Addressing Justine's SERIOUS problem..

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Hey guys, it’s Jenna and Tyler. We wanted to show you how bad it’s gotten over here with Justine and why she hasn’t been posting much on YouTube. We are worried about her but I guess go follow her on TikTok so she will stop throwing stuff at us.


Snapchat: iJustine


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Jenna Ezarik 3 month ago
It’s only because we care, Justine. 😔❤️
Paul Carpenter 3 month ago
My guess is that Justine has just proven she’s a lot better actress than y’all thought...
Kaitlynn Lattimore 3 month ago
Jenna: This can ruin your life Me: Dose Justine have the coronavirus “News”: Tik Tok Me: oh...😐
Meshal Albaiz 3 month ago
The amount of people who can't tell this is a sketch is VERY concerning...
miitube 3 month ago
Damn, now I realize how dumb a lot of people are. This was a sketch, people. It was meant to be funny 👍🏽
Lilly Ann 3 month ago
I thought she had the Coronavirus for a second... Ok Y'all need to calm down when someone spells something wrong.
Akeem Pearson 3 month ago
2009: I'm Justine and I'm addicted to technology 2020: I'm Justine, Im addicted to TikTok We're all praying for Justine, stay strong
Noble Obodum 3 month ago
“She bought a $50000 Computer to edit tiktoks” pans to Justine editing a TikTok on a Mac Pro and a Pro Display XDR😂😂😂 literally the best part of the video
pyro 3 month ago
Nothing to worry about, tik tok eventually will die just like vines, history will repeat itself as usual
Fermin S Sanchez 3 month ago
Great content ! Couldn’t stop laughing, but in all seriousness this is exactly what is going on in the world right now within social media. Everyone is aiming to become TikTok famous but at what cost. I’m glad you’re bringing awareness to the downsides of how too much of one app can be bad for your own well being.
Amelia_C 3 month ago
I'm genuinely confused if this is actually serious or a joke.
Kiei Luahi 3 month ago
''I don't know if this is serious or a joke.'' Yikes. Some people are so slow, it's scary.
Gomez Swift 3 month ago
If this is real then I hope she gets well soon. She doesn’t deserve this
whypancakes? 3 month ago
I'm *SO* glad I left TikTok.
Silviu Teodorescu 3 month ago
2:35 : where's Tyler? *Litterally the camera man being Tyler*
Thomas atigh 3 month ago
I genuinely can’t tell if this is satire or actually a serious thing
Landon Sims 3 month ago
Please tell this is a joke. This doesn’t seem like Justine especially when you’ve met her.
Joseph Tsui 3 month ago
When I find out it’s all about TikTok rather than Coronavirus 😳😓
Natasha Selemani 3 month ago
This is why I don’t use tiktok!! And now sadly it seems everyone is using it as a quarantine and chill type of thing.
Sophia Gagetta 3 month ago
She needs to get off of tiktok I just deleted it
xKiritoSenpai 3 month ago
Michael De Santa 3 month ago
ントプトラエルディア 3 month ago
Tiktok ruin Justine? Don't you guys see her music videos back in 2010's *Edit: that's means old Justine is back I don't know whether it's good or not
Yashdevlalikar Yashdevlalikar 3 month ago
I'm genuinely concerned if the is actually serious or a joke
elask22 3 month ago
“She bought a 50 thousand dollar computer to edit Tik Toks” LOL I’M DEAD
iApple 3 month ago
3:53 me when I drop my phone and want to start over life lmao
DoICountToo 3 month ago
This is so well done! My compliments to all three of you (and anyone invisibly involved as well). 😂👌
Jaiveer Ramroop 3 month ago
omgggg i can't believe this I've been watching Justine so long and i can't believe this is what she has become, this is what FAME does to you, it makes you an ADDICT... TELL ME WHAT IS SHE GAINING OUT OF TIKTOKS??????
Lito Mora 3 month ago
Justine's really creepy at that point😱. BUT WE'LL still be here little iJustine babies!♥️ Take caree
The FUNTIME foxy plush Adventures 3 month ago
Tiktok is the Corona virus
Niko0fd00m 3 month ago
Damn she’s savage when she’s not streaming or something
Dawud Ahmed 3 month ago
She used to be a good YouTube before this video I think it’s made everyone actually have a think about the real life of youtubers
Deepak singh 3 month ago
Justine used to be so calm and kind...I always loved her smile...what happened to you justine😔
Ubong i 3 month ago
4:32 gets me every time 😂😂😂
Ryley Baxter 3 month ago
The worst part was when Tyler said he couldn’t do it anymore and Justine didn’t really care
A 3 month ago
Daniel Gonzalez 3 month ago
WHY WOULD YALL DISLIKE THIS AJDHDHD reminds me of Jennas elder scrolls online strange addiction video 😂😂
LaLucas 3 month ago
There's no way this is real. Is Justine not concerned that when she has those "outbursts" there is a camera and that people will be viewing this? I mean it looks like one of those shows on TV
hello u 3 month ago
"Throw it when you feel it" da heck
Tiffany Pink Togtokh 3 month ago
I hope it’s a joke
Rob Whitmore 3 month ago
This is one of the BEST iJustine vids, ever!! (Assuming that TikTok is just made up and is not ready a thing.) Keep up the funny postings!! 👏😃 Reminds me of Black Mirror.
Andrei 3 month ago
Actually this is such a great documentary! LOL
Stasio 63 3 month ago
7:58 we’re Just concerned abaut your, mental healt Justine: im fine 30 seconds later: 8:43 Me: 😐 YOU REALLY NEED TO STOP BEACOUSE ITS GOING TO DESTROY YOU...
Sannesthesia 3 month ago
I hear a lot about that Tik Tok lately and i think it is even more emptyheaded than all of the other so called "social" media.
Daine Raymond 3 month ago
ijustine was my favourite youtuber and Now i don't know Im begining to get scared😞 watch her videos and having this thought😔😔
TresLong33 3 month ago
🤣🤣🤣👍🏾 Good acting & editing, when everyone in the comment section has to ask is live or memorex you know you've done a good job, I'm downloading TicTok just to watch Justine, Lol. Where's part 2 of this? 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Mostafa Rubber duck 3 month ago
Bea Z 3 month ago
We need to get Ro over here to slap some sense into her
L X 3 month ago
“Do you want me to buy you new gear?” “What about RED, I’ll get you the new camera.” He was about to give in. - I Justine The new camera will cost $79,500, which puts this so far above the consumer price bracket
Joh lames 3 month ago
Justine is nearly 50. This is embarrassing
valramos2003 3 month ago
"How to grab your YouTube audience and drag them into your Tiktok to gain more followers there and help the Tiktok algorithm."
Erfan Vhd 3 month ago
Im so sorry for her. I love her so much and I hope to see her better. Hey Justin I always support you but I think its a little too much. ❤️😕😔❤️🙏
Abdullah Enani 3 month ago
This is a serious problem, we have to encourage her to stop.
Nev Nev 3 month ago
The “think of me” one killed me. Man, that’s my fav musical and she ruined it. JK (kind’ve) I still luv u justine
Idedeosark 3 month ago
Hey ijustine, I'm Idedeosark and you are one of my favourite youtuber. I just want to say that I saw the last video you post on YouTube about you been on Tik tok everytime, to me is not okay for Mental health, and been on social in day without doing isn't good. So I advice to is to have indipendent from tik tok. bye ijustine ,I hope will see my message. From Idede🙋🙌
Fan Melinda 3 month ago
8:04 "We just want you to stop!"
KAV12 FC 3 month ago
Coronavirus: **exists** Ijustine: A serious problem Me: wait...what?!? Also ijustine: I’m on tiktok Me: FFS clickbaited...again
Maria Amro 3 month ago
I never seen her yelling like that👉🏻👈🏻
MUNSHYA 3 month ago
03:50 --- I watched this part like 10 times already lmfaoooo
Sad Edits 3 month ago
Elizabeth FOLEY 3 month ago
I'm so so sorry for you Jenna and Tyler. I guess these sites can do this to us😥😥. I hope Justine will soon understand all this
Techfyre Tube 3 month ago
Oh no the corona got to her :(
Dummy McDummerson 3 month ago
I am probably the only person who doesn’t understand TikTok.
Maitreya Pachpute 3 month ago
Seems Jenna starta laughing when she starts crying 😂
Robin Malfait 3 month ago
This was way more intense than I anticipated, what.
Epixzs IOS 3 month ago
For those are wondering at the end whats the hype house its basically the physical location of a new content creator collective, is a Spanish-style mansion perched at the top of a hill on a gated street in Los Angeles. It has a palatial backyard, a pool and enormous kitchen, dining and living quarters. Four of the group’s 19 members live in the house full time; several others keep rooms to crash in when they are in town. And all day long, a stream of influential young internet stars come by to pay homage to the new guard. Hype House was formed in December by some of TikTok’s most talked-about stars. They introduced themselves with a Backstreet Boys-esque photo shoot, and within minutes #hypehouse began trending; videos including the hashtag #hypehouse have accrued nearly 100 million views on TikTok. The group handle that distributes their content surpassed three million followers on TikTok in just over a week and a half. In the days leading up to Christmas it was all anyone under the age of 18 on TikTok seemed to be talking about.
Typical Gamer 1134 3 month ago
HI, Jenna, I'm very sorry for hearing this and I've been watching you bought since iPhone 5 was released and I've never taught that TikTok will be affecting her mental and physical help and I want to help you, Jenna. I've been using TikTok\ for quite some time now and I used to be addicted to making Tiktok\ videos and I fought my addiction by deleting the app and now I make TikTok videos rarely than before I used to make every single day. I take some break or I'll delete the app and reopen it if I want to do it. I miss the old Ijustine who reviews and compare phones and tech. I personally like her being like that not a crazy TikTok video maker and the Hype House is just Stupidly wrong because they lure people to make videos that they or we don't need. I wish that she will be right on track making videos that are fun and not like this. Jenna, you can take advantage of your sister by taking all her phone out and deleting TikTok and bringing her to a Psychiatrist to help her to be on track because it not healthy and it could lead to suicidal thoughts. Jenna, personally I cried at first and I missed her soo much because she makes my day watching her new videos and contents she makes before.
MFC8kloc 3 month ago
This is the highest quality intervention video ever.
Edward Caputo 3 month ago
This may be my favorite video you have ever done. 🤣🤣
Lots Of Stuff 3 month ago
bro, seeing ijustine like this is just messed up. Like what happened to the ijustine everyone knows?
Tyler and Emma 3 month ago
i can't tell if this is rell but i hope she get batter...?...
Keshav Chugh 3 month ago
"the only time she's happy when she gets a lots of views on tiktok". Well, makes sense because she doesn't get much on youtube anymore. P.s. I know this is troll video and basically just indirectly promoting her tiktok channel.
Faheem 3 month ago
In all honesty, I thought she caught the corona virus
Designer Anna Play 3 month ago
We ❤️ you Justine because you are an all-rounder tech expert 👍, and not just because you are on TikTok 🤷🏽‍♀️
Uygar Türk 3 month ago
QUALITY OF THIS VIDEO IS INCREDIBLE. It made me feel like Im watching a serious documentary.
Merced Lcars 3 month ago
This feels like a 3-part doc series, when is part 2 coming out ? 🤩
Michael Seykov 3 month ago
The moment when i started being scared of justine 😦
Deiryn Dotdot 3 month ago
She is ADDICTED on TikTok.She needs to stop
rowelle 3 month ago
This was very well done! Would love to see more of this! I was getting Keeping Up With the Kardashians vibes, which is cool. Again, very well done!
Marquis Kish 3 month ago
I feel like I’m watching a sequel to Making A Murderer 😂
Orhan Kaplan 3 month ago
Me: *Sees title* OMG WHAT HAPPENED!? Video: Justine has a Tik Tok problem
Dream drive! 3 month ago
If this isn’t real then the acting is fantastic 🤣
Agapi Tsakalou 3 month ago
This video is literally Jenna and Tyler improvising because Dr. Phil’s schedule is full
gracie cole 3 month ago
Maybe if people quit liking her TikTok she’s stop? Just a thought
Thick LEGEND13 3 month ago
Why do I have a slight feeling this is a joke
I want Justine back on YouTube wear I her find and because a subscriber and she helped me with a lot of the Apple product I wonder why I haven't been staying her update and the latest on Apple products what's going on
Deraco1 3 month ago
This is honestly quite disturbing. All this nonsense for what, publicity?
Rayan Hassan 3 month ago
I’m genuinely confused.
Improv Dancer 3 month ago
Dude. I didn't know she was that bad
K3V1N 3 month ago
A way to solve this... report her account for yelling an screaming at others due to tiktoks
Bijoy Chandra Roy 3 month ago
*Legends says iJustine is still making TikToks*
Andy Herstad 3 month ago
She needs to go back to her creative self in YouTube. This seems like an addiction! I love her videos on here, especially on tech stuff. I miss seeing her on here
Clay Wolford 3 month ago
Omg I have to say after this video I watched all of your TikToks and I LOVE your TikToks ! I created an account JUST so I could follow and ❤️ all of them ! We needed this type of video with how the world is today! Thank you 💕
John Mann 3 month ago
I have three comments: Before she can deal with her addiction, she first needs to admit she has a problem. Does Justine have COVID-19? Although they are both Chinese, as far as problems go, COVID-19 > TikTok #HasJustineLandedYet?
Joseph Pierce 3 month ago
Stanley Robert 3 month ago
I'll call Justine's mom, to snitch her she uses her phone past her bedtime! She will snatch it from her. 😏
tinawina 3 month ago
😂😂 well done ladies & team. I'm genuinely concerned for the people who can't tell this is a sketch...
Ryan mood 3 month ago
Do you know that video you 2 done on the WiFi thing to install it and it gives certain time useage. Try that maybe? Also could Linus some how help or something? I don’t like seeing one of my fav YouTubers like this.
noahlcscott 3 month ago
Remember when it’s was and everyone made fun of those who had it lol
Cooper Crane 3 month ago
She can’t keep doing this. 😐 Good job Jenna ❤️ keep doin what ur doin. Justine if u see this plz know that this is serious and I miss u making YouTube vids of new tech and all that 🙏🏽🙏🏽