The Gecko Welcomes New Neighbors - GEICO Insurance

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The gecko bakes a plate of cookies to welcome some new homeowners to the neighborhood. Subscribe to GEICO:

Wife – Caroline Pho
Husband – Diego Garcia
AVO – Andrew Anthony

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Just Some Guy without a Mustache 3 month ago
Gecko: "My mum's secret recipe" Man: "You can tell me" That man reminds me of Plankton from Spongebob
T. Skye 3 month ago
doesn't give two seconds of thought to share and guzzles down the entire plate. doesn't say thank you, tryna talk w his mouth full. soon they're gonna be asking for marriage insurance.
ZEROELPOETA 3 month ago
Neighbor: Are these biscuits cannabis flavored? The Gecko: It's my mom's secret recipe.
Neil S. 3 month ago
How dare he be mean to the Gecko! Mean neighbor
Revolutionary Man 3 month ago
Who else accidently pressed this ad?
Bass Galaxy 3 month ago
I'm kind of disappointed in the guy for not sharing the biscuits with his wife. She was literally standing right next to him, and he just ate them all. So unthoughtful! 😔
Laurie Swanson 3 month ago
He was a bit rude and not saying thank you
JustNick 3 month ago
Random Guy: is this cinnamon Gecko: Its my mums secret recipe
Karey Arriaga 3 month ago
am i the only one who thinks geico is adorable????
天使AngelStar 3 month ago
Gecko is so nice giving them the idea to use Geico
SAYA 3 month ago
Poochie Kitty 3 month ago
I love this commercial--so cute!!!!! ☺️ Whenever I think of the GEICO Gecko, I usually picture him as he was in a GEICO commercial a few years back: Just getting out of shower w/a tiny towel draped around his lil green bod & an even tinier shower cap on his head!!!!!! Anyone recall that particular GEICO commercial??? 🤔😝 🦎🛀🏻😅🚿🦎🚿😍🛀🏻🦎
AWSUM Ai - Info Stores 3 month ago
I love geico! Got into my first ever accident and I didn’t have a deductible! 😍 it was a Christmas miracle
Tamara Pierre 3 month ago
What’s the secret recipe? I want to know
Blues InsanityFantasy 3 month ago
dude just walks off with the plate XD
reaperthegecko 45 3 month ago
The only reason I don’t instantly skip these ads is because my actual gecko is very interested in the gieco gecko
Big Yeet 3 month ago
Mario Has Logged In 3 month ago
Who else binge-watches Geico’s commercials or watch them unironically?
Broseph359 3 month ago I right??
The Tomboy.Umbreon 3 month ago
*That moment when you don't spell Geco/Your Company Name right*
Chaim Falkowitz 3 month ago
The best Geico add yet!
Rachel Garber 3 month ago
I love the gecko, wish they’d stop substituting other commercials
Kathy Nichols 2019 3 month ago
When I get a cookie I'll think about Sheeran
Rose 3 month ago
Lol! I've had Geico for over 20 years. Love their hilarious commercials!
Tanaja King 3 month ago
We really watched this 😂
3 month ago
so good <3
Ubah Abdi 3 month ago
Is so funny 😆
Nattaly Delgado 3 month ago
It's my mom's SECRET receipe
Billy Garfield 3 month ago
Now this is great!
{Gacha Deer} 3 month ago
“cOoKiEs” “Er..biscuits.”
Kaelyn Emily 3 month ago
Gotta love how the neighbor just eats the whole plate of biscuits. And the Gecko just like "Um..." 😂😆
Jeanette Waverly 3 month ago
I was waiting for him to stomp on the gecko.
Sarah Farr 3 month ago
You're take are the impressive tasks, I honerstv firrv Mm......,,
Z to da G 3 month ago
Geecko the Gecko from Geico makes great biscuits!
Jay Dizzle 3 month ago
who else just clicked this ad BECAUSE of the little cookies?
Moh the rock johnson 3 month ago
The gieco gecko is so cute i cant 💞
Nataly Ramirez 3 month ago
I LOVE Gecko He is soo cute :3
PowWow Animations 3 month ago
Ravioli Ravioli give me the recipoli
maxwell hirsch 3 month ago
Yeah gieco
DisturbedKoala 3 month ago
I thought he was going to be allergic to something. Lol
Micah Davila 3 month ago
I love this one so much.
Candace Talley 3 month ago
That's a nice video I like that commercial
very silly puppets 3 month ago
now I can save
Buddy Wazowski 3 month ago
krrrruptidsoless 3 month ago
They're his mum's secret recipe, dead windowsill sun cooked and dried bug biscuits. 😐 She also cooks nook and cranny cricket biscuits
Peppermint Ghost 3 month ago
How how did he ring the door bell and get down so fast
brodyisflim 3 month ago
I am sharing this with everyone I know Edit: they all left me on read :(
A Rare Shiny MadiCats08 3 month ago
Hello Geico
Burning Bridges 3 month ago
I see the gecko. I click
Frances Slay 3 month ago
Geico needs to stay with the Gecko put Pinocchio out to pasture.
Devin B. 3 month ago
Mark Ruffalo's brother is hilarious.
juni bargas 3 month ago
who else loves the gecko ?
So adorable lol
Notintimidated 3 month ago
Good one!!
Gavin s 3 month ago
How did he ring the doorbell?
Celia P 3 month ago
How did he ring the doorbell
Donnie Marie 3 month ago
Brave Little guy!look out for the cat🐈 and dog🐕!
BD Animations 3 month ago
Y did you do that to the lizard
David Scott Allen Busch 3 month ago
All for the advertising
Donna Meyer 3 month ago
I just saw a very disturbing report on television that when servicemen and women come back from deployment that GEICO (and other insurance companies) are jacking up their car insurance rates. Is that true?
Brayan Sandoval 3 month ago
a small animal talking😂😂😂🤦🤦🤦
Christopher Ludemann 3 month ago
This is stumped
Mary Smith 3 month ago
You made a way
Juanita Ray 3 month ago
Its my mums secret recipe is it cinnamon its my mums secret recipe
Vincenzo Arena 3 month ago
this is good
Sharof Neo 3 month ago
Lizard Age.
yu leveton 3 month ago
This AD is so cute :) Love it .
Sophisticated Sketches 3 month ago
cool guy 3 month ago
Why does gecko look so cute in every video
Justinkoolj YT 3 month ago
My moms secret recipe
White Ranger Tiger Power 3 month ago
That can’t be included in ur flying lessons it’s like if I’m not dating her she’s dyin a virgin that’s what it’s all about lol
Diana Myles 3 month ago
Whyyyyty did he ate the snacks all in one gulp!?!?!?!?!?!?
Andy Gaines 3 month ago
Syeda Zara Gilani 3 month ago
Gonzalo Baca 3 month ago
200th comment. The end is so hecking confusing.
Holly Atherton 3 month ago
I LOVE the Gecko!
Sobeida Portorreal 3 month ago
Wilted 3 month ago
Isn’t he dead
Mackenzie Black 3 month ago
Sloopy Sloop 3 month ago
Elhombre Feliz 3 month ago
Smash Adams 3 month ago
Bring back the cavemen :(
Ralph Burzynski 3 month ago
Sharof Neo 3 month ago
Мы сделали эту рекламу большой любовью , лишь бы земляне хоть чуточку привыкали и полюбили зелёных, серных и ящер. Вот вам пожалуйста началась Эра ящер.
Mr.Wellington Von Duke III 3 month ago
You have nice manners
Amy Gillette 3 month ago
i wanted to be top 10 person to comment on a video yay
Tyler Hall 3 month ago
Ki 0jll 0nl
Cathy Lee 3 month ago
So cute love the Geico 💕💕😉😘
Coopper Hotter 3 month ago
Take the red pill 3 month ago
Is geico trying to lose 8 billion dollars like Gillette?
Sushi_Gacha UwU 3 month ago
I meant kinda OOF
David Simon 3 month ago
Geico always has the best commercials 😀😀😀😀😀
David Pardieu 3 month ago
Sir Jake 3 month ago
I bet her secret recipe was crickets
Farzad Talebi 3 month ago
WorldDevFilms 3 month ago
Why is there a young chinese girl with a 60 year old unkept man? Did he adopt her as a granddaughter?
Sushi_Gacha UwU 3 month ago
Man: dis have nutmeg (or whatever he said). Gecko: mom's secret recipe Man: does it have cinnamon? Gecko: mom's secret recipe. Me : gecko kind savage 😂
Christian Davenport 3 month ago
Geico I love his biscuits but he could say please and thank you
e m 3 month ago
so much to hate about this video.
krrrruptidsoless 3 month ago
You believe that guy, he just steals that little lizard's freaking plate. What an oppressive a**hole Give the little lizard his plate back I hate that guy, I hope he never does another commercial or TV or movie or anything. Just puuuuure hatred for him... 🚶🏼‍♀️🚪