US lawmakers spar over coronavirus relief aid on the Senate floor

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Senators are expected to start debate on phase 3 of the coronavirus relief bill on the Senate floor.

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Terri Swift 10 days ago
Russ Cowper 10 days ago
Call your Congress person people call Chuckie Schumer and called Nancy Pelosi and tell them what you think.
The Morgue 10 days ago
Never forget this is the after effect of Paul Ryan and the Anti-Trumpers giving the house to the Democrats to hinder the President.
C Grills 10 days ago
Get these Republican Senators out of quarantine even if you have to put them in a sealed Hazmat suit! Get it done under any means necessary!
A Dominguez 10 days ago
Lor M. 10 days ago
If this bill was for the illegal Invaders Nancy and the rest of the corrupt Dems would have passed it but since it's for the American citizens there's a stall
CoverGirl1111 Robinson 10 days ago
SAD.. this is truly SAD..
Nomo 10 days ago
If you want to meet the demands of this crisis....quit trying to sneak in nonsense items !
clobbyhops 10 days ago
give the people their help and quit the B.S!
Carl Mizell 10 days ago
Dump the Democrats in 11/2020.
katherine harvey 10 days ago
The demons have no intention of passing this bill
HORTON 13 10 days ago
Hahahaha the Democrats are making absolute fools of themselves..
Jarrod Parker 10 days ago
Josh Brownings 10 days ago
It won't matter, lockdown will be atleast 2 months minimum.
Clown P.A.N JD 2020 10 days ago
Don’t pay any salary To Schumer and pelosi. So, they can feel what we feel.
Marissa Miller 10 days ago
Oh well we will wait till Wednesday we will wait longer if we have to. Democrats will not get rich off America's suffering! How dare they even try, it makes me sick
cafemike 10 days ago
The Dog & Pony show is getting old.
Whitey Ward 10 days ago
Social security gets nothing, only "workers " get saved!
John Smith 10 days ago
When the foreclosures start and the vehicles repossessed, eviction notices arrive....remember what the Dems did to delay assistance....and stack the bodies on Schumer's door step.....
Marissa Miller 10 days ago
I didn't know streamlining abortion would help beat coronavirus Democrats? please elaborate
rainy day 10 days ago
3:00:26 ...unfreakingbelievable. This is the definition of the democrat party. A party of ideologically possessed Left winged carpet baggers holding an entire nation hostage.
David Starr 10 days ago
Someone pour a bucket of water on this witch. It worked for Dorothy in Oz.
H JY 10 days ago
wow. I guess im voting Republican forever and ever
Tim Worley 10 days ago
Pelosi and Dems HATE America And it’s obvious.
David Adrian 10 days ago
Marissa Miller 10 days ago
The Democrats are trying to enact things in there bill that wouldn't have a snowball's chance in hell in Congress not the Republicans, see this is there classic bait and switch technique. I am however glad that more and more people every day are waking up to this thanks to the demonic and heartless actions
Liberty Banjo 10 days ago
MSM, Democrats, and Deep Staters on their last effort to obtain moneys by putting COVID-19 on hold? Too bad the virus is not waiting, and Americans are still dying.
Andrew Herman 10 days ago
DC politicians..... the other virus we have to fight.
Ella Brad 10 days ago
Wait..till Coronavirus START KILLING YOU GUYS!
Marissa Miller 10 days ago
Congratulations Democrats you have lost your votes for eternity
dustinchristeena diruzza 10 days ago
i get so sick to my stomach just listening to 10 min of the Dems lies and excuses...
Marissa Miller 10 days ago
At a time people are dying, Democrats decide to play games
Kathryn Ludrick 10 days ago
I can't watch Durbin anymore. I've heard enough.
Gail 10 days ago
The only thing the bill needs to focus on is the repercussions of this virus. But now i think the virus is not the evil here.
Sherrye Bass Smith 10 days ago
Sorry, but THIS CAN'T WAIT, it is an URGENT NEED!!! It is a NATIONAL EMERGENCY!!! Amendments can be made along the way, but something needs to be in place to Help/Save those in need! I am sooooo angry about the Democrats blocking this bill twice, I do not have words! As someone who suffers with Severe Asthma, and knows what it is like to not be able to breathe and almost died with it; how dare they block a bill that would provide: respirators, ventilators, and other much needed medical supplies, as well as financial support for hard working Americans who are the ones that keep this country running! I work in schools, and cannot work now that schools were closed, and have NO HEALTH INSURANCE! By the way, President Trump's words were twisted by The New York Times, about Ventilators. He actually said: "Mar 16, 2020 - President Trump on Monday urged governors to secure their own ... better, much more direct. If You Can Get It Yourself," he reportedly said. ... It's not clear how many masks or ventilators the federal government has ordered." However, the NYT twisted his words as they often do and lied, and said President Trump said: "Get It Yourself!" which was a lie!!! He was really suggesting if you can get it sooner, since not sure how many the Fed government has on hand, then try to get it yourself. Of course, the NYT spun this, that the President did not care, which is NOT TRUE! Democrats how blatantly cruel to block this bill, while your politics and selfish agenda is obviously more important to you than good hard working Americans! I am contacting my Representatives, and voting Republican in November 2020, and praying to ALMIGHTY GOD, that ALL Democrats are voted out in November!!! Also, IF ONE TROLL or DEMOCRAT on here gives me a hard time about this, I will report you and block you!!!!!
Kathryn Ludrick 10 days ago
Get your act together, suck it up and pass the bill. You've had more than enough time. Stop delaying the passage of this bill.
Celina Reilley 10 days ago
The DemoRats are evil!
Jerusha 10 days ago
Typical that the Dems throw the blame on the Republicans...
nakey baha 10 days ago
Jon Judice 10 days ago
Say what you want on if he really means what he said but I love my senator from Louisiana. Senator Kennedy
Sarah Michelle 10 days ago
just send every american 10K each for starters
Joe Cain 10 days ago
Spoiler alert! Nancy Pelsoi marches in and drops an 1100 page bill with many items - none of which have anything to do with this health emergency and proceeds to hold the entire nation hostage!
Blair Taylor 10 days ago
I'm scared
Skyler 10 days ago
The Democrats will not be safe to walk down the street after this.
randy tabron 10 days ago
Yea the dem o rats put it to the American people once again vote all the rats out of office
Marissa Miller 10 days ago
Just dangle the treat over our heads a little longer please Democrats! It makes it taste so much better
Tim Worley 10 days ago
Pelosi is trying to stick in Legislation that has nothing to do with coronavirus. Legislation that she cannot get past otherwise. DISGRACE AND FAILURE TO AMERICA
buzz kirschner 10 days ago
hahahha, you guys will be held accountable know that. too many people effected to forget what you’ve done them
Tami F 9 days ago
Stop calling these Democrooks “your friend on the other side of the isle.” These are not friends. They are the enemy of the people.
KAREN SQ 10 days ago
REMEMBER not just the way they treated Justice Kavanaugh and his family, remember they are the party of killing babies, remember the hoax muller report, the hoax impeachment and REMEMBER, As Americans die, remember this. They are a disgrace.
Mr. Lee 10 days ago
I’m not condoning violence, but a large well placed meteor could fix all this... ☄️ We had a good run, 65M years!
L0b0ts 10 days ago
Democrats didn't show up today, why isn't this front page NEWS? Mainstream media in bed with the Democrats.
Avocado ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 10 days ago
So are we getting the checks soon or what?
juan carlos rodriguez cedrez 10 days ago
pelosi is sent by blomberg and others to stop the measures nobody can put her in jail for hindering the congress and the lives of the americans
lena pistone 9 days ago
Impeach Pelosi, She has abused her power to pursue a personal vendetta against the President and has become a detriment to the people of the United States.
Anonymous Accountholder 10 days ago
What good is more money in the pockets of workers if there are no jobs to go back to after the virus runs it's course? It can never be enough under those circumstances. Preservation of business infrastructure is critical to an economic rebound when the Coronavirus is finished.
Amy M. Esselborn 10 days ago
24:05 did this did just stumble out of the pub or ? 🚬🥃🚬🍻🚬🥃🚬
little sunflower 10 days ago
Tell them Ted this is ridiculous what are they waiting for? Why do the Democrats hate America?Why don't they care about Us ?
MrBeast 10 days ago
C Grills 10 days ago
Take these guys pay for the rest of the year!
Marissa Miller 10 days ago
Democratic demons
Joseph Stalin 9 days ago
Y’all heard of this red tape stuff?
Dale Rhode Hard Luck Cowboy 10 days ago
Is Corona going to be used to turn a free country into a socialist one!?!
Look for what 9 days ago
I'm sure the people in the hospital ? are worried about the fuel economy of the Jets flying above the Earth.
C Grills 10 days ago
Let's social distance our butts for a 50 million person march with pitch forks and torches to the steps of the Capitol steps! Then we can all visit each and everyone of these demons mansions.
C Grills 10 days ago
Do something positive!
Sandi Wyszynski 10 days ago
This is a Chastisement!!!!! They have no clue!!! Fr Isaac Mary Relyea’s video from the Fatima Center says it all!!! Pray your rosary!!!! We are Paying!!!
DarkWinter8 9 days ago
"US lawmakers spar over coronavirus relief aid" ...while people are dying.
ChrisP Bacon 10 days ago
Vote RED! Red tsunami 2020
buzz kirschner 10 days ago
payback is hell. talk is cheap you reactionaries set the standard Make a Greedy America MAGA
professorjams 10 days ago
Sharrod Brown has an Evil heart.
Jen Jen 10 days ago
When will Democrats put Americans first? People are literally dying. A pandemic is happening. Are they that selfish and delusional?
C Grills 10 days ago
Get these Republican Senators out of quarantine even if you have to put them in a sealed Hazmat suit! Get it done under any means necessary!
The Devs? 10 days ago
The democrats looks terrible for this smh
Bryce Marshall 9 days ago
Watch Gematria Effect News
Karina Heredia 10 days ago
Billionaire Bailout bill!!!....
Huynh Lee 10 days ago
Sir, it's China's virus, not Covid 19
Jeff Browning 10 days ago
I keep scremin, Google influenza October of last year, till now. There are around 6,000,000. Which most people live trough. This is world wide. I was Shocked?
PitManNCB 10 days ago
virus research been asking for years for just 2 mill in funding to make a anti viral , no one was interested. now look how much it costs.
Ken Sharp 10 days ago
Mitt Romney and the other far left democrat whackjobs must be very proud of themselves.
juan carlos rodriguez cedrez 10 days ago
I hope all the Democrats catch the coronavirus
Kathryn Ludrick 10 days ago
Bravo Sen Alexander!
Bill Briscoe 10 days ago
Met Moi 9 days ago
OUT OF TIME 10 days ago
E Productions 10 days ago
Everyone who voted for Pelosi and these Democrats who are holding America hostage are getting just wait they deserve for voting for them. I hope this changes the way people vote going forward.
Joe Cain 10 days ago
"This global pandemic is a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision.” D , SC - James Clyburn! - Majority whip! In the Senate, the majority whip is the third-highest ranking individual in the majority party (the party with the most seats). The majority whip is outranked by the majority leader and, unofficially, the president pro tempore.. This is absolutely disgusting!
law2258 10 days ago
J Toone 10 days ago
Average person gets $1200.. half a dozen airlines get $150 million. Taxpayers pay for both. Sounds totally fair 🙄
Terry Hale 10 days ago
he needs to shut up
C Grills 10 days ago
Pass this and then revisit NYC crying later.
Tami F 9 days ago
Never vote Democrat!
C Grills 10 days ago
Let THIER sanctuary cities call the counties of all squatters they call "Undocumented people " for the money.
Green Knight Rivers 10 days ago
You see democrat Voters they stop the stimulus package they hate you it not us it's your party.
Corn Maze 10 days ago
Shitbag Pelosi shot it down because of orange man bad.
maria chavez 9 days ago
What is the American debt I wonder???? And if the economy was so awesome then why is there debt at al
J Pearl 9 days ago
The magic words. “American citizen“. These are the people that the Democrats hate. If this morning was for Illegal border crossers and criminals hiding in sanctuary cities, Nancy Pelosi would have it passed in a heartbeat.
Davo 10 days ago
Is it possible that one of the two parties is projecting that people on unemployment and without jobs will earn them votes come fall while they squirrel our money away in the meantime? In the process of draining the swamp, Americans get to see reports from Italy and Spain where people (patients) are laying in the halls of hospitals and dying. Can I please get a mask by November? Some members of Congress also need masks. The ones like Jesse James wore...
Renee Clark 9 days ago
Remember that time a couple days ago, when the president said they’d include a provision preventing stock buybacks? And now it’s not in there.... awesome. 😑
Rockey Washington 9 days ago
Why are all the women yelling?