearing!?
Brother Liam 3 month ago
Tells the silence to go to the doctor Silence: I tried he just ran away😢
Amy 5 month ago
did you do it? "yes" what did it cost? "my arm"
Julia Minter 4 month ago
"Mom look I have no bones!"
Jeremy Fitzgerald 4 month ago
1:16 I’m 99% sure that thing is from doctor who, I just can’t remember the name. So nice reference.
Eva Xu 4 month ago
I swear, soon I’m going to bring wewd and pencils everywhere I go, so if I ever see him I’m going to say, *”Will you sign my wewd?”*
Blizzard the Icetalon 4 month ago
End product: cool music Me: my ears are hearing stranger things- Bobby: waaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAwwwwwwww
Joseph Jablonski 3 month ago
i love the voice he makes when making things