Post Malone Breaks Down His Tattoos Part 2 | GQ

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In Post Malone's first appearance on 'Tattoo Tour,' he said he might get a sword on his face. Well, he did and now he's here to talk about it and all of his other new ink. Join Post Malone as he breaks down all of his tattoos, from the Lil Peep-inspired one on his face to the first one he ever got (a Playboy bunny on his arm).

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Post Malone Breaks Down His Tattoos Part 2 | GQ
reece wori 2 month ago
he's honestly such a sweet man, I sincerely hope he doesn't die of alcohol poisoning or something
g-mo fernandez 2 month ago
Post Malone: “I tattooed my friend a bunch of times, I gave him a pizza.”
rap edits 2 month ago
post malone: "i got that one accidently" most rappers:"i got it cus my album"
uhniq 2 month ago
He is the literal meaning of “don’t judge a book by it’s cover’
Awoody 224 2 month ago
He doesn’t even sound like himself here it’s so sad. I hope he is doing ok:/ he even stated he isn’t taking care of himself.
Jb R 2 month ago
We should just take a minute and appreciate the cutting skills that went into this video!
infinitebull 2 month ago
Post just casually tattooing someone shirtless while drinking a cold one and smoking a cigarette 🤣
first name last name 2 month ago
I really really really will be sad if post malone dies young. He's such a legend already and has made such an impact and I know he has his vices but I hope he gets help
Tonya Bomia 2 month ago
I'll bet his mom's pissed off about more than just the sword tattoo.
SMG Gaming 2 month ago
Artist: how many tattoos do you want? post malone: *yes*
Hari Mavani 2 month ago
rappers: so i got this tattoo cos it means so much to my family and me posty: i got always tired cos im always tired
Lily Maie 2 month ago
I can’t believe he’s 2 years older than me. Thought he was 30+
lil Sir 2 month ago
It’s so odd because post has been acting really weird and depressed and I kinda feel that while watching
Nerissa Iloilo 2 month ago
Austin: “you can’t see it cos my shirts too tight” Me: “TAKE IT OFFFFFFF 🗣”
Nick Ridgers 2 month ago
Nothing beats the enthusiastic tone in which Post Malone says “I gave him a pizza.”
Tyler Okray 2 month ago
It sucks that he feels ugly, when he's really just unique. No one like him.
BiG Zulá 2 month ago
Producers: so what does the double cup mean Post malone: this is a triple cup but yes
Ivanpavs 2 month ago
1:48 sad bro he’s not taking care of himself
elimc126 2 month ago
post is a good example for “don’t judge a book by its cover.”
Kristeen A 2 month ago
"any good Christians in the house?" 😂
Wade Wilson 2 month ago
Y’all should’ve made this video 30 minutes long and just let him talk all he wanted Edit: lmao what’s with all the likes?
John Smith 2 month ago
It’s sad to see him ruining his voice the way he has. Gonna regret it!!
Jetdot37 2 month ago
He looks like Riley Reid’s brother. Roast ralone
Yasmine Carrera 2 month ago
“Any good Christians in the house?” Lmao I love his headass
Alex Pain 2 month ago
People: he's a gangster Post malone: I got tattoos cuz I felt like it and it looks cool
Nate 2 month ago
Post is one of the nicest people imaginable. It’s sad how he feels about his appearance.
Pierce Markusic 2 month ago
I love the guy, ok... this is not me hating on him... He had such a gorgeous face before he inked all over it. He can do whatever he wants but Im not realling into doodling all over your face... permanently.
LowBlowJoe 2 month ago
I feel like he’s crying for help but no one is noticing.
BOOSTED Boosted 2 month ago
If he dies one of these days, I’m gonna be in a sucken state
Jake Leatherman 2 month ago
I really wished he didn’t use the cigarette as his persona. I justified smoking because of Him, I thought i wasn’t a weirdo for being “the guy” who needed to smoke in the group.
Ondřej Aneurysm 2 month ago
“This is Sauron” Point at two black dots
John Maynard Ubando 2 month ago
He actually do be releasing bangers but they just all end up being overplayed and people start to hate them cuzza it💀🤦‍♂️😂 no hate doe jus speakin fax
LA-SPLITZ -X13 2 month ago
Post malone is the chillest person I've seen. His cool😎
rubes 2 month ago
“so i got the sword on my face.”
JDEZ 3108 2 month ago
Post just cause u a rock star doesn’t mean u need to smoke a cig every second smdh
josiah Larson 2 month ago
Post is literally one of the most identifiable people in the entire world. He's really managed to express his unique and even extravagant style while remaining super genuine and approachable. He obviously catches a lot of hate for the face tats but at the bare minimum, it's been a great business decision. EVERYONE knows "always tired".
FH 2 month ago
Really hope he is doing ok, I have seen some videos of him at some of his latest shows and it doesn't look that good! He looks completely out of it
Phil Sen 2 month ago
He sounds like a young Bam Margera when he talks...
sawruhs 2 month ago
im worried sick about him.
Groo Drew 2 month ago
Who else here after seeing the drunk tik tok of him
That Ginger 2 month ago
i love that his answers to most of his tattoos is that they “seem pretty cool/dope/sick/hard”
REX MODE 2 month ago
Post Malone is actually handsome not even lying bro!
cass ola 2 month ago
For that brief moment where you saw his fresh, blank face, I almost didn’t recognise him 😳 He’s deffs created an image that’s highly recognised now
Rebekah Prince 2 month ago
Lack in handsomeness?!? He’s literally the hottest guy alive.
Briana Wilson 2 month ago
My only worry is it sounds like he's losing his voice :(
Spex 808 2 month ago
It’s sad that he feels he’s ugly and that’s why he gets tattoos :(
viviana santos 2 month ago
i just love him and can hear him talk everyday
Salz Berry 2 month ago
Show of hands who can tell me which tattoo of his “surprisingly hurt the most”? Lool
Sandra Corless 2 month ago
First of all I'm not a fan of face tattoos thats just me and not everyone can rock a face tattoo some of Post tats are cool some are ok and some are wtf??? whatever makes you happy I have 3 tats and that's it for now hey Post if you are tired all the time just go to the doctor and get a check up it doesn't hurt to try hire yourself a professional chef to make you meals that will give you energy try vitamins you have a lot of fans out here who care about you take some time off to rest and relax and recharge your batteries we what you to become a Legend 🤔😲😊😘💞💋
vs424 2 month ago
My mans been acting real weird lately on his concerts, think we gonna lose him
KevinDontEatBut 2 month ago
Why you get tattoo? " This resembles blah blah blah" Why you get tattoo? PostMalone "cuz it's cool"
ANDRES 2 month ago
Idk why but he kinda looks like the guy version of Riley Reid 😂😂
Matt Kirkland 2 month ago
Being a grunge, rock, metal, fan. It's cool that Post got some tattoos with tribute to Nirvana, Motorhead, Elvis, etc. He actually was really and still is into grunge, metal, etc. There are videos of him literally covering Bob Dylan, Kurt Cobain, etc.
Declan Forde 2 month ago
Next time we comes back his whole body will be covered in tattoos. He does have some really cool tats but just too many overall
cheri618 2 month ago
‪he’s only 24. I hope he gets help seriously and i hope he has better people around him. ‬he seems very sweet and he’s so talented.
Matt Brown 2 month ago
Realistically this video should’ve took 5 hours
Sarah Swirley Wehrle 2 month ago
"Where I lack in handsomeness" BUT YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL
Rio Trejo 2 month ago
Hes looking like his dad Phil, RIP Don Vito..
Joe 2 month ago
Who else her after seeing him on drugs on stage
Gravity Kat 2 month ago
he is rolling so hard. Check out his pupils during the close ups on his face lmao
Berry Efternavn 2 month ago
It sounds like his about to cry, when he said "Lil Peep" when he showed the tattoo of Peep's face. Or he's just tired.
Rey'Na Riggans 2 month ago
I was really hoping he was gonna talk about the water/splash thing on his forehead
Mjb Mjb 2 month ago
Shout out to the up coming rapper's that write their own music that being put on hold because of imposters and vultures
iTunes Gift Card 2 month ago
I started listening to Post less when he got face tattoos
HaterAllowed 2 month ago
This guys looks like a good people, but sadly his ruining his life with Smoking and Alcohol, Young dude looking older.
*Jake.* 2 month ago
So glad he’s open about saying the ‘Stay Away’ tattoo was inspired by Peep’s Crybaby tat. Also one of my favorite Nirvana tracks too, mad love
Brody Marsh 2 month ago
His voice sounds a lot deeper than 4 years ago, he might have that Lemmy Kilmister ritual
Anyway Nolastname 2 month ago
Bro why he acts like he did all of them by accident WHEN I SAW MY SELF IN THE MIRROR
tmetm13 2 month ago
"its a milkshake and it hurt the most!" i cant with this man bahahahah
Benjamin Frank 2 month ago
Every single tattoo is meaningless to these rappers it’s just an image
Maddy Watkins 2 month ago
“Any good christians in the house”
incog nitor 2 month ago
Posty: *Explaining his tattooed characters and stuff* My eyes: *Pop out*
Jordan Ryan 2 month ago
He just reminds me of Bam Margera when he did drugs and was fun, not 2019 Bam.
Yung Slitwrist 2 month ago
Y’all should have lil kibou on this. He is painfully underrated.
HOSKA 2 month ago
2:42 he's like singing in a dope flow
M E 2 month ago
*Post Malone Breaks Down His Tattoos Part 3* Post: So I got a tattoo of my face on my face
Kevin Hart 2 month ago
I love how he get/reference a lot of Kurt Cobain/Nirvana songs and i honestly love that band as well!!
Cameron Crovador 2 month ago
He’s out here looking like Queen Elizabeth Props to Him
First Name 2 month ago
I’m really sorry and hopes he does well
Living with Perks 2 month ago
Tons of 18 year olds going for that first tattoo on the face - *goodbye jobs!*
Francisco Explores 2 month ago
Pete Davidson on Hot Ones now Post Malone talking about his tattoos lunch break has been good
IHACOS 2 month ago
he’s going thru it recently. he gotta clean up
Jordan LaFaver Official 2 month ago
Nobody's gonna mention he's smoking a cigarette right next to his friend's fresh open tattoo..
LIL BANE 2 month ago
Post is like who I wanna be on the inside same wit Peep
anime-weeb _ 2 month ago
I really hope post is ok he doesnt sound the same
Haydn 2 month ago
Marshmello's helmet on my face" - Post Malone 2020
Dreyden 2 month ago
This guy sounds like he's in his own little world.
S T 2 month ago
*I hope this guy gets the help he needs we can’t let him Die too young* 😭
Joe Anderson 2 month ago
Seems like a genuinely good guy. It would be nice to see him go to a high level tattoo artist for a high quality, high skill high detail tattoo
Brad Evans 2 month ago
He's super cool. At least he can do whatever he wants to do. I want a tiny head tattoo (think Kelly Osbourne) and my parents and friends are freaking out... 😩
MandaFandaa 2 month ago
The child-like vibes he has is everything.
Isabella Ruiz 2 month ago
I really like his outfit! He’s seems so nice & genuine!
anthony lopez 2 month ago
Anyone remember when a dude painting his fingernails used to be edgy hahahaha, same thing happened with septum piercings.
April Wilson 2 month ago
"This bicep...this one" haha🤣 I LOVE YOU AUSTIN 💛💛💛
KloForce 2 month ago
You guys really need to do travis scott breaking down his tattoos!
avwv 2 month ago
He’s such a nice person
Adrian Zavala 2 month ago
post “let’s get after it” malone
doyouevenlift 1744 2 month ago
The saddest part is this dude sold his soul like the rest of them but he actually comes across as a sincere guy compared to most celebs. But he chose what he chose.
Rabbit Potato 2 month ago
"Cuz I thought it was kewl" 🤣 Hes cute
Andy Salter 2 month ago
He looks like he fell asleep drunk and his friends decided to draw on his face !!! Nice guy , horrendous tattoos!!