Architects - "A Wasted Hymn" (Acoustic)

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"A Wasted Hymn" (Acoustic) by Architects


Waiting for a sign
Washed up on the shoreline
I’ll always carry the cross
But all is not lost

I just can’t relate
A crack in the floodgate
Life comes at a cost
But all is not lost

Is this penance for my sins?
I gave everything for this phantom limb
Holy ghost
Nothing lasts forever

Now it’s time to sink or swim
I’ve got nothing except this wasted hymn
Holy ghost
Nothing lasts forever

Taking back what’s mine
But it’s lost to the skyline
A bridge I cannot cross
But all is not lost

Now there’s no escape
God, what a sorry state
Love comes at a cost
But all is not lost

Can you feel the empty space?
Can you feel the fire at the gates?
Can you live a life worth dying for?

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politik tikus 7 month ago
royal beggars Accoustic
Dark Angel 7 month ago
Architects never disappoints no matter what they do
foregas 7 month ago
Screams like a devil, sings like an angel
Munchell360 7 month ago
I'm no vocalist, so it always blows my mind that someone could have such an aggressive and powerful voice, while also having a beautiful and gentle side. Sam truly is a special vocalist
GABRIel 13 7 month ago
I waiting for acoustic version album HOLY HELL
SET TO DESTROY 7 month ago
Gone With The Wind acoustic would be amazing too
SlashpLOder 7 month ago
architects: *exists* me: ah shit here we go again
Axel Aragon 7 month ago
Can we please get an acoustic cover for Modern Misery now?
Bartek Dębksi 7 month ago
People write about acoustic version of modern misery,royal beggars, hereafter... But we all know that humanity need Gone With The Wind
Ziad Jamal 7 month ago
Sam Carter the GOAT
Angela Dmtr 7 month ago
I was at school and this popped up and I was like "I need to go to the toilet immediately."
Laurence White 7 month ago
They should release a soft acoustic album just for shits and giggles, top the charts, go platinum, get all the pop fans on their bandwagon, then pull the old bait and switch with their heaviest album yet
Alejandro Fierro 7 month ago
This is so perfect, I can’t believe I’m alive to hear it
裴浩彤 7 month ago
They are Architects, they should be building things, not breaking my heart with such beautiful songs.
Matt Fellows 7 month ago
3:33 it just me, or is it so haunting how he sings that?
naranjitou16 7 month ago
Well, it's never too late to believe in a god. Mine's Sam Carter
Mathieu Gugger 7 month ago
I prefer the original, but nice version
branballz 7 month ago
i would sell my soul for a holy hell acoustic album
EmilPiano 7 month ago
love you🖤 Thanks to Architects i found piece of mind after losing my Father. And they give me strenght for the rest of my life.
ARTHEN 7 month ago
It’s insane how much Sam has improved in his singing the past few years
Jamie Findler 7 month ago
Will gladly buy their whole back catalogue again at full price just for Acoustic versions like this, seriously fantastic
Antonia Stoyanova 7 month ago
I get my heart destroyed every now and then by these acoustic/piano versions after already being destroyed by the original. I just love it
Tobiias Seventeen 7 month ago
Just beautiful, dont know what else to say.
Light Yagami 7 month ago
Goosebumps every time I listen
Basist 7 month ago
Pls make acoustic for ROYAL BEGGARS and HOLY HELL
Caitlin Day 7 month ago
Absolutely unreal. Beautiful beyond belief, Architects musical talents are never ending. My favourite band for good reason🖤
Anthony Monterosso 7 month ago
To me, Architects has the most beautiful songs. Every one of their songs can hit you right in the feels and give you some major goosebumps. This is why Architects is my favorite and will always be my favorite band
Lucio Dello 7 month ago
There should be more acoustic from Sam
imaginary enemy 7 month ago
Found a new version to fall asleep to. Architects will never disappoint me
John Roger 7 month ago
I would like this whole album acustic
Yunus Alperen Yürekseçkin 7 month ago
im want a acoustic album from Architects rn pls do it guys
Etienne RICHARD 7 month ago
This song is the sound your tears make beyond anger or fear, when there's nothing left...
Zuzana 7 month ago
holy fuck, this is the best thing I've heard in a long time, sam is truly a master at singing, no matter the style 🖤
Daniel Baxter 7 month ago
just waiting for acoustic and/or piano versions of everything
Steven Lavigne 7 month ago
Architects should do an acoustic live show!
AussieBattler 7 month ago
Whoever down votes this has no soul
Oli's World Of Activism 7 month ago
Didn't expect this to be honest. I like it! 😃
Ez Pulsy 7 month ago
Let's make an entire acoustic album
maxfrancois89 7 month ago
I really like renditions like this! It sounds like there's a bunch of pitch correction though around 2:07
sidE 7 month ago
honestly. a full on acoustic album of holy hell album would be ridiculous. take my money.
moro11332 7 month ago
I fkn love them so much, i hope they never change. This is so sad and so moving, and at the same time I just enjoy it so much. Music is so powerful <3
M3T4L 7 month ago
Nothing lasts forever...
amanda Jane b 7 month ago
Who’s cutting onions by me ? 😭🖤🤘🏻
Michael Paris 7 month ago
Sam's vocal range never ceases to amaze me
mohd shahrizan Ramli 7 month ago
Gosh this is fucking amazing version, much love from Malaysia
Lucca Massa 7 month ago
There's no one better dammit, keep it going guys!
Tom Wood 7 month ago
Well.. here I go crying again. This album gets me every time
BandicootKaboom 7 month ago
Rest In Peace Tom. You are so missed
bahtee 7 month ago
Imho, one of the best tracks from holy hell
Mattron 7 month ago
This songs reminds me of my brother who I lost to cancer this year. My thoughts and prayers go out to anyone else still dealing with loss.
dario HC 7 month ago
We love you guys
Reinderp 7 month ago
So much feels from this
Ryuiti 7 month ago
This is extremely beautiful. Architects is perfect. ❤❤
TheVirtualLab 7 month ago
Oh man my heart broke into tiny pieces again
CoolCat 7 month ago
I need a chords of this! Please somebody 🙏🏻
Richard Wiking 7 month ago
I was waiting for this moment thank you guys
Kareem Majeens 7 month ago
Holy Hell I love Architects so goddamn much.
Miftah iman 7 month ago
deluxe album holy hell acoustic version 👏
grant seffens 7 month ago
Wouldn't mind an entire Acoustic ep, love your voice Sam 😍
Rémi Voissier 7 month ago
I was NOT expecting that ! ... I loved it even more than I wanted it to be. Architects is just one of the best bands out there
Whatever Forever 6 month ago
i hope they'll make a whole album like this. truly special <3
pikaKipz 7 month ago
It would be so great if they decided to make a full acoustic album
Jessie Garcia 7 month ago
An acoustic album of songs from the past 3 albums would be dope.
Cringelord Divine 7 month ago
This made me tear up.
kaetsteak 7 month ago
You can feel the love of his voice
Vito Scalleta 7 month ago
ColdDayInHell 7 month ago
Beautiful. Them feels take me back to Hollow Crown.
Gabe Alvarado 7 month ago
Amazing! I need to learn the chords now🖤
dylan parrott 7 month ago
the dude can scream like a madman but here he can sing like a angel I'm down with more architects acoustics
no_one 01 4 month ago
This is so beautiful, I'm crying..
Cody Rajala 7 month ago
Omfg just when you think they can’t get any better
Cameron Toleman 7 month ago
Didn't have to do this to me guys 😭
GenauderSimon 7 month ago
I really love the way Metalcore Bands develop their music these days. Bands like Architects and Imminence are taking our beloved genre to an absolute new level. Its like Metalcore is developing to something new!
Alessandro Natale 7 month ago
My absolute favourite of the album.
Katie Fara 4 month ago
Oooooooooh, that was so good!!! :O I like that song!!
Panther Blut 7 month ago
I really really really love this version ❤️❤️
Silvio Feo 7 month ago
Akiro Raiden 7 month ago
beautiful, i can already see myself going to sleep listening to this on repeat :D please release some more acoustic versions!
Michele Toros 7 month ago
Incredible. I would love to hear other acoustic versions
Lily Kernaghan 7 month ago
Imagine being amazing at screaming and singing and being backed up by a band of strong, talented musicians
naranjitou16 7 month ago
Am I the only one crying and having goosebumps?? I don't know how can they get better at every song they compose; this is PURE art
TrAsHCOK 7 month ago
waiting for Acoustic version of Nihilist (from their album "All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us")
NicoleLizette 7 month ago
someone teach me this btw, pls.
dugtheundead 6 month ago
Discovered this band shortly after I lost someone about a year ago, now I almost listen to them everyday. Thanks for getting me through the rough days, sounds like your speaking directly to me at times, it's crazy how much I can relate.
Joao Leal 7 month ago
Cadê os BR q curte Architects ??
Dorian Arcia 7 month ago
Why and HOW could they take an already beautiful song and make it even more beautiful??
Luke Pilot 7 month ago
Sam killing it on this and the Doomsaday piano reprise, beautiful stuff
Agung Maulana 7 month ago
more acoustic song please,love from indonesia bruh 🤘😁
Robe Jean Litao 7 month ago
i will always be in love with Sam's voice (both clean or metal scream) 😍♥️
Alex Baribeault 7 month ago
Oh god please Architects please give us more of these. This is all I ever wanted.
booooost2 7 month ago
+1 for an acoustic album
Pascal Trudeau 7 month ago
Gone with the wind acoustic!!! 😍😍
majrbacon 4 month ago
Goddamn this is so sad and such a great version
Coldie 7 month ago
This is incredible, thank you guys for this amazing acoustic version, Sam's vocals are crystal clean
Derek D 7 month ago
I dig the acoustic versions where the voice intensity (screaming) remains. This is fantastic don't get me wrong I love this too.
Wimintro -Elda 7 month ago
An absolute masterpiece again, as always from Architects <3 <3
stephanie southwell 7 month ago
beautiful! funny how it is exactly 3 years ago today since rock city concert and see this video on youtube today
Katie Doney 7 month ago
Breathtakingly beautiful.
Charles Gurley 7 month ago
Where's the acoustic album guys!? Love this
Mariusz Krzewinski 7 month ago
I'm on my beautiful..