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THIS IS L&S 4 month ago
Wendy Trevino 4 month ago
Having a house organized is so therapeutic !! When my house is clean I feel so energetic!!
Violet Bartulovich 4 month ago
I love how appreciative Shyla was to the woman showing her how she organised their house!!!
Paige latu 3 month ago
Love how shyla involves Joe in to ther little family when she was talking about ther snacks station etc
MONGRELISM SFH 3 month ago
I love how Landon doesn’t always have to be in the camera.. like how Austin always gotta be in the damn camera
Prissy Tre 3 month ago
I can never say this enough but can we just appreciate Joe’s editing 👌
Ask to seduce Miss 3 month ago
Shyla: “I didn’t even know he had that many underwear thats amazing” 😂😂
Karen A. Cabrera 3 month ago
They did such a good job! I wouldn’t even want to take anything out 😩.
Danielle McLoughlin 3 month ago
Love how Shyla is bouncing back to her self and showing her personality, so up lifting! But this video has made me want to start organising everything at 1am while my little boy is sleeping! Xx
V R 4 month ago
Appreciate you guys hiring a company and trusting them and not doing things “your own” way.
jada thompson 3 month ago
The Mcbroom brothers taking their woman’s socks 😂
MaryAngel Corona 4 month ago
“You guys even organized my noodles” 😂😂😂😂 lol I love shyla she’s so down to earth!
Brianna Castro 4 month ago
Can we talk about joes editing skills ... this whole video was satisfying to watch 👏🏼
Maham C 4 month ago
we love the Dora outro: "what was ur fav part"
Liberate Your Space 4 month ago
We ABSOLUTELY LOVED working with you guys! We hope you (including baby SOUL!) will love your home even more now <3
yosselyn ramirez 3 month ago
Ever since baby Soul was born Shyla has been glowing she's so happy & energetic, I LOVE IT!! 😍😍
Jasmine Lopez 3 month ago
“❤️” I could list a million reason why I need it, but ill leave it in gods hands ☺️♥️
Jaelyn Juarez 3 month ago
BRUH LET ME JUST SAY I LOVE SHYLA AND HER PERSONALITY. Catherine would’ve been like “who the hell is cecelia?” And caught and attitude real quick.
marie.alexus 3 month ago
“Without further dodo”😂😂😂😂 “ohmygosh”😂😂 I miss them so much ❤️
daniela sierra 4 month ago
Austin and Landon just be wearing their wives socks all the time 😂❤️
ashley montenegro 4 month ago
This organization just inspired me i need to get on this level 😭
Prettyflvcka 3 month ago
Honestly Joe is a great editor like wth, it’s so engaging because of the editing!
1,000 Subscribers Without Videos Challenge 3 month ago
How freakin’ satisfying. Ugh my husband seriously throws everything everywhere I can’t ever keep anything organized lol Your home is so nice! Also, little sneak of baby Soul 😍 She’s so gorgeous.
Makyla Marie 3 month ago
Shyla: “I didn’t even know he had that many underwear thats amazing” 😂😂
Viviana Mondragon 3 month ago
Why are your lips so juicy? Love how affectionate he’s being
jazleen esquivel 3 month ago
I love how you showed behind the scenes and that someone did it for you! Most people have people come and then take credit for all the work and say they organized it that way and so on. I love y’all! 💓💓💓
Jessie Chandler 3 month ago
It’s good to know that “the junk drawer” is not just a midwestern thing 😂
From Year 3000 3 month ago
I love how shyla not some stuck up pretty girl she’s so amazing she’s a mother and a kind soul most women don’t want kids she’s cool
Prissy Tre 3 month ago
I love that Shyla is so appreciative of every detail the crew did to organize (part) of your house 🙏 and they really did do a great job
Stephanie Lopez 3 month ago
“❤️” I know I might not win because I know someone out there really needs it but I wish and leave it to gods hands to win. Love you guys so much ❤️ soul is blessed to have parents like you guys
Nayeli E 3 month ago
“I’m a big kid now” ad was annoying 😭😂. I hope I’m not the only one
Mary Hig_ 4 month ago
How freakin’ satisfying. Ugh my husband seriously throws everything everywhere I can’t ever keep anything organized lol Your home is so nice! Also, little sneak of baby Soul 😍 She’s so gorgeous.
Jenny Hernandez 3 month ago
“❤️” sending bad positive vibes to everyone
Kristal Polk 3 month ago
I am obsessed with how great everything looks!! When I have my forever home when we move back to the states I need this!!!
Am Nikyah 3 month ago
“❤️” Soul is adorable 😍
Mariya and her Minnies ❤️ 3 month ago
You guys are so cute! and yass honeyyy Shyla come through with the mommy looks! your so beautiful even when your hair isnt perfect or your in sweats and you make watching you guys so real and relatable! I'm a mommy of 2 so I know the struggle and at least you can manage putting on the time for some foundation and contour! I love it! Your family is beautiful and so are you mama!<3
Zainab Mohammad 4 month ago
Hii we love u 💕💕 Like if u do toooo 💘😂
Peighton Fralic 3 month ago
“❤️“ Souline is so perfect ❤️❤️
Sarah Barrera 3 month ago
Omg the kitchen pantry was so nice I love it makes me want to do this to my home thank u guys for sharing we love u L&S gang cashapp $sarah91519
Valerie 3 month ago
they did such a fantastic job 🥺 omg, the kitchen is my favorite part
E V E L Y N. R A M I R E Z 3 month ago
4:40 lol I like the fact that they had tortillas in the backround
Caitlin Feltner 4 month ago
“All your flushable wipes for baby” “Those are for joe” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
bita tangu 3 month ago
Bruh when I saw shyla she looked a little like Kylie Jenner
miss thang 808 3 month ago
Mame C Diongue 3 month ago
Hey L&S 👋🏽. Shyla you’re glowing even more after having Souline. She’s the cutest. I love how your home is well organized. $mameazur
Stacee Spicer 3 month ago
Idk why but ever since the baby I’ve been loving shyla’s personality I don’t think it’s new she’s just showing off her quirky side way more and I love it ❤️❤️
Lau Vanessa 3 month ago
This was so therapeutic to watch, even when I'm currently sitting in the middle of chaos 🤣
Joanna 3 month ago
I live y’all so much I wanna do my house like this Cash app: $hayleelackey9
Jennifer Villegas 3 month ago
Damn they even made Top Ramen look good sheesh eveything looked soo good. Props to Shyla for knowing Joe so well lol
Faith Morris 3 month ago
Shyla at the beginning tho🤣🤣 "We have a daughter, that's her bed"🤣🤣. It's the way she said it tho. She's soo funny🤣🤣❤
Snorin Lauren 3 month ago
I love Shyla's personality 😂 I feel like we would click immediately. "Wipes for baby" Shyla: Those are for Joe 🤣.. Why y'all out here exposing Joe like that lmao!
Princess Ro 3 month ago
Haha! Can we talk about Joe’s reaction BEHIND the camera? You hear him react with Shyla too🤣 It’s so cute!
Keonna Nelson 3 month ago
You can see how therapeutic it just is for Shyla an shes gloiwing. Love how Landon let Shyla be the one really in the camera shes being so polite an energetic because this is something she loves an is passionate about. Beautiful family love how Shyla involves Joe an everything, cant wait to see whats to come!
SAMANTHA REYES 3 month ago
❤️I like the closet it looks so organized needs lots of patience to work all that clothes out I love u guys
Priscilla Tyrell 4 month ago
The house looks fabulously amazing...I feel so grateful even though its not my house but I'm so happy for you guys...soul is blessed to have u guys as her parents
Michelle VanGuilder 3 month ago
I really wish I could have someone come organize my house like that I'm definitely jealous...
Tica G 3 month ago
Yesss SHY SHY! You looking happier! Glowing baby girl! She’s so beautiful! Organized beautiful home, beautiful family.... baby girl is blessed!! ♥️
Falak Naz 3 month ago
I love how Shyla involves Joe as he is in the family♥️
Leslie Romero 3 month ago
Wait did he say “This is Cecilia”? Lmfao 😂💀
vGodFN 4 month ago
“Don’t lie who’s watching while reading the comments 👁” (ɪ’ᴍ ɢɪғᴛɪɴɢ ᴛᴏ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏᴏɴᴇ ᴡʜᴏ sᴜʙs ᴛᴏ ᴍᴇ) ♥️
Gabriela Guerrero 3 month ago
This was sooo satisfying to watch! Literally need this organization in my closet❤️ $bbgg8
Cece Reyes 4 month ago
Me asf having that much Hot Cheetos n junk food in my closet 😂😂
Katrina Acosta 3 month ago
This Video really shows how much of a sidereal Virgo shyla is as I being one myself this whole video was satisfying
Ruth Adiku 4 month ago
Wow. They did a great job. I love how real you people are and I love you all. Sooo cute.
Kelea Childress 3 month ago
That satisfied my OCD to a whole new level!!!!!
Амила Обрадобац 4 month ago
Shyla has so much life in her and honestly I’m living for it 😭😭 beautiful bundle of joy, unlike certain ppl🌚
Jessica Lopez 3 month ago
When she mentioned Cooking with Shyla 😯 yes I’m excited for this 😋💙
Snorin Lauren 3 month ago
Baby Souline 😭😍 She is the CUTEST baby I've seen in my entire life. I cried when she was born because she's so cute 😂 I love you guys so much! ❤
ツShyJuno 4 month ago
literally eating funyuns as im watching this ((: aesthetically pleasing
Hasly Garay 4 month ago
Aww I love how happy shyla looks 🥺 But my cash app is : $asshlyyn
breanne kerik 3 month ago
“oh my goodness, you even organized my noodles” lmaooo i love her
J & A + Babes 3 month ago
So satisfying🤩 I need a pantry AND a walk in closet😭
Jocelyne Cruz 3 month ago
Your house looks so perfect I wish my house would be like that but its impossible to have the house clean
Samone Dawkins 4 month ago
But why is Shyle so funny? 😂 I swear she matches my energy on so many levels. 💕
Nicole Ashley 3 month ago
❤️ literally cutest baby ever😭. You guys are so amazing with everything you do! The $500 can be so useful to me because I am in college❤️❤️❤️
Isavel Munoz 3 month ago
I'm so hiring someone to organize my home just like this 😍😍 Cashapp $lowkeyshawtyyy
Bellany Aguirre 4 month ago
When I saw you were live AGAIN 🙏🏽 I knew it was gonna be more than just you doing your makeup and answering questions😭 thank you for giving me an opportunity to receive some help from you literally anything will be appreciated even if it is just lunch 😇god bless you shyla, Landon, Soul, and Joseph 💛 $BellanyAguirre
Monavannahtv 3 month ago
SO proud with how far they've come in life 😍 cash app: $hmoneymo
Alejandra Corona 3 month ago
Ok but how do you look so freaking beautiful ?! I’m jealous ❤️❤️ cash app is $alejandracorona92 This would be a blessing because my car broke down and I need a car to get to work 😭😭 stress is an understatement right now
Havin Aslan 3 month ago
This is so nice 🥰 Ilove this❤️
Kat Grijalva 3 month ago
L&S needs to teach the Ace family (austin) how to be appreciative more. lol I love L&S💘
Ella Eh-yaa 3 month ago
I am obsessed with their house. So homie. The interior design is perfect. I wish to one day gave a home like this (‘: BLESS YOU GUYS
V. Paizano 3 month ago
My Dream job, I love cleaning & organized. I’m good with spaces and everything has to be color coordinator.
Alejandra Corona 3 month ago
Ok but how do you look so freaking beautiful ?! I’m jealous ❤️❤️ cash app is $alejandracorona92 This would be a blessing because my car broke down and I need a car to get to work 😭😭 stress is an understatement right now
Gricelda Tovar 4 month ago
Now I'm gonna go organize and purge through my closet lol
Alexandria Nguyen 3 month ago
There's nothing satisfying than having an organized, clean home, especially the pantry! If that was my pantry, I would scream if my kool aid was .9 cm away from the other ones
Stacy Pérez 3 month ago
So glad baby Soul is ok 👌🏽 God bless her every single day and God bless you both ❤️🙏🏽 you guys are so humble and amazing it’s truly an honor watching you guys everyday in all your videos ❤️ can’t wait to see baby Soul grow into an amazing person just like you guys.
Amanda Roman 3 month ago
Brb going to reorganize my entire house now! Lol this is incredible!!
Maria Jaime 3 month ago
♥️ I love you guys so much, keep doing what you’re doing! The LS gang is always supporting you 💜
Cindy Castillo 3 month ago
Love this omg 😩😩 can’t wait to get my house to be able to do this $cincastillo
My Crazy Kiddos 4 month ago
💙💙WOW it was so satisfying seeing before and after. The pantry is goals for sure💙$mycrazykidos💙💙
You guys are insane, One day I want to be like you guys!😂😍
Ebonyy Nicole 4 month ago
This is such an inspiration, I’m gonna look for them for when I graduate . Cash App : $EbonyyNicole23 trying to pay for graduation
Erika 3 month ago
Shayla: And I’m really funny 😂. You have me dead all the time. I love your energy 💜.
Rashel Pena 4 month ago
Saw souline section as well so cute!!! My daughter isn’t here yet and she’s taken over my closet already! 8 weeks to go! Love the pantry well organized I want to do the same😭 $rosheyy
Ariana Novik 4 month ago
Aww! The ending was so cute 😍 No but seriously though, let’s talk about that glow Shyla got after having Soul! She’s literally glowing! Nevertheless, the closet transformation was my favorite ❤️ $ariananovik
arihanna hendricks 3 month ago
This makes me wanna organize my whole house😂
Faby and Fatima 3 month ago
Omg literally house organizing goals!! As a kid I think we all want a house like this tbh! $noemixx
Destiny Danielson 3 month ago
“❤️“ If i’m having a bad day I just watch your videos
Mallory Alesna 3 month ago
I could never do that job! That’s just AMAZING! So dam satisfying 🙌🏻