Black Widow Final Trailer

116K views • 4 month ago
Florence Pugh and Rachel Weisz join Scarlett Johansson for the Marvel adventure, in theaters May 1.

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NM Z 4 month ago
Hopefully at the end there is a black widow funeral with her family cos Endgame messed that up
HlddenTalent 4 month ago
He copied black panther fighting style and even did the wakanda forever that’s dope af
Negan Morgan 4 month ago
Being waiting for this for so long.
Carson City 4 month ago
God Taskmaster has a cool design
Anastasia. 4 month ago
Is it just me or does this movie look WAY more appealing now
Samuel Toledo 4 month ago
Finally a avenger trailer I was waiting for the next movie to come out
FLguy 4 month ago
Taskmaster in comics: Photographic Reflexes. He watches a gymnast, a marksman, a ninja, he can automatically do whatever they've done. So he watches Spidey, Hawkeye, Cap, learns their fighting techniques for free, then combines them. Uses a shield, bow, billy-club (Daredevil), etc. And with as much skill. No other powers, none usually needed. Unsure what his origin is in the movie, though, or how he's so good at fighting. Hopefully the same as the comics.
viziobrute30 4 month ago
I’m so happy they’re turning Taskmaster loose a little! So far, he’s clearly imitated Cap, Hawkeye, Ronin, even Black Panther!! He’ll probably mimic Nat as well!
Will griffin 4 month ago
I hope to god they don’t forget to show a background part of her children that were seen in the scene in age of Ultron I’ve been waiting years.
Guy Guy 4 month ago
Yo is it just me or did anyone else sit up straight after she said not to crouch at the end.
NationWide 4G 4 month ago
For morons who are gonna say “where did he learn this or that” he saw the avengers fight in the airport in civil war.
Cece Cruz 4 month ago
"alright enough all of you" "I didn't say anything.. thats not fair"
Zach Blundeto 4 month ago
Oh wow! Can't wait to see this. I love Scarlett.
Dan Lee 4 month ago
No one's going to talk about how badass that soundtrack is?
Jordan Zachary 4 month ago
I didn’t think i could be more excited for this movie but clearly i was wrong 😭
10k Subs By The End Of 2020? 4 month ago
"Listen to your mother" assassin dad to his assassin daughter regarding the assassin mother infront of their younger assassin daughter while eating lunch.
Matthew Wright 4 month ago
Taskmaster faced Loki, learned shapeshifting, kidnapped Natasha, posed as her post civil war, fought and sacrificed himself to save humanity (and clint)..... therefore, Black Widow lives!!!!
Patrick Jane 4 month ago
Will we know what happened in Budapest?
talktotrees 4 month ago
Personally I think task master is the coolest villain ever. This is going to be such a good movie
Randall Knight 4 month ago
Lol had forgot about this for a minute...I hate they put her last smh
Mark Ciccolella 4 month ago
I can't wait for Black widow's solo film this should have come out instead of Captain Marvel.
Cancer Police 4 month ago
"Damn I wanna see the other Avengers in this movie" Taskmaster: "I got you fam"
BlindedLomeli1266 4 month ago
xsammyx101x 4 month ago
im already far too emotionally distraught by this movie...i aint even seen it yet no fair
Joy Sierra 4 month ago
One word: Y E S
Grace Morgan speaks Youtube Channel 4 month ago
Whoever is reading this and you are going through pain, trauma and hard times. Dont give up. You will overcome this. Just believe
goldiamondawareness 4 month ago
Ra zA KĀ 4 month ago
I feel like ima enjoy this movie
Aevoa 4 month ago
Gorgeous trailer, now I’m definitely going to the movies! 🔥😍
Christian David 4 month ago
I got self conscious and stopped slouching too.
Trinay Akula kamalesh 4 month ago
So this is what hopper is doing in Russia 😂
Piplup 4 month ago
So she has cried 4 times so far. I'm not ready for the movie😭
Stephanie Hernandez 4 month ago
This looks amazing 🤩😻
Alfredo M 4 month ago
Wat is the track theme
B C 4 month ago
They should do Black Widow Rom-Coms films like the SNL skit "Black Widow: Age of Me." Pretty Widow Four Battles and Tony's Funeral Black Widow: Natasha Romanoff's Diary: An Avengers Story 50 First Fights 10 Things I Hate About Thor
Alizeh Choudhury 4 month ago
I haven't even seen the movie but yelena is already my favorite character
General Tso Joe Hayabusa 4 month ago
Meh, I’ll risk catching corona for this.
lil’ hoops 4 month ago
I was waiting forever for them to add Taskmaster, I’m so happy to see him!
Bryn McKair 4 month ago
That's it, i want a sequel
Mate397 4 month ago
This movie should have been released between the two Avengers film instead of the lame Captain Marvel one.
Christopher Cooper 4 month ago
Looks good.
Shaira Dossey 4 month ago
So we're never going to find out what happened in Budapest?
damaris ravelo 4 month ago
I can't wait may 1 🔥
Abby Wolffe 4 month ago
I'm in love with Florence Pugh she's so versatile with her characters and accents
Arrian Alcantara 4 month ago
Aren't you guys wondering why Rachel Weisz can't be seen fighting most of the time alongside them?
Fourth Horsemen Death 4 month ago
Sooooooooo, do people have Russian accents or not?
kylie reeder 4 month ago
doctor: “you have 2 minutes and 28 seconds left to live” me:
bsmi1361 4 month ago
This movie is coming waaaayyyy to late...
I agree with you 4 month ago
Why do I get the feeling that Taskmaster will turn out to be Taskmistress? 😅
mr gummybear 4 month ago
Hopper plays Alexie? HEH
Maxima Montano 4 month ago
That soundtrack!! Oh my gosh
13th Genz 4 month ago
Is it my feeling or the Taskmaster just look a like the Snake Eyes on GI Joe
DeadIsTheNewSexy Moriarty 4 month ago
JStuff06 4 month ago
It looks so sick cant wait to see this one
bogdanisimmo 4 month ago
00:27 what goes around, goes around, goes around
Serje Allen 4 month ago
Awesome trailer and cool background music score
Adeeb sheriff 3 month ago
Hold down, there's RDJ too in this movie
kraken935 4 month ago
Idk why all that snow reminds me of MW2 😆
Kevin Schart 4 month ago
another marvel movie with a plug and play villain...i'm good. I still remember iron man 3 and age of ultron. won't fool me again.
908peruvian 4 month ago
Taskmaster!!!!! I wish i can see early screening of this
Darkside Mike03 4 month ago
I feel like this is in between either civil war and infinity war or infinity war and the 5 year difference cause she brings up the avengers
Busy Nerd 4 month ago
I was literally yawning 😴
RAG718 4 month ago
damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn this looks good...... black widow sister talk like a dude though....... lol
kosaba11 4 month ago
Please, for the love of everything, don't kill Taskmaster at the end of this. He is way too great a villain, with way too many potential match-ups to be wasted on a single movie, especially a Black Widow movie.
Brandon Keys 4 month ago
1:41 on the bucket list at #2
The Top Ten 4 month ago
He's avenger level
ADOLF HITLER -75 years and 4 month ago
so this May its gonna be MAYDAY
MrSasrabirawa 4 month ago
Bloody hell that's awesome..!!! Definitely a must watch film
#BLACKBOOKT.V Channel 4 month ago
Task master, genius intelligence and can study a fighting style to a T, buuuuut lost to spider man in the comics so black widow should be ok
Dark 4 month ago
1:35 is Yenelena dead???:(((
pranay nitnaware 4 month ago
Power rangers @ 1:14
Jonathan Cooper 4 month ago
Just take my money already.
Another Dave In Paradise 4 month ago
Great to see Taskmaster making an appearance in the MCU looks badass such an awesome ability be interesting to see how they beat him...if they do. And with deadpool now MCU based it could get even more interesting
Ness 3 month ago
Cant wait. I am more hyped for this than wonder woman 2. On a sidenote, so we just gonna ignore all of the physics in that freefalling scene huh movie? In before the Neil Tyson tweet.
Literalyou 4 month ago
How did she forget about her family?
Popcorn Gaming 4 month ago
whoever that stunt man of taskmaster is good af
Benjamin Redling 4 month ago
Taskmater is going to be unmasked as Rachel Weisz's character.. guaranteed...
Nazam Farooqui 4 month ago
Woooh ...who runs the world....GIRLS🙅🙋💁 I have exam on 3rd may...I can't go to watch movie on 1st may!!!!! But I will go...xd
Pahema Popi 4 month ago
I am so hyped for this movie
Traz 316 4 month ago
That was awesome :)
Shviko 4 month ago
amazing content keep up the awesome work
DownUnderDiscourse 4 month ago
I hope he doesn’t die at the end of the movie
Cooper Davis 4 month ago
Taskmaster's design makes them look like a power ranger... but I'm absolutely loving Taskmaster's moves.
Crystal E. 4 month ago
I'm so excited!!
Eli M 4 month ago
Vivian Muliira 4 month ago
This is looking epic
Reagan Day 4 month ago
finally 😩
K 4 month ago
Deadpool needs to be in the mcu asap, dp vs taskmaster
Prince Dogboy 4 month ago
Plot Twist: Taskmaster will be revealed to be a woman.
Maya Younes 4 month ago
I’m so excited for this movie but I’m sad that this is just her backstory and that it won’t affect the future of marvel.
kaliskonig 3 month ago
If her Sister replaces her as THE Black Widow in a post credits scene I won't be as bummed out that Nat is dead. at least someone who knows her personally could carry on her position.
Ruslan Chabal 4 month ago
Black Widow solo movie ?? No thank you.
Serkan Kabatas 4 month ago
No, thanks.
Arwa Mekasa 4 month ago
Rachel is Scarlet’s mom?
Emily Wang 4 month ago
Heyimlydss 4 month ago
Caio Emanoel 4 month ago
I think they're all dead
Bruce Humphrey 4 month ago
So Taskmaster is a combination of Captain America, Hawkeye, and Black Panther.
GamerGirls Adventures 4 month ago
OMG yasssss
ayman ramadan12 4 month ago
I am actually excited for the MOVIE ✨👏