The 2020 Lexus RX350 F Sport is Amazing

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2020 Lexus RX350 Review by The Straight Pipes. The 2020 Lexus RX350 F Sport has a 3.5L Naturally Aspirated V6. Would this be your pick over the BMW X3 or BMW X5, Acura RDX, Mercedes GLC or Mercedes GLE, Audi Q5?

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TheStraightPipes 5 month ago
What do you think of the updated RX350?
Seth Durand 5 month ago
“Omg that felt reliable” 😂
Max Weber 5 month ago
Well... the intro is a little bit better now, but I still prefer the old one :/
hala is cool 5 month ago
Intro is way better than the last one, but I still miss the older one :( I don’t rlly like this or the other one, the older one was iconic
MaxSpeed 5 month ago
That red interior is gorgeous! Crazy how you don't need to buy a top trim german car in order to get very similar luxury/performance these days
iPerineum 5 month ago
Oh man guy's 😂 The piano sounds in the gloss black part killed me.
Konstantinos 5 month ago
Please Bring Back The Original Intro !! And Reduce The Music Volume ...
Armin Abdi 5 month ago
The music on the intro is too loud.
Johny24 5 month ago
The redundant Jakub stats at the very beginning made me rewind due to high music levels and lack of visual stats
Tanmay Jamwal 5 month ago
14:10: this is why you need 2 car reviewers! Doug: 😢😢
Darksyne 5 month ago
90% of comments about the intro The other 10% are actually about the car 😂
psumiz 5 month ago
The touchpad is actually very good, idk why every reviewer give it a bad name. If u get used to it, its actually the best, better than bmw
Cole Johnston 5 month ago
I'm so glad ya'll got rid of the "Here's what to expect in this video"!! Love you guys!
motomusiq 5 month ago
Love hearing that naturally aspirated V6. This motor is going to live past the apocalypse
Ben Hanson 5 month ago
Yuri's t-shirt is amazing.
SFFR 5 month ago
The touchpad is great, I dont know why people dislike it
Patrick Price 5 month ago
Nothing like waking up to TheStraightPipes
Simonsayyzz 5 month ago
I like your guys’ old style intro
TM 5 month ago
"omg, that felt reliable" i almost spit my food out
Robert2423 5 month ago
The key to the track pad is to turn down the sensitivity in the settings. im surprised how many people don't know that. Also i don't want fingerprints on my screen. It's hardly a redesign either.
happytwingo98 5 month ago
The Intro gave me a s t r o k e
Adrian de leon 5 month ago
Love it!!! Finally more Lexus reviews!! LC 500 next??
xBROxDUNN 5 month ago
Working at a Lexus dealership I was cringing when you couldn’t find the trip odo to the left of the steering wheel
Varun Sambi 5 month ago
When you guys said the price and optioned out price; the music was a bit loud. Killed what you guys were saying. Just a suggestion.
Gurmehar Bajwa 5 month ago
I wish they had all the stuff they do now back in 2017, like it’s legitimately so bad and they actually improved it now
Ryan C 5 month ago
Finally a Lexus and finally an RX! Class leading reliability and resale value. The trip odometer reset button is behind the steering wheel.
Illya Laurette 5 month ago
Thumbnail: Thestraightpipes Title: Dough De Muro Almost got me there 😂
André Lima 5 month ago
When they tried to go new school they built a Supra damn 😂
E S 5 month ago
I want the old Intro back
VintageRKO 5 month ago
When are you guys reviewing their LC 500?
Mike Ehrmantraut 5 month ago
4:51 “She does car reviews with her dog” HAHAHAAHAH . Idk why I found that so funny
Daniel G 5 month ago
Other than infotainment, this is every Toyota/Lexus product I've ever driven. Everything works, buttons for everything, easy to drive, seating position and comfort is on point, no weird vibrations, no rough ride, no "enthusiast" suspension". It just works so well.
Andrew Muska 5 month ago
I miss the old intro. Bring it back?
Zstray17 5 month ago
15:07 what the hell was on fire behind you? Haha
aXimo 5 month ago
RX350 looks awesome, way above the rest of those 3 cars.
Sean P. Nikravan 5 month ago
Good video and review of a super reliable car. I have the 2019 LC 500 which is just an amazing car. You guys should do a review on it.
Ameer K 5 month ago
I leased one for $500 0 down and it’s amazing these things are everywhere in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Muhammad Ahsan 5 month ago
i mean i love the reviews, but LMAO why is HALFFFF the video about radio tuning , like bro use spotifyyyy pleaseeee
Tsond123 5 month ago
Looks Great, Drives Well, Overall Solid SUV
boofighter 5 month ago
7:34 the piano sound effects, that’s why I love your reviews! Random little edits make it good!
Muttaqi Ali 5 month ago
I actually love how you managed the introduction for this review. Short, informative and non-spoilerish :D
Sandro 5 month ago
I think the RX is the ultimate family SUV. If I had one I'd go on roadtrips with the family all the time. Love the front and the back...still not a big fan of the floating roof...but still my favourite SUV (with the NX) hands down.
Steff 5 month ago
Since this is a lexus video can you guys review the ls , and lc next?
The Gelik 5 month ago
Please do the old intro again, i really enjoyed it more
Ryan Gromoll 5 month ago
rudals1281 5 month ago
Finally, I see my car being reviewed!!!
Otter Get Up and Ride 5 month ago
I really appreciate your transparency in letting us know why you don’t touch on reliability and fuel economy.
FunkyMunky1137 5 month ago
Props to Jakub and Yuri for trying to innovate with their intros. Sure, we're all nostalgic about the OG intro but give them some time to figure out something that works for both them and the community; it's only been a few weeks.
MAD CARS 5 month ago
I’m used to you guys say from naturally aspirated V8 ... and now it’s a naturally aspirated V6 so kind of weird for me 😂
Fusion Beat 5 month ago
Finally I’ve been waiting for this video for ages, we have the same car in F sport but it’s hybrid .
genius2000 5 month ago
Lie, you guys did review reliability on 2019 Ford Ranger when the traction control went cray cray
Liam Flathers 5 month ago
This intro is sick - it's like the anti-click bait
wirelessnet2 5 month ago
That intro was such a turn off. I watched the rest of the review and felt uncomfortable. Not a fan of how the videos seem to be getting more institutionalized
snehal kumar 5 month ago
I always watch the videos all the way through :)
Sarsy 5 month ago
My mom drove her old RX 330 for 15 years >150k miles, car is super reliable!
QBNTO1 My life In Okinawa 5 month ago
that interior looks amazing! Also playing the Cars...nice!
Erica & Bryan Chen 4 month ago
I just spent the entire video trying to find Yuri's shirt. Someone help me find it!
Puyaan Air-cooled 5 month ago
Nice review, guys! I was dying to find out what Yuri thought of the touchscreen in the new Lexus models. God I wish Yuri brought his dancemix 95 disc to try out the cd player which is not something you find in most modern cars.
regular driver 5 month ago
7:29 "how could you make a luxury car without gloss black?" lol i died.
SNG Garage Eng 5 month ago
Did not expect that from Lexus . Not much Bhp but not bad for first attempt . My wife loves that car so i am waiting in copart for nice one to buy )))
Kyle Just Kyle 5 month ago
*Love that shirt, Yuri!* 😎👍🏻🎮👕
bakayaro 5 month ago
Best selling SUV ! I still prefer my 2019 RDX aspec though.
lex350us 5 month ago
Love the new time test you guys do on the new cars
Mr UPSman 5 month ago
I love your videos and I'm a long time subscriber, but lately the background music is getting a bit too loud, the intro was barely comprehensible
SLiX 5 month ago
Honestly the RX450h would be dream daily luxury crossover.
Gamblor24 5 month ago
Always appreciate the content guys, great review. That intro though, so much information way to fast, had to pause and rewind the hear it again.
MsVS1221 5 month ago
Love this Lexus and I love Andie The Lab <3
Moo Moo Kitten Tacos 5 month ago
Love the car and love the intro. So many people are just scared of change :P
jon b 5 month ago
Looking forward to the GV80 Review! I just dont like the look of the interior of Lexus Suv's :/
regular driver 5 month ago
16:22 saw my tire in there. that was pretty sick! 😎
Jonathan Johnson 5 month ago
Bro, you gotta rock your gear more often.
Mark Callis 5 month ago
Love the car, love the review, great job guys! As far as the fuel economy goes, just mention the official EPA ratings the same way you mention the HP and torque. The ratings may not be 100% accurate, but it gives us a ballpark compared to other cars’ ratings.
Chuck Norris 5 month ago
What's up with the fire in the background on the Escort? Just smiling away!!!! LMAO
alex west 5 month ago
top seller among Lexuses!!!!!
erjati zineddine 5 month ago
Excellent video as always and the new lexuses are absolutely amazing. Keep up the good work!
Rockey Allen 5 month ago
I love the new intuitive test!
Aristo Aum 5 month ago
I love that analog clock.
Greg Stalker 5 month ago
Jakub, trip reset should be on the dash just left of the steering column. It's been in that spot for years now.
UnrealOG 5 month ago
Oh my god that felt reliable! 10:45 Priceless.
ricky v 5 month ago
Good review for me. I’ve been considering an SUV and Lexus is always on my list.
hultii 5 month ago
"OMG it felt reliable!" Hahah
Zuriel Valladares 5 month ago
Love your Playstation shirt Yuri. ❤
I drove the prototype on july 2019 😍
Gerardo Pino 5 month ago
This episode was so funny, cheers from Bolivia 🤘🏼
Washum Baig 5 month ago
This intro. Perfect. Blend of both new and old. And you kept the signature "were going for a drive" 👏👏👏
Zack Massie 5 month ago
The intro music could be louder.
Mahmood Ilyas 5 month ago
Do a review on a avalon limited 2019 please
Kevin The Russian 5 month ago
This car Is so common in my area! Like a Honda Civic. My neigbor has one My mom has one My teacher has one Literally Everywhere.
Reynolds Reynolds 5 month ago
Love how the price is in the beginning of the video guys!!!!
Subbiah Palani Ramalakshmanan 5 month ago
Awesome intro is back! BGM can get some tweaking, it’s kinda dating the video a few years back like yesteryear KBB
J Bettis 5 month ago
Just say, "Tune to Satellite channel 300." "21 degrees."
Whatever Name 5 month ago
You guys are getting better and better, you're now one of my favorite car channels on YT. Keep up the good work!
Craig Chevalier 5 month ago
Rocking Viking Contact 7's on my Corolla hatch this year... Great tires!
Light2Earth 5 month ago
Nobody noticed they were playing 21 savage 😂😂
IT5 0V3R 9K 5 month ago
I love red interiors, that’s awesome.
Lucien L 4 month ago
the Seats are too damn small for a full size SUV
Christopher O'Grady 5 month ago
5:00 I got excited for a second and thought Lexus was doing manuals again! But no. Of course they don’t want my money.
Jacob D 5 month ago
old intro yahhhh!and finally not a cheap car review, I’ve had enough of that
CharlesTron108 4 month ago
That red interior is 🔥
Nuora Ghorbani 5 month ago
Please go back to the old intro!!! Please!! The one where the video starts with you guys about to close your door