Australia's China Problem

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Animation by Josh Sherrington
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Thumbnail by Simon Buckmaster

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Select footage courtesy the AP Archive
UNSW photo courtesy Sardaka, University of Sydney photo courtesy Jason Tong

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Will Kirsch 6 month ago
"Australia is definitely not a superpower" This man has clearly never played Risk
Zoey Sanchez 5 month ago
Long story short: China holds Australia by the balls
AnFran08 4 month ago
Right now, Australia’s problem with China is the Coronavirus
soldatheero 5 month ago
Australia clearly has much more in common with Canada than America.
Saoirse del Tufo 5 month ago
China: We're communist guys! Also China: has a massive private sector, class system, money system, centralised state run by an elite class...
Ethan Couch 6 month ago
"Sydney to Perth is just a single two-lane road." Maybe cause most people would prefer a 5hr flight instead of a 41hr drive XD.
Busyo 4 month ago
My expectation when I it was my first time here in Australia: More white people ,aborigines and safe. Reality: sees many chinese people Me: is this Australia?
Duggy Dugg 4 month ago
china burns out Aussies china calls it china
e b 4 month ago
I work closely with Chinese. Give it 20 years, I suspect Australia will be more Chinese than Australian. China build reliance, then influence, then take over. Stand now or it will be too late.
aachelabelaaron also 5 month ago
In the 80's as students we actually spoke to this guy from The Rand Corporation in History Class. Don't know what the connection was. It was kinda unreal. He said, according to the programs they ran, China would try to gain hegemony over Canada and Australia. We just stared at him like he was an idiot. BUT NAO... o.O
Le La 6 month ago
Australia: we like western ideals of freedom and prosperity! China: no you don’t Australia: no we don’t!
Allan Sagahon 5 month ago
Soon enough they say it is historically theirs "look at this map".
fyre da 4 month ago
wendover productions: Earth's china problem
A K 4 month ago
'They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety. ' B Franklin
claymore steel 4 month ago
Chinese government: makes fun of scomo Me: huh.... neat i guess.
Dylan Kennedy 6 month ago
Even China's got a China problem at this point.
Ruben Martini 5 month ago
Australia: we'll give ya minerals China: nah we'll take ugg boots
psxhum 5 month ago
Oz defense policy explained: We will spend 30 Billion a year to defend our key trading line (with China) against the major threat to region peace.(which is also China). No problems mate.
Azoonaloc13 3 month ago
It feels like it's too late for Australia. When it comes to our political issues everybody is just too self-centered and disinterested to care, years of easy living have made many of us soft and complacent, a recipe for collapse.
Memo Robles 5 month ago
*Laughs in Canada's and Mexico's dependence on the USA*
Canned Dinners 6 month ago
So this video wasn't made possible by Skillshare? I'm uncomfortable
Ashik Doha 5 month ago
Give jobs to your own people, empower them, build your economy from ground up. Sadly the elite mofos won't do it. Every one of those morons will go to China for cheap labor and production cost in order to hog all the profit for themselves.
StormTravelerProtocol 4 month ago
11:04 "... irregardless " Ouch. That just hurt my ears.
prodigalretrod 5 month ago
5:28: Voiceover: "Nearly 3%" Text: "33%" Intriguing.
oakgrove1965 _ 3 month ago
When people screw up there own country they want to go screw up some other country.
Cheesecake Jake 6 month ago
As a resident of Alice Springs, I love seeing my town mentioned for something non crime related
Emma Reiman 4 month ago
"Australia might not exist" Me: Looking at the aboriginals "You know buddy, I think you forgot something"
lili xia 4 month ago
2.05 America and Australia “dealt the same cards”? Put down the crack pipe will you!
Shepherd 4 month ago
When someone work harder than you, smarter than you, tougher than you, that’s the problem.
Mr Breeze 5 month ago
That has to be scary for the Australian people
Martin Havenga 6 month ago
The down votes are actually up votes from Australia
xmas 4 month ago
hard to diversify when China has such a tight grip on their gonads
NanashiVII 4 month ago
Me: Come to the comments in search of reasoned discussion on the topic at hand. 80% of Comments: "IrReGaRDLeSs isN'T a WOrD!!!!111!"
J JACKERP 789 4 month ago
You should make a video called Australia’s bogan problem
mm sm 4 month ago
New Zealand made the right move to block any purchasing on its land
Aaron Riley 5 month ago
The problem here isn't the Chinese it's the Australian government selling us out
H D 4 month ago
Corporate America like the rest of the west sold their soul for cheap Chinese labor and now they pay the price
ShadowOfDeath24 5 month ago
"it is commonly reported that the colonisation of Australia was driven by the need to address overcrowding in the British prison system, and the fact of the British losing the Thirteen Colonies of America in the American Revolution; however, it was simply not economically viable to transport convicts halfway around the world for this reason, nor would families and the convicts willingly do this. Many of these convicts were either skilled tradesmen or farmers who had been convicted for trivial crimes. Convicts were often given pardons prior to, or on completion of, their sentences while living there, and some were allocated parcels of land to farm after their transportation services were used to set up the infrastructure for the new colony. Convicts were usually sentenced to seven or fourteen years' penal servitude , or "for the term of their natural lives" and sent there if they were a crowding risk, and somewhat skilled in return for more free living and a chance to earn land. Often these sentences had been commuted from the death sentence, which was technically the punishment for a wide variety of crimes. Upon arrival in a penal colony, convicts would be assigned to various kinds of work. Those with trades were given tasks to fit their skills (stonemasons, for example, were in very high demand), while the unskilled were assigned to work gangs to build roads and do other such tasks. Female convicts were usually assigned as domestic servants to the free settlers, many being forced into prostitution. Where possible, convicts were assigned to free settlers who would be responsible for feeding and disciplining them; in return for this, the settlers and later convicts were granted land. This system reduced the workload on the central administration and wealthier settlers. Those convicts who weren't assigned to settlers were housed at barracks, such as the Hyde Park Barracks, or the Parramatta female factory." -from a book about australia
Coacervate Droplet 4 month ago
11:10 Regardless Thank you for this terrifying video. Wake up Australia (I'm in NZ where we suck up to communist red China too)
D K 3 month ago
Netflix’s ‘Pine Gap’ is a really good TV show that touches on this.
Lachlan Keddie 6 month ago
Omg Wendover has lost it. I can't believe this... A whole video with no aviation whatsoever...
Tracey Mars 4 month ago
Real estate is another sector where there is a huge reliance on China.
KHKC1 5 month ago
I love how you used the invented word 'irregardless' at 11.05.
the bravians 4 month ago
China: makes fun of scomo Australians during 2020 bushfire: rock on
The Talent 5 month ago
5:30 “nearly 3%” should be “nearly one third”.
Ministerio de Chile 6 month ago
That title looks and sounds like an ai generated wendover productions video title
anime pussy 5 month ago
We changed from a British colony to a Chinese one. Thanks Liberals! Xx
Phil Anderton 3 month ago
China owns $1.1 Trillion in US treasury bonds. They could swap them for, say, Alaska.
Scorpio Engine 5 month ago
0:51 *Sydney was too lewd and Britain was forced to censor.*
James Burke 5 month ago
Grammar: regardless, not irregardless
Socialist Ether 6 month ago
"Australia is definitely not a superpower", tell that to our native fauna.
Skyy Hawk 4 month ago
SMH found! How do you find whole land masses the nerve...
Juraj Kristofik 3 month ago
China: "We require more minerals!"
Ag Vein 5 month ago
Did he say ‘irregardless’ at @11:05 I thought it does not exist or it is wrong to use it?
SteepSix 5 month ago
11:04 - "Irregardless" is *NOT* a word!
Dcc357 6 month ago
They're also the largest producer of eggs because HowToBasic lives there.
The United States Of America 3 month ago
Aussies are endangered species Me must protect our brothers down under!
Punchy Apples 4 month ago
@wendoverproductions The word is regardless 11:05
Violet Fyxe 5 month ago
Shenzhen: _Fixes post-Mao China_ Beijing: "Look everyone, I fixed China!"
nasif_ thegamer 3 month ago
for the most od my life i never heard of canberra and thought sydney was the capital
My Gills 4 month ago
Me:reads title My brain: *w a t*
KroniK Gaming 4 month ago
"A single 2 lane road" hahahahahahahahahaha righto mate not sure about that one ;)
Aaron Taylor 4 month ago
Love my brothers and sisters in the US! Happy to fight with you.
Gamer Gril 4 month ago
Got a lil excited seeing footage of Brisbane, my hometown
Aspen Lovelock 6 month ago
Thank you for talking about this, it’s no secret here in Australia that we are slowly becoming a puppet state of China. In fact when a book was being published about this issue, despite having gained media attention before release 4 publishers refused to publish it out of fear of China. 1 of them has never sold a book in China.
Mr Crazy 4 month ago
Alice Springs is actually on the verge of becoming a city amazingly
Mearc 5 month ago
Reminds of me the Philippines
Nathan Benson 5 month ago
Your first mistake was to compare Aus and the US
Game Predator 4 month ago
Adam Smith: Nations should trade with eachother and specialise. What could possibly go wrong?
Shirley Munro 6 month ago
"Chinese media mocks australian prime minister." Hah! So do Australians.
FIREBORGINI9000 5 month ago
Let's not forget the U.S Australia have combined forces to create one of the largest military satellite stations, And let's not forget. Our toilets go the other way round.
Mungo658 5 month ago
Ben Komar 4 month ago
Lots of people trigger me when they say Melbourne like Melborn you say it like melben
kazuki nakamura 5 month ago
If you can’t terraform the outback, then you can’t terraform Mars.
BRAXYASORISE 4 month ago
Wow this was uploaded when the Australian fire 2019-2020 fire started!
snake in the grass 4 month ago
Need help here! Where have all the Australian medical Doctors gone?
Dima Matat 3 month ago
8:39 but Austarlian Communist party never won a single seat in the parlaiment
Haris Sivic 5 month ago
It's similar to Canada and the United States
TIAviation 6 month ago
First: Boeing’s China Problem Now: Australia’s China Problem Next: The Universe’s China Problem
Jesse Griffith 5 month ago
I feel a storm brewing and it's gonna happen soon
Hobbes 4 month ago
“Fantastic customer *servrice*”
Elaine Evans 3 month ago
"Regardless" of the wonderful content of this video , of which provided me 80% of what I now know about Australia,I think it best you stick to real English words . Irregardless is not. Just so you know . Thank you so much for sharing so much interesting information. Sincerely
AndrewGrice 4 month ago
Re-writing history.. wow
Ян Н. 6 month ago
*Australia* : _we have minerals_ *China* : _I need your clothes, boots and motorcycle_
Mauro Gomez 4 month ago
That's Silent Invasion.
onetimer44 4 month ago
11:04 "irreguardless"
TheOldClass 4 month ago
クスノギ كوسونوگي쿠수노기 Kusunogi 5 month ago
australia was awesome during the wwii era now it has come to this...
sticksomechopsunderthegrill 6 month ago
Australia doesn’t have a china problem it has a government problem that is selling it to the highest bidder
Rafi Nyx 5 month ago
Your voice and style sounds so much like HAI (Half as Interesting)... I'm so confused.
Martin Wood 5 month ago
This was a very interesting and insightful video right up until the word "irregardless" -_-
lordlukeatyoutubable 5 month ago
"Irregardless", at 11:04? Really?
AJ Moses 5 month ago
Hello Australia I am a teenager who lives in the U.S and I just want to say Hello :) . such a beautiful country I just want to sit down and feel that good vibe . that good feeling of calmness along with nature and the ocean .
Timothy Cook 6 month ago
Americans: Gather your horses, oxen and wagons and go west, young man! Australians: Thank God for airplanes!
rodney peters 3 month ago
They will own us soon if we keep selling it to the Chinese
norriscj 5 month ago
11:05 "irregardless"
tolpacourt 4 month ago
Ackshully, there is no such word as irregardless especially when regardless works.
Total Numbness 4 month ago
0:53 the first fleet arrived in Port Jackson and Captain Cook landed in Botany Bay. Unless school has taught wrong
Rob P 6 month ago
Moral of the video: don't put all your eggs in one Chinese basket
J Loftus 4 month ago
Why should China let you bite the hand that feeds you?