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What I really like about this project is that it taught me to think about the world differently with respect to physical objects. I now sometimes think about the outline of physical objects as if it's a line. The specific area of math that you use for things like this is called "Parametric Equations". I had a lot of great conversations about this stuff with Hansi and Jerobeam. I was very impressed by their intelligence, and also very thankful that they took their time to share these special things with me. I know they'd really appreciate it if you'd reach out to their website and purchase OsciStudio as well as some of Jerobeam's music. Even if you don't have an oscilloscope, purchasing the software will obviously help them continue to do what they love doing. Hansi showed me a very interesting thing he's working on involving ray tracing. It was fascinating.


Here's the website you want to go to:

Direct Links:

Download OsciStudio Here so you can draw 3D objects in Blender

Download some Oscilloscope Music here:

Check out Jerobeam's channel


Math is the secret to all of this. What I really

Parametric Equations:

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SmarterEveryDay 9 month ago
TORNADOSAURUS REX. Those shapes are the waveform visualized! I'm super happy that you decided to watch this video. Consider sending it along to someone who loves music/art/math/computers/Blender. OScilloscope Music blew my mind when I first saw it. hope you enjoy this video half as much as I enjoyed making it. Jerobeam and Hansi are super intelligent guys and I learned quite a bit from them. I'm considering dropping another video from my visit with them. Supporting their arty by buying OsciStudio from Hansi and music from Jerobeam would be pretty awesome. Their stuff can be found at: https://oscilloscopemusic.com/ If you enjoyed this and would like to contribute to more content like this, becoming a Patron of Smarter Every Day is the #1 way to help. https://www.patreon.com/smartereveryday . If not, no biggie, I'm super glad you took the time to watch!
DerzeTT 9 month ago
"So which type of music do you make?" "It's complicated."
Heyyo Mo 8 month ago
"what's your hobby?" "I watch sounds".
SauliusLT cool 8 month ago
Nobody: SmarterEveryDay: *WELCOME TO AUSTRIA!!*
Chuzzlepuff Puffchuzzle 8 month ago
Teacher: You can't see sounds
A W 8 month ago
3:08 *Declassified Footage of the rave inside Area 51*
CharlieMHz 8 month ago
Mind blown when the 2D drawing started going 3D
Tim Gallagher 8 month ago
Watches 3 minutes - wonders if Destin is on acid.
MrArcher0 8 month ago
No drugs were harmed during the making of this video.
Lucid Hi 7 month ago
2:43 When You Give The AUX Cord To Your Alien From Area 51
Ben Davis 8 month ago
The moment when you said 'Welcome to Austria!' made me cringe because I thought it was some generic reductionist stereotype based on the music...until I realised you genuinely were in Austria. My bad!
Jason Stroppa 7 month ago
Destin: HOLY COW DUDE! You're doing a Fourier transform, on an oscilloscope using Fourier transforms. Austrian Mathematician Skwisgaar: I am... How you say? Betters than you's.
Steintastatur 8 month ago
I was so impressed when it started sounding like music
Alejandro S 7 month ago
2:47 Ok, I really wasn't expecting that.
jedizombiekiller 8 month ago
SmarterEveryDay: You can finally draw with sounds using Oscilloscopes! Spectrograms: Am I a joke to you?
Roballium 9 month ago
Her: What kind of music do you listen to? Me: It's complicated
BabyAteMeDingo 8 month ago
Megalovania. I need to see and hear megalovania on an oscilloscope
iinidine 8 month ago
Nice evolution of waveform music. I used a Tek 465b Oscilloscope (with the DM44 Digital Mutimeter integrated on top) to visualize music in the 1980's, it had 2 channel input, A and B delayed triggering with an external Z-input on the back. Used a Moog Synthesizer for inputs which was fun. Also, you should try using an old 1968 vinyl synth recording called "Switched on Bach" (Walter Carlos) for a new input to look at and have fun with, all recorded with Moog tracks, creates the most amazing geometrical patterns, I guarantee it will amaze you. I still have my Tek 465b, and it still works like a champ :-) Once in a while I bring it out to make audio patterns with. Thanks for sharing and helping to expand and keep this medium alive. We can all learn from vibrations and patterns.
jacob kelly 8 month ago
5:07 - the weed papers in the background 😂😂 you’d need it to produce that crazy stuff
Jake Smith 7 month ago
"Trigonometry stuff you should of learned in school" bold of you to assume I didn't pass trig with a D
The Capacitor 9 month ago
15:05 No joke this should be the trailer for your channel, the main video that people first see when they go to your channel's home page.
TripleTapHK 8 month ago
Did you by chance ask what the design on his shirt sounds like?
Mr.E 8 month ago
Science teacher: use an oscilloscope to blah blah blah blah blah These guys: let's make cool music and pictures!
SCP- 654 8 month ago
15:45 sounds like something from Vsauce
Javeton 8 month ago
2:47 When the DMT entities try to show you something
Joachim Vist 9 month ago
You could teach trigonometry with this, and people would actually listen
Timothy Chang 4 month ago
Destin: you've seen oscilloscopes before Destin's followers: yes
Endy Star 7 month ago
That "SMARTER EVERY DAY" sounds like the words, and should be the new intro/outro sound!
Michael Goodley 8 month ago
3:15 After dropping the 5th LSD tab
DownsAster101 5 month ago
this is literally the peak of all my interests
Jose A. Abell M. 9 month ago
There is no way that the matress company payed enough for this ad placement.
ElectriFy 24 4 month ago
3:05 the bowling ally tv screen when you get a strike
Y:nn!ck 8 month ago
I dont think they smoke weed. 5:02 on the bottom right -> Nevermind
Light027 8 month ago
12:07 Honestly made me want to take a trigonometry class...
GhostMiner 8 month ago
2:25 looks more like some 80's game
GOKOP 9 month ago
"Maths and programming, algorythms mostly" When you're a programmer and you don't want to explain what you're doing
Lux Bro 7 month ago
Everybody: I listen to music The two incredible geniuses: I watch music
2124ドキドキドキドキSomeone 3 month ago
"you are looking at what you're hearing" Me: **confused heavy breathing**
State College CONELRAD 8 month ago
No one: The aliens in Area 51:
kobla nyomi 8 month ago
Unity should have a "build for oscilloscope" option :-D
3NITROUT 9 month ago
This video finally answered the final boss question : Do scientist have parties
Strothy2 8 month ago
I love how he slowly loses his mind and when he animates those sinus curves he loses it xD
stiender 8 month ago
When scientists have a party 🎉
Tsavorite Prince 6 month ago
Loved it when the oscilloscope started showing a guy saying “WELCOME TO AUSTRIA”
Adam Seiler 8 month ago
Thanks for letting me know my headphones have been on backwards all day.
Marshall Tucker 9 month ago
Did they just make a new "Smarter Every Day" Intro for you...? How nice of them.
James Scott 3 month ago
I look forward to seeing those dudes at an EDM show. btw, this was EXTREMELY interesting to me, thanks for another one Destin.
bophi bop 3 month ago
12:28 me: (o_o) me 2 seconds later: (O_o)
Mugiwara Lee 4 month ago
Oh yes, these two gentlemen definitely smoke a lot of weed.
Bluustreak 8 month ago
15:45 Getting some heavy Super Metroid vibes from this :D
Iknowwhois Paperman 8 month ago
Am I really that high or do they visualise sounds in 3D Models?!🌳🌳🌳
Aidzzen 3 month ago
2:47 when you realize it was actually 250ug
david bell 4 month ago
I'd love to have been a fly on the wall when destiny was talking to his wife about this trip.
Daniel Bull 8 month ago
12:00 How trigonometry at school should be taught.
ElbowDeepInAHorse 9 month ago
Houdnzik Sekačke 8 month ago
Andrew Phillips 8 month ago
This is truly the best music I've ever seen. Also, I just learned that my speakers are backwards. Darn. Thanks, Smarter Every Day.
Avetho Plays 8 month ago
"Its people going into a nose? What is that?!" Well, sure reminds me of KIDS doesn't it?
Logan Grove 8 month ago
2:47 Austrian Mind Control confirmed
Bob Marney 9 month ago
15:04 PLEASE, please, PLEASE make this the new smarter every day intro, it’s... idk what to say, ON POINT for this channel. Dope episode, I learned a lot, who agrees with me!?
Le Codex 8 month ago
The end of your song would make for a great loading screen/sound imo, in some kind of game in a futursitic or laboratory vibe
Jeff Artz 8 month ago
WOW!!!  My dad was doing L/R audio into an o'scope when I was just a kid - back in the 70's...  Pink Floyd and Beatles produce some amazing patterns, but nothing this amazing...  <3 it!!!!
Ryan Dowling 8 month ago
this is the kind of stuff that should be sent into space for other life forms to find.
Void X 8 month ago
0:35 I thought my headphones broke
BigBreadBoy 8 month ago
This man gets smarter every episode it’s like he gets smarter everyday
Sir Nicholas 8 month ago
This was flippin amazing. I was most impressed with how good it actually sounds.
paul metzler 8 month ago
I felt like I was being subliminally programmed lmao
Micah Curry 3 month ago
2:44 you lost me somewhere around here... 😂
BerlinWallNeverFall 1991 9 month ago
Smarter every day #224 Drawing with sound Smarter every day #225 I Took LSD And Made A Music Video
Seerkamban Elangovadikal 4 month ago
Combining engineering and music is so incredibly amazing.
Anthony Perkins 8 month ago
"welcome to Austria"
E-flat Major 4 month ago
I need more of exactly this kind of thing in my life (and my Smarter Every Day).
tanner kattenhorn 4 month ago
Your content is amazing. We need more of this less news
Fraxxxi and Maxxxi 9 month ago
"Welcome to Austria!" Thank you! I've been here for fifteen years, finally somebody said it.
John Frian 8 month ago
Wow, episodes like these makes me appreciate spending too much on a headset. Also, mind blown.
lighthouse island 3 month ago
That looks insanely amazing! I wish I had an oscilloscope now.
Hello Kitty Lover Man! 5 month ago
Wow, this is amazing! But I figured they would have to start by reverse-engineering predrawn images into the sounds.
Timothy Chang 4 month ago
I love when I'm so busy that I have a 4 month backlog of SmarterEveryDay to watch over Christmas and New Years
ATV mudder 9 month ago
Her: what kind of music do you watch? Me: it's complicated
SadBunny 8 month ago
If there EVER was something that made me go "shut up and take my money" it's this.
Dopravní Poradce 8 month ago
13:23 Can we just appreciate that beautiful 70's Jaguar XJ-C? :-)
Joltran 3 month ago
When he said welcome to Austria I thought he was joking lmaooo
HAVOC 8 month ago
I needed this visualization when doing trigonometry in high school!
Sa Si 9 month ago
15:37 - 15:40 MUST become the intro for the next few videos at least.
Sea Turtle Flow 8 month ago
LOVE that i'm gettin' SMARTER EVERY DAY
Joel Matondang 8 month ago
ChickenGoogleSoup 8 month ago
I wanna use armature animations to enhance this idea even more dang!
King Kendrik 8 month ago
Use this thing to analyze the sounds coming from space in conjunction with mathatics especially geometry paired with linguistics and we'll learn the language of the universe
Abdullah Unal 9 month ago
I watched the whole thing with a stupid smile on my face. Multiple times.
Ard-Jan van Etten 8 month ago
why does this sound like vsauce theme music
Frostwyrmer 8 month ago
That was by far the best freaking advertisement I've ever seen on Youtube! :D
gps831coast 7 month ago
Ketamiene!!! Seriously! It was in a medical setting. Also psilocyben cubes.
Danglie 8 month ago
Nature apparently loves dubstep remixes
Quantum Infinity 9 month ago
Therapist: The Oscilloscope Tornado Tyrannosaurus is not real, he can't hurt you. Oscilloscope Tornado Tyrannosaurus: 10:38
over00lord Unknown 4 month ago
2:17 Honestly, that sound like an edm track I’d listen to even without the oscilloscope!
Mikle Talalaevskiy 8 month ago
14:53 The Laminar flow. OF COURSE IT HAS TO BE THERE!!!!!
Maths with Luigi 8 month ago
I was wondering why there was so many oscilloscope videos in my recommended 😂
spygul chillpadde 5 month ago
My sleep paralysis demon: 2:55
Taylor Harrison 8 month ago
We're all grown-ups, I'll divide by 0 when I please.
Mad Scientist 4 month ago
This has to be my favorite yet. They are all great though.