THE REAL ZODY.. *Official Trailer*

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Wow. This series is going to be a rollercoaster. So many emotions, and feelings all added up to create this series. I can't spoil too much, but I hope you enjoy. Here. It. Is.

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THE REAL ZODY.. *OFFICIAL TRAILER* FT. Cody Orlove & Zoe Laverne
Isabelle Carter 2 month ago
This shows that y’all have issues just like the rest of us. I can’t believe that your posting this. I’m happy that people will now see who you are and what you really go through and that y’all are just normal people. I love you guys lots! ❤️❤️
Riley Peterman 2 month ago
“I texted you and asked you if we were broken up or not and you just ignored me I’ll pull up the messages” does that mean there breaking up 💔
Giuliaaa The best 2 month ago
This shows how much they have been through. I don’t understand why people still hate on them.(Zody is still together don’t worry 🥺💕). They deserve to have there own opinion so leave them alone don’t hate on them please. ZODY FOR LIFE. People should understand why cody and Zoe made this it is amazing 🥺💕🍩🐮!!
Bella Milkshake 2 month ago
This is awesome I wish everybody was like this in the real world like gosh it’s so painful to tell the truth and stuff but this is why I love them they actually say what happened like stop putting hate on them like this is not how people should be treating eachother you’re wasting ur freaking time hating on them if u hate on them u must really have the guts to be a jerk like wth would u do that you need to get reach better goals than just hating people u are just so rude do u have anything better to do with your self like Cody and zoe are awesome people they deserve no hate ..😭 ~ Milkshake_.lav from TikTok..
Kambria 2 month ago
This made me want to cry. It shows how nobody is perfect and that you need to just let things go and not let them bother you even tho it can be rough
kerri driggers 2 month ago
Those comments”clown””ugly““cheater“those words hurt them so much i get they both made mistakas but come on everyone does and if there happy let them be happy pls (stop the hate)i support u guys threw everything ilu guys sm🥺im paridise...laverne from tiktok ilu guys
Just Charlie June 2 month ago
“The real Zody?!” Like I’m so confused when I first heard about this I thought it would just be kind of like a movie of what already happened but now I feel like they were hiding something from us for this whole time...
Shiny_AngelGirl !! 2 month ago
i’m just glad y’all are ok! y’all deserve the world! ignore those haters don’t listen to them they are just jealous of y’all! love y’all!🥺💖
Mariana Jimemora 2 month ago
I love this bc nobody is perfect.They should be their own self and stay positive ♥️
Zonut Laverne 2 month ago
Azzilynn Hayes 2 month ago
Aww this made me cry 😭 I don’t like seeing zoe cry I like when she’s happy and Cody I don’t u to be upset bc I love y’all
Kailee Mae 2 month ago
This shows that everyone makes mistakes. Nobody is perfect! Life is a roller coaster! Life will never be easy. I hope people understand this, y’all are a perfect example of a miracle couple and I hope to be able to forgive someone like Cody did even though it’s so difficult! Nobody think that after a hard part in your life is done, there will be no harm left because there will be!❤️❤️😇😇😘😘🥰🥰
Blackroeses girls 2 month ago
I can’t wait to see the series, I’m crying even tho it’s just a trailer
Stephany Zazueta-Magana 2 month ago
When Zoe and Cody broke up the first time it made me cry so much Bc Zoe didn’t mean to be with that guy but thank god they got back together on 11•08•19
Tangy Daddy 2 month ago
Bro this comes out on my birthday so this is gonna be the best birthday present ever
Katy Samiljan 2 month ago
Guys stop hating on them! This comes to show that they are humans! WORDS HURT. How would you feel if you were them?💖
Sydnei's Show 2 month ago
Aw bro this is rlly gonna hit me ! Omg people these days just make me so sick ! Just treat people how u wanna be treated ! ♥️🥺
Jenna Thibodeau 2 month ago
ok don’t say “IT’S OUT” when you only posted a freaking trailer.
Carys Evans 2 month ago
I think Zoe has learned from her mistake I can’t imagine ZODY not being a thing anymore 🥺
Jaysxxedits 2 month ago
i love zody 🥺❤️ it is so strong and i can’t imagine you guys apart again. zody is forever 🥺💓 i have loved watching you guys grow up together and to be honest, sometimes i want to cry when i watch your story. you 2 always have each others back and that is amazing. i love zoe and cody and they are strong. together, you guys seem much happier 🥺💖
Alexis Payette 2 month ago
This is so sad that they publicly have to explain their whole story just because people can't get over it. If they can then why can't people who have honestly nothing to do with them. Just let it go people!
Karley Abbott 2 month ago
Ok yes Zoe has messed up yes she has made a mistake y’all can’t act like y’all have never made them and if Cody forgives her then that’s all that matters why don’t y’all just put it behind y’all 🥺
julia & diana 2 month ago
this shows how no relationship / person is perfect. you guys have been through hell and back but you still managed to end up together.
Peyton Isabella 2 month ago
honestly just let it go guys, that was the past, nobody is perfect, they have been thought things like us, there’s like no need to continue on hating them we should move on and wait till the future to see where everything goes love you zoe and Cody!🥺💘
Lauren Goodyear 2 month ago
watching this has broken my heart..
bxbblyysoap roblox 2 month ago
I’m literally crying 😭 they really did show that some people make mistakes and no ones perfect, but u can ride from ur ashes and again, be happy and know that your happy in your life with the people who support you 🥺 (ima zonut and a cow and my TikTok acc is cloud.zlp.x !!! I’m going to socials your to 🤗
LATIFA BABE 2 month ago
Dear whoever is reading this if you're reading this I just want to let you know you are beautiful and you are loved by many I hope you're doing good in life and I wish you the best for life and hope you're all well. Also this message is to make people happy cause it makes me happy to make other people happy so if you're having a hard time this is for you too. 💞💞💞💯
Its_mari_xx 2 month ago
They can’t live with out each other they love each other pls never break up and yes we have to know our real family 🤟🏼❤️😌
Snuggle Laverne 2 month ago
This makes me so sad 😭 Cody we are here for you!
Sienna Morgan 2 month ago
Nobody understands what a single person has been through, but this 🥺 is just a great idea, inspirational but at the same time 🥺 sad and its gonna be hard to understand but im gonna try and i love you guys ❤️💞
Sunflower tingz 2 month ago
It’s not just a relationship is a family. We’re supposed to be here for them. Just let them move on. They are great people and even if she made a mistake don’t bring her down everyday about something she instantly regretted and made right from that day forward. I love you guys so much. I want you guys to know I’m always gonna be here for you. You may not know who I am but I know who you are. You are nice and caring people. Even when these people hurt you know you can talk to me. I would give my life up for both of yours. You are such an amazing couple and I will always love you both. You deserve the world. And never forget that I’ll be through it all with you. I will be here when your down. I just want to see smiles on your faces. Through it all I’ll be here.
Samantha Delgado 2 month ago
“But I literally love you and I want you back but you just treat me like this”😭😢🥺💔
McKennas Makeup 2 month ago
If they broke up again I'm going to die...
The potatoes!! ! 2 month ago
No one is perfect no one has a perfect life we are all like that we still love and appreciate y’all-angelina❤️🦋❤️
Landen Strang 2 month ago
Morgan Boughton 2 month ago
This just shows that what their haters say really hurt. People need to know to let them move on. They can live their own life. The story of Zody isn’t perfect. Nothing is. Please let them go. 🥺
tom holland wifeee yes I love him 2 month ago
Fr tho ppl are heartless u guys made a mistake isnt that wat everyone does and u have learnt from the mistakes u guys are better now the people giving hate wanna bring you down.Zoe and Cody u are inspirational humans u guys and some other celebs are the reason I'm still here you bring a smile to my face I didnt wanna be here anymore but you guys made sure im here Billie Eilish Cody and Zoe you are really inspiring my tik tok is spider_weasleyzlp btw I wanted to make a ZODY acc but I couldn't im getting ZODY merch 2 I just wanna say you guys are perfect and dont let the haters let you down you have millions of people who love you and remember that I will always be one 💚🥺
Brianna Guzman 2 month ago
Cody: I know I’m happier without her Me: no ur not. 😭
Marianna Hernandez 2 month ago
This almost made me cry i love you guys ZODY FOREVER
D U L C E ! 2 month ago
0:53 wow she’s so baddie just for doing that look 🙄🙄
Holly Diedling 2 month ago
People need to stop hating on them.They are in love and that’s all that matters
Emma Miller 2 month ago
This shows even the cutest couple isnt always the happiest. "How are we supposed to move on to this if you guys never let it go?" "I love you and you just treat me like this" Stop hating on them. Everyone is human. I dont know why yall cant LEAVE people alone if you dont like them. They are the sweetest people ever, they dont desever to be called names, told to die, have hatepages made, etc. Stop with the hate and share the love. I love you Zoe and Cody dont let them get to you they dont desever your time, emotions,Happiness, etc. Love you cows and Zounts💖💖💖💖
Meka Schoenknecht 2 month ago
This made me sad:( I came from Insta live to see this and this is what makes love stronger. Sharing how u feel about the pat and the triughr shit you have been through. This shows no one is perfect. I can't wait for the next episode. How are they suppost me move on when all people do is hate on them? It's not nice. It's there life. And Cody and Zoe were all here for u. If you need us❤💖
Aleah Ryan 2 month ago
I’m not crying you are🥺❤️ ilysm Zoe and Cody💕 what happened is in the past and I know that Zoe will never do anything like that again. She has become a better person so the haters can stop hating on them
Susan Nixon 2 month ago
This just shows how much they regret everything (I’m a child it’s my moms account)
Life with Jayla 2 month ago
The fact that you guys even have to tell what you went through is messed up it your life’s and we are supposed to be here to support you A.k.a. that’s why I we are called your supporters thank you for giving us a look into your life and I LOVE YOU ZODEY❤️✨
idkkk 2 month ago
Awe I love you guys this made me tear up a lil bit y’all are literally amazing🥺❤️😭
Talor Kometscher 2 month ago
It wants everyone know that its hard without someone you love and letting them go its hard i lost be best friend but its hard to not cry over someone youblove and thats it right hre you guys showing so love to let everyone know its ok to be without someone you know some people think that its hard and not hard but we love you cows❤🐄❤
fuzzers brownie 2 month ago
Omg how did this make me cry I love u guys so ftiking much u have to stay with her and love her life without her wolf be mirobole to zoe plz shes my idole I love her and she the best love u to cody u r the best to. My life would be misrobole without u dating her love guys so much love drip to!🥰🥵😘💕💖💗
Roblox Rebecca 2 month ago
this just proves nobody is perfect, but we can all improve. this is inspirational and i love this video. clearly you both have been through hard things but you pushed through it! and the haters may not have been through that: they dont know how it feels. i love you both sm🥺
Lena Hussein 2 month ago
wow, super excited. still unbelievable how so many people are living the past, it’s okay to move on and i think everyone needs to move on. if we are stuck in the past looking at are worst moments is that going to help you no. if you are not happy with there realtionship there’s no point to hate just don’t be so caught up in there negative parts in there realtionship while there were many good parts, zoe LEARNED from he mistake i think we should respect that and move on. keep zody going :)
Madison Wall 2 month ago
I can’t wait and what ever happens in the future I will always support you❤️❤️ the past is the past and there’s nothing we can do about it💕 it is what it is and I hope one day everyone can let go of what happens after all it was not there life and never forget for every hater there are one hundred supports ily💖💖
Jadyn Ryan 2 month ago
this is gonna be good and great job so far. and y’all are amazing to show people this. thank you
Karina Campbell 2 month ago
Y’all need to stop let them do what they want. They love and care about each other there going through a lot. And most of you guys don’t care cuz it’s not your problem. They have been with each other for a long time and if they want to keep it going they can.
smexygirl.4 2 month ago
no ones perfect people make mistakes and cody has loved her since day one love can’t go away and zoe made a mistake. the mistake can’t go away or forgotten...but love stays put, the past is the past and haters will just have to be ignored till then may zody be married🥺💛
Jayci Alba 2 month ago
I can't wait to see the whole journey I've supported you guys thought everything you do and everything you love. I just want to let you Zoe and Cody know that us Zonuts, cows, and Zody supporters will never stop supporting you guys because you are wonderful in every way no matter what. Let them be happy . They choose to love each other. It isn't yours so let it go. Love you guys so much. ( tiktok: jayci.alba2990)
keela mohammed 2 month ago
Omds everyone makes mistakes okay zoe and Cody rnt perfect no 1 is okay I aint tryna b mean buh tell me suin y r people so mean like jeez can't u leh ih go she made a mistake like everyone u people r jst obsessed wid making people feel like the 1 mistake they did cud ruin everything so plzzz for the sake of god let it go ohk! I luv u Cody and zoe so much and I hope the best for ur future xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx oh nd sorry if I was being mean itz jst I feel terrible for zoe and Cody ohk so soz if I was mean lysfm Cody and zoe!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
-Gacha_Uwu- 2 month ago
Are we all just gonna forgive Zoe? She cheated on Cody TWICE, taught fans how to self harm and said the n word!
Your_Gurl :3 2 month ago
I’m just sad:( it feels like 2020 was so hard I can’t move on I go were you guys go. Ya all Zody fans and Zonuts can’t handle it we all love you guys and want it forever ♾ LOVE YOU BOTH😖❤️💔🖤
Jayleens_ Edits 2 month ago
When is the series coming really out i really wabt to watch it ily zoe and cody keep going and ingore the haters there just jealous of your perfect relantionship now there just obessed yes it there opinion but you dont have to say it out to the world words hurt if they were you they would be hurt to they just dont think thats why you think before you say and treat others how they wouod be treated im i zount and i love your content ily keep strong hope later in life people will forget about all of this and you will live happily forevera💞
Just love Girl 2 month ago
I legit can’t freakin wait when it comes out imma just click on it even if I’m busy and I wanna know the real story..
Jaidelin Ramirez 2 month ago
Now you can see how hard it was for them I’m crying I never taught it was this bad Zoe crying is the most painful thing🥺❣️
Unnamed Channel 2 month ago
I waited so long for a 1 minute trailer 😪
Paige Nielsen 2 month ago
Honestly people do need to let stuff go. The stuff that’s happened between them has happened and is done they both are amazing. We all should keep mean opinions to ourselves because it brings other people down and ruins peoples relationships when it doesn’t need to. We all make mistakes and we all need to understand that.
NaniTube 2 month ago
This literally shows that just because you can see that they look so perfect but deep down nobody is
Hanna Foreman 2 month ago
IM SO CONFUSED.... I knew something was up because when I looked back on his channel knowing that something big is going to happen, because most youtubers do not post when there coming up with something big... Cody you and Zoe are the most awesome youtubers I watch.. Love your videos!!
Kaylee Cerda 2 month ago
Aww🥺 I cant wait to see it and I can tell that y’all have put so much work in this and I will make sure me and all my friends watch it 🥺💔 it takes time no one is perfect 😭 I love you and Zoe both and whatever it takes I’m always here for y’all I’m Zody/ zonut/ cow forever and always I love y’all so much and hopefully one day y’all know that 🥺👉🏻👈🏻
cookieplayz 2 month ago
Dear Zoe Laverne Pemberton , we ALL make mistakes and sometimes they r big sometimes they r small but when we make mistakes we clean up the mess and move on , but it seems like no matter how many times u clean up the mess the haters think there is still a stain in their way , so u stand up and u say “ NO , TAKE THIS CLOTH AND CLEAN IT UP YOUR GODDAMN SELF” and I know it’s hard I was told to kill myself but I just said 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕😂😂😂 and ignored them KEEP ON SHINING BBY LOVE UUUU 💞💞💞💞💞💞🥺🥺🥺🥺 xoxo glitter._.laverne.zlp xx 💓💓💓💓
Sofia Heggie 2 month ago
Nobody is perfect Cody we’ve been through hard times I understand that this is hard for you to post and we are here to support you through everything that has happened
Teegan Vlogs 2 month ago
Bruh this made me cry and nobody is perfect and everyone needs to know that 🥺
Julia Tortsz 2 month ago
I’m crying like this is so sad but amazing how they take time to do this🥺
Princess Bae_K! 2 month ago
2 month ago
dude, i’m not a fan of zoe or cody but this looks juicy
Sylvia Braka 2 month ago
I can’t take it how ppl just keep saying rude comments and stuff to Zoe and Cody it’s their life and they’re happy let them live she made a mistake, a choice and she regrets it more than anything can’t u see that? We’re all human we do stuff we don’t mean too sometimes. She did the wrong thing and she knows but Zoe has moved on and became a better person, u don’t have to bring a person down. Please think before u type a comment or just don’t write one. Love u Cody and Zoe❤️ I hope u two stay forever happy💕❤️
Mia Gaming 2 month ago
I’m praying that they’re still together 😭
Tanya Quintanilla 2 month ago
When Zoe started crying hits different 🥺🥺🥺
Farah Zaldivar 2 month ago
This really woke me up and made me realize that life is a full place of love and happiness but also there's some crazy shit that happen in the middle of all that love and happiness witch is hate. This has killed so many of our loved ones and probably someone you've sit next to. So many amazing ppl are out there trying to stop it and Its not the world we want to live in. Cody and Zoe are really in love, how I know is bc they stick up for each other when there's hate and are always making me feel a positive energy. I do thank God that theres ppl like them in my eyes. Thank you.
Ryanne Pickard 2 month ago
When’s it coming out!!
Angeles Hernadez 2 month ago
I can’t believe this amazing people have to go through this hate like they deserve more then this they deserve LOVE cause there AMAZING.🥺❤️❤️❤️
Sarahi Sanchez 2 month ago
Y can't y'all just let them be happy yes there not a perfect couple but nobody's perfect "if u dont have something nice to say then don't say anything anything at all"just LET IT GO plus if u don't like them then y r u going to come and watch there videos don't worry zody were here for y'all, to support love y'all💓
Talor Kometscher 2 month ago
I cant stop watching its so hard to stop loving someone
sara Smiles 2 month ago
Idk why ppl hate on ppl that went threw hard times🥺and everyone makes mistakes and haters don’t realize that ppl have feelings 😔and u guys for really went threw a hard times😔just don’t let the hate get to u🥺🤍And if u have something bad to say just keep it in the inside bc ppl do have feeling🥺🤍😔
Abigail Staben 2 month ago
I've been following you guys on ticktock// musically for years now. And I know what happened but I was never one to stalk the drama, your lives are yours. You two are my favorite creators and deserve so much more then what people want you to have.
Valen Licya 2 month ago
When those haters says "Ain't My Fault" It feels like I want to punch them So Badly!.Keep Strong Zody!❤
_Basic_bonnie _ 2 month ago
It shows how much you love each other it’s so sweet it almost made me cry 😭 I can’t wait for the next one .
Janelle Dennis 2 month ago
Omg I'm actually crying rn ilysm I follow u on tiktok and I really wont to know why this is so sad ilysm cody and zoe I will always ship zody ily guys so much and remember that, the people that hate on u need to stop just remember always keep ur head up guys ok🥺🥺😭😭😭
Indy Grooteman 2 month ago
This is just the reason why im crying 3 times straight because all this people cant let it go but zoe is changed she can't do this anymore youre both strong and so loyal at this piont of your relationship Ly both❤😗🥺
zoesberri 2 month ago
when Zoe disappeared that got me 🥺
Katelyn South 2 month ago
can y’all let it go i just can’t imagine them not being together again🥺
Rose_theFrappuccino 2 month ago
People don’t have a heart some times, some all the time! Y’all have been through a lot of things. People need to leave the past in the past and get over it! I can’t believe that people do that! But the best thing to do is ignore them, sometimes it can be hard or super hard, like now and that’s why y’all made this, but don’t worry those are just haters for no reason bc they just wanna do that bc there actually really obsessed bc I was them I wouldn’t even say anything about you. But y’all are my favorite people in the whole universe! And people don’t think now. But take your time and do what ever you need to💞💝🖤🖤🖤
Sara Mcavan 2 month ago
Omg that was so sad when Zoe started crying I could just feel her pain. 💖❤️😭
Lora Paul 2 month ago
I’m actually going to miss zody together 😭❤️🥰
Alexa Mijares 2 month ago
I still can’t believe there getting hate because of that. That was a mistake no one is perfect, we all make mistakes. The deserve the world. I love you Zody 💞❤️🥰
Grace Catherine 2 month ago
Who still loved Cody and Zoe the exact same through EVERYTHING because we have enough human decency to know it’s not our place to judge. ✋🏻💜
sophieee 2 month ago
I can’t wait for the show to come out. I just want to make sure u guys know that I love u both so much! U guys are amazing people and I’ve been a fan every since Zody started day one. I will always be a zody supporter no matter what happens and what journey u guys go through. Love u both ❤️❤️🥺
Phionah Sisson 2 month ago
I'm not crying...nope I'm not...😭 This just broke my heart. I love you both so much!!!
AngelicDude 2 month ago
Why am I crying 😭💙
Mad Dog 2 month ago
I’m here for this. everyone makes mistakes and you guys have moved on and gotten stronger. people need to leave it alone it’s not any of there business. 🥺🥰
Cass Munro 2 month ago
Yes no one is perfect. They have come a long way and people have to let the past go
Layla Playz ROBLOX. 2 month ago
This shows The real them and How we arent perfect This warms my hart💖