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This week on Instant Influencer, the competition gets real when our artists have to apologize for a scandal. 😭 I also invited some of my favorite YouTubers for a collab challenge. How will these aspiring artists match up with some of the biggest names in beauty?

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kelley welbeck 28 days ago
Like:Kailyn or Ashley will win Comment:Benny is gonna win
Kalynne Ohler 28 days ago
I really liked how James didn’t just say your done, he went and talked to him personally and wasn’t a jerk about it.
garner vlogs 28 days ago
at the end when james walked in the gabrial he was so positive and that’s where you can really see that he is greatful for what he had and the chance i think it was an eye open for him and so great that he gets to be there with james and james honestly does such a great job when he tells sorry but you did not advance ! he is so happy and positive can’t wait to see next weeks vido
Kristina Diaz 28 days ago
Poor Benny is just such a try hard. Maybe if he’d be himself he’d be pretty alright.
Maselah Martin 28 days ago
i feel bad for gabriel but he was smiling through the whole ending, proud of Himself, we need more of that in the world
Nicole Hernandez Morales 28 days ago
Kailin is my favorite, idk but her personality makes me feel warm, she is really bubbly, I think the beauty community needs someone like her, just simple (not in a bad way, she is so talented and can do so much complex looks, I mean not being super extra) Idk I relate to her a lot, Ashley its super talented and has slayed the competition for her talent, she is the strongest of them all but idk why but I can't vibe with her personality, but as I said it's personal choice, if any of them wins its completely fine
Cezara 28 days ago
can we all just agree james deserves all the love in the world for making this show
Addy_ 7 28 days ago
Ashley and Nikita dude they’re a perfect pair like YES bad bitch sexy vibes all day😘
Mandy Wu 28 days ago
Idk if it’s me but I feel like Benny is trying too hard to be funny to the point where it’s really cringey
Olivia Dionne 28 days ago
I’m so confused with the comments. Like, in the last video in the comments y’all were saying you wished Gabriel was eliminated. But now y’all are sad that he was eliminated. Can’t we just like all of the influencers are amazing
Jess E 28 days ago
Poor Gabriel. I feel like him and Nyma didn’t connect and also she was low energy. The other collab guests were so high energy and really connected with the contestants
Mel Ø 28 days ago
BENNY WAS TRYING SO HARD TO BE FUNNY.. wow . He basically wanted to be Bretman.
Hope Marxiel 28 days ago
I only liked benny’s because bretman was in it. I was getting the vibe that He was trying to copy bretman. Yikes
Philippa Doplon 28 days ago
Can we talk about James’ acting, like I was also confused. We got to praise his hosting ability and his acting. If I was gonna do that I would burst out laughing
Riley Donohue 28 days ago
I can't believe james has been secretly HILARIOUS this whole time. he carries this entire show. which is good cuz its his
Samantha 28 days ago
Am I the only person who thinks Benny is reaallly cringey? It’s like he’s trying way too hard to be funny and it isn’t working at all. Everything he says seems so forced...
Lauren Byrnes 28 days ago
I love that nikita is just casually carrying a puppy
Deborah Ajide 28 days ago
Ashley has come here to do *business* .All the others are like: such a fun show, I’m so happy to be here. But you can see how different Ashley’s whole mentality is. Like she’s doing outstanding every damn time. You can’t even compare... It’s not even really the talent. It’s the *mommy mentality* . I have so much respect for her!!
Uahine Fungavaka 28 days ago
kailin lacks confidence. i wanna give her cuddles
callmebushraxox 28 days ago
benny: be you, ALWAYS be you. also benny: *acting like bretman* how ironic
Lauren Cunningham 28 days ago
Ok but Benny with that foundation made me hardcore CRINGE.
Sydney Willis 28 days ago
At the end it looks like Gabriel is so happy to get kicked off 😂
Lyla Morris 28 days ago
She you want to look through the comments but you don’t want any spoilers 😢
Kitty xoxo 28 days ago
Gabriel is next level make-up artist, he needs to go into movies and sci-fi stuff, like that's sooo amazing that he has built such a following, he doesn't have to be an influencer just stay a great artist and slay away ^_^
cazibal 28 days ago
he pulled a tyra banks on the beginning
Mary Oary 28 days ago
Norvina, James, and all the guest judges have been incredible in giving kind, solid, in-depth advice. You can tell they really want this to workout for the contestants.
WillNE Is class 28 days ago
The way he was just smiling whilst he was being eliminated made me want to cry like he's such a good sport and didn't break down, this dude deserves clout fr
Ruby Mazza 28 days ago
Am I the only person who thought that Gabriel should have won the compact challenge
_Alien.51_ 28 days ago
I actually really liked Kailin’s video. She has extreme potential! All of them do, but I love her personality. I love them all but I’m rooting for Kailin probably the most. Wait, but I love all the finals, omg I’m going to be so sad for anybody who leaves. 😓😂
Tytaniumm 28 days ago
I like how we all know Gabriel was going home this episode, but they still try to add the suspense like we don't already know he's out after that video lol
Kawaii 28 days ago
If Ashley doesn’t win this, i’m quitting life-
Kouji R 28 days ago
Ashley seems like she will be winning this competition. Benny looks like he is trying to hard and hasn't quite found his personality as an influencer. Kailin is ok, but somehow she always ends messing up something on each contest.
DAYANA JUAREZ AC 28 days ago
All of us: Benny is so going home James: nah he isn’t 😂
B o b a_ v i b e z 28 days ago
Ruining your makeup takes a lot of time! Me: no it doesn’t, i do it every day...
An A.R.M.Y BTS 28 days ago
I really like Benny but like with him saying “be you” just doesn’t seem right cause it seemed like he was trying to act like Bretman
trice 28 days ago
benny's a really great artist but i just feel like he creates this whole new persona when he's filming and it kinda throws me off cause it seems like he's trying so HARD to be funny and entertaining
The good, The bad AND the BUGGly 28 days ago
Wait, so if there’s another season can we get like maybe 8 influencers?!? I love watching it but only 3 episodes and a finale leaves me wanting so much more
Camryn Sock 28 days ago
Why do the judges never talk about how Benny never looks at the camera?!!! He’s always looking at the viewfinder. It irritates me how far the competition is and Benny is still not at the level he could be!
Avery K 28 days ago
Ok Benny is making me cringe he was trying so hard to be funny
emma russell 28 days ago
DISCLAIMER: don’t read the comments before watching
Kyrae Jenkins 28 days ago
If Ashley doesn't win lol I'mma snatch wigs
Nikki Vontaya 28 days ago
I just don't see anyone else winning this besides Ashely. She really has it all
Anya Kallepalli 28 days ago
Am I the only one who is really triggered by Benny's hair, like why it look like that?
Kayla Robinson 28 days ago
after every instant influencer episode: “OMG! what they didn’t show on camera” 😂😭
Ashlyn O 28 days ago
James should try these challenges himself and see how easy it is then
Bailey Janette 28 days ago
Is no one else questioning that James sees apologizing as a “talent” that should be rehearsed and practiced ???
ella.gil13 28 days ago
If there was an influencer with Benny’s style, Ashley’s talent, and Kailin’s personality, they would definitely win!
Chelsea.c Spam 28 days ago
PSA: don’t look at the comments while watching you’ll regret it 🙃🤦🏾‍♀️
Freya Bowen 28 days ago
“The thumbnail was like somebody getting their wig snatched off...” I can’t breathe I love her 💕
Fel_ Simmer 28 days ago
Is it just me or was Benny really tryna come for bretmans career
Spooky Stuff :3 28 days ago
Ashley’s look this episode was stunning!!!!!
Leïla Jmil 28 days ago
If anyone needs help with apologizing videos , just call PewDiePie
Emily Huffer 28 days ago
sad they didn’t make this “small dog” thing a trend throughout all the videos
Deerie_AHツ 28 days ago
Okay but can we appreciate the fact that this is *f r e e .*
Ed. Marie 28 days ago
I loooove Beny he is like a little kid that I want to hug all the time
Wazap XD 28 days ago
I honestly would have sent Benny home and it sucks because I knew they couldn’t because he did so much better than Gabriel. However I think Gabriel has more potential and dimension to his personality than he’s letting on. Benny feels really plain to me. It just felt like he was trying to copy Bretman while doing a silly challenge. While Gabriel actually gave us a gorgeous look, yes the video was not good. But James doesn’t even Edit his own videos anymore who is he to judge. At the end of the day the makeup and creativity is what should matter the most. Everyone gets comfortable eventually.
Lauren Cunningham 28 days ago
I'm all for *Ashley* because she's bringing something NEW to the table! She's so chill and dialed down, yet STILL so alluring and entertaining. I can already see her making it big.
Zalikha ousou 28 days ago
We already know the winner is Kaylin from Ashleys youtube channel
Wish.Berry 28 days ago
Benny legit made his mascara ran lol. I love the challenge but it just makes me question if apologies videos are staged. Like i want youtubers to be genuinely apologetic and sincere, to show that they actually have remorse and know what they did wrong. I hope apologies videos are not staged or scripted in the future.
brooke 0o0 28 days ago
Okay so first off I’m living for this series and I have an idea for what to add to it. I think it would be great to add flashbacks of the person who is being eliminated, it would jog memories and I think it would be a nice touch!💗
Jude okwueze 28 days ago
James Charles: Faking being anger. Everybody: Bish What!!! do not play like that.
OA 28 days ago
There’s always a new person in the comments talking about how this series is free
Faraz Irl 28 days ago
Most will ignore this comment . . . . But you didnt thanks
Tamilore Sanni 28 days ago
The likes on this comment show the scale of 1/1M
Natalia Herrera 28 days ago
I feel like Louie felt offended when James called Bretman the baddest😂😂
Alita Larriel 28 days ago
Why is no one talking about how stunning Ashley looks in this episode? Like gURL
Henry Joseph 28 days ago
Why is this #1 on trending let’s do the math James Charles video 1.7 mil in 5 hours, 6IX9INE song 11 mil 5 hours and 6IX9INE song was buggin out so it could be more
Raven Star 28 days ago
James is such a good after like jeez I can’t act like that
Hoodbaby Maysin 28 days ago
Everybody knows this ain’t the most trending video🤔🌈
Alondra Garcia 28 days ago
I like how positive and confident were the instant influencers.
Ashley Hambling 28 days ago
Imagine if James did like a mini series or something of the sorts where it was like worst chefs in America type deal but with makeup. I feel it would be quite funny yet cringe. I know that me personally would thrive considering I’m horrible at makeup, more like never worn it
Rosa Delgadillo 28 days ago
The latina in me was mad that louie was picked last lolll 😂
Jacky Delgado 28 days ago
The disrespect he called Louie “La Latina” lol He’s the Baddest Perra!
Red 28 days ago
I literally have second hand embarrassment
AISSWARYA NG 28 days ago
Oh my god , when James said that he’s gonna announce everything together I was like , If it was me , I would have feel humiliated, I like Grabiel’s positive attitude.
Nuzhat Tanzim Khan 28 days ago
It makes me sad that Gabriel is literally so insanely good in terms of artistry but has no personality :(((
Kat Gay 28 days ago
James that was SO GOOD and i actually thought they did something in the beginning 😂 GREAT job James and everyone else
Sharm 101 28 days ago
They should have did a drag show last episode
technocatification 28 days ago
Doesnt this just emphasize the fact that the apologies arent actually real
Kitty xoxo 28 days ago
To all the moms out there, I wana let you know that you slay without the makeup, you are beautiful inside and out, and I wish you all a Wonderful Mother's Day <3 I hope your kids don't drive you too crazy amidst this covid :)) take care xoxo
John Lynch 28 days ago
I love how James Charles so nice when people have to leave
Dan Franco 28 days ago
Kailin's line :I don't know what it looks like.
Maryam Al-Thani 28 days ago
I feel like Louie is sooo much fun.
Amy Duncan 28 days ago
i felt so bad for gabriel, especially when he’s like “is he coming back” 🥺🥺🥺🥺
mega minion mega minion 98 28 days ago
I was like "wait there is appt of seasons and like they eliminate every day a bee person who is going to come in the other seasons" but then I was like "oh wait maybe JC will bring more people" (my opinion that JC will bring more people)
Kanhchana Wolbach 28 days ago
When James said “ This is a competition tho “ after the first video I don’t mean any hate but just because it’s a competition doesn’t mean you have to be mean or rude and especially not try to sabotage you should be trying to keep everyone positive and you shouldn’t want to make enemies or drama ❤️🌹
Delaney O'Brien 28 days ago
Can people please not spoil in the comments? Thanks 🙏
Allison Beek 28 days ago
I love this show even if it wasn't James I still would like it!!!
Chloe Ball 28 days ago
I love love how james sits and talks with the eliminated person, and heads up for Gabriel for still being so positive !!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤
Simone Davis 28 days ago
Gabriel did really well with Nyma.... It's just a pity his editing was so poor. I can't believe she's so soft spoken as well
Pauline Medina 28 days ago
THIS NEEDS TO BE ON NETFLIX!! but not gonna lie I felt so bad for Gabriel when he said is he coming back on🥺🥰
Avery N Felsheim 28 days ago
you can tell that james is trying SO hard to talk so
Breakfast Burritos. 28 days ago
minsugaboomboom 28 days ago
was i the only one who cried when Gabriel was sent home... :(
Yseniah Orue 28 days ago
I swear i thought my girl ashley was gonna leave. Not today sister james! 😭🎉 but i really do want to see ashley and kailin the final two's but again my ashley needs to be no.1
Sarsavril Mc 28 days ago
You should make merch that says, “ Literally, sister!” Or “Literally” Or “Are you seriously kidding”
ELLY INFERNO 28 days ago
Me: oh no Benny is gonna go home, I know from the title and thumbnail! James: nahhhh i was just clickbaiting u 😂
Anastasia Maugeri 28 days ago
The start literally had me shakingggggggg!!!
Dawson Lambert 28 days ago
20:30 I don’t understand what Charles meant, was Benny suppose to “sabotage” them by pairing them with bad matches?
Jenny Lee 28 days ago
Seeing James call the guest influencers out really puts into perspective how everyone looks exactly the same once they have their makeup on.