Eminem - Godzilla (Lyric Video) ft. Juice WRLD

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From the album Music To Be Murdered By, out now: https://smarturl.it/MTBMB



Music video by Eminem performing Godzilla (Lyric Video). © 2020 Marshall B. Mathers III

CommanderMegaMan 2 month ago
Nick cannon: Start Dissing Eminem: this guy’s a gangster? His real name Nicolas
Gavin Jones 2 month ago
Producer: this is too many lyrics for a 3 and a half minute song Em: no problem 2:57
Tsaki/Mo 2 month ago
"ee urrr" Sorry guys wrong song
Nicola Alvaro 2 month ago
Producer: 30 sec left but you still have a lot of lines Eminem: *E* *Z* 2:57
Double A Ron 2 month ago
I got good news and bad news. Good news is that Eminem will perform this song live However, Juice WRLD will not perform this song live.
Ultimum 2 month ago
Can we give a round of applause for the guy who edited this
MarioPew Pie 2 month ago
It would be cool if when he says godzilla he would show Nissan GTR R34
TimmaBilla 2 month ago
“Corona is transferred through air” Eminem: “Well, I don't breath”
Taieb Lemounes 2 month ago
Air: ... Lungs: Eminem: ... Air: ahhhh.... Eminem: Nope
sameer ali 2 month ago
I feel like the music videos going to drop this Friday. If not, then it’ll most likely drop next Friday. MIDNIGHT for sure lmao. This lyric video was also dropped at midnight.
Yaya Poloo 2 month ago
erlon Slim Shady 2 month ago
Eminem é foda rima perfeita e batida pesada....
Gerald Hall 2 month ago
KacMic 2 month ago
Me: *driving Koenigsegg Regera* EA: *Black Market to NFS Heat and McLaren F1*
Jigsaw Legend 2 month ago
2:57 He İs Hennessey Venom GT
Swastik Kumar 2 month ago
Atleast this is easy to see and listen 🤣🤣😜....now I could understand the song 🔥🔥😜
Evil 2 month ago
2:57 here for the people who needs a oxygen trauma
JSiah 2 month ago
Look what he’s planning.
ROGUE 6000 2 month ago
Eminem: Fill em with the venum... * Lungs left the chat*
Adam Etok 2 month ago
When Eminem said “man stop”. I felt that
Imrose Nayem 2 month ago
Eminem: I'm not breathing Coronavirus: Am i a joke to you?😒
DualBlade Chef 2 month ago
This dude is an android with a mega hard drive full of rhymes. Incredible.
Lone Okami 2 month ago
3:24 Ghostmane Mercury
Ika Jimo 2 month ago
Coronavirus:transferred through air Eminem: i'm not breathing😀
aRaY 2 month ago
If Rap God wasnt hard enough to catch already 😂😂
김지원 2 month ago
Killer bee sound like 'be the enemy of the demon who went in me blah blah...' totally insane. And the track in mmlp2 'so much better' piggy sound though. He is the beast.
MR. VENOM 2 month ago
Man sbener: I'm speed Eminem:I'm flaaaaaaach Me:😳
The Ultimate Irishman 2 month ago
3:33 Eminem Illuminati confirmed
Muzen X 2 month ago
Whoever tf edited this, you're just as legendary as the lyric and the man itself.
Crafto_ Polka 2 month ago
2:58 Lyrics can't keep up this speed 😂
Sachindra Bhattacharya 2 month ago
Finally a great Eminem song gets the limelight after so long 🔥🔥
blake 2 month ago
2:59 upwards is not for my throat
Air Champz 2 month ago
2:53 when my mom yells at me and my dad starts wrapping
Malak Mimi 2 month ago
O²:am i joke to you?? Eminem:who are you ?
RD Chrom 2 month ago
2:57 *Enimems Essay here ya go teach*
Bendes Ákos 2 month ago
2:58 Your welcome
Jovanni Hernandez 2 month ago
I like EMINEM's music too much Like if you like it: 3 Godzilla good music let's go forward EMINEM :3
Дима Исаев 2 month ago
Что снять это, ему понадобилось месяц? Ммм понятно дизлайк ( тупа тот же трек просто с текстам который шевелится, и некоторые моменты из фильма )
Jansen Art 2 month ago
Stop. I can't listen that fast.
Andrew Pedrycz 2 month ago
Imagine editing this lool
Glen Surprenant 2 month ago
Eminem: let's make a lyric video. Editor: Okay Hdhsyaudisiagheueganjcocus7athrjsinxnxgaisyyrihrhztannfkz
Borna Shirvani 2 month ago
I feel like pausing the video so Em can breathe
Ronav Poonekar 2 month ago
When oxygen doesn’t exist...
rick morty 2 month ago
Sometimes I pause Eminem songs So that he can breathe..
Poursuivant Z3 2 month ago
Me: wow so rap got he rap fast ! Eminem: Godzilla in 2:58 Me: BRUH...
Naruto Uzumaki 2 month ago
Playing this at 0.25x speed is a regular song.
I'm Lammz 2 month ago
I feel really bad for the editors
Aaron Schaefer 2 month ago
2:57 He put all reading speed tests to shame
wonbebe cutee 2 month ago
Chloe Price 2 month ago
There's a lady that goes to Eminem's concerts to translate his lyrics into a sign language for the hearing impaired. If she attempts that feat with this song she might be appointed as the next Hokage
Родион Наумчук 2 month ago
3:23 Ghostemane,hello!
Taniya Vlogs 2 month ago
Corona Virus:I'm coming EMINEM:I don't breathe anymore
Chloe Price 2 month ago
I'm not gay but there's an exception for Eminem
Patrick Pěnička 2 month ago
Eminem ls rap god Juice World ls legend
McNasty Nasty 2 month ago
2:06 yeah it went over ya head. HANDSOME AND FLYER Hand some one flyers
InfamousMusicGroup 2 month ago
Eminem doesn’t breathe: Lungs yo hol up
Donald Trump 2 month ago
RiP JUiCE you were a once in a lifetime legand
Leoastic Gaming 2 month ago
Real Godzilla Also Become happy Listening this Song
Andrei Lobov 2 month ago
2:58, timecode you came for
SLUMP HEE 2 month ago
I have to pause just to see the lyrics
F.daus 2 month ago
Eminem: I'm speed Editor: am i a joke to you
H LalBiakhlui 2 month ago
2:58 *Godzialla challenge joined the chat*
Jahin Alam 2 month ago
2:58 the part we are all waiting for
Paolo Daniel Chica Hernández 2 month ago
Lyrics video means Official Music Video!? I don't know, i love this song!!!
frank bowers 2 month ago
3:23 ghostmane?
Im a G 2 month ago
Kinte madarchods hai like thoko❤
aRaY 2 month ago
His mouth is a lyrical treadmill 🐐🐐🐐
Gian Jorlan 2 month ago
2:48 part is sick 😍
AMV Channels 2 month ago
2:58 Am pretty sure the guy who did this video had so much fun lol
YouTubegeneral General 2 month ago
Teacher:No one can survive without oxygen! Me: 😏 ever heard about shady?
Savage Gameing 2 month ago
I thought juice wrld died And y would he post it know?????
Crispy 2 month ago
Like to pay respects to juice WRLD❤️🎈🕊️
Jusu Mod 2 month ago
We love u juice wrld i miss u ❤😭😭
Blerius Brawl Stars 2 month ago
eminem is faster Than Lyric
swarnim saxena 2 month ago
Does he breath?...Yes he breaths Fire🔥...
Donald J Trump 2 month ago
Lucky You : Fast 🐕 Rap God : faster 🐎 Godzilla : fastest 🐆 02:58 : "uh..sama lamaa duma lamaa...
KairuXXX Official 2 month ago
3:24 Ghostmane?
fernanda quevedo 2 month ago
Eminem you are a bonnet, I continued like that genius
Ahmed Ahmed 2 month ago
For the ones who they have watched game of thrones press the like plz for "Jon snow"
Hk Lm 2 month ago
Eminem the God of the rap 🙏🙏❤
Ярослав Воронченко 2 month ago
*В конце клипа отсылка на GHOSTEMANE есть*
McLaren F1 2 month ago
Eminem is the only one to whom we cannot sing along, because we DO NOT SUCCESS
Anirudh Sathish 2 month ago
U r a god man... Or should I say Demon!!!
Donald J Trump 2 month ago
Man Stop..! LOOK What i'm plannin'....
jibs606 2 month ago
He's still got it
MEGA M!ND 2 month ago
I Paused the video so EMINEM can breath....
Jay Lamb 2 month ago
Eminem with the heat as always. Damn it's like Ems in his prime
GripiTV 2 month ago
eminem is more faster than my car..🤔
ETLifestyle 2 month ago
Lyric Video: Check Official Vidoe: Loading.........
sikkdawgg 2 month ago
I’ve never seen a more legendary man than Eminem in my life.
jay kae 2 month ago
"Fill em with the venom and EL-LEMONADE" crooked i was right it took two months for me to catch that 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Kabeer Ahmed 2 month ago
I can't even read the lyrics. I need at least 10 minutes to read a sentence.
Rafael Roman 2 month ago
🔥 awsome
Vee W• 2 month ago
Perf song for when that adrenaline rush kicks in 🔥 Forever Loving you Em. 🙏🏿
대머리구독안하면 2 month ago
I want to sing along it, but my mouth break
Unsurpassed One 2 month ago
Who else heard the intro of "Darkness" in his head after the video ended?
Shaheer Zahid 2 month ago
Eminem is the first person to be contacted with coronavirus It is reported that his palms were sweaty knees weak and arms were heavy there was vomit on his sweater already.
M OHAMMED 2 month ago
Chipchap 2 month ago
0:29 bruh is that from krunker.io
Shelley Brown 2 month ago
Listening and watchin this made my eyes hurt and my mind puzzled wow..he's just too good. How can he be so creative with words he makes me feel like I've got the venom