I Pretended to be a GIRL BASSIST on the internet (GONE WRONG)

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I went on the internet disguised as a girl bassist... and this is what happened... OMG.

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Davie504 3 month ago
Slap like now or my pp = *gone forever* 😰
CarBon E 3 month ago
Plot twist: *davie uses a boy filter in all his videos and today he took it off*
Meizar Farizky 3 month ago
"is that Davie504?" "No, it's not me" STEALTH 100
Gabo C.R 3 month ago
Gender: Female Original Gender: Male Sexual Orientation: *B A S S*
Dipping cookies in hot dog water 3 month ago
Girl: Do you know prom dress? Davie: Of course Davie: *Plays megalovania*
PatrickDeStar • 7 years ago 3 month ago
So nobody gonna talk about how beautiful she is when she look like a girl
rose mulet 3 month ago
“Hi I’m a girl, like you” This is a normal thing that women say.
Lucas O'Connell 3 month ago
The sad thing is, Davie makes a pretty hot girl. There. I said it.
Raashid Tak 3 month ago
Random dude: You're Davie504 Davie: No, iT's NoT mE
DPhoenix77 3 month ago
Are we just going to ignore the fact that in the outro he slapped with his left hand instead of his right like all his other videos, which means changing genders also changes your dominant hand😱😱
Hadezzz 3 month ago
Tfw he’s so successful that he dislikes his own videos
keionbu 3 month ago
80% of Omegle “Hey nice Snapchat filter”
sLaDJaN 3 month ago
Im a girl. *Speaking with ultra deep voice
Mariam Hossam 2 month ago
"I don't know what you are talking about -wink wink- " Yeah..that's normal
Wild Sable 3 month ago
6:46 That laugh is adorable and with a girl filter it's 10 times cuter for some reason. I'm confused
a shout 3 month ago
Every guy in this video are questioning their sexuality
Donkey Fredric 3 month ago
Why does he talk without any emotion in his voice
Jasmine Hansakul 2 month ago
He looks like that cringey tiktok meme mom. What’s her name? Like, Varli or something?
Paul Gunyan 3 month ago
Oh man, the staring into the camera while playing and smiling, slays me.
Tobías Yance 3 month ago
Davie504 as a guy: *S L A P P* Davie504 as a girl: *T R A P P*
Meme Over Gamer 2 month ago
The thumbnail look like the girl from “The Shining”
Mayham Mania 2 month ago
Guy: Alright then grab your hair Davie504: *grabs real hair* Guy: *Suprised pikachu face*
C-Ringe 2 month ago
(Video starts) Davie: Sometimes I wish I didn’t have a pp Me: *slaps like*
Juan Cruz Baez 2 month ago
Me when i see pp on omegle:dude,wtf u doin Davie504 when he see a pp: S M A L L P P
Jason Voorhees 3 month ago
Crimson Azura 3 month ago
"Girl Davie504 doesn't exist it cant hurt you" Girl Davie504:
Otto Fernandes 3 month ago
Davie: How would you rate me? People: 69 Davie: lmao Me: Why is he telling me to learn maths always, ok?
Hard Boiled 2 month ago
He lost his pp for a moment, that's what happens when you stop _slapping..._
Logan Philips 3 month ago
Guys, don’t like the video, let’s keep him a woman till 2069
Fitzcarraldo 3 month ago
Is anyone going to talk about him playing schism by tool 👌🏻
Math Drumming 2 month ago
2:35 - “You’re a guy with that girl filter on.” Davie504 - “It’s ma’am!”
Gaysians 2 month ago
The girl’s face after he played Megalovania. I can’t lmao
สิรามลล์ นะลิตา F 2 month ago
The fact that he actually looks really good as a girl
YBN ARDZ 3 month ago
Therapist: Female Davie isn’t real he can’t hurt you Female Davie:
Puffy 3 month ago
7:44 I need to know what this piece is called hand it over ✋🏽
Lazerhawk 68 3 month ago
Davie: "It's all your fault that my headphones are stuck on" Us: "So you didn't want 5mil?"
XR ITSUIG 3 month ago
7:44 what song is this Davie 504? Che canzone è questa Davie?
Srnjax miller 3 month ago
3:16 what song? I need full version of it 🥺🥺🥺🙏
Adriel Rivera 3 month ago
When no one slaps like so Davie can stay as a girl *CHECKMATE*
SquirtleSgt 2 month ago
ugh when the guy played smoke on the water i died
Merlyn Clavio28 2 month ago
i love how davie can smile and smirk while hes on a filter yet he keeps his straight face without filter well thats davie504 for you😂 hes really prettttyyy and cuuuteee btw i like how he keep on winking😂
Noelia y Joan Parada 2 month ago
3:28 -HELLO SEÑOREEEES -I'm a girl 😂😂😂😂😂
RAZZ 2 month ago
3:20 he was slapping his pp, unbelievable
Felipe Silva 3 month ago
Davie: turns into a girl His face: hawt His voice: a tall italian boy
Leonardo Casagrande Rodrigues 2 month ago
Not sure if "dude looks like a lady" or "she's a handsome woman"
Non Sense TV 3 month ago
What is your name again? "Pewdiepie" SO MIND-BLOWIN'
Graffs GD 3 month ago
I love the amount of people who couldn’t tell it was a joke and thought they were sooooo smart for figuring it out
Jazzie Plays 2 month ago
3:57 This literally killed me😭
The Xpired 3 month ago
Davie guy: Doesn’t know how to laugh Davie girl: Doesn’t know how to stop laughing
Torckler 420 3 month ago
Hear that *POP* 0:40 That was his PP disappear...
Matt Cheshire 2 month ago
This is like THE WORST channel ive ever seen. Wow i regret even giving this a view. Bye bye
Bella Smith 2 month ago
he said: s m a l l p p ( 7:55 )
inviaiblenoise 3 month ago
3:15 song?
jasiael abner 3 month ago
3:17 music ??
Shu Yi 3 month ago
5:54 Filter Broken Reveal
Azra Railo 3 month ago
5:27 this is my favorite
Maja Malicka 3 month ago
I feel so happy for all those fans who were surprised to meet you and talk to you Really epic and wholesome
dan george 3 month ago
Omegle person: "Is that davie504" Davie: "No it's not me"
BlueMalvory 3 month ago
The one on 2:45 though 😆 I'm ded because the playing is so good and smooth and so funny at the same time + Davie's stare and wink and the dude's face lol
Hoseok‘ soft butt 2 month ago
Bubi Smilee 3 month ago
5:10 - 5:21 I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING! "Aproved,but he used a pick so not epic"
Caquitaspider Pqowls 3 month ago
4:14 I thought he was Stephen hawking
Chris J 3 month ago
Ain’t gonna lie, he makes a cuter girl than he does a guy.
Team Monster 2 month ago
Are we not going to talk about how Davie met another Italian
Juan. 3 month ago
Davie as a girl looks like hila from h3h3, weird.
Marcel Oliwa 2 month ago
3:25 someone heard licc???
Deadly Fart 2 month ago
I wish you meet The doo one day...it would me epic!!
Parth Bajaj 3 month ago
Guy: That's it. It's Davie504, dude Davie: No, it's not me
Sean O'Block 3 month ago
Davie plays Tool: EPICO
Daniela Noelia García 3 month ago
I only play using this *pick* Daysie 504: im gonna call the police Lmao
Hudzayfi Akbar 2 month ago
3:53 is that you peter quill?
Artie Rose 3 month ago
Davie played Wendy in The Shining and we never knew.
The Masked Memer 3 month ago
Davie: turns into a girl His face: hot His voice: a tall Italian boy
Alex Fe 2 month ago
The kid who said 10/10 would smash again ... he looks like he has come out of his moms womb wth
Ma.Antonica Resare 3 month ago
3:16 music?
Lance Playz 2 month ago
7:18 Just me or he looks just like leafyishere? Im probably just missing him idk no homo.
SPDSubhash Patrick 3 month ago
His hair is acutally like that and was real. coz he dont reaveal his headphones still today😂😂😂
Lars's Wig 3 month ago
"I'm a girl. Like you." -in a deep manly velvety voice
PurpledTaz 2 month ago
Did anyone notice at 0:32 he disliked his own video maybe he didn't want to be a girl???
un tizio simpy 3 month ago
3:35 is that a jojo's reference
Pedigree Monkey 2 month ago
Don´t slap. We need him to stay girlie without pipi, OMG!
Mga Dapat Pigilan 2 month ago
Ya boy just turned into Hila Klein real quick
Putrid Abomination 3 month ago
Random person: She's cute *Davie takes off wig Random person: EPICCO
Aditya khodke 3 month ago
I like how everyone is nice to him which is not a reality though
Necronomicron 3 month ago
6:42 Davie's smile reveal.
Maheesh304 3 month ago
7:55 I laughed so much 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
FireFlaii X140 3 month ago
8:49 he just look like Eddie van der Meer!! U should make a video with him
TFTony 3 month ago
"Is that Davie504?" - "No, it's not me!" *Sneak Increased*
Birb DaSlayer 2 month ago
My friend is talking to a chick that plays bass. I keep telling him to tell her to send bass but he won't
Dark 2 month ago
1:05 “Comment now if your pp hard” -Davie504 February 17, 2020 Edit: I just put the - next to his name. Ahem I mean she
Sean H 3 month ago
8:30 Why am I laughing so hard
Lil Broomstick 2 month ago
4:01 aww the grill on the left is so cute
Adrianne x 3 month ago
“Grab your hair” *grabs hair* ***𝐏𝐏 𝐇𝐀𝐑𝐃𝐄𝐍𝐒***
Guy with 300 IQ 3 month ago
Jake 3 month ago
7:42 To be continued
Trucker Hezekiah 3 month ago
It seems as I'm reading the comments that almost every man has just turned gay over a filter lmao 🤣😂🤣😂
chanandler bing 3 month ago
no one: davie: _pfft_
slashgaming 3 month ago
Me: i dont have pp Davie: why Me: because im a girl Davie: epic
Musicboxlp 3 month ago
8:49 "Efefe"
Merci Mochi 2 month ago
2:36 is that bts in the background?-