Michael Bloomberg Calls For Bringing Presidential Back | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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Michael Bloomberg's campaign has released a new ad calling for bringing presidential back. The panel discusses the spot as well as Bloomberg's status in the race and why he's gaining momentum. Aired on 2/10/2020.
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Michael Bloomberg Calls For Bringing Presidential Back | Morning Joe | MSNBC
Rich X 1 month ago
“Bring Presidential Back” - yes please. Sick of this vulgar and hateful President.
God is Good 1 month ago
And he is a real businessman, and real wealthy man, unlike the joker in the people’s house.
Shoes are being reviewed 1 month ago
Gives me the chills-can’t believe what trump has done to this role.
Brainstorming Plus 1 month ago
It is truly and honestly simply beyond unbelievable that this "man" is the US ”President!” Simply beyond words!!!
Mr P 1 month ago
Mike might be 5’-8” but he’s a far bigger man than tRUMP! Keep those ads coming! 👍
Cullen 1 month ago
The cult of trump would pick him over Jesus himself.
flight doc 094502-75 1 month ago
The mere lack of decency and decorum of speech suffices for this potus to be out of WH. Smfh.
Elvia Yribe 1 month ago
Bloomberg get under Trump's skin. Because Bloomberg has always been a legitimate billionaire.. Trump has never been accepted. Into the elite Society because he is a👶🤪🐍💩
Marilyn 1 month ago
"He sneezes and it falls out of his back pocket." Lmfao
Tramp Queen 1 month ago
This is the Best most Beautiful Ad and Democrats should have led with this!
Ruthanne Perry 1 month ago
I liked Mike's ad
suzi perret 1 month ago
Love, love, the add! Keep the pressure on ! Don’t let up ! Squish the Traitor! Anyone would be a better president ,than the illegitimate one that holds us hostage
Adrian Toko 1 month ago
Loving this. More of the same.
Fred A 1 month ago
That was a powerful commercial, especially the part about the wall. Oof!
Nicholas Williams 1 month ago
I’m starting to like Bloomberg he was in Alabama Saturday
Eugene Ax 1 month ago
I'm not a Bloomberg fan. Rooting for Bernie. But I will admit that ad is fire.
Dave Lee 1 month ago
The most accurate ads about Trumpf***. Thanks you, Mr. Bloomberg.
Lisa Carr 1 month ago
Really good ad. Has the imbecile started tweeting about the ad yet?
Robert Millar 1 month ago
If there was an Oscar for ads I think this one would win ... brilliant!
Lara Ohmaye 1 month ago
That was a PERFECT ad!
Luna Azule 1 month ago
Oprah said she's voting for Bloomberg so I checked him out and decided: Oprah is right.
Ravi Peiris 1 month ago
I'm really beginning to grow on Bloomberg, especially advocating for himself against trump. Heilman is incorrect about voters being inundated about Bloomberg ads, it's just Bloomberg is resonating with voters on messaging, something that democrats and the Democratic party is poor at doing (but republicans are supremely effective at).
Tanya Owen 1 month ago
That was a powerful ad, very smart. A real billionare.
Ken Mashti 1 month ago
Bloomberg ad is superb even though I'm not a fan.
Insomnatech 1 month ago
All Joe's millionaire friends are calling him panicked because Bernie's coming for the presidency. #Bernie2020
Sowmya Jess 1 month ago
Mike Bloomberg would drive him crazy, you mean crazier than he already is! That would be highly entertaining.
VladI 1 month ago
Trump's "legacy" will be that his whole life he was a lying, cheating, self-serving, noxious sociopath, who did harm to everything and everybody he ever came close to.
flight doc 094502-75 1 month ago
The bloomberg Ad was just perfect. Tear in my eyes.
Sherry Lawson 1 month ago
How wonderful to see these ads and hope they will make the traitor implode. Vote BLUE
Joanne McMillan 1 month ago
I’m not a Bloomberg devotee but I must say I like the way he’s fighting. His fight isn’t as low as tRump but he’s smearing the crap out of him.
drew4021 1 month ago
Exactly what I've been saying, The candidates are too busy arguing among themselves and not focusing on Trump who is the real enemy. Something I think Bloomberg gets
jesuisravi 1 month ago
Oh please please and pretty please somebody bring presidential back, or at least a modicum of sanity!
pr0xZen 1 month ago
I dunno if this ad will end up having any effect where needed - but it sure has that potential.
Ken Wright 1 month ago
Bloomberg is the one !!!
Hobby Baggard 1 month ago
This ad displays the vast difference between Sane leadership and a Insane sociopath.
Michelle Henney 1 month ago
Good grief! I approve this message!
Gian Ishino 1 month ago
lol, a Bloomberg commercial... He paid for that or you guys propping him up?
Allan Pattison 1 month ago
Do they like that he's buying the nomination?
David Guelette 1 month ago
In just 3 years trump has destroyed all dignity and respect for the most powerful office in the world
Samantha Ngirakamaro 1 month ago
I love the ads. They give me hope.
Shyreeta Allen 1 month ago
This was so powerful
AWARHERO 1 month ago
When you consider Bush being smart and decent, you know how far the presidency has fallen... Americans should be walking down the streets EVERY SINGLE DAY to get this DICKtator out of office.
Diane Newton 1 month ago
Keep at it Mike! At the very least we are reminded that there were and can be again a POTUS who is intelligent, educated, distinguished and someone to respect.
Les Fogle 1 month ago
Bloomberg looks like he might have a good shot at this he can out match the Orange pig!
Peaceful Neecy 1 month ago
Bloomberg will shred 45. Let's stand behind him!!! I'm in!!!
Tamirpop 1 month ago
The amount of buffoonery on mainstream media is unbelievable!
OnWingsOfHope 1 month ago
Next to Bloomberg, Trump looks like a wimp & a pauper🤣😂
James McCabe 1 month ago
That's a great ad though
David Berglund 1 month ago
Great example of how far we've fallen. Thanks trump.
jimidhayes4747 1 month ago
That's what we need someone who will punch back at Trump!
Big B Kenobi 1 month ago
That's the kind of ads the Democrats we need. I think he can take it to Trump.
Yacob the Hebrew 1 month ago
Brought tears to my eyes...way to go Michael
Above All, United 1 month ago
“Imma vote for the man on the teevee” - America
Andrea Peters 1 month ago
Great ad. Thanks mike. So true.
Colin Silver 1 month ago
Forget "presidential," I'll settle for decent and mature.
Antony Bellingham 1 month ago
Example 'panic call' "BERNIE'S GONNA TAKE MY MILLIONS!"
Michael Hollender 1 month ago
Those Bloomberg ads are great...except when he's in them.
GLOWING GODDESS P.Y.T.1 1 month ago
I’m not voting for him but I really like his ads against trump. Bernie 2020!!
Kim Coates 1 month ago
Bloomberg wasn't my first choice, but if he promises to put Trump and his entire family of grifters in prison, he's worth my vote.
Cheryl Willis 1 month ago
That was perfect
Nick Roberts 1 month ago
Bloomberg is buying his way to the nomination and MSNBC is clearly now playing toady
LTA_4586 1 month ago
Mike Bloomberg is an Oligarch
Uf Now 1 month ago
Amazing add.. will Be always remembered ..
Shelly Grant 1 month ago
It's quite pathetic, what filthy rich people consider buying when they have everything else.
Hanh Le 1 month ago
Real Billionaire vs Fake Billionaire .. Bloomberg 2020 !!!
Trumpenstein 1 month ago
When Bloomy doesnt win, and he won't, will he still run these ads at his own expense in order to support Bernie in the general?
madhabitz 1 month ago
"Bring back Presidential." Oh man, this is what I've been yammering about for months..... in a succinct way I was never able to express. This is perfect. Dream Team? Boomberg/Klobuchar !!
JoeyVonn 1 month ago
MSNBC: Big Billionaire, one of the heads of media is going to take the presidential election , isn’t that great the propaganda is working....
salmonline 1 month ago
Just curious: Is there an even more obvious way for you to push anyone but Bernie? It's gotten way too obvious with you people. Sad.
mason jones 1 month ago
This is a good start. We need more ads like this. Go at him hard
C Ger 1 month ago
Wow. Even Bush impressed me in this ad
Trumpenstein 1 month ago
3:30 people already getting it into their head that Bloomberg will be the candidate. Gee, I wonder where they're getting THAT idea?
madboyreadynow28 1 month ago
You gotta love how the media picks out candidates for us.
dumolebob 1 month ago
Wow, that says it all!
Jechill 1 month ago
Bloomberg who? Bernie is the front runner.
Sam Torres 1 month ago
My first choice was Biden second choice was kamala third was Pete Definitely now his Mr.Bloomberg #1👍👍👍👍
Dally Castillo 1 month ago
It may just be Bloomberg! We all have to stand behind that one that runs. GET TRUMP OUT -- END OF STORY -
TWSTF 8 1 month ago
That's a pretty effective contrast lol
JC K 1 month ago
What a contrast... can’t believe 50% supports this behavior.
Victor Ortiz 1 month ago
Everything about that ad was great, but the Bloomberg part. Bernie 2020 Wow, look at the diversity in that crowd. I see one Asian and a whole lot of white women.
Ken Rouse 1 month ago
Wow the shilling for Mike Bloomberg is strong in this video.
Carlo Jones 1 month ago
Can't wait for trump to attack Mike Bloomberg 🤪 by seeking foreign help.
Eyal Spitzer 1 month ago
This segment was worst than anything I've ever seen on Fox 😑 I wonder how much it cost Bloomberg to purchase the Morning Joe panel.
Logan Ali 1 month ago
I'm excited about Bloomberg . . . . . said no one ever
Guignol Triboulet 1 month ago
A monster replace by an other, just more polite. 🤮
Glynis Joseph 1 month ago
Sukhbir Sekhon 1 month ago
Imagine if Obama had witheld his tax returns. Republicans would still be going on about it now.
Ty Rinck 1 month ago
Trump said right there “He’s going to take ALL OUR MONEY” and do nothing for it (except play golf).
Robert Shaff 1 month ago
thought this was a spoof, pretending that was a good ad just shows how child minded lefties are.
Stable Jeanious 1 month ago
Powerful!! We need more of this everyday!!
Bee Gees75 1 month ago
Yeah! Use his own ugly words against him!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Rayyman 1 month ago
Now that's an ad. All the candidates should just play all his vile words and lies on TV.
Don Johnson 1 month ago
Bloomberg has ZERO chance in a general right now...
salmonline 1 month ago
Still wanna see the bloated orange moron's taxes.
Harry Mavin 1 month ago
HEY everybody needs to get off the the Biden wagon and get on the Bloomberg train cause its full steam ahead
Eric Cary 1 month ago
Finally, a Democrat doing a proper smear campaign. This whole outrage towards Bloomberg paying to play is asinine.
OH Yeh! 1 month ago
You must admit he was good as Mayor of Munchkin Land 🤣🤣
GiGi 1 month ago
I really like this ad. Cudos👌🏽 Let's go all 2020 Candidates.👏🏽
TheRevolution WillNotBeTelevised 1 month ago
We should be very happy that Bloomberg makes a lot of money 💰 for himself. Thank you Mr. Bloomberg, I can now pay my rent and my bills
Leslie Brooks 1 month ago
I'd love someone who was giving me tons of business too.