10 Things Michael Strahan Can't Live Without | GQ Sports

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There are a few things Michael Strahan can't live without when he hits the road. From an issue of the Wall Street Journal to a bottle of tequila, these are Michael Strahan's travel essentials.

Michael Strahan is a host on “Good Morning America,” “Strahan, Sara & Keke,” an analyst on “FOX NFL SUNDAY,” and “FOX NFL THURSDAY”. The two-time Emmy winner and Super Bowl champion's clothing line, MSX by Michael Strahan, has launched a limited-edition Super Bowl LIV Capsule Collection to celebrate NFL's 100th season. MSX by Michael Strahan for NFL for both men and women is on sale now at http://Shop.MichaelStrahan.com

Tune in to Super Bowl LIV on Sunday, February 2 from 6:30-10:00 PM ET on FOX, live from Hard Rock Stadium in Miami. This is FOX Sports’ ninth Super Bowl broadcast and Michael’s fourth with the company. Pre-game coverage begins on FOX at 1:00 PM ET.

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10 Things Michael Strahan Can't Live Without | GQ Sports
Visqo Gomez 5 month ago
He was a beast as a NFL player and he is so likeable a human being
George of The jungle 5 month ago
He start chewing the mint and gets stuck in his gap lmfao
BoujeeDanny 5 month ago
One thing Michael Strahan doesn’t need is floss
Antisocial Extrovert 5 month ago
Do one with Tom Ford
Carlos Nolasco-Montes 5 month ago
“These are my ethentials”
Dylan _ 5 month ago
Bruhhhh I got an Invisalign ad before this video 🤣
Kreepalo XAY 5 month ago
Need chapstick too😂🤦🏾‍♂️
Ali Shafi 5 month ago
Things I cant live without Kobe Bryant 😭😢 RIP LEGEND
Size 15 5 month ago
$36 dollar lotion... I only speak broke
LeBeautiful 5 month ago
ALTOLDS. gotta get me one!
espen Ramos 5 month ago
everyone have that mamba mentality
Sooper Star 5 month ago
Matt :D 5 month ago
A mattress to floss his teeth
iVelocity 5 month ago
He knows how to sell anything.
SIR_Pierre 5 month ago
i MUST see more of that mancave!!
Dan Kipock 5 month ago
Bro i need this shirt in my closet 🙆🏾‍♂️🔥
CA2SD 4 month ago
I ❤️ his gap! Naturally funny and talented!
Emiliano Barragán López 5 month ago
That man cave is LIT!
Cheykese Weathers 5 month ago
He’s awesome
Professional Commenter 4 month ago
This money clip was a gifth... I'm sorry, I'm had too. 😂 In all fairness, his men's suit line is so good and he carries himself so well and seems like a good dude. This is all in good funth.
LocaltrapG-d 4 month ago
Lavar Ball 5 month ago
Who else just feels broke watching these
EC the Great 5 month ago
Carmex should be an essential asap!
Anthony Bryant 5 month ago
Rip kobe):
Steel Wool 4 month ago
lmao he said he wants the facts then said that he looks at the wall street journal
Stormie Weather 4 month ago
I would like to see Travis Kelce's 10 things.
Aryan Persaud 4 month ago
He’s such a chill guy. Literally normal stuff on his essentials.
Manny Balcazar 4 month ago
I used to like this section, until it became a long commercial.
Jason Carillo 5 month ago
I've always been a huge fan of his.
Fenty Hoe 4 month ago
Lmao I liveee for this, literally looked like a multiple commercial in 1 video lmao
Alfredo Tran 5 month ago
do u hear it? "old classic watch just kinda fits the bill for me"
LPS TV 4 month ago
Ngl I thought he was Greg oden when I first saw the thumbnail
Big Dino 5 month ago
It's so easy to forget this dude holds the record for most sacks in an NFL season when you see all that makeup on his face.
Edgar Mtz 5 month ago
0:22 bruh I lost it right there HAHAHA
George of The jungle 5 month ago
Anyone wondering bout the lotion its called apothia luxury , If lotion
Nath y 4 month ago
The glasses really fit you!
Naeem Majors 5 month ago
Chapstick definitely wasn’t on his list🤦‍♂️
Jay02211 5 month ago
I like that money clip..with mula included...👀
Frankie Mendoza 5 month ago
Girl easy with the makeup 💄
Gusiver 5 month ago
Don Julio 70 one of the best tequilas ever!!!
Mr C 5 month ago
He has a Mclaren Senna🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Chris G 5 month ago
First to pull out a newspaper, wow👏🏾
Ingmar 5 month ago
10 things conor mcgregor cant live without please
Getchy 4 month ago
They got him looking like pookie off new jack city 😂 😂 GQ 😂
teddward418 5 month ago
Holy makeup
yensid thegoat 4 month ago
His lips tho mad dry but you still got to love him
250xero 5 month ago
And now we need a tour on mtv cribs on that mancave
Dottie Tracy 5 month ago
That man Cave room is fantastic and so are all of your essentials. Thank you for sharing Michael 🤗
Bryan Dominguez 5 month ago
This man pulled out a newspaper 😂😂
frazer deluca 4 month ago
Ezekiel elliot could run through those gaps 😂
Jake Savino 5 month ago
Do a video of his entire watch collection
Dylan Dickeson 5 month ago
My list would include Kobe 🙏
gabriela rodas 4 month ago
The legend him self Michael strahan
njtaurus 5 month ago
I love these essentials. Go Giants!!!
Paulette Hammond-Duerson 5 month ago
Tequila sounds good. "We'll pop one open for ya"
SW 5 month ago
He doesn't even need dental floss. Legend
StillDan10 5 month ago
Expected him to bring out a phone charger and be like: "So this is what I use to floss."
Will Enochs 5 month ago
You can tell he used the lotion because his fingers are super shiny
C Dai 4 month ago
Dame this man got whips
sean pae 5 month ago
im surprised he has time to hang in his mancave
R Snr 5 month ago
Micheal “I got mad jobs” strahan
B3have_k1ds 5 month ago
Need to do one with roddy rich
Gdog 04 4 month ago
Some of the biggest hands I’ve ever seen
Joseph Raphael 5 month ago
did he just send an open invitation to his man cave
Javi Chavez 4 month ago
This was a long commercial basically.
Nelson Edwards 5 month ago
That's not a man cave that's a man compound!
WikStröM 5 month ago
Rip Kobe
T. Hane 5 month ago
#11 his Tweety Bird
AFN 4 month ago
What charisma. Love this episode
macario sakay 5 month ago
3:35 milf game
jimmy jk332 5 month ago
that I was a good one very enjoyable
Relmane B. 4 month ago
We should get a tour of the man cave.
coachran 5 month ago
What is everyone favorite tequila ? I like espolon gold 🥴
jared preble 5 month ago
These segments are basically one long ad now. With worse delivery of the product
xCheezyy 5 month ago
We all know why he really needs lotion
Emmanuel Ogunyemi 5 month ago
Freddy Kruger 4 month ago
Shoulda lotioned them lips😖
pedro gates 5 month ago
Mike I’m a big fan but you should keep blistex in your pocket lol
Moneyboymase24 Jr. 5 month ago
Next do a marquise Hollywood brown essentials
Datboidh D 5 month ago
Get Spice Adams
PautlerSport 5 month ago
Why is this entire video a brand deal😂 he probably made so much money off this
kieran s 5 month ago
Ashlyn Ssewagaba 5 month ago
Well, I cant live without Kobe and his daughter💔.
Kreepalo XAY 5 month ago
What if Kobe was in here
Johnny Wong 5 month ago
Forgot to mention Botox
Jochem St 5 month ago
11. Dentist
Linc Henriksen 5 month ago
Gotta love Michael
madden god 5 month ago
Can you do randy moss
Alex Castro 5 month ago
This guy smashed nicole murphy. just for that alone he's a legend.
Caleb Nunez 5 month ago
Tom brady
Rajveer Singh 5 month ago
Cam newton
Carlos Espinoza 5 month ago
Don julio 70 is the best this guy knows what’s up
Gavin Goldstein 5 month ago
Gervonta Davis next please
life of chris 5 month ago
Fr though everyone's knocking on his teeth but a full grown man with braces is whack
DeionYEB 5 month ago
a nice thick rope to floss with
Daniel Padilla 5 month ago
Do shannon sharpe he always has a bag with him for undisputed
Romario Djameh 5 month ago
bummer he didn't add air.
Lun Hing 5 month ago
Get Isreal adesanya
Emilio Sandoval 5 month ago
Bro all caked up
Anthony Rodriguez 5 month ago
do ezekiel elliott or dak prescott