10 Things Damian Lillard Can't Live Without | GQ Sports

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There are a few things Portland Trail Blazers point guard Damian Lillard can't live without when he hits the road. From his man purse to his Audemars Piguet watch, these are the NBA star's travel essentials.

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10 Things Damian Lillard Can't Live Without | GQ Sports
lenoogin 3 month ago
Why he need a watch for he already knows it’s always dame time
Ian Ford 3 month ago
*"This stuff is expensive, but not as expensive as those refs costing me the fu*king game."*
Bran Don 3 month ago
“I can afford to get a new one”😂😂
GamerDudeDK 3 month ago
I would love to see Kawhi on this show
은 한국에 있어Amine 3 month ago
Talking about the charger: " I can afford to get a new one" Hahahhaha
Wro. 3 month ago
Can’t live without that missed goaltend call
Locke & Key 3 month ago
Dude is talking about the “power of a humble life” but insists on wearing the AP just for the flex 😂
Nikita Ivanov 3 month ago
0:30 Dame-everything I carry Might find Portland trail blazers in the man purse
a 3 month ago
Kawhi: “umm water and uhhhh some food and uhhhhh yea that’s pretty much it.”
The Real Lange 3 month ago
"My man purse. It holds everything I need. My phone, Airpods, books, my son Russell Westbrook."
Danney 3 month ago
GQ: So how much does all this cost? Dame: The game.
Mutombo 3 month ago
He is slowly becoming my favorite NBA player.His personality is raw.
A_hassan 38 3 month ago
I know y’all was licking your lips when he pulled out the chapstick
Lil Comment 3 month ago
*”Watch Damian Lillard be Rich for 10 minutes”*
Francis Convery 3 month ago
we need j cole on this he’ll be different than everyone else. “i’m j cole and these are my essentials. my friends. thank you for watching”
Damian Lillard 3 month ago
Appreciate y’all having me on.
Jawad Wardak 3 month ago
GQ: So how much does all this cost? Dame: The game.
Shawn 3 month ago
Dude is so humble he LEGIT doesn't know when he's flexing. I'm trying to live that life.
TheMrMantequilla 3 month ago
Who else wanted him to say “gettin buckets” as something he couldn’t live without.
BadAssBullet12 3 month ago
Sho She 3 month ago
He's got Russel Westbrook also in his bag😂
ABW YA 3 month ago
Number one thing Damian Lillard can’t live without: “Dame Time”
Internet Troll 3 month ago
10 things G.Q. can’t live without 1-NBA players 2-B-list celebrities 3-YOUTUBERS . . . Continue the list in comments
Michael Gelfand 3 month ago
Bruh “The Power of a Humble Life” meanwhile he’s flexin his AP
g24force 3 month ago
This is one of the most "normal" ones in a while, charging cable, chapstick...
Anthony Martinez 3 month ago
Nobody: Damian Lillard: "I have huge lips"
Steve from Minecraft 3 month ago
Only ogs remember dropping dimes dame
NICO CORONADO 3 month ago
This is a perfect timing for an interview with Damian Lillard because he's averaging 50+ points in the last 10 games. He ballin right now! Dame Dolla. Dame time. Logo Lillard.
Ben Doyer 3 month ago
Who else licked they lips in shame after he said “can’t be out here walking around with crusty lips”
MaC RoN 3 month ago
Who else licked they lips when said “I can’t have crusty lips”😭😂
Sub to SF OnITv 3 month ago
Who else was looking at his lips after he said “I got huge lips” 😭😂 pause
Mentol58 3 month ago
dame: "when i wanna see what time it is" me: DAME TIMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE 3:18
Corrupt_Pinp0int 3 month ago
*Extremely Expensive Watch*. “Dame: Don’t throw this.” Well I hope not
William Q. 3 month ago
"My jeans are too tight now" That had me dead 😂
overusedzubBZ 3 month ago
Kawhi be like: Uhh I need food, water, shelter
Mrtnsn 365 3 month ago
Me : God who should I love and how often ?? God : Everybody , always !!
BeicoTV 3 month ago
Dame: flexes for 6min straight Also dame: *shows book called “The Power of a Humble Life”*
Ryder Jay 3 month ago
I heard Dame's got the souls of every houston and okc fan in a jar that he carries around everywhere
Medupe Qiniso-Sithole 3 month ago
Dame: I don’t care if my charger breaks, I can just buy a new one. Also Dame: has book called “the power of a humble life”
josh smith 3 month ago
Stop enabling the homeless Dame, that’s why there are so many of them.
M P 3 month ago
He's going down as one of the most underrated guards of all time
Bling Blaow 3 month ago
Can't live without waving bye bye to Paul George
D-Book927 3 month ago
Nobody: Damian: SUPER-CHARGER
CXXTION ItzGxd 3 month ago
Its Crazy to think he almost died one day and now he's as big as he is now
Ismael Marrero 3 month ago
I love how he said . “I know it messes up but I can afford new ones “ motivation lmfaoooo
Josh Gonzalez 3 month ago
For me, Bible, chapstick, hearing aid battery & my phone is only thing I need
David-Storm Mukuria 3 month ago
I'm starting to think that GQ always have these videos and just wait for someone to start trending before posting them. Brilliant.
SuperNova 3 month ago
The whole episode: Dame flexing his wealth Book: The power of a humble life
matt curry 3 month ago
Dame: looks at his whatch Dame : its almost dame time
Yash Singh 3 month ago
Noone: Literally noone: Dame:I can afford a new one
bomb 1000 3 month ago
The 11th essential : Mamba Mentality
whispa55 3 month ago
1 thing he can live without: NBA refs costing him the game
dez 3 month ago
Damian lillard: “ I can afford a new one” Also Damian lillard: “I still got the touch pad” (iPhone 8)... we up to the 11 now 🤣
Kermit of Rivia 3 month ago
"...my man purse" Homie a real character. He even got himself a "brand" purse so that no one would call him out about how feminine dude really is. 😂
Matt H 3 month ago
Things Damian Lillard Can’t Live Without: His Triples
Marlo Newkirk 3 month ago
2:51 “Don’t throw this.” Og 😂
A H 3 month ago
“Almost 2000 dollars...19 hundred” 😆😂
Abe VanDuinen 3 month ago
I feel like their ten things are literally just what they had on em when they showed up 😂
CIutching 3 month ago
2:38 noted. If you meet him, act homeless 😂
Pardeep Singh12 3 month ago
So everyone’s gonna ignore the facts that he has a iPhone 7+
F Meh 3 month ago
He also keeps Russell Westbrook in his back pocket lol
Abraham Gonzalez 3 month ago
This is basically dame just flexing 😂😂
Mike Lazzaro 3 month ago
Everyone wish they could use the phrase in life: “ I can just buy a new one “ 😭
EloPlaysGR 3 month ago
bro he was literally flexing without knowing it, someone is a fun guy😂
Oh yeah yeah 3 month ago
It’s about time everyone notices him and finally people open their eyes to see the real best pg in the league
Anant Saxena 3 month ago
I like how he's humble but still flexing 😂🔥
MatthewPritt976 3 month ago
Dame really be listening to his own music 😂
Extra Cheese Boi 3 month ago
Nobody: Damien lillard: man purse
Paulo Alexandre 3 month ago
Top thing Dame DOLLA can't live without: Torching teams for 50 points.
H.dukes 95 3 month ago
They got him after he lost his cool on National Tv.
Luke Anderson 3 month ago
Dame: *reads book the power of being humble* Also Dame: I wear this watch so people know I’m rich.
-unstable- 3 month ago
“somebody gave it to me” ohh hes gangsta on the down low
Tazmanian Devil 3 month ago
Anyone: how long are you on twitter a day Dame: Yes
Dane Ibsen 3 month ago
The jeans tight thing was a reference to having too much money just so y’all know 😂
Lavar Ball 3 month ago
1:36 he just flexing on us like that lmao
Brian Johnson 3 month ago
GQ Staff: How much did your essentials cost Dame: It costs me the f****** game
Melvin Leong 3 month ago
“I have huge lips”- Damian Lillard -2020
John Way 3 month ago
Him: "I don't even know what number IPhone I've got" Me: ...
Jaskarn Singh 606s 3 month ago
He should’ve said it “dame time” pointing at the ap
I can’t play Back to back 3 month ago
Essential 11: Dropping 50 whenever he wants.
HamFamily 3 month ago
Did he really brought the shoe to advertise? Lmao that’s smart.
Martin Jarv 3 month ago
Dude straight up flexin in there and then reading a book called power of humble life :D :D Get outta here man :D :D U funny
proxactual 3 month ago
3:06 if you look carefully, you can see that every hour marker has been replaced with the word DAME
Chris Heyward 3 month ago
I'mma act homeleee do Dame can get me some of his money
Marcelo Martinez 3 month ago
3:37 look at the earwax on his AirPods
M N 3 month ago
Isn't this the guy who scored a layup to send the game against Utah to overtime?
Nene 3 month ago
Dude had to drop 50 to get on here.. the media ain’t it.
PLAYY JAYY 3 month ago
Na GQ seen that he was mad so they hit him up and said “ tell us your essentials😂😭
HasteXD 3 month ago
Gotta let all the homeless know to look out for Dame, he giving out hunnids!!
Timotheus H. Nakashona 3 month ago
He's so humble in an expensive way. He's one funny guy.
Luke Davis 3 month ago
Nobody litterly nobody: Dame Dolla got $1900 in his pocket but has a iphone 7
Zachary Eric 3 month ago
This dude straight up humble yet deadset thug 😹😹
Nithilan E. 3 month ago
Man this guy plugged himself in every aspect possible
Felipe 3 month ago
4:19 imagine saying that out loud and not being embarrassed.
LA 824 3 month ago
0:04 "That was a bad shot."
im-pro-at-skyrim 3 month ago
Who else took 5 minutes to realize he has on 4 patterns on 1 sweater? 😂
Jacob Kuraku 3 month ago
He also keeps a picture of his Sons Russell and Damian Jr in his wallet
Trenton Christensen 3 month ago
What I can’t live without: phone, charger, headphones
MTran0708 3 month ago
"I can afford to get a new one" I wish I could say that :(
Bravo Tells It All 3 month ago
Note to self: If I ever see Dame pretend to be homeless.