Confessions of Fast Food Employees

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🍔Still love fast food but hoping more businesses put their food lines in a position where customers can watch their food being made. Might give those of us who want to eat more fast food (but don't) peace of mind.

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Michael Wong 2 month ago
Note to self* Make sure to be behind Swoozie at Best Buy for checkout.
jaysolo 2 month ago
That homeless guy was Jesus and you had one shot 😂
Flo Dez 2 month ago
I used to work in fast food and I can honestly say I’ve never done anything like this, like I’ve never messed with someone’s food, I’ve never seen any of my coworkers do it ether...the worst we did was talk shit about the person after they left. It’s still rude but it’s not as gross as getting someone sick.
Merry Marauder 2 month ago
sWooZie: *Loves food* Me: How is this man’s not fat
Honey XOXO 2 month ago
If somebody in drive thru is being rude I just give them less napkins
Maple-boy 1641 2 month ago
Hey Swoozie (or anyone who reads my comment, thx for taking the time... it's a long one and sorry for the rambling if I do) Big fan I just wanted to say first, I love your videos and I love your stories... I got some of my friends hooked as well. I love each and everyone of your vids and I get a good laugh. But this one hit different. (Not in a bad way I still liked it a lot) my point is that what you said about trust and how it's hard to get it back, that hits hard for me. Rn I'm a dude in gr11 that is know by everyone as (and I hope people see me this way) the nice kid, the guy that's reliable, the dude that wants the best for everyone. Because that's the truth, I wish no bad on anyone without reason. But I've had my trust in girls practically destroyed. I have mostly all guy friends except for 2 goddesses who I've know for a long time and i love each of them like family. Both know about my trust issues with girls and don't give me reason to not trust them. I should probably explain. When I was in elementary school and still to this day, I'm a bigger guy, but I didn't let this define me. I worked my ass of to build a reputation to be nice and i still do my best to uphold it to this day. But i wish no bad upon them and i don't want to hurt them... but the girls in my grade... right up till I went to high school...they saw me not as someone who's overly nice but someone who is stupid. So they seemed to love to rip into to me... not in the good way. They made fun of my traditions, my interests and my body. They loved the fact that they thought I was too stupid to understand that they were making fun of me, but it was that I was too nice to say anything. Even to this day, the years of the crude comments, the humiliation of their pranks, and their laughter at me from behind my back... from around the corner... or right to my face... even after all that I don't wish them anything but the best. So even to this day... 3 years since I was able to escape those comments (and they still love to make fun of me) I'm always cautious about when I hear a girl say my name... not that it happens often but when I hear a girl likes me or maybe I get a sign about her liking me... I'm reminded of those times, and I push myself away... I'm sorry if I hurt ur feelings, but like swoozie said, it's hard to get that trust back. It doesn't help that all I want is to spoil the hell out of a girl, sneak up on her and give her a hug from behind, make her feel like nothing can harm her, make lunches for her, and cuddle with her till my arms hurt... sorry I got sidetracked. I want nothing but to be the reason why someone's smile shines the brightest when they see me. I want to be the person who changes a person's mood for the better as soon as they see me. What I mean is... thanks for being a good person swoozie, you help me stay strong and keep being nice when it seems too difficult to be... and thanks for reading my comment (if it's you swoozie or another fan.) I hope you have a great day and I hope that you make someone smile today... in a good way. Love from Canada ❤🇨🇦
SpeedHomeAttack 2 month ago
Imagine poisoning someone all because they were mean to you, and then being proud that you did it. Anyone who does that deserves to get punched in the face by Dwayne Johnson wearing brass knuckles. I worked in retail and fast food having to deal with many rude customers, so dont try me with the "You wouldn't understand" crap.
Gandalf Odinson 2 month ago
The “Ronald’s” I used to work at would never allow that type of behavior, the worst you would get would really old or really sloppy food for being rude, but we would never sabotage it, I thought about it only to once to this asshole dude, but I didn’t, because I’m better than that, the one your friend worked at was probably so bad because it was at a mall in a big city, at least that’d be my guess...
KoolAidKid 2 month ago
I literally work at a McDonald’s in California and no matter how rude ANYONE Is, I would NEVER do anything to mess with their food, and neither has anyone that works with me. Idk what kind of immature people swoozie was friends with but I’m hoping people don’t start thinking all fast food restaurants are like that.
RNA AK 2 month ago
Swoozie: were gonna call this Ronald’s. Me: riding pass McDonald’s
Xeniqsシ 2 month ago
“negative zero” that is a mathematical impossiblility
Angel0921 2 month ago
Swoozie:*About to give homeless man food* Homeless man:*Goes over to get it* Swoozie:*Drives away* Homeless man:”What a douchebag* Swoozie:”My goals are beyond your understanding”
just_ yas 2 month ago
“Pierre Want Me!” “Ooh, girl Pierre?” “Yes, girl, yes Pi-ERRE” “He cuter than a mug, I SWEALAGAWD!” 😭😂😂
Shadow Kissed 2 month ago
We all need to remember even though fast food is considered "essential" during this pandemic it doesn't mean the employees do not have feelings. We all are scared in one way or another. Be kind and thank a essential worker. My husband and I had to go through a drive thru the other day. When we thanked the drive thru worker she started to cry. Not only is the stress of working during this pandemic on her shoulders but at least 4 or 5 different cars before us were impatient and rude to her. One of the customers went as far as throwing the food in the bag at her face because the order that was given to them was meant for the car behind them. We do not know what anyone else is going thru even if the situation seems to be similar it isnt. Please keep that in mind and be respectful and kind to those who are having to work to make sure that you and your family has the essentials you need.
Aka Alyssa 2 month ago
It makes me so mad people actually do stuff like this
Kiki03000 version 2.0 2 month ago
Me: *Finds out that Swooz ALSO lives in Orlando AND has West Indian blood like me:* (Surprised Pikachu meme --> YEEEE!) Also, YAY, a new vid! Yay, I'm early!!
It’s Latasha 2 month ago
Stories like this makes me think they should give psych exams to people who work in fast food. Something has to be wrong with you if you think it is okay to mess with someone's food.
YK. Cj 2 month ago
Me : laughs Me two seconds later realizing I don’t like pickles on my Big Mac: WAIT
Tafari TV 2 month ago
Given Swoozies back stories..... was this the ‘RONALDS at the West Oaks Mall in Ocoee Florida 😂😂😂😂😂...... it’s no longer there anymore btw
Mythical Baller 2 month ago
I'm just waiting for something to comment their own story about this...
Sir Brucie 2 month ago
And people wonder why I only like Chick-Fil-A lol.
Tiana A. 2 month ago
My “Ronalds” once had a ROACH crawling in the screen of the frappe machine🤮🤢.
Onso-kumaru 2 month ago
"Psyche! See ya! Skrrrrr!!" I felt bad just watching that part, lmao
DeltA DrAx 2 month ago
If only the spit came BEFORE the grill. That way, the germs would be burned up!
WhoHatesJuTv 2 month ago
I thought swoozie wasn’t gonna give the homeless man that food, I’m like noooooo swoozie nooooo😂😂
Denneh 2 month ago
Swoozie: Aight, i ain't eatin' this... Homeless man: OoooOooo free food... Swoozie: *SIKE, CYA LATER SKRRRR*
HydroHarp 2 month ago
Me: Heh yea right *Chews in ronalds burger
UmmYeahOk 2 month ago
0:19 Love the “blurred” out signs. “Don’t you be trying to figure these places out!”
honey._b 2 month ago
*sweats nervously * I eat ronalds on a daily and after hearing these stories, I’m not sure if imma do that anymore
Princess Nat 2 month ago
Why am I shocked that he posted 😭 probably cause I’ve been watching 7yr old videos 😗
Mewnii 2 month ago
"Ooh gurl i finna get fired today i swurr ta gooor" BRUH IM DEEAD XD
The King Of Insanity 2 month ago
Okay everyone here's the plan: *We gotta drown Swoozie in fast food and we have to do it right*
BlackBlood 2 month ago
Am I the only person who doesn’t get annoyed when fast food workers get my food wrong? Like yeah it’s wrong but I’m not gonna bitch about it as long as they fix it and have no complaints. Everyone’s humans and we make mistakes. To whoever reads this I hope you have a good day or night! :)
ddqueen r. 2 month ago
Homeless man's perspective* Hey bro come get this free food... Swoozie* HAHAHA sike see ya sssskkkkkeeeeeerrrrrrttttttttt
Chelsea Coral 2 month ago
Me: Im going to start studying but let me just check youtube real quick. Swoozie: *posts new video* Me: SIKE!!!!!
J Sang 2 month ago
Imagine that homeless guy somehow became $rich and watched this
Jax Novawind 2 month ago
sWooZie could've easily sued that Checkers or, at the very least, got that employee fired. They broke a billion health code violations.
itsTeTe 2 month ago
At “Chess” I ask for no cheese (cause I have bad reaction to dairy if I eat it) they ALWAYS put cheese on it... last time I went... had to go back 3 separate times because they kept putting cheese on my burger... cheese costs extra too... so why are they gonna put no cheese on the receipt but put on the burger not charge me, I can’t ... no wonder that location closed... Oh! And they were not busy AT ALL was the only customer for like 30 minutes...
Ryann Sherman 2 month ago
There’s always a 50-75% chance the service at “Chess” is gonna be trash. Lol they always seem to hire anyone.
RoyalKnight_ 2 month ago
When someone was rude to me, I never gave them anything less than what was expected yet if someone was really nice to me, I gave them as much of a discount and free drinks as I could!
Lio Dio 2 month ago
when this whole covid 19 thingo ends swooze should make his own chain fast food restaurants and call it chez swoozez
hatchettwit 2 month ago
This is bringing so many bad memories of working at Wendy's and the Burger King around the corner from me. Hell that BK you come up friendly and polite and they look at you like you just insulted their mother, like how dare you make them prepare food. I have a great deal of respect and empathy for people busting their ass and trying to do a good job, but zero empathy for people being malicious for no good reason. Yall are as bad or worse than the customers that made me shake and cry from berating me for someone else's simple and easily corrected mistake. Figure out your trauma and get better, don't take your crap out on other people. Seriously, get help. A lot of states have mental health programs and they can help you work through your mess.
Sensei Richard 2 month ago
When I use to work at Carl's Jr, if you even had the thought of messing with someone's food you'd be fired on the spot.
Shaun Ceejay 2 month ago
I literally can't survive without your vids : ) lmao
Aaron Rodriguez 2 month ago
7:28 I thought my phone turn off with the audio still playing 😂
Zachariah Kim 2 month ago
I swear. Taco Bell forgets to give me one of my things on purpose half the time.
Slum Goods 2 month ago
2:14 reminded me of the spongebob episode where they though they killed the critic
Brady Gunter 2 month ago
Genius idea: Have a monitor outside that shows the kitchen making your food.
Timmy Hilfigures 2 month ago
“Ronalds” was my first job, & when u described the retaliation behavior if a customer was rude is def “Ronalds” employee energy lmfao
youngzy 2 month ago
Experience of my own- asked for a plain burger gave me a burger with every thing
ғɪʟʟ 1ɴ ᴛ҉ ʜ3 ʙʟᴀɴᴋs 2 month ago
So I can't even leave a bad review if the food is late or something funky just incase someone be lookin to cut my next meal with some dodgy additives. SMH.
Rodney Hill 2 month ago
I work at a Zaxbys’s and we don’t do that. The one guy who forgets to wear gloves gets roasted on a regular basis and if someone even joked about tampering with food they get suspended for a week
Monkey D. Zoro 2 month ago
*Had a best friend who worked at McDonald’s, told me his coworker spit terribly in someone sprite🤦🏾‍♂️ *My Boy was able to switch out the sprite with a new one but she also spit on the McDouble that he couldn’t switch...* NEVER HAD A MCCHICKEN AGAIN!!!!
Nicholette Dueñas 2 month ago
My mom’s a Karen, I fear for my life. Yk how much I fear this happening bc my mother does not know how to act like a decent human being 🥺
naem 2 month ago
I hate how accurate the "chess" depiction is, coming from someone who works there.
Mateo casillas 2 month ago
I died when he said “ and they he said , if we break up,ain’t nobody gon want meh!” Killed me
AwesomeThunder16 2 month ago
Swoozie: Yo want some food bruh Hobo: Ye, I'm comin over Swoozie: YEET
Execute 2 month ago
“Some of us got trust issues, we been hurt in the past” I can relate to this on an emotional level
Duchi 2 month ago
"Once the trust is gone, its hard to get back" *ReviewBrah:* I feel you my friend. There was this one time wherein my disappointment was immeasurable and my day was ruined after eating a Fast Food take out.
Lisa Snails 2 month ago
I feel bad for the homeless man 😢 he was like Yes! Finally my first meal in 3 days! Then.... skeeeeert!! He drives of 🚗 💨 🍔 😢 if the guy still alive he most likely still gets sad that ppl treat him like garbage. 💔
samuraiboy497 2 month ago
0:05 I’m with you I used to go to this Wendy’s on my block a lot loved them cheaper and better than mc Donald’s but after eating there food for a bit I got really sick I had bad headaches and everything sounding loud for days it was so bad I had to get out of the house so I would not feel the pressure
RoxieAngel 2 month ago
One time I went to a “Ronald’s” and I asked for the chicken strip meal. When I get back to the house I was staying I found someone gave me a rib sandwich that looked like it was pulled from the trash 😑
GeeksMilanymous 2 month ago
A cheeseburger from Ronald's reminds me of all the other shows that slightly changed the name of the restaurant (e.g. Chappelle Show - WacArnold's). And I love it every time...Ba da ba ba baah...
Awkward Stuff 2 month ago
I remember working at this place, let’s just call it King Shaffle, and my manager, let’s call him Dave, was so strict about how food is made and were careful of not trying to ruin the reputation. One day this woman, let’s call her Karen, started to shout and was very rude to the manager, so Dave spat in her food and dropped the burger on the floor and gave it to her. He just walks back and tells me “Don’t ever lose your cool or you will end up doing what I just did”.
Jessica Rabbit 2 month ago
A lot of us place custom orders because we have allergies... love when people take it like a personal offence as if we're trying to be difficult on purpose lol
Dante Stringer 2 month ago
Did anyone else notice he losing subscribers
Hawkk 2 month ago
For those who don’t know, the restaurants he mentions are; McDonalds Wendy’s Checkers
Xpozm 2 month ago
You should’ve told the homeless person why you didn’t want it, then let him decide if he still wanted it or not.
Epitome Fox 2 month ago
When I worked in a coffee shop, we'd give decaf to rude people or let the espresso shots sit a few extra seconds on the machine so they'd go stale, or burn the milk in their lattes. I'm not proud of some of the things I did, but those shifts were EARLY! But I never did anything that could make someone sick.
joesr31 2 month ago
Should have taken the food as evidence and complained to the management. Idk why there are comments here justifying their behaviour, this should not be acceptable in any line of work, they should be fired and maybe even charged for food tampering (its a felony btw)
Amanda Spars 2 month ago
When you said you saw the homeless guy, I'm like "Adande, you didn't!"
The Foxy Rider 2 month ago
I"ve worked in food for 5 years. I can tell you honestly I have WANTED to give it my special sauce and some seasoning from the back road if you know what I mean but never did because im not a horrible person. You will get terrible people but because they want something slightly different doesnt entitle you to be gross to their food. I have had people try really hard to get me fired because I wouldnt give them 50% discount or free food and even then I was professional.
NoVaFaDe 2 month ago
One time at a drive thru this girl dropped my burger and still wrapped it and gave it to me like I didn’t see her do that, so I looked at it, opened it and proceeded to throw it in her face and left
DoomGuy 2 month ago
Let someone get a black mom's order wrong, it's gonna be a damn warzone.
troy72 y 2 month ago
"I swore to Guhhhhh!!!!!"
Switchblade362 2 month ago
Th owner always watched us when we made food on the cameras but if someone pissed us off wed either do the order but make it with 50% less ingredients or we over seasoned tf outta of it only if they were assholes though if we were overworked or had a complicated order wed just curse but the owner let us bring in our speakers so wed all take turns playing music so wed be calmer
Jimmy Pesto 2 month ago
The "Ghetto girl" scene with the stereotypical names wasn't it. Especially since it's Swoozie. We know he's black... but not really.
M H 2 month ago
My friend ordered a cheeseburger with just ketchup, got everything on it. Went right back through the drive thru to let them know. They took forever making a new one, but they put everything on it once again, after we told them multiple times. Ended up going to a different McDonald’s that got it right.
Mark Stanton 2 month ago
I've always been super strong on the "be nice to those who prepare your food" thing! If I go somewhere enough that the staff begin to recognise me, even better! You get in good with the food people, and you're set!
ay ru 2 month ago
"from slim to -0" i think you just gave my math teacher a heartattack while watching this
Yeamee 2 month ago
You already know my dude talking g about McDonald’s and Checkers 🤣
ThatB_Sophie 4 2 month ago
I died when he said “I sweta goooouud”😂
Jeremy Shaw 2 month ago
Swoozie made up Brianna’s job and then there’s me from Ohio with “Jeni’s Ice Cream.” 🤔🤔🤔
Nicol Quick 2 month ago
“I swear to gaw” had me wheezing from laughter
Yello 2 month ago
7:38 I lowkey think sWooZie is sans now (sans from undertale) like if u agree
Nespolo 2 month ago
Why is there always that one upset black black girl at Wendy’s or McDonald’s
Sleazy45 Gang 2 month ago
Who else knew this was McDonald’s and Wendy’s 😂
Allen Cox5 2 month ago
Swoozie a real one yo, not even family cares as much as he do man
Vongola Ottavo 2 month ago
no one: the homeless guy: heart ❤️ been broke 💔 so many times ⏰ iiiii👁 don’t 🤷‍♀️ know 💭 what to believe 🙏 yea 👍 mama 🤰say 🗣 it’s my fault, my fault 👎 i wear my heart ❤️ up on my sleeveee👕
Imani Henry 2 month ago
“Welcome to chess” 😂
Sgt DeBones 2 month ago
"Chess" yeah, I love Rally's too
Consure 2 month ago
Nobody: Swoozie: *impossiberr*
KhoPhi 2 month ago
"AMERICA EXPLAIN, what do you mean by 'Arkansaw'"
Tre Simons 2 month ago
By now Swoozie is just hiding the beard from us...
DaZe RAPIDZz 2 month ago
“I just drive off” 😂😂😂
XxAnonymousBeastxX 2 month ago
Nice seeing swoozie going back to his roots
Jay Love 2 month ago
That lady at chess is hilarious🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣her voice
moragz97 2 month ago
"It was ODIOUS!".... Almost fell of my chair
Shaun Gillard 2 month ago
Swoozie:heart been broke so many times i-i- dont know what to eattttt
Gamer3dx OG 2 month ago
My mom told me to stay on the employees good side cause she seen people be rude to employees and they would spit in their food.