West Seattle Bridge shuts down until further notice

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There were apparent safety concerns that caused the city to shut down the high rise portion of the West Seattle Bridge.
American Rage 10 days ago
Figured the West Seattle Bridge caught Corona virus...
Ashley S. 10 days ago
They've been talkin for months about tearing down I-5 anyways
7charlierox 10 days ago
Brooklyn bridge made in 1800's hahahaha
JVONROCK 9 days ago
This will need to be a “earthquake ready” bridge. 10 x $
7charlierox 10 days ago
Pandemic! we don't want them coming here destroy the bridge!
Badger Colony 10 days ago
Y'all going on lockdown good luck
Darkness Fallz 10 days ago
How about just fix it
John Danner-Hunsberger 10 days ago
chris whitenack 9 days ago
Heh, finally WS can resume it's solitary standing birthed by its isolationist roots. Not to mention (as I mention it) that OMG, THANKFULLY THEY BUILT THE TUNNEL TO SLU, GIVING US SOMEWHERE TO WALK OUR PUREBRED DOGS, BWAAAHAHAHA! Ahem.😁 That is all.
Mike Gallaty 9 days ago
Most of the bridges from Portland and Seattle I will drive 20mils out of the way to get around them trust me it's not if it's when little info from the inside.
Barbrah Livingston 9 days ago
The ground is destabilized due to earthquakes and tremors.
Tyler Wilson 10 days ago
Built in 1984? Weird feels like I'm living in 1984 right now
Bad Santa 9 days ago
With all the money we pay at the pump for road repairs and building, it is so good to see WSDOT and SDOT are keeping up with growth, building and maintaining infrastructure to make everyone's life better. Where is all the money going?
Skeezix 9 days ago
The bus only lanes installed on the bridge and northbound 99 cause funneling and backups to the point where that bridge has essentially been a rush hour parking lot westbound in the mornings for ten plus years now. It literally has hundreds of cars, semis and buses sitting there for hours in the mornings.
nash11 9 days ago
Government up to something, doesn't look like a coincidence!!
Cynthia Baker 10 days ago
Wait....the Democrats have control of the House. What have they been doing? Infrastructure is their responsibility. Oh yeah, I forgot, they have been doing NOTHING but attacking the sitting President. Did they even put thru an infrastructure bill? WHAT? They didn't?