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A more in depth look at the longleaf pine and how fire factors in to the ecosystem can be found on the second channel here:

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A more in depth look at the longleaf pine and how fire factors in to the ecosystem can be found on the second channel here:

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Huge thank you to Dr. Kush and Dr. Barlow at Auburn University's School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences.

Another huge thank you to Ashlyn and Bob at the EO Wilson Biophilia Center! Their efforts and education activities were incredibly helpful to let me understand the ecosystem.

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SmarterEveryDay 7 month ago
If you're awesome and want to "join" #TeamTrees, use the first link in the video description or you can click on the YouTube donate link above! My favorite thing about this whole movement is that tons of people are coming together from all over the internet to unify for a common goal. I genuinely get excited when a diverse group of people come together to do something amazing, and I believe this could be our moment. If you're a working adult, please consider donating in a big way to this. I can think of no more efficient way for your dollars to be converted into ACTUAL, REAL LIFE TREES! LET'S plant 20 Million trees!!
Jonathan Mills 7 month ago
“The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is today.”
Carter Ruhle Productions 7 month ago
Petition to make the youtube logo green for 2 months Like if you agree
MR. MAPLE 7 month ago
1990: Money Doesn't Grow On Trees 2019: Trees Grow On Money
strong122 7 month ago
When YTbers become more dependable than politicians
Honest Insincerity 2 7 month ago
In addition to donating, I've started burning my neighbors lawn in the hopes of promoting tree growth.
TED-Ed 7 month ago
Hi Destin's Dad! Looks like the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. 😉🌳
s1 7 month ago
Life: "it doesn't have to look pretty, it has a job"
Lance Jajieh 7 month ago
Youtube: becomes infested with tree planting videos [everybody liked that]
JPG23 7 month ago
So we're just gonna ignore the name "Dr. Kush" for a tree planter? 😳🤔
His dad sounds like the most american guy in america🤣
Big Kryptic 7 month ago
There's like a bunch of channels who uploaded this at literally at the same time.
Aaron Rajala 7 month ago
Here in Finland there is really nothing, but trees.
Alex Boreham 7 month ago
“As long as there is a single shred of life, there is hope."—Nissa Revane
Matthew Hust 7 month ago
At 6:57 is when God got involved and said, "Let me Help you with some content".
Лия Милованова 7 month ago
so proud our siberian airline S7 airlines were the first to do this! this is one of the greatest initiatives ever. together we gonna make some change really
Mahuk 7 month ago
"Sorry, you can't donate in this country or region yet." Sorry Destin, seems like I can't donate from Chile. Guess I'll just go back to scream at my president and hope he renounces.
salaciousBastard 5 month ago
I know trees be like, "Plant me, my brother. Plant me."
Ahmad Badenjki 7 month ago
"They're gonna plant 20 million trees. How do we do that scientifically?" Linus has left the chat
Ask to seduce Miss 7 month ago
"They're gonna plant 20 million trees. How do we do that scientifically?" Linus has left the chat
Riju Chatterjee 7 month ago
My favorite part is "You've assembled spacecraft" "I have" xD
Just Some Bigfoot With Internet Access 7 month ago
I'll allow people to enter my forest to plant trees, I have a lot of places around here that are getting kinda thin
donkeyfacekilla1 7 month ago
“John Kush”? What kind of trees does he like!? 😂😂😂
Ivan Calderon 7 month ago
""You have assembled a spacecraft, you can do this!"
project music 7 month ago
Hey Genius, you can also just use ecosia as search webmashine, instead google!!😎 Ecosia planted over 70000000 trees🌿🌿
FromOnHigh 7 month ago
"It's not about one tree, it's about the entire ecosystem."
Daniel Kim 7 month ago
I'll never not love how wholesome smartereveryday is
Master of coin 7 month ago
8:20 *Heey, put me doown lady. Quit tortoisehandling me or I'm suing*
Iain Mackenzie 7 month ago
Destin. Can you tell us soon: "How much difference does 20 million trees make?" And when do we plant the next 20?
0MindSwept0 7 month ago
"Let’s say someone lives in Ohio for example" aww yeaaahhhh! I’ll say hi to Ohio for you ;p
Stussy o: 7 month ago
"Dr.Kush" yepp.. she deff picked the right profession lmao
Kevin Hagberg 7 month ago
When i clicked this, i did not expect to hear Doctor Kush talking about burning them Trees!
mezhdunami 7 month ago
finally internet started doing something for our planet 💜
Dinuja Senevirathne 7 month ago
Just a quick note: Dr.Kush is THE BEST NAME for someone involved with such an amazing project
Preston Holmgren 7 month ago
Smarter Everyday: How to grow 20,000,000 trees Slow mo guys: How to grow 20,000,000 trees at 20,000,000 fps
Lazy-K Farms 7 month ago
Love hearing that thick bama accent on your pops. Thanks for showing Auburn's programs off
salaciousBastard 5 month ago
7:46 What's this guy's thoughts on California wildfires and government regulations that don't allow people to burn brush on their own property in order to prevent them?
Caz Showalter 7 month ago
90s kids Only you can prevent forest fires 2019 let's do controlled man made forest fire.
Frog Plopper 4 month ago
3:41 It bothers me how raised his glasses are.
ilikenothingtoo 7 month ago
Tree scientist with the last name Kush, he's focusing on the wrong plants.
Jester 7 month ago
1:55 bruh that tree experts name was really John "Kush"
lgab 7 month ago
This video is so wholesome that I just nod and shake my head at the same time. In a good way of course.
Raghav Singh 5 month ago
3:43 Destin thought for a moment that whole idea of this video is screwed..
N Lemus 7 month ago
Hi, Destin! Thanks for being a part of the movement! I also really appreciate how up-front you are about your sponsors. See you in your next video!
Victor S 7 month ago
Veritasium: "Why trees are out to get you" SED: "How to plant 20 million trees"
EllieCantWhistle 7 month ago
Evan Hansen must be loving this whole project
FINAL_B 7 month ago
Great things happens when Engineering and Science make their way to find a solution to real world problems, in the right hands and minds of course.
sebastiantomas 7 month ago
love how your dad joined the cooking in the end! :D
adamushu 7 month ago
I love this, I'm studying forestry at Fleming college right now, bout to manage them forests.
Chrispewkreme 7 month ago
"Burn that tree" -Dr. Kush
Timmy M 7 month ago
Most satisfying advertisement in a YT video ever. Thank you, Hello Fresh! Thank you, SED! Now off to donating...
Krista Funk 7 month ago
I loved seeing you and your dad cooking together. <3
somanath panigrahi 7 month ago
7:57 There is Einstein
Levy Thompson 5 month ago
Thank you so much for the video! I love these. I hadn't yet heard the word silvics and I'm studying environmental science! God bless
kattt 7 month ago
Elon musk: **donates $20,000,001** Mrbeast: bruh
Jacob Hollon 7 month ago
Dr. Kush: Burn it Me: Way ahead of you!
Allen Browning 7 month ago
"Why would you plant trees when you can just tax CO2?" \s
Shaun Kelliher 7 month ago
I'm a forestry student in Wisconsin and I love your videos. I was enthusiastic when you uploaded a video about trees! Thank you so much and keep up the good work.
Paul Markey 7 month ago
Hey, Destin! I love watching your videos because it's just so wholesome. It is entertaining while also being very educational and informative.
Jordan Watson 7 month ago
you already know dr. john kush loves his trees 💨
Guilherme Carvalho 7 month ago
Absolutely awesome episode, one of the best views of the richness of a whole ecosystem. Really, really well done, congrats Destin.
Braseth34 7 month ago
Extremely interesting!! Thank you!
SnowCrasher 7 month ago
Gotta love keystone species! And this is sponsorship done well, when they also take part in donation and you also show how the product works well in family friendly manner.
Changed Playstyle 7 month ago
Youtubers: Plants 20,000,000 trees. Media: I'm gonna pretend I didn't see that.
Morgan Brady 7 month ago
Destin! I just realized you put a reference at the end of each video that is topically cohesive with the video! That is so cool and I love it!
Fahad 5 month ago
Great initiative, and praying for success! 8:00 onwards reminded me of these verses "Indeed, within the heavens and the earth are signs for the believers." (Qur'an 45: 3) "And on the earth are signs for the certain (in faith)." (Qur'an 51: 20)
I need 1,000 subscribers plz 5 month ago
2019: PLANTING 20,000,000,000 trees 2020: CLEANING THE OCEAN SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM
Johnny Blaze 6 month ago
Since you have a slow mo camera I would love to see how stuff get caught on fire in the macro level
Ike No Sike 7 month ago
The entire youtube sphere is blowing up with wholesome trees I'm weirdly hyped up about it all. Let's plant them trees guys!
Gary Fredricks 7 month ago
Just mow less. Trees will take over most land that average over 20" of annual precipitation in below the Arctic Circle.
Grey Riviere 7 month ago
Thanks for giving me a positive thing to be a part of. LETS DO THIS.
Marcel Storp 7 month ago
Brilliant project, donation done ✅
Mimi_ 5 month ago
Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for advertising team trees! We've reached our goal and even higher. <3
oxyLuna 7 month ago
Remember everybody, Dr. Kush recommends to burn them trees.
TheHugeBastard 7 month ago
Just donated! Thank you for this video, Destin!
IT N1nja 7 month ago
You were on Hwy 20!? Dang, I wish I knew you were up the road! I would have loved to meet you!
Carson Rowley 7 month ago
Reed Anuar 7 month ago
Every year we have forests fire all over the world. I wonder if the rate we plant trees is faster than the rate we lose trees. Can you please make a video on this topic?
Patrick Lawrence 6 month ago
Amazing to know how everything plays a crucial part on ecosystem in order to thrive. Another great video. Thanks!
Matt Hogan 5 month ago
Her: tortoise Destin: turtle
Elias Sarmiento 7 month ago
Alguien me explica como funciona esa pagina de (TEAM TREES)
vEIL sIDE 7 month ago
Your content is so well put together. Thank you.
Grin Reaper Of Trolls 7 month ago
People who bought elon musk’s flame thrower for casual gardening 😂
Elan C 7 month ago
YOURE IN MY TOWN! I love biophilia and ive been there multiple times for school trips
hen ko 7 month ago
2020: $1 = 1kg of plastic removed from the ocean
Amy 5 month ago
Thank you for helping team trees 🌲❤️
Emiya Chiro 7 month ago
woah, 5:47 that's totally different with the trees from equators
REALhacksDAILY 7 month ago
Dr. Kush: “burn it”
Ecospider5 7 month ago
The best video explaining ecosystems that I have ever seen. Fantastic content as always. Thanks
Joe Smoe 7 month ago
“Dr. Kush pulled up Grandaddy Purps farm.”
Toby Ra Om Tat Sat 7 month ago
ALSO, use "Ecosia" the free treeplanting search engine 🌱🌿🌲🌳 😋
Joanna 7 month ago
1:55 lmao it’s johnny kush
O'SSÉIN - Master Your Mind With Me 7 month ago
*All big channels are in cahoots* I like the word "cahoots"
Catherine Piekarek 7 month ago
Thank you for the educational information on trees...I didn’t know Silvics was involved to plant trees...Or at least the term and details... Thanks...
Yoshitoshi 7 month ago
Thanks man, your content is always valuable.
Rodro 7 month ago
"Because with joy you will leave and with peace you will return. The mountains and hills They will raise song before you and all the trees in the field will clap their hands"
David B 7 month ago
I love how her watch band matches her shirt. 😆😆😆😁
Hi Im APOP 7 month ago
Destin: "So... Longleaf Pine." Kush: "Longleaf pine." Destin: "What do I need to know?" Kush: *burn it* Destin: *wheeeze*
Catch_0x16 7 month ago
I bloody love this channel, and now, trees too!
kalinux 7 month ago
Seeing the thumbnails and titles from some of the other channels involved in this, I expected it to be a cynical and shallow click-bait stunt. With you and Gavin on board, I believe far more in the project from both an ethical and scientific standpoint. I hope most of my 100 trees will outlive me!