Dems Are The 'Only' Thing Between The U.S. & 'The Abyss', Says James Carville | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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Democratic strategist James Carville gives his take on what's at stake in the 2020 election. Aired on 02/10/20.
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Dems Are The 'Only' Thing Between The U.S. & 'The Abyss', Says James Carville | Morning Joe | MSNBC
Nick T 1 month ago
A panel of republicans discuss where the Democratic party should be ideologically....
Ozark caveman 1 month ago
You can take the boy out of the South but you can't take the South out of the boy.
Gary Johnson 1 month ago
Those are all social issues James
Marie Wells 1 month ago
That is all the things Bernie does you are just buying the machine's labels. Feel the Bern 20202
okir rama 1 month ago
Quote of the Day: "i'm not a culty person"
Talking Refugees 1 month ago
This guys scared his taxes are going up
Open Mind 1 month ago
Bernie is gonna come for Every Millionaire's money on this pannel ,so be as much salty as you can .
Bucky Pinata 1 month ago
Meanwhile, back in the real world....
Jason Potter 1 month ago
I'm black and I'm for Bernie Sanders 2020
brown beast 1 month ago
James Carville bashes on Sanders while promoting his platform. Minimal wage, criminal justice reform, and free healthcare. Convinced he's never heard a word Bernies said.
Camille Harris 1 month ago
I'm so sick of the establishment, old guard Democratic Party. Move aside and let someone else try. You all had your chance and you sold out the middle class
Will Overkill 1 month ago
@3:00 Bernie speaks to these points, its media that ignores them and focuses on labels, like you did Carville 3:00 "Describe a vision of how people fit into this country, the schools they go to, their healthcare, the wages they receive, that's what matters to people.."
TheHeartbeast 1 month ago
I love how he hates Bernie but as an ideal canditate describes Bernie..
Gary Hughson 1 month ago
Talk about a Reb wolf in Dem clothing! Who is this guy?
Tracey Wingfield 1 month ago
Where's Maxine Waters
Sean de Waal 1 month ago
Am I watching a bunch of out-of-touch white folks talking about the black vote?
A Mitch 1 month ago
Reparations is some goofy thing now?
Walt F. 1 month ago
The Democratic party is made up of spelunkers, who are very good at caving.
Mason Temiquel 1 month ago
3:20 and then he says Michael Bennet 😂
Mr. Stokes 1 month ago
Monya Motley 1 month ago
Bernie Sanders
TONY RUIZ 1 month ago
I m not interested you old fart, not interested! Go away Get lost Disappear 🤮🤮🤮
Curious Tapir 1 month ago
Instead of listening to the low iq individual in the coloured polo shirt how about we look at the polls and the betting market...this guy wants to bury the Democratic Party 6 feet under.
Some Dude 1 month ago
He says he wants someone who will fight... DOES JOE KNOW WHO BERNIE SANDERS IS?!?!? Bernie 2020
Daniel Mulhern 1 month ago
They want to hear about things that affect they're day to day life. You know like healthcare or raising the minimum wage. Oh wait.
Ralph Cramden 1 month ago
"Articulate a vision" ? About wages ($15perHour) , Health care (Medicare for all), Schools (Free public college) , But Not Bernie ???
George - 1 month ago
Bernie can win!
Judge Tato 1 month ago
Carville is dismissing the strongest ground game the Dems have, Bernie Sanders campaign. that is stupid.
Jimmy Jazz 1 month ago
Carville is one of the ones who got us where we are.
tennaj 1 month ago
And that my friends are the last cries of the old establishment "democrats" realizing that their centrist (Republican lite) loosing ways are getting replaced by Bernie and his new progressive movement !! Sanders 2020 !!
PrimalCircus 1 month ago
Why is the US not forward-looking anymore? What happened?
James Graham 1 month ago
Whoever becomes the next honest President, there will be a lot of work to do, cleaning up Trump's corrupt swamp. There needs to be a reckoning.
Ty Neggs 1 month ago
Notice how he dismisses Bernie and spits misinformation what Bernie is about?
Kevin Mulcahy 1 month ago
The status quo is rotten and corrupt. I respectfully disagree with James Carville.
Lolly Lolly 1 month ago
I love Michael Bennett, such a good guy. I wish people would take a look at him.
Elittiger Savage 1 month ago
Wow all of this Bernie Sanders hate
Kittymittens Knit'n 1 month ago
Carville had to milk Bill Clinton 8 times a day on the campaign trail, just to keep him in line. He's never been quite the same since
Grace OM 1 month ago
I'm already looking at places outside the US. 😉
duo1666 1 month ago
"Who can win?" .... Bernie, Warren, Yang.....
David Gibbs 1 month ago
Feel the Bern!
Victor Ortiz 1 month ago
Barkeep, I'll have what he's having.
phillip st 1 month ago
it's a plutocracy unless we change it
Paul Padegenis 1 month ago
If only someone who was running on a platform of a higher wages, better health care and expanding programs that help people... if only
Ro G 1 month ago
In three short years, t'rump's republican party has turned against fiscal conservatism, standing strong against Russia, protecting our allies in the Middle East, and honoring the rule of law. Instead, they've embraced conspiracy theories, open corruption, incompetence, and given up leadership on the world stage. Cool beans, GOP! 😆🤣
Jim Battersbee 1 month ago
The US is already *in* the abyss, there's no way back. The entire 'culture' of the country is based on a lie, your constitution is clearly a failure for all but the top 1% for whom it was written in the first place. Pelosi and the corporate Dems would rather Trump than any progressive. You're screwed.
john smith 1 month ago
what do they think the right wing are? Friends of the black population? "best job numbers ever"?
Jeff Smith 1 month ago
Does MSNBC have an embargo on covering Bernie Sanders?
BigWoodesquireNC 1 month ago
Did he just say we need someone who can deflect a question? Smfh
gamanin8 1 month ago
Bring in Al Franken to save the day in a Sudden Flash Candidacy. I'm not kidding.
Gregory Kosins 1 month ago
"Hail to the chief" sounds cultish sounds good!
john lennon 1 month ago
He's the problem we need a revolution
Prussian Blue 1 month ago
USA is one messed up country.
misterjag 1 month ago
Bloomsberg/Klobuchar 2020. Mike will get it done./Let's get to work!
13orrax 1 month ago
OMG stop trying to make Joe Biden happen
God Wins 1 month ago
I love watching the left destroying themselves 😂👏
Oliver van der Togt 1 month ago
How about the only person who was active in the civil rights movement. Bernie Sanders
SpeedyBruin 1 month ago
Implying that some Democratic candidates are ‘culty’ or too far left is nonsense. None of the candidates can reasonably be described as ‘culty’.
yourfreedom isinyourfeet 1 month ago
It's funny to see Carville fighting for his life too! He's a deep swamp monster.
Joshua Emery 1 month ago
It's times like these when I wish Bill Hader was still on SNL, so he could do Carville on Update not being a culty person.
Cancun American 1 month ago
It's the 🇺🇸 *Senate* that needs to be done in *#Blue* or it's all just a Lost Cause! *Game Completely OVER!* R.I.P. U.S.A. *#VoteBlue2020* 💙🇺🇸💙🇺🇸💙
Andre Wilson 1 month ago
Classic IMO " I'm not a culty person " cracked me up.
Brian Haskins 1 month ago
Listen to James Carville...he's straight to the point and accurate.
Carolyn Talbot 1 month ago
Buttigieg/Abrams 2020 Laissez les bon temps rouler! 💙🇺🇸🌊🗽❤
FilmGamer 1 month ago
They're laughing at him.
Justice 1 month ago
the WH Psychopath already implemented a Dictatorship. The Dems have to realize this and chose whether they want this or not
Gregorio Garcia 1 month ago
Affordable healthcare, living wages, getting an education without getting buried in debt. Who cares about those crazy ideas??? He is for Michael Bennett which is polling at 0%, that says all you need to know about this goof ball. What an out of touch corporate dem, people like James Carville is the reason the Democrats has been loosing ground for the last 15 years. It's not the the Republicans are better at politics is that the people in charge of the democratic party have no clue of what's happening outside their Washington bubble.
Affordable Solarguy 1 month ago
James Carville your so out of touch! Your clueless!
Chong 1 month ago
I'm worried for Bernie I don't know if the Clinton still have the same Hitman that took out Foster be careful Bernie
Thore Karlsson 1 month ago
YLW SNO Production 1 month ago
The last white cry whaling out! I'm afraid that I have to get out here and do this for 4 more year to try and stay relevant 🤣
darknite 123222 1 month ago
The country is doing great it's your feelings that cannot take another 4 year's.🤠🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Cj Curling 1 month ago
Choose a candidate that is consistent with their campaign and speaks on the real problems going on with in country
James Champaco 1 month ago
Trumpers are a bunch of blind sheep....they dont see it this way.
james morton 1 month ago
Donald J. Trump: We the people find you GUILTY as charged, resign or be removed.
Justice Boofer 1 month ago
Bennett's a good man. But he seems so Canadian..🤔
HIS LIPS/MY HEART 1 month ago
Dems are cursed of THE MOST HIGH! you cant bless whats cursed!!
OG D3THST4R 1 month ago
Hahahaha Bernie is everything that James said the Democratic party needs to survive.
R. Lewis Blake 1 month ago
James Carville, still searching for relevance in a world he no longer recognizes. “You okay, Boomer?!”
james morton 1 month ago
What trial was that? No evidence that he was not guilty.
Master Temple 1 month ago
C'mon Man, we all know uncle Joey is going to drop out and hand Hillary his delegates...
Jeremy Kothe 1 month ago
Yeah Biden would go into those southern Churches and say "hey man... slip me some skin!"
Prisoner Windfeather 1 month ago
Hey it's the kids world and we tried your generations way. Hasnt worked! I'll fight. 2024
DLTD 1 month ago
Gatdamn... this guy looks like liz warrens older/younger brother ...
John Hanks 1 month ago
Om  the nuke abyss for how long?  Now the warming  one.  Insecure Fools  without common  sense security etc.
Kraznya Oktyaber 1 month ago
David Miliband's yes that man Carville, exactly.
Lucy Carpenter 1 month ago
Jeremy Corbyn is amazing and we never deserved him ❤️ you can’t use that a model with the whole brexit thing thrown in there as well plus the right wing British media labelled him as a terrorist for no reason other than he wanted to negotiate with the IRA
Rob Styles 1 month ago
Mauritius Dunfagel 1 month ago
Oh, hold onto to your britches
Joe C. 1 month ago
I love all these failed strategists coming out the woodwork to try and stop Bernie. Carville or his centrists friends couldn't get Kerry, Gore or Hillary Clinton elected. Step aside Butch! Bernie's got this.
Doug E 1 month ago
Fire the Liar 2020.
MrKgb63 1 month ago
Why give air time to divisive, fear-mongers?
Joan Robie 1 month ago
Read or reRead The War Room......Carville knows it and always....always tells it like it is!
Caroline K. 1 month ago
James Carver, I was in a black church in Baltimore last week for a meeting of young farmers. And they want to talk about reparations. Talking Baby Bonds doesn’t cut it anymore.
G FOX 1 month ago
Rips on socialism then says black voters are interested in healthcare, education and wages. Seriously? Do people actually think before they speak?
darknite 123222 1 month ago
The Dems are the abyss
Sue Krayer 1 month ago
How is James Carville any kind of expert on how to attract black voters?
Brad Keck 1 month ago
All shall be revealed soon enough, the truth will prevail.
wullie G 1 month ago
MANS a treasure.
Johnny Johnstone 1 month ago
These people live in an insulated World. They are the abyss.
luci fer diablo 1 month ago
hahahaha 😂🖕 😈🥀 ⚰️⚱️🤕 💀😂