Insane 2020 iPhone Leaks! No Notch + Touch ID, No Ports 2021 & iPhone 9!

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Apple's Insane 5 iPhone Plan in 2020! No notch & Touch ID on top model, no ports in 2021, iPhone 9 is the official SE 2 & iOS 14 rumors!

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Last iPhone 12 leaks.

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Ibiss 5 month ago
Apple: now remove speakers and let people imagine sound in their heads
PeteThePencil - The Joke Ruiner 5 month ago
Apple: so we decided to remove the charging port Also Apple: but you’ll have to buy the wireless charging pad separately
Lucid Dashes 5 month ago
2021: No charging port 2030: No speaker 2050: No power button 2060 No volume button 2070 No screen
Abby Nicole 5 month ago
If my phone don’t come with a charger, I’m not buying it lmao.
The Can’t Sleep Caravan 5 month ago
"No port-" *customer has left the chat*
heymrisss S 5 month ago
I remember when people thought the iPhone 6 was going to have a projecter
ProGamer80 4 month ago
Apple: No more charging port Mobile gamers that charge their phone while playing: Android it is!
Sly_Fox27 5 month ago
2018: Apple: gone with home buttons 2019: Apple: make th phone look like a spider 2020: Apple: no port 3020: Apple: no phone just the box priced at only 999,999,999,999,999
Mickey Dylan 5 month ago
How tf do I charge my phone when I’m out with no port. That’s stupid.
Mia_ Hala 4 month ago
Wow people are gonna be like “ew the iPhone 11 is so old..”
Azka 5 month ago
2069 : Iphone will sell everything separately, so you must assemble it like a lego
Éli L.B 5 month ago
raise your hand if you still have an lightning port🙋‍♂️
Ömer Yalhı 4 month ago
Apple: So finally we’ve decided to remove the phone itself. Here is your ‘air’. That’ll be $1999 please. Thank you.
Evan Rivera 5 month ago
2020: *Screen sold desperately*
Trisha Paytas 5 month ago
Lowkey tho 2025 Me: aye bro send me 50% battery mine is low Him: sends 50% battery Me: thx bro
SJJ Blue Mr Satan 5 month ago
As they say ”an apple a year makes your money disappear”
𝔇𝔢𝔩𝔢𝔱𝔢 𝔐𝔢.⌫ 4 month ago
3000: Its only the damn screen now.
mrboojay13 5 month ago
"They got rid of the headphone jack and people adjusted" Well it's because you had to, I very frequently run into issues with not having that port, I have to go out of my way to use my iPad for things if I don't have my adapter handy. Yeah, I have adjusted, but it's still frustrating. I wanted to do something as simple is use headphones to watch some Netflix, I went to plug them in and was like, "Oh, my phone's charging...I can't do that". Just little annoyances that make your ultra convenient device a littler less convenient everyday. Yeah there's a dongle for that, but yet another thing ton keep track of and if I just run out real fast and forget it, I'm stuck. Also, I'd rather not have to hold my phone while holding a wireless charger to the back of it, I am very much a power user and live in an area with bad signal (so more power draw) and I usually don't have my battery last all day, I have to use it while plugged in a lot.
Princessdiva Princessdiva 5 month ago
R.I.P apple earbuds users R.I.P ppl who hold a phone while charging it R.I.P to ppl who liked the notch'm just gonna stop here cause its gonna be a long list,especially causa apple litterally LOVES change
Aj Chairez 5 month ago
Who feels weird doing something on someone’s phone that has a home button? Shit is mad awkward now
darknight307 Pagán 5 month ago
*Everyone:* *Remove the notch!* *Apple:* *Removes charger port*
Christian Wilson 5 month ago
apple 2020- removes charging port apple 2030- you don’t need anything to charge your phone, it can’t lose battery
- y o s h i k o o k - 4 month ago
apple in 2029: " we are now removing the charging hole so please dont use it too much"
Pegasuslife Style 4 month ago
Apple iPhones in the feature: ewwwwwww iPhone 8 and 7 ewwww they have charging ports Me: :’(
Andrea Rosellé 4 month ago
Apple’s is slowly removing stuff from their products and they r making us pay more for it and im not here for it😤
Junior Cruz 5 month ago
Iphone: sell the port less iPhone without wireless charger Also iPhone: buy it separate. It only costs $150 Me..... Well. Ig this is the year for 3rd party wireless chargers. 🙃 $20
I Drew This 5 month ago
The notch receded throughout the year’s faster than my uncles hairline
Sanjay V 5 month ago
Won’t having no ports make it harder to charge and use your phone at the same time? Looks cool though!!
Someone 5 month ago
Why am i even watching this😭 i can't even afford em
Joey Jedd Reyes 5 month ago
2021: No charging port 2030: Apple logo sold separately
Carlocarlo0 5 month ago
2017 - : removes earbud port 2018 - : removes home button 2019 - : Adds 3 cameras to iPhone 11 pro 2020 - : removes camera**
Gracie .M 5 month ago
No one: Literally no one: 6:08 *me secretly pointing my finger at a friend*
10k subs with zero videos 4 month ago
6:08 parents be like😂
Silvia Serrano 5 month ago
I wish Apple would stop their leakage. 🤦‍♀️ They’re taking the fun and suspense out of the iphone. Steve we miss you.
Prime Brick 5 month ago
They better start selling phones with air pods instead of wired headphones
Dub Supremo 5 month ago
Iphone 9 be like - "Dang where do we put the flash this time." lol if these renders will be true
allmightynoob 5 month ago
The phones will have to pay my taxes if they're gonna be as expensive as I think they're gonna be.
Aquarius 4 month ago
2017: Apple removes touch ID to allow face ID 2021: Apple removes face ID to allow touch ID Also Apple: Removes headphone jack and charging port, stops including the dongle and headphones
Tanae Bailey 5 month ago
2072: “It’s innovative its bold, we thought it was impossible. We here at Apple present: Telepathy...or as we like to call it, TeTextapy”
Vlone The First 5 month ago
2019: no charging port 2021: meet the eyephone
Apple Smart 5 month ago
Love to see how hard it’s going to be to restore a iPhone when it’s stuck in iTunes with out a charger port 😂😂
Salty Sydney 4 month ago
dang, i remember when I was born the iPod was coming out. now look now ✋😌
Xikai Ma 5 month ago
Will the battery last the whole day though :')
Nevets 5 month ago
I guess I will be getting the new Motorola Razr when it comes out in the new year.
Xander Estrada 5 month ago
So how are we going to listen to are wired headphones if there's no headphone Jack or charging port?
JordanAnimates 3 month ago
Me: Watching this video and I haven't gotten an iPhone 11 Pro yet Also me: *heheheh hahahah HEHEHEH AHAHAHAHAH*
starryxy 5 month ago
Alright, nevermind of buying myself a iphone 11, I’ll just wait for next year and fit in to the trends
Javian Johnson 5 month ago
2:57 oh no, Apple is trying to make the jokes come to life...
Yakarot Sennin 5 month ago
Can you really call it a “true wireless experience” if you can’t hold the phone in your hand and charge it simultaneously?
JkookV Is Real 5 month ago
Me: praying that the new iPhones will be less expensive Apple: the Iphone will price at $1000
Dabbing Cookie 4 month ago
7:12 Nobody: Me: Oh what's this, Also Me: I just got my D53, I know, precious
zlistcelebrity 4 month ago
“They’ll be incorporating the TouchID on the side” Thank you Apple for doing what I said *seven years ago* Anyone who came from the Blackberry era knows there could be so much capability with the side button.
zlistcelebrity 4 month ago
“They’ll be incorporating the TouchID on the side” Thank you Apple for doing what I said *seven years ago* Anyone who came from the Blackberry era knows there could be so much capability with the side button.
Nicklas Murray 5 month ago
Apple in 2021: *looks at the iPhone, sees its charge port* “Let’s _export_ it.”
TheMc Vey 5 month ago
2019 : Apple released iPhone 11 with three cameras 2025 : your iPhone could transform to a drone
Lucas_says_hi_ On IG 3 month ago
I haven’t used wireless charging once on my 11
Titas Kurtinaitis 5 month ago
2030 no notch peopole: so how im gonn do selfies Apple:with screen
Stephen Philp 3 month ago
No, everyone didn’t adjust to the loss os headphone jack. We changed phones or did not update our phones.
Hello There 5 month ago
“Apple is not afraid of change” *but They all look the same*
Justin Davis 5 month ago
Wow that's alot I'm staying with my Android
JL F 4 month ago
2022: Apple removes cameras and introduces high priced modular add ons that we can “buy separately “ if we want cameras..
James Fisher 5 month ago
Apple: removes notch Consumers: how tf do I take a selfie?
LukeTechTV 5 month ago
I think my favorite part of this was actually the vertical mute switch😂
Trollermaner 5 month ago
Apple: takes the charger port off Me: now I can’t lay down in bed watching YouTube videos and charging
Idiotic Bosd 3 month ago
I feel like apple CEO’s are getting more small brain day by day Wireless charging would not give us the true great experience
Taylor Frazerhurst 5 month ago
Its 2019 i have an iphone 7 plus a home button a charging port 2 cameras on the back 1 on the front im all good
TXR .Q 4 month ago
My mom said she’s giving me all those phones,I showed her the video,she said “maybe or yes” so gg for me
Insoft 4 month ago
When I upload to iOS device with Xcode I use wireless much easier so I’ll look forward to iPhone going port free.
Just a commenter 5 month ago
2017: can't listen to music while charging 2020: can't use phone while charging
Ilda Enoch 5 month ago
I finally got my 11 pro I’m loving it so much !! Hopefully getting some EarPods Pro 🙏🏼 I love your channel! Merry Christmas 🎄
WG2Freestyle 5 month ago
My boy rocking the 2019 Adidas Tango Jersey
Pineapple Jesus 5 month ago
That acotoco moment when you have an iPhone 5 in 2019
vpattt16 5 month ago
The newer iPhone’s (X and above) really needs the new jailbreak, change my mind
smart meme 5 month ago
I'm not keeping a wireless charger in my pocket
The_Emerald_Games 3 month ago
apple: releases Iphone 12 me: buys Iphone 12 opens box apples note: lol theirs only a screen protector the Iphone 12 will be released 2025
GG8 5 month ago
6:07 Apparently you'll need to use your middle finger to unlock it!
Amari Williams 3 month ago
wireless charging is awful i can’t even be on my phone and charge at the same time
*Tracy Born Again Farm Girl 5 month ago
One day I would love to win on your channel 🙋🏻‍♀️ , Merry Christmas 🎄🎁 Everyone !
Keira Quintal 5 month ago
What’s the point of a “wireless” charger when the charger itself is plugged in
Candice Blake 5 month ago
I get to upgrade my phone this year. Been waiting so long!!! Can’t wait for the new iPhone. 📱📱📱
Allanormous. C 5 month ago
Apple in 2021: Introducing the IPhone 14 Pro Max Plus Plus Lite SE2 SC S
brian gallia 3 month ago
how does removing the charging port and moving to this 'future is now' design help me as a consumer?
Christopher Cruse 4 month ago
I can see a lower end version of AirPods being released.
Yung Llaamma 5 month ago
This dude got AirPods as a Christmas ornament on his tree😂
BIGGMEECH BTB 5 month ago
Hope I’m one of those lucky winners I liked commented and follow ❤️ this would be a great Christmas gift 🎁 ❤️
Singh Buttar 5 month ago
Everything wireless even when we have to back up phone to computer 💻 good luck wireless 👎
maya watfa 5 month ago
omgggg I’ve been subbed for like 3 or more years wtf...
Brennan Hawkins 5 month ago
I’m surprised my AirPods still work I’ve had them since day 1
Abdu Salam 5 month ago
Litterally any hole on a phone: exists Apple: *angery noises*
Navroop Mehroke 5 month ago
Comment section is amazing here
gamer forever 5 month ago
Apple: new iPhone coming up Other : what new Apple: price increase Apple fan: omg 😮😮😮 Other : his he mad
Gabrielle Bintin 4 month ago
6:12 why the middle finger
Raven O6 4 month ago
Apple 2025: makes the phone just a projector that projects the screen Apple 2030: completely holographic phone
George Iashvili 5 month ago
Followed both! Liked and commented! 😍💕 Wishing you a lot of luck! 👑🥰 I hope to get lucky on this giveaway too🙏❤️
Raymund Peralta 5 month ago
daaaang those renders <3
Mark Jones 5 month ago
I hope I can finally win something from you for the holiday season. I would love the AirPod pro. Thanks.
KingCP08 :D 4 month ago
(Me in September 2020) oooooo these specs are great! I wonder what price i- *$1400 for the Max* .....o-oh.
Mr. Random 5 month ago
Apple: releases iPhone 8 World: where’s iPhone 9? Apple 4 years later: sorry, we had a bit of a delay
Ez Cheese 4 month ago
Me watching with a usb c: 🤔🤔 hmm yes interesting
Mehmet D. 5 month ago
appetizing videos awesome, I love watching you :)