My Blockbuster Video Stories

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Saw the Captain Marvel teaser trailer and it reminded me of my Blockbuster Video adventures.

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Thunder 05 10 month ago
“ Nudity, Adult situations, Blood, and Violence did I mention that it contains a nudity?” 😂
LouTGB H 11 month ago
Imagine if u had to get ur YouTube vids at BLOCKBUSTER
Chelsea 7 month ago
“Let me read you the ratings really situations...BUH-LOOD and violence...” The pronunciation of the clerk is so funny 😂
COMMANDER LEG BIS 11 month ago
Netflix punched them so hard they literally turned to BLOCKBUSTED .
xCankarious 1 year ago
The ariana grande 7 rings had me rolling
Ekuseru YT 11 month ago
I still have my blockbuster card🤣😅
Brady Fallis 7 month ago
“I’ll have to call your mother... blink once for yes, blink twice for no” also can y’all sub to me, although you don’t have to. Thx for the likes
Nathan Esquivel 7 month ago
1:18 This is how my sister acts like everytime when she gets money Edit:Thanks for the likes everyone 😃
Pretty Girl 11 month ago
Stacy's voice is EVERYTHING 😆😭
Marche 1 year ago
Yo your mom is the real MVP. She had your back throughout all of this.
Christopher Savage 11 month ago
Tbodz 9 month ago
twitchy832 11 month ago
I had to subscribe 😂😂Stacy’s voice had me WEAK!
Washmi Wijeratne 9 month ago
1:19 Swoozie be looking like Thing 1 from Dr.Seuss
AverageBrino 1 year ago
So Swoozie kept his word and said he would upload more 🤔.
Random Stuff 11 month ago
Bruh I fell asleep to Youtube on and when I woke up and opened Youtube 1:20 Was paused on my Screen XD
L a z y ƃɐɔɥɐ 8 month ago
We need a 7 rings cover by swoozie
BOOZIE SENJU 7 month ago
When he started Twerking I was dying😂😂😂😂
Silver 11 month ago
Then there’s me and my sis 11 and 12 years old and we do this every week or two
Danean Willson 1 year ago
How many of us still have an unreturned Blockbuster movie tho?
O New 4 month ago
6:18 i nearly choked i was laughing so hard!!!!!
ZGLOKK 6 month ago
1:17 😂😂 is the funniest part
The Generational Gap 5 month ago
The end of a time in history :( I just asked my 8 year old nephew what BlockBuster is on our channel. Spoiler - He's wrong
Naruto Uzumaki 9 month ago
End of video: if u don’t change with the world ur going to end up just like block buster: Me; die,alone,not loved,broke,forgotten
Snowball the bunny 1 year ago
Morgan._. Attrill 10 month ago
I had a blockbuster card it was my mums one 😂
Sarah 9 month ago
Lucas Bernardi 7 month ago
the starfox scenario happened to me and i was a little kid and i couldn’t reach the shelf and some dude took it. in my eyes
Reale Satterfield Jr 11 month ago
victor guapo 11 month ago
The last time I went to Blockbuster was on December 27, 2012, when I rented Forza Horizon for my Xbox 360. The store shut down 5 days later and I kept the game and still have it today hahaha
Savagebryceb 89 10 month ago
Man I miss blockbuster when I younger I used to go and get ps3 games like transformer games and then I would enter those coloring contest and it was so fun then one day it just gone rip blockbuster
Maurice Bustos 7 month ago
I don’t think she realized she was talking to a man
Joseph Costa 6 month ago
I remember asking then to check the drop box, if what I wanted was all rented out..
FiddleSkittle 1 year ago
If you ever forgot to bring your ID at the liquor store, just show them your blockbuster membership card, I'm sure that will be good enough 😂
Johnny Hakes 11 month ago
When i was a kid, my favorite thing about blockbuster was the hopscotch that was in the carpets
Yingtheeevee 6 month ago
I went into one when Coraline hit blue ray. We didn't have ab lue Ray player and i deadass picked up the first thing that said Coraline on it.
JC - 10RD - The Woodlands SS (2372) 6 month ago
The last time I was there was back in kindergarten
Sunny Neko 12 month ago
Omg blockbuster and pizza as a kid was amazing ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
i is fake af 12 month ago
*You like my hair AGee ThAnks I just bought it*ᕙ *HArRrY pOTTEr,hUnGEr GaMeS* *I waNt IT I agOt It*ᕙᕙ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕗ
RealityBytes 10 month ago
“Blink once for yes blink twice for no” nice Stranger Things reference!
Martha 10 month ago
6:15 me when the teacher ask for volunteers
JustSomeKid InTheComments 4 month ago
I barely remember Blockbuster, the one around here closed when I was 6 or 7. I remember it was like my 4th favorite place tho, under Petland, GameStop, and this one restaurant that has both pizza and spanish food.
M1CHAEL 6 month ago
Bro why does Staci sound like a webcam girl
jake mitchell 1 year ago
Y’all remember when Netflix used to ship in the mail?
Xxthe reaper gamer 6 month ago
I remember when Blockbuster was a thing that was probably one of my favourite times of the month we would rent a movie every like 2 weeks and we would always get it from Blockbuster
Crazy skull1085 9 month ago
"It doesn't matter where we found it, but we found it." Lol
Big Dogg 6 month ago
Always the white folks dat get u in trouble
Thi3fz 11 month ago
“I would just jump on my bike and drive down to blockbuster” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Andy - 1 year ago
‘“MOM IS THE M...V.....P”
Andrew Windsor 5 month ago
I remember when they started selling DVDs 😂😂😂
TheAnnouncer 4 month ago
Blockbuster? I thought that was just a fever dream I had when I was 7
Addason Baylor 6 month ago
1:18 im dead
ST503 11 month ago
I remember being disapointed having to return the super mario show cd lol
LavenousForever 1 year ago
I have the last 6 episodes of Avatar the Last Airbender on DVD because i rented it for like 99¢ then the store closed and i was like.... guess it’s mine 😂
Mina Savage 9 month ago
2:45 when he starts whispering 🤣🤣🤣
Sports completions 9 month ago
I'm only 13 and I remember going to block Buster's
Zarien Gordon 4 month ago
I wish I never said he wasn’t gay I lost a whole bet
Creative Central 10 month ago
Oddly, “Family Video” in Quincy runs better than the old blockbuster
iswearimtrying 1 year ago
Been following this man since he had a borrowed camera that would put an overlay on his face. Love you Swoozie, thank's for inspiring people like me to create content.
DARK KING GAMING 9 month ago
Blockbuster back in my day we used to buy our games and movies 🤣
Reyna 8 month ago
The woman working there bothers me so much omg
Amy Johnson 6 month ago
You just reminded me of my Childhood I miss it ):
Palo olaP 8 month ago
Don't ever be friends with a Stacy
ZayZay Toons 1 year ago
*All the people said see you in 3+ months in the comments last vid looking confused right now*
Slow slasher Roblox 9 month ago
1:18 7 rings blockbuster style lmao
Patricija Loreta 10 month ago
In my country blockbuster is popcorn brand😂😂😂😂😂
Eclipse Fue 5 month ago
I remember tho dayz I use to live close to a blockbuster video I use to go their for popcorn and candy and video game aww man
Princesslovely Girl 10 month ago
“YoU MAh hAIr AGeE tHANKs I JusT BOuGht It hARry Potter HuNgeR gaMEs i wAnTt iT i GAaWT iT!!”
ONE_shot_GURL 1 year ago
I remember the Blockbuster days.. RIP Also two Swoozie videos in two weeks?! We are blessed 🙌
supercars northeast 11 month ago
RIP blockbuster 😭😭
Car_Car Gaming 9 month ago
1:17 yOu lIkE mY hAiR JEzZ tHaNkS i just bought it
Animals And Baby Yoda 6 month ago
“Moment of silence” Ads: no, I don’t think I want to
Henny Ponce 8 month ago
I felt this 😭my mom used to take us every week and let us all choose a movie of our choice
Wanna Sprite cranberry 1 year ago
When sWooZie started twerking my mom thought I was watching hentai #rip hentai haven
Rockin Blaze 6 month ago
I remember beck then when I was 8... It's that feeling like as if you're going to Chucky Cheeses. I rented animes and felt so happy... Ah the memories... good times.
Xx_k34t_xX -ig 11 month ago
Brooo I felt that end message too hard
Its Niwar 11 month ago
Julian Moore 11 month ago
This dude knows what's up, STAR FOX
Isaiah M. Patterson 1 year ago
Me:Grampa, what’s this? *shows him his blockbuster card* Grandpa:Sit down grandson, I’m gonna tell you a story...
dUnknown 4Life 8 month ago
1:18 I’m loving it
Nefarious 9 month ago
I remember all of this when you had to order cd’s from Netflix while I was in kindergarten and that’s when blockbuster got taped by Redbox I was so sad
Ben Watson 6 month ago
I love going to blockbuster because I run around the else’s and pick up candy
Diana Filloy 8 month ago
Omg the fireworks part made me laugh like crazy 😂😂😂😂😂
Cassius Felix 12 month ago
I wish Blockbuster was still around.
Percy Mc 6 month ago
5:58 been there
Marlee The bnha lOvEr 9 month ago
1:17 Swoozie got dem cheeks
I am BadEvster 8 month ago
Omg I was so sad when it closed down I was like 8
Marcus Bradley 4 month ago
1:10 "worser" LOL
illymation 1 year ago
this gave me secondhand stress, and blockbusters frickin closed forever...
Ad’ryan Williams 11 month ago
i remember I was minding my own business when my cousin came into my room, drunk after almost 5 cups of Malibu and bcardi and coke: she told me to get into the car, I was asking her what was going on, she legitimately went into my room, yanked me out of bed( she’s a girl), put a pair of sneakers and a hoodie on me, dragged me to my uncle’s car and we drove to the mall, find out that the mall was closed, I was pissed off that my drunk cousin dragged me, to the closed mall, at 4:30 am, in my bed clothes( which was a T-shirt and regular leggings) I was wearing a hoodie and sneakers, I was tired, so I just said that we should go home and get some sleep. But she didn’t listen and tried to find ways to get in to the mall, i just took her phone off her and called my friend to come pick us up, when my friend and her brother came, they arranged for someone to drop off my uncles Car home and we go in my friends car, in fact I was sleeping in the car during the journey home, by the time we got home, it was I went upstairs to my room, took off my hoodie and sneakers, climbed into bed and caught up on as much sleep as possible
Madeline GomilaMattei 9 month ago
1:17. Youŕe welcome.
JustJoysa 8 month ago
"I WAS shooketh..." 😂
Emmanuel 7 month ago
I remember getting the same movie every time i would go
Jimmy The killer 11 month ago
I loved my blockbuster it got shut down for a dominos pizza im British btw
kirb 08 mrls 5 month ago
Thats where I bought most of my 3ds games when i was 9!man the memories ill miss blockbuster a lot
Fuddzy 9 month ago
1:14 Old Town Road by Swoozie
skilled x10 11 month ago
Hey yesterday I found a copy of the rock scorpion King from blockbuster under a bridge burned
J Nuy 1 year ago
Swoozie's mom is ride or die!😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
JenniferJareauTho 5 month ago
Mowen_Playz 11 month ago
I have a blockbuster in my town lmao I live in bend Oregon