Snoop Dogg hosts and calls first period of the LA Kings game (FULL)

16K views • 3 month ago
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Rapper, actor, entrepreneur, and media personality Snoop Dogg hosts 90's night and steps into the booth to call the 1st period as the Los Angeles Kings face the Colorado Avalanche

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Donte and Friends 3 month ago
Surprised he didn’t say “Split.... the defense” like he does in NHL20
James Fitzpatrick 3 month ago
This sounds much better than him saying the same 3 things in chel
Eric Benevides 3 month ago
Like a game of chel😂😂😂
Long Island Avenger 3 month ago
Ron burgundy is the best commentator of all time but snoop is still pretty damn good.
Terry's TTM's 3 month ago
It’s scary how much this sounds like Chel 😂
Afa 3 month ago
They do seem really energized in this clip
shane appelle 3 month ago
Paalupaikallain 3 month ago
Just SPLIT the defence, SPLIT the defence
OilersFan23 3 month ago
This was enjoyable for me
SupermanHopkins 3 month ago
The white girl to his left is just a little bit too excited. 😂
Joseph Rabb 3 month ago
Comments: He don’t know hockey Still knows more about hockey than half the people that post hockey comments on YouTube. 😂😂😂 I can let the basketball terms slide I guess since that’s exactly what the same play would look like on hardwood. Or, maybe because this is just having a good time and some of us need to lighten up? Edit: I swear no pun was intended.
L G R W 3 month ago
That’s the islanders?? -snoop dogg nhl 20
Al Oevera Plant 3 month ago
Hate it when I forget to turn off celebrity commentary in chel
David Ellis 3 month ago
To Bad The Kings are not good this year ! Snoop is the King of 🏒 ! Word.
Chris Koehn 3 month ago
Ha Snoop had me cheering for the Kings!
The Hitman 3 month ago
8:55 Snoop design a goalie mask? Oh boy, why do I see a blunt hanging out some lips and a bag of gin and juice at the temple with an IV being injected into the neck.
Ben Platt 3 month ago
2:00 lol
CJN 3 month ago
NHL needs more rich gangbangers to be more diverse. He’s even throwing up a crip gang scene. Good job NHL.
football swag 197 3 month ago
What a legend ❤️❤️❤️
jackson schmitt 3 month ago
I need snoop calling more games!
Michael Casimer 3 month ago
Imagine don cherri and snoop together on a show.
Antonio Hernandez 3 month ago
Honestly these Jerseys are better than they're actually homes
Russell Reddy 3 month ago
Love snoop dogg!
Omega Outfitters 3 month ago
I remember when snoop was wearing ducks stuff after they won the he’s kings...just more evidence that Kings fans are bandwagon.
Clayton CASEY 3 month ago
I think it's funny that they got this video up but yet the NHL's f****** soon!!!
Riley Kunath 3 month ago
But he does the second period
OlaGolme 3 month ago
in 2020 he is going to criticized for calling her "baby"
BuffaloMafia716 3 month ago
Imagine paying 60 bucks for a sports game
Orbital LUG780 Meme 3 month ago
Lil J 3 month ago
TheQuestion andtheanswer1 3 month ago
More of this NHL plz 😀🙌
MontréalPlayoffsHockey 3 month ago
Such a legend
Kevin Woods 3 month ago
ChristianXTV 3 month ago
Chel in real life be like
Bass Town Ncs 3 month ago
amazing video
Brandon Wong 3 month ago
vedicardi 3 month ago
get the money. who want the money
Bass Town Ncs 3 month ago
lovely video
Evan Thompson 3 month ago
Idk why people are complaining about this, have some fun ffs
Shifu Matt 3 month ago
Pls no. He is not good at this.
bluntlysnipes 3 month ago
Well it is clear now that Snoop knows nothing about hockey like he claims to.
Kevin Shields 3 month ago
What a legend
magpiemaniac 3 month ago
I wish you could turn OFF his commentary appearances in NHL20. It’s annoying like the shizzel banizzel or whatever the heck he mutters.
orphanof CROM 3 month ago
Snoop sucks, fake gangster
Anthony Anderson 3 month ago
I wish Snoop would just go away.
Kevin Shields 3 month ago
Wish someone scored
SupermanHopkins 3 month ago
34 country music fans disliked this video.
Mr Goodman 3 month ago
Just as annoying as Chel 20
James Schuit 3 month ago
Why let this filth call a game? Of course because it’s filthy CA
Dirk Diggler 3 month ago
That was painful!👎
bardownaint 3 month ago
just literally anything to stay relevant.
David Martin 3 month ago
Right let’s ghettoize hockey now smh
Dominick Efrim 3 month ago
Not a fan. Snoop is lame. 🖕