Trump, White House Coronavirus Task Force hold a press briefing

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President Trump speaks to reporters duringthe Coronavirus Task Force news briefing at the White House.

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In The Kitchen 2 month ago
Four very critical patients in India were given chloroquine, all survived. Ages, infant to elderly.
alpha 2 month ago
South Korea has already tried Remdesivir, the anti viral drug they mentioned here. I read about it a few days ago. It helped stop the virus effects soon after taking it, the article said. People started recovering immediately after taking it. it was a good review of Remdesivir.
DipStick JD 2 month ago
Chloroquine - the best word for the next spelling bee.
- RedTango - 2 month ago
Chloroquine is the synthetic version of quinine which is found in tonic water.. Now we have a good reason to drink Gin tonic : )
noemi barrios 2 month ago
and that brown journalist is a hack, oh and I am brown!
Daisy Dupre 2 month ago
A good lesson to learn... "Don't bite the hand that feeds you" ... China pay close attention!
cyber soul 2 month ago
Mim Allen 2 month ago
Thank you Commissioner Hahan. Are we going to start making all of our medicines now ? We can not depend on China to make our medicines anymore.
The Liquid Canvas 2 month ago
Try to count how many times she blinks. I lost track around 400 or so.
James Hughes 2 month ago
Is hysteria now taught in journalism school?
und das heißt, Erika! 2 month ago
towards the end, glad someone is finally calling out the MSM
Cody King 2 month ago
I had all the symptoms and have just self quarentined for 2 weeks
Hal Goofler 2 month ago
Good thing i never leave the homestead to begin with. Been self quarantined for 15 years now 😂😂😂
Tony Montana mang 2 month ago
Man, I gotta start reading/watching OAN lol
Island Grl 2 month ago
Wow - Dr. Stephen Hahn is impressive- he seems very sincere, cares about people and our country.
MrTubeityourself 2 month ago
Drug companies are going to pissed. Chloroquine is already available generically. If not for the President, this would never be tested here.
Will Dill 2 month ago
I LOVE how the left spends time talking about racism when the world is pretty much melting around us.
Mike C the glass,plants, and bonsai guy 2 month ago
"you 2 should leave" trump rocks
Narc Slayer 2 month ago
1:04:40 Dang he's a gangster!
Harry kiolBASSA 2 month ago
OAN asked the Best question of the briefing
tossed but not sunk ss 2 month ago
You can tell by the blinking these people haven't been sleeping
Luv Bindal 2 month ago
India is already treating patient with chloroquine and other drug combo
Kickstand 84 2 month ago
I work at Amazon there's a couple unconfirm cases but they're making people work anyway extremely terrified that we could pass it on two children that open our boxes but they won't shut down
Travis Buchanan 2 month ago
I heard that uvc light can sterilize masks not 100% sure but if so could this be a stop gap until we can get the mask production up to protect our health care workers
Sebastian Gray Palacios 2 month ago
wow! so much hope being transmitted here. Bravo
anantha krishna vemuri 2 month ago
Guys......I'm from India, we have treated 13 patients with a combination of chloroquine, oseltamivir, and a couple of retroviral drugs. 4 drug combination to treat people. An Italian couple who were serious are Hale and hearty.......may sadashiva bless everyone.....stay safe. Namaste 🙏
Mary Kantor 2 month ago
We need our leadership healthy!
Fernanda Adame 2 month ago
There has been an amber alert that we have to stay away from eachother and we can't hug or highfive anybody because of the coronavirus
Crypto Bunny 2 month ago
Fast forward to 18:21
CSWRB 2 month ago
Conference begins around the 18 minute mark.
J L 2 month ago
1:10:20 popcorn time
ususopen 2 month ago
1:28:33 That’s the warrior from OAN there!
Tended Olive 2 month ago
The man is a rock. Never gives up. Fights to the last. Tough as nails . Imagine the pressure he's operating under right now! Unreal.
Brandon S 2 month ago
That far Leftist reporter. Is Chinese flu racist... lmao. By her logic saying Chinese food is also racist.
Chelo 2 month ago
No fever. Headache low back painful legs and arms weakness low energy some wheezing upper left dry cough. Nurse Practitioner said no fever no testing. Feeling like crap. Bad headache.
steven wolbrueck 2 month ago
I love it when trump fights the media. they know they have been lying about the situation.
DSXmachine 2 month ago
The last question was the most important question of the entire briefing.
Gaming By Grandmaster Smash 2 month ago
As soon as this coronavirus thing is over, there will be a backlash against the liberal media
HELLSEEKER 2 month ago
No more buy from China
Biffa_Bacon 2 month ago
18:19 No worries.
Justin Lee 1990 2 month ago
I truly despise these MSM hacks!
Emeralds Vizo 2 month ago
Big B 2 month ago
WIC in Nashville is over the telephone now
wkjeom 2 month ago
I agree, 80% of those "journalists" should leave. All they do is poison the air in more ways than one. Hot poison air news.
alpha 2 month ago
Well I remember having read back a few WEEKS ago how China used the blood of people who had the virus and healed, or overcame it. They took that blood and injected it into someone sick, so every time a patient healed, he had to give his blood so they could inject another sick person to help with his immune system. This is not new.
Blunt Conversations With Me 2 month ago
You know it's REALLY getting BAD, When FOX NEWS on Youtube begs for ad money. It's a shame what YouTube has done to companies.
Tom Meernoffs 2 month ago
Wow, best news I've heard all year, if this cure is working, wow, just wow. God bless everyone and speedy recovery. Thank you Pres. Trump and your team, every truck driver, health worker! It was shown to work in France just a few days ago, amazing.
John Smith 2 month ago
I get brown finger from Chinese toilet paper....
Bryan Soriano 2 month ago
Video starts at 18:20 if anyone wants to know.
Tex 123a 2 month ago
In the last 20 years, we have become dependent on China, for everything we use, including pharmaceuticals. And Trump warns us, 4 years ago, we need more made in America, but everybody said he was a Nationalist.
Carol Jamieson 2 month ago
They keep going to vaccine. We have ways to treat this. Japan has used Choloquine with an HIV medication successfully. These people only want vaccinations.
oooladiesfirst 2 month ago
I'm sorry I don't have patience for these reporters.
Brandon I 2 month ago
The Chinese Virus, hahaha
Jack Jack 2 month ago
What ACTION is WORLD COURT taking against China's permanent "leader" Xi Jinping for his INCOMPETENCE and Criminal negligence?
Magic Phoenix 2 month ago
“To defeat the Chinese virus” tell it how it is
Bob Schroeder 2 month ago
Thank you, God, for giving us things all over the world to help us!
Just me 06 2 month ago
We wouldn’t have shortages on supplies had the former administrations were not traitors and sold us out to China. Bring back our manufacturing jobs, this is a matter of national security. And then press charges against those who are responsible for shipping our jobs over to China.
DonJuan 2 month ago
1:28:31 My girl.
Lucky Cook 2 month ago
These leaders look wore out, proud of their efforts!
Our Family 2 month ago
Begins at 18:20
Flavia Americano 2 month ago
Querem que eu morro por causa dos pecados ,chorar no meu velório ...
adam withers 2 month ago
i think someone told that lady to wear a scarf over that turkey neck
Crappie-Master RC 2 month ago
OAN, Thanks for bringing up the main stream media siding with the communists! This is so true!
Kitty Webb 2 month ago
Funset 2 month ago
Что это делает у меня в 1ночи ?
TEE-nuh 2 month ago
1:28:45 Loved it! Slam dunk!
Sandi Prusa 2 month ago
big daddy 2 month ago
We will stay strong by your side Mr.President. 💪
charles mccormick 2 month ago
WANTED : The notorious "Butwiper Bandits " !
Tigist Seleshi 2 month ago
Grag Deer 2 month ago
Mo Gunz 2 month ago
Jesus where do they find these people to ask questions. How long is this going to be? 3 times!!!! Why the f would anyone know that.
Helle Jensen 2 month ago
Come on Thrump, give credit where credit is due. Australian Doctor's discovered that the Malaria drug could be effective.
Richard Olsen 2 month ago
Chaga mushroom is a great antiviral.
filmsforpeace 2 month ago
Hey FOX News. At the end of this you commented 'new theraputic drugs to be released soon', rather than EXISTING drugs (chloroquine) are plentiful, tested, and ready to use now. Whose side are you on? You too are degrading the work and health of Americans stoking fear. FULL STOP
paulj0557 2 month ago
STARTS 18:18
David D 2 month ago
18:18 is the beginning
Karen Truelove 2 month ago
I stay in my house and play star wars
Joseph Gallardo 2 month ago
In the words of the first Lady " WHO CARES ! You didn't when that baby died in he border
Dave L 2 month ago
This woman has some balls. Love it! haha
Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen 2 month ago
Begins 18:18
KFD 2 month ago
This was an EPIC Press Briefing! Thank God for President Trump!
Crimson_Star 2 month ago
Vaccines go through a different "clinical process" in this case I understand the expedited route. In other case (non global pandemic mode) I don't think it is stringent enough.
rip xxxtention 2 month ago
origin where it all started, lots of different theories ?
Death 2 month ago
That "lady's" blinking mechanism is defective
Darren Watts 2 month ago
What would you say to a high level pandemic exercise? Event 21
Jack Jack 2 month ago
What ACTION is WORLD COURT taking against China's permanent "leader" Xi Jinping for his INCOMPETENCE and Criminal negligence?
Paula 2 month ago
Thank you and God bless you President Trump 2020! Greatest President Ever, Still Winning! Drain the swamp! God bless America!
Micro Manager 2 month ago
So it was an attack to down the economy- I knew it. In retaliation we should Take this opportunity to start all manufacturing here in America TBH I've never been so excited to support all made in America only.
Corperateties S 2 month ago
Putin. Soon as Trump is dead we are going to turn Moscow into glass!🖕🍊🔫
rip xxxtention 2 month ago
Schools shutting down , Now we know this is serious, please all political views be put aside,
Pic6 2 month ago
Does anyone remember King Jon Uns 'Christmas present'? Things that make you go hmmmmmm...
John Crapper 2 month ago
1:10:17 based and redpilled. Calling out the anti American, fear mongering, MSM.
Kristi Modlin 2 month ago
We will never trust the FDA or the CDC or the WHO or the AMA, until the current vaccine schedule undergoes double blind placebo studies.
whyisblue923taken 2 month ago
Chanel's questions were awesome.
hg xob 2 month ago
Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose.“ – Steve Jobs
Hairy John 2 month ago
I think the greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated, and Chinese (wet markets) are a danger to the world.
Si Ta 2 month ago
Gloria Moore 2 month ago
I have never seen such wisdom and openness to a national crisis. God bless our President and his task force regarding this issue. Thank God for you!
Kyle Harless 2 month ago