Sam Smith - I Feel Love (Lyric Video)

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Directed by: Mother New York
Produced by: Mother New York

Ooh, it's so good, it's so good
It's so good, it's so good
It's so good
Ooh, I'm in love, I'm in love
I'm in love, I'm in love
I'm in love
Ooh, I feel love, I feel love
I feel love, I feel love
I feel love
I feel love
I feel love
Ooh, fall and free, fall and free
Fall and free, fall and free
Fall and free
Ooh, you and me, you and me
You and me, you and me
You and me
Ooh, I feel love, I feel love
I feel love, I feel love
I feel love
I feel love
I feel love
I feel love
I feel love
Ooh, I got you, I got you
I got you, I got you
I got you
Ooh, what you do, what you do
What you do, what you do
What you do
Ooh, I feel love, I feel love
I feel love, I feel love
I feel love
I feel love
I feel love
I feel love
I feel love

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Simran Bains 5 month ago
RIP to the children who think this is a new song🙏
Maria PC 4 month ago
Alguien que no sea gringo aqui🤣🤣 si es asi dale like
jenny 5 month ago
no one: the mosquitoes in my room: 0:54
Brytni Anne 5 month ago
Is this a cover? It’s so familiar... Edit: yes it is. It was a Donna Summer song in 1977
Bryan Dosal 4 month ago
I'm ready for listen this song in a gay discoteque 🤠
Game Changer 5 month ago
fun fact: there's only 22 different words in this song.
Ahmad Nazran Amri 5 month ago
I never feel Gay in my life before listening to this song
Aris Sanz 4 month ago
En MÉXICO 🇲🇽❤ amamos a SAM SMITH 💕
StopChris 5 month ago
All I can see when I hear this song is a Target commercial.
Mikaela Loren 5 month ago
I could hear this song in a 70s disco club while everyone's dancing under the strobe lights.
Lucas Wang 5 month ago
producer: do you want the ppl making this video to be on acid or on LSD? sam: yes
Hawwysku c: 5 month ago
When you ate the white candy your uncle gave you on Christmas
Aidri Rossi 5 month ago
No one: Absolutely no one: Samm: *Being great and going to high notes like nothing*
Justin Cao 5 month ago
Producer: how many effects you want? Sam Smith: *yes*
Q.H.S 4 month ago
Donna Summer and Sam Smith Imagine BOTH singing together
Dionne Coburn 5 month ago
This song was originally written and sung by Donna Summers in the 70's. He does an awesome job on his take of this song!! Love this guy!!!
Astriloqua 5 month ago
this song: exists target: _it’s_ _free_ _real_ _estate_
kiunifer 5 month ago
Por favor, que en está nueva década sea musica con ritmos de los 70s, 80s, 90s. Amén
Jonathan hudzik 3 month ago
For those uneducated people who don’t know that this is a Donna Summer Original. 😘
Petunia UwU 4 month ago
Sexualidad: que tan gei quieres ser? Sam: *si*
Eu, kadi ! 5 month ago
Te amo Sam Smith, Brasil 🇧🇷 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Alejandro Ms 4 month ago
Reviviendo a los clásicos icónicos del pasado 🤘🏽 a eso le llamo un buen cover ❤️
gazlene membrane 5 month ago
Sam smith is the embodiment of ‘space gay’. This is the representation we deserve!!!!
Poonam Srivastava 4 month ago
Nobody: Strip clubs: ThIs Is NoW mY PrOpErTy
Evelyn S 5 month ago
2019 was the year Sam smith discovered themself and become more at ease with who they are. I hope you’ll continue feeling good next year ❤️
bert 5 month ago
last day of 2019, Good luck on your life guys on 2020
RockyESCrew 125 5 month ago
Is this how it feels like to be high ? 🥴
Yair angel 3 month ago
Producer: how many effects do you want in the video Sam Smith: yes
Jobert Marco Capin 4 month ago
No one: Literally one: Sam Smith releases cover with only 22 differeng words
Aaron Sanders 5 month ago
Editor: So what effects do you want? Sam: Yes.
1004 Bolaños 4 month ago
De alguna manera está canción me ha recordado a la película "Holding the Man"
Brandon C 5 month ago
I had no clue you were a Donna summers fan, this is great
Ťøxíç _ Wøłfıə 4 month ago
Nobody: When you put the forbidden sugar ur mom told u not to eat in ur tea:
Lexus_ Nigel 5 month ago
This is so retro and a good way to end 2019
S.J.J Stewart 5 month ago
It's been that long since the original was released... That people think this is a new song... 😭 I'm old!
mid sc 5 month ago
Thunderkrux 5 month ago
Damn, this is a really good cover. I love it.
slushpuppie19 4 month ago
I'm singing along and my cat just turned and looked at me like 'could you not'
Puru Parashar 5 month ago
Producer: What effects do you want on this track? Sam Smith: Yes
DATO ROBAKIDZE 5 month ago
Sam Smith: I feel love! Me: I feel blessed!
Victor del Castillo 4 month ago
Producers: How gay do you want this video to be? Sam Smith: yes
Simcha Sitzer 4 month ago
I literally started clapping when the video ended, it was so entrancing from start to end, this song is legendary
Toothache Relief Guy How To Get Rid Of A Toothache 5 month ago
Dear Sam smith I love your music I think it’s very beautiful. I appreciate you bringing some new flavor into this modern day world. I also like how you took some of the old music and bring it back. You are a very incredible man and I could tell you’re a decent one too. Your music is absolutely amazing and very beautiful. thank you for making all this music. You have helped me through my depression and through my struggles , you have also helped me throughout my relationship. It’s because if you I’m here commenting and listening to your music. Once again thank you Sam smith and God bless you brother.
A vulcão 3 month ago
S Charles 4 month ago
1977 called and said: "You're Welcome!"
// blue aesthetic // 3 month ago
All I hear in the lyrics ; - I feel love - So good - Oh
Mimi Sharma 5 month ago
Sam: I feel loveee Me: Aye, isn't that what the burgam or so was singing on the treadmill in Trolls?
Joseph Nestares 5 month ago
Latinoamericanos den like ❤️
Dana CHAUDOIN 5 month ago
This was originally done by Donna Summers back in the 70s.It was also done by Madonna .
Phillip Scott 5 month ago
I'd love to hear him singing Smalltown Boy from Bronski Beat.
¡C 5 month ago
I love it, it illustrate how love can change the world <3
ariannw XD 5 month ago
This video is everything ahahah lov u
Beth Berryhill 5 month ago
I like how the two people in the video have his face. He loves himself 💕
andrea apple 4 month ago
i love this lyric video so much! what style is this? I screenshoted the lotus flowers and thats my new background
Majlinda Gjinushi 5 month ago
A LOVE YOU SAM SMITH ! THE BEST BABE.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈😘
Donald Storm 5 month ago
Sam Smith I love that new song it's so retro and so brilliant, it's such a great idea to do this, thanks something awesome to dance to!!!! Love you buddy you are the best, thanks for all the beautiful music you make, Bob Storm.
jhancarla oliver gironda 4 month ago
m o r r i t o a e s t h e t i c ; ́ຶ 5 month ago
Me siento un gei vintage con esta canción.🍂
KiRe 4 month ago
First The Weeknd with Blinding Lights, now this... I LOVE the 80's feel!
El paraguayito 4 month ago
I was just looking at the fifth element 😂
Robert Mitchell 4 month ago
I feel love for you every waking moment of each and every day Joanne!
Deku Gaming 21 4 month ago
When I watch this I feel like I’m on crack
natalie7465 5 month ago
😘SamSmith - 🔥❤🔥❤🔥❤🔥❤I feel love(lyric video) lovin' it! & Lo♡e your music! Where did the time go,the last day of 2019! 💋🙄💋I'm free from my Ex,but I still believe in love! Excited for the nEw yEar! Positive vibes,Wishing Everyone a Better & Happy New Year! Who👇 else will be listening to Sam Smith in 2020?
Dierony Sousa 5 month ago
Ai meu coração! ♥️
el FideLITo 4 month ago
Welcome back 70-80's People ❤️
Aminadabe Silva 5 month ago
Ícone da música!!
Vortex_06 3 month ago
He’s done a brilliant cover of the great Donna Summers song👍🥰
Coocoonut 5 month ago
And this kids how I ended the decade
SANCEA TORRES 5 month ago
honestly with sam smith snapping like this is just honestly so amazing.
Carlos Asan 5 month ago
I love this version of the song!!! You did a great job Sam, spreading disco music to the world today is something incredible to do, thank you so much 😊
Anh Ngô 5 month ago
Me: This vid exists Me: I want a bear in heels!
Kirsty Reed 3 month ago
First time listening to this song n it's wants me to get up n dance
Alex Rodrigues 5 month ago
O vocal tem uma semelhança com a querida Pabllo Vittar. 🇧🇷
Cathy Sheppard 4 month ago
petty girl18 4 month ago
My only sentence is: RIp to the target employees.
The_hidden_one 5 month ago
Sandra Rudey 3 month ago
Well I'm 64 and I feel Loved... And Funky Town.... And HowDo You Sleep At Night!❤
Colornicornio 4 month ago
Como não amar? Esse homem é um hinooo 🦄💜
Yenney Rossi 5 month ago
Bellissimo brano e interpretazione caro Sam Smith ♦ Grazie mille per aver condiviso questo accattivante video ★ Ti auguro un felice anno in compagnia dei tuoi cari.. Complimenti e affettuosi saluti !!♦
Daniel Bezerra 4 month ago
Madonna - The Future lovers I Feel love (Confessions Tour) 😵🇧🇷💞
Chris Berger 4 month ago
Always tricky doing covers of iconic songs. In this case I think you are hugely successful. You keep the best qualities of the original (ie minimalism) but modernize and put your personal stamp on it. Oh, and the video is fun and thought provoking. You are awesome!, Sam!
Fernanda Fidem 5 month ago
This disco vibe is so delicious is Sam's voice! Finishing 2019 perfectly! I wish you all love and happiness!
thales azevedo 4 month ago
Future lovers by Madonna:confessions on a dance floor.
Anushka Das 5 month ago
Sam: here's what no one asked for but everyone will love
Vinicius Lemes 4 month ago
Porque eu escuto a voz da Pabllo nessa música?
Mons Ortega 5 month ago
Como termimar el 2019 feliz (•u•)b THANKS SAM, gracias bb ♥
Madison Rain 5 month ago
Its funny because I literally hear this song so many times at work and deep inside I knew it was Sam Smith. But I never checked, thank youtube notifications.
John Patrick Salcedo 5 month ago
Can you feel it too? Me, I can feel it more this 2020! It's so good!
Princess Cordelia 5 month ago
That gave me so much Inspiration 🤤❤ Love it🔥 I will come back when I lack of creativity 😍
Vanilla Chu 5 month ago
No one : Literally no one : Sam Smith : AAAHHHOOOHHH ITS SO gOOD ITS sO GoOd ItS sO GOod it’s soooooo GOOOOOD NOW STAN !
chepemo salazar 4 month ago
sam... when will you sing, fire on iren in a concert? :3
PatyPixie 4 month ago
Meh, too straight for me (specially the video 😂 ) Just kidding. Wow. this cover blew my wig off to Asia. His high notes!! 😲
imml YOUTUBE 5 month ago
Twice : I feel so special Sam Smith : I feel love
Jazmin Guadalupe Castorena Arias 5 month ago
Te amooooooooo❤🥺
Jefferson Blanco Navarro 5 month ago
Heard for the first time: OMG this is so bad! Second time: ok, it is not so bad. Third time: I FEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL LOOOOOOOOOOOO O O O VE!!!!! 😍❤👌
Brigitta Prágai 3 month ago
Oh, 💖
Anna 3 month ago
It's Donna SUMMER..not Summers for the love of God... 🙄 Sam did a good job on the cover I think 👍
Joshua Yeap 5 month ago
2019 is ending soon, and I still manage to make bad decision on the final 24 hour. Shouldn't have hit that joint before watching this.
Sergiy Grytsenko 5 month ago
Brilliant performance of this timeless classic song : Bravo Sam!!😍
butterfly girl 5 month ago
I Feel Love with this cover of Donna Summers. Very Awesome and cool video