Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch Unboxing!

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I'm going to continue making videos as I normally would.. to keep myself occupied and you guys entertained. I did make a video with some of my thoughts on the current situation of everything that's happening right now -- watch that here:
If you have any suggestions on videos you'd like to see, let me know! I'm staying at home and away from people as much as possible.

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Eddie Soum 2 month ago
I want to see Animal Crossing gameplay on your channel.
Jacob Erwin 2 month ago
This is Literally the perfect game to come out for when we’re all off school and in quarantine.
HRM Clix 2 month ago
Justine: "Most of you guys have a switch" Me: Crying in the background
AnimeGirl 10 2 month ago
I wish that I could get one, but everyone else got a bunch at once and are now selling them at $400 to $500
Neon Hipster 2 month ago
I wonder how she's gonna react when the Nintendo Switch Lite Coral version comes out? It does come out on April 24th though..
ultimate waifu 2 month ago
"animal crossing is a lifestyle" i wholeheartedly agree
Mr doofytecH 2 month ago
Justine : "I went to ebay and I did some things" Me : "Dude, I have just shopped online for 3 days straight. Someone give me a therapy"
Benedicta Agha 2 month ago
I’ve watched about 6 of these but that isn’t gonna stop me from watching justines
Jenna Ezarik 2 month ago
cant wait for your birthday party of 2 and we can play AC!!!
Maddie Bilbo 2 month ago
Ijustine: getting the newest version of animal crossing Me: playing the of version on my old ds
elicook19 2 month ago
“It becomes a lifestyle” I couldn’t agree more Justine 😂
something i guess 2 month ago
Me: Tyler stopped working with Justine ;( 2:16 : HE IS BACK BABY
julia 2 month ago
yes animal crossing gameplay, yes yes yes. I can't wait. you're right, it becomes a lifestyle lol
Fatally MSP 2 month ago
i feel like shes the only youtuber that is actually grateful when she does these reviews while others are just like: “Oh.. APPLE RIPPED ME OFF OMG LOOOOOOOOOOOOK!”
Tim G 2 month ago
Please make a second channel where you‘re playing animal crossing
REECE DECLAN 2 month ago
“i did some things and here we are” 😂
Pink Gamer Princess 2 month ago
I think you should do some Animal Crossing gameplay! I'd love to see it! (Hope you're doing well!)
Wyl Kendrick 2 month ago
I want to see Animal Crossing gameplay on your channel.
Suhadisgood 2 month ago
Ebay sellers are scalpers I wouldn’t buy from any of them let’s pay $500 for a Nintendo Switch that cost $299 I only buy things that can’t buy in my country from Ebay
traqic 2 month ago
i ordered this and its still not here and this video is the only thing thats keeping me sane in this situation
Benny 2 month ago
These Joy Cons looks soo cute!! I hope they will sell them separate someday🙏🏼
Matthew Avila 2 month ago
I missed the preorder but my mom was able to get it online at target so we’re able to pick it up the day of release. P.S. happy early birthday Justine can’t wait to play animal crossing
Mattato 2 month ago
i don’t know if i should wait to see if these special editions come back in stock, or if i should just preorder the switch lite in coral
Akari Wu's Way Videos 2 month ago
This console looks so cute!!! I want! <3 But I'll settle for the Animal Crossing game (hopefully) this Friday :P
Lauren Hopkins 2 month ago
I’m getting a Nintendo switch light for my birthday and I’m getting animal crossing new horizons
Aaron Sun 2 month ago
i wish i could’ve gotten my hands on one
Disney Geek 2 month ago
Wait ok someone tell Marko that he needs to customize this for Justine
FitzEm08 2 month ago
You should get that lady who be-dazzles everything the put your names in crystals on your switch!! The lady Shane had a video with! I forgot her name 😭
July Colon 2 month ago
I did the exact same thing girl, I went i to this as a surprise. I remember when you did the 3DS acnl livestreams, I loved those. Hope your staying safe, go out in your deserted island lol
Volt Gecko 2 month ago
I just love it when when special edition consoles for games don’t even come with that game its promoting
Just Some Guy without a Mustache 2 month ago
I need one of these in my life. Justine is lucky lol
Kaleb 2 month ago
Omg they should do a Marko collab. Marko’s freaking awesome
Bc-ology Studios 2 month ago
Does anywhere still even have the regular switch in stock? I can’t find one anywhere.
Blue Azalea 2 month ago
YES pls justine make an animal crossing gameplay:((( just like back in the minecraft days, but with animal crossing :D
Ivana Dattilo 2 month ago
Everyone is saying they got on Friday and then there's me who got a day after. Leave a like if u got it a day after.
Bella Beccari 2 month ago
I preordered at ebgames in Canada since preorders were sold out here. Then I went to target on release day and got on at opening! Also my sisters birthday is also March 20th!
xeryl 2 month ago
this has to be the best game edition of a nintendo console ever
Joe .g 2 month ago
i was waiting to get a switch and then got one the DAY before they spilt the beans on this switch and im not gonna lie i screamed, are you actully kidding me!!!
xXaestheticrobloxXx :D 2 month ago
I’m saving up for a Nintendo switch but I don’t think ima ever get it 😭
Eleanor Josefina 2 month ago
*Me* I should really start doing my homework *iJustine:* Uploads another video *Me:* Nvm. It can wait. 😂😂😂
Cathy Lee 2 month ago
i want one so bad but they’re all sold out and ppl are just scalping :(
Golden Girlz 2 month ago
*me silently watching Justine's videos at 1 am* Not even a single soul: Random commentors: "Who's here in 2020?" "Who's here in March?" "Who's here on 18 March 2020?" "Who's here on 1 am on 18 March 2020?" My brain be like: 😑I think I should die and then comment saying "who'shere after my death?"😏🙄 Ps, please be safe everyone! Take proper care of yourself and protect yourself form COVID-19. Wash your hands regularly and avoid going into public places very often. <3
Carole & Tuesday 2 month ago
I don’t have a switch but I’m getting the coral on April 5th
Mift Moon 2 month ago
Hi, im new on nintendo switch lite (i bought it because bored on quarantine week) can someone recommend me some good game? that will kindly help me, thank you sm. stay safe :D
Francis_ Sy 2 month ago
when the dock itself is prettier than the console! 💜
Pachimari_Zero 2 month ago
I ordered mine on amazon. Was supposed to get it today, but Amazon might've screwed me *UPDATE* They didn't screw me at all :P also make some animal crossing videos
Happy Poketsu 2 month ago
3:43 don’t respect the Blue joycon😂😂😂
KingNewfyDog 2 month ago
How to put your island on another switch: Take the tablet part Switch it with your other one
Anna Huovila 2 month ago
"As the time was nearing, I definitely got FOMO.." My life story right there
Rashana Brown 2 month ago
Omg I didn’t know u played that I used to have the Wii U 😆
the węírdo 2 month ago
i’m sad I can’t afford anything 😭 My parents won’t even LET ME SAVE MY MONEY for this :(
Sarah Case 2 month ago
I would love this console but it has sold out everywhere! Anyone know where I can get one?
VIC-20 2 month ago
I was so bummed I couldn't get my wife one for her birthday. It's literally the only Video Game she plays going all the way back to the Gamecube.
Bella’s Channel Of Random 2 month ago
I want one and hope ur safe and this is the first time I’m actually kinda early
mohamed saleem 2 month ago
Justine :overreacts Me: Atleast less than jimmy fallon
Grace Rose 2 month ago
Justine I’m happy you got it and I can’t wait till I get the animal crossing game to I’m a big fan and I like watching your videos
Ella Phillips 2 month ago
It sucks, I don’t have a switch, and I love Animal Crossing, so I’ll never be able to play 😩
Jira Chiru 2 month ago
I would’ve loved to see my boy etika’s reaction to these. JOYCONGODZ I miss him
Dumb Bootie 2 month ago
Can u give that to me please? I WOULD ACTUALLY DIE FOR IT LMAO
Gigi Rose 2 month ago
OMG!!! You need to do a tour of all of your nintendo switches... you have soooo manyy!!
Jaclyn Allen 2 month ago
Justine, tell me what a girl has to do to get one of your old switch systems. Please, I'm so bored in Social isolation, I will do anything
Ashley Kemmerer 2 month ago
The beginning of this video is exactly why I stopped trying to talk myself out of buying it and preordered! Cuz I just knew I was gonna be on eBay mad af about having to pay extra lol it’s like I could see my future self and said nope!
YourFavoriteBlonde 2 month ago
I’ve been waiting for this console to restock for over a month now and watching this makes me super sad 🥺 🙁
KDrop 2 month ago
It’s sold out and I can’t purchase it 😿
Casey Santana 2 month ago
A beautiful switch thats gonna sit in the dock forever. Tisk tisk.
Owen Barrett 2 month ago
I’ve been watching her Nintendo switch vids and I got a notification and it was a Nintendo switch vid
Sam Pendergast 2 month ago
Justine posts a Nintendo video: Me: It’s been 84 years!
Bertee510 2 month ago
Only problem is the animal crossing is a digital copy.
Katy cat 4ever 2 month ago
Today I sow your video (playing Nintendo switch with Ro !) and I decided to buy the normal Nintendo switch and I buy it finally now I wont this Nintendo switch What will i do now 🤣🤣🤣💔💔💔😭😭😭
guinepigs rock 2 month ago
I tried to get this and it was sold out everywhere in my town
Thomas 2 month ago
I want the animal crossing switch sooo bad I also already pre-ordered animal crossing New Horizon
Pearl the rebel 2 month ago
Help my 20 pound cat just jumped on me
Jopa Krp 2 month ago
Savannah 2 month ago
Who else needs to see Justine play Animal Crossing?
手裏剣モモ 2 month ago
I would love if they sold the joycons separately, i would bought the swicht but i already have one and i like the colors 😂
Kelly Cohen 2 month ago
•Happy birthday! Wooooo! • “Animal Crossing 101 with Tyler and ijustine”? • Don’t you get a replica Switch for your character in-game, too?
BloomingFlowerr 2 month ago
I really want it! Ever since I saw they made a switch just for Animal Crossing I just wanted it immediately (though my mom probably wouldn't get me it since it's $299 ;-;)
Seb Pinnick 2 month ago
Is anyone else watching this on there switch
Hart Campbell 2 month ago
people are paying 600 for these.
No Skill Intended 2 month ago
Its crazy how one woman can be a happy little villager relaxing on her peaceful island and then bam! all of sudden she's in the nether Slaying Demons and such... all in one day.
Cindy Alicia 2 month ago
I was planning on buying a nintendo switch (neon red and blue), especially since I'm in quarantine till april 6th maybe even longer. But unfortunately on every site I looked they are already sold out and also missed the pre-order for april (because of COVID-19 they have in the netherlands now pre-orders on some sites).
Mike Scott 2 month ago
Scrolling thru my feed and saw this thumbnail and literally thought it was Gollum from lord of the rings with a blonde wig on. Scary
JOELINA 2 month ago
Yessss please do an Animal crossing gameplay!! That would be so fun!!😂😂😂
Stil29 2 month ago
I love this switch I got one my adult daughters got one too. Happy birthday
ThatYouTubeUser 2 month ago
Miss Rona Virus gonna make Ijustinegames come back? Oh we have to stan.
Charley banana 2 month ago
Fornite was released on my birthday 😂
Mr doofytecH 2 month ago
My mom's birthday is 19th march! Oh my God I can't believe my mom's birthday is one day before justine's birthday. I will get broke
Azoz McKenzie 2 month ago
So now you have 3 Nintendo switch devices 😂😂🥰🥰.
Anna Maisheva 2 month ago
Hey I have a question... are you a gamer type of girl that's more gaming than makeup etc...?(because I am)
Emily ._. 2 month ago
Can you only play animal crossing on this switch?
D3SIR33 smith 2 month ago
Does anyone know any place that still has this special edition console still available? I can’t find it anywhere.
Apple Seed 2 month ago
Are you quit add english subtitles now? :(
Jay Cruz 2 month ago
"YOU'RE NOT A RESPONSIBLE ADULT! AT ALL" me to my self too 😂😂😂
craigr98 2 month ago
Do I need Animal Crossing? I’ve never played it before...
Alyssa haley 2 month ago
Gameplay with animal crossing
Connor ClassicVlogs 2 month ago
Jesus Christ if this is going to be like her 3DS review where she only focuses on the camera instead of the actual console and games themselves then I'm out
Wyatt K. 2 month ago
Hope your staying safe Justine!! Thanks for always posting!!!
Wybrem 2 month ago
I've had this game and Switch for 2 days and than sold it. What a load of trash. But no of course it's Nintendo so than any shite is good.
DerekRedfieldGaming 2 month ago
Justine seems like legit interesting quirky individual.
Ahren Christopherson 2 month ago
IM FInally early. Kinda. Hope everyone continues to stay safe. ☺🙏🙏💚