COVID-19: Helping healthcare workers whose travel plans have been affected

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Some healthcare workers, mobilised to respond to the COVID-19 outbreak, had to cancel their annual leave and holiday plans. They also had to cancel their air tickets and other holiday bookings. Tripartite partners have now agreed on how to support these workers.

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peony Roses 3 month ago
Yes, about time. Healthcare workers deserve the respect from all.
pmp03 3 month ago
first to be mobilised - healthcare workers! fighting Singapore! SAF medics and NSman medics on standby....
A G 3 month ago
Give these frontline and healthcare workers extra year end cash bonus 💰
Devron Ave 3 month ago
China has gone into the history books as the most hated nation on earth ever.
mark . m 3 month ago
although we know all these are PR 'shows' by the corporates for future biz opportunities with the gov, it's nvrthless a good thing for the workers.
Johnston Steiner 3 month ago
This is jobism. So jobist. What about all the other industries affected by the travel bans
jim w 3 month ago
Honour and support them. As for containment. Sending food and necessities to them is a better arrangement. It has nothing got to do with discrimination. Please be objective, focus on the big picture and don't get personal. It's the same as banning those who came from china, regardless of nationality. It's not xenophobic. Don't play the wrong card.