Coyote R U OK?

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On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote gets stung a lot... and we've compiled together everyones favorite moments from all of the stings Coyote has taken over the years! How badly do you think all of these hurt? Tell us your favorite sting reaction in the comments!

Get ready to watch a lot of stings while you ask yourself the question, is Coyote OK (or he's not ok - he promises)?! It's time for JUST THE STING!

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BlazeStar 47 4 month ago
Mark: r u ok? Coyote: yells in pain Mark: Ok, *leans in to get a better shot*
Mario C 4 month ago
"In an episode titled..." Me: Are You Okay? "Just the Sting" Me: funny, guys. But we all know the real title.
Shemar Safeek 4 month ago
Cameraman: Coyote are u alright? Coyote: yea Also coyote: crying and screaming in pain
The Bearded Baby 4 month ago
youtubers: overreact coyote: gets stung by bullet ant and keeps talking and giving info
CrazyRBLX 4 month ago
mark: u all right coyote: yeah mark im doing fine nothing hurts at all
Jason Thatcher 4 month ago
“Getting stung isn’t exactly fun, but it gets the views and pays the bills.” -Coyote Peterson 2020
Uncertainty Guaranteed 4 month ago
Terry: Are you ok? Coyote: I'm coyote peterson and I'm about to enter the blast zone with buster wolf
Sans The SkeleGirl 4 month ago
*every time Coyote gets severely injured or something like that* Mark: Coyote R U OK?
C J Y 4 month ago
When people say your body is 75% water. Coyote: 75%venom
Weird guy Jay 4 month ago
Everyone: GUYS IS COYOTE OK Me: Yeah mate he Fine
The Blue Baldi Gamer 4 month ago
Coyote: Get stung by bullet ant And captures it gently Me: Get bitten by mosquito Also me: Right foot 2 stomps
Noah Rodriguez 4 month ago
Cayote: dont think i can talk Mark: describe the pain
yuxia liu 4 month ago
Coyote:Episode gonna be titled “ Just The Sting “ Episode:*Is titled” Coyote R U OK?” * Me: wut
ok boomer 4 month ago
coyote: **gets dragged into lake by crocodile, submerged under water, rolling around flailing for help** mark: you ok?
armadillo Armstrong 4 month ago
coyote: SCREAMING "AAAAAHHH" cameraman: "Describe whats happening"
RandomThingsAroundUs 4 month ago
The guy with the bees had no idea what he was doing. "I want them off" he be like "uhhh ye just jump real hard and piss them off even more"
Garrett Neujahr 4 month ago
"I'm getting nervous man should we be worried?" "Nope, just cant move my arm"
Gary Brown 4 month ago
Coyote: *getting stung by all these insects* Mark: "you OK? How's it feel?"
Melanie Flowers 4 month ago
Mark: Do I need to be worried? Coyote: Nope, I just can't move my arm... No biggy lol
Mark Graves 4 month ago
Imagine coyote got stung by every stinging insect he has got stung by all at the same time.
Retsuko 4 month ago
"I'm Coyote Peterson, and I am about to enter the stub zone, with the corner of my wall!"
Nyan Cat Dounut 4 month ago
“I’m coyote Peterson Im about to enter the sting zone of the AK-47”
Julce Eman T. Clarianes 4 month ago
(Everytime Coyote got stung) Coyote: OH NO THE STINGER IS STUCK IN MY ARM
IRanOutOfIdeas 4 month ago
If anything, this video teached me one thing... NEVER go to Arizona
Michael Lai 4 month ago
“I’m Coyote Peterson, and I’m about to enter the friendzone with my crush” *gets rejected Mark: you alright ? Describe the pain
Potatohead 27980 4 month ago
Ella Reacts 4 month ago
Tucson, Arizona: *im about to be a part of his entire career*
Ayaanosauras Rex 4 month ago
Why is everyone complaining about Mark saying "are you ok?" What else is he supposed to do? Coyote gets sting on purpose so there is nothing he can do
khaopan2316 4 month ago
If he says : "ouch" then that means it hurt. If he says : "A a a a ow ow ow" then that means its very hurtful. If he shouts "AAAAAAAAAAA" then you have to go to hospital instantly If he screams then you would probably be dead.
Chris 4 month ago
Honestly, the only youtuber that never click baited
Cassidy Anthony 4 month ago
Coyote:yells in pain* The rest of the crew: Coyote are you ok?
ThaSnowy10 4 month ago
Coyote: [Jumps of the burj kalifa] Mark: Describe The Pain
Daniel dore 4 month ago
Im so glad i used up all my "stupids" as a child.
Jonny Mendoza 4 month ago
Does anyone realize that everytime they do this type of thing they always bring that mini table😂
Wael Boutari 4 month ago
Let's just appreciate the fact that he can focus and capture the insect after getting stung...
A person u found Gamer 4 month ago
I feel like over the years we kinda forget to ask that question
Gladiator张宇馨 4 month ago
Comments: 98% about Mark 1% about the venom in Coyote 1% "first"
Nada Person 4 month ago
Title: *Coyote screams--* Everyone: *sigh* what's new?
Kelsen S 4 month ago
Still in my brain "How's the feeling?"
Cayetano Sanchez 4 month ago
The moment between “3” and the sting is the most nerve racking moment of any sting video Coyote does.
Death_Random Tac 4 month ago
"Im Coyotes mouth, and im about to enter the yell zone, with Coyote Peterson"
KowEater999 1 4 month ago
A compilation of a full grown man slowly killing himself wow YouTube is odd
Yasuo LOL 4 month ago
Imaging if Coyote Peterson gets friend zoned “I’m Coyote Peterson, and I’m about to enter the friendzone
Darien Sampson 4 month ago
I feel like this guy gets high off of pain. He always seems to be enjoying himself.
A. Chandler 4 month ago
Coyote: Gets foot ripped off by a bear. Mark: U Okay dude?
Jay Boi 4 month ago
Coyote:*falls out of helicopter and smacks head on ground Mark:Can you describe the pain.
SpookDaNoob 4 month ago
Coyote: *Screaming in pain* Mark: U ok?
The Cringey Pizzas 4 month ago
Today I learned that my home Tucson is terrifying
Zin_Gacha 4 month ago
Coyote: **literally dying** Cameraman: *doesn't stop recording*
Pacific Boys 4 month ago
coyote: "i'm coyote peterson, and i'm about to enter the hood." mark: are you okay? coyote: mark: are you okay?
Not Youh 4 month ago
2:26 when you stomp on Lego
Legolas Greenleaf 4 month ago
*Coyote's arm gets cut off by a bear* Mark: "aRe YoU oKaYy?
ob1foru 4 month ago
10:36 I do not miss getting mauled by fire ants. I still have scars where I was bit while trying to mow the lawn. Those little buggers are terrible.
Chris Cat 4 month ago
Mark: are you okay? I’m worried. Do you feel anything wrong? Coyote: nope, I just can’t move my arm.
Aaronplayz Whatever 4 month ago
How come he hasn’t died yet? From all those stings and bites.
1000 subs without a video 4 month ago
coyote: litteraly dying Mark: are u ok?
Simonx Killer12 4 month ago
Coyote:*is in pain* His crew:record him and watch him suffer!!!
Daniel Reyes 4 month ago
Coyote: gets sucked in a black hole Mark: You okay?
Richard Arthur B. MADARANG 4 month ago
2:17 Coyote: *screams in pain* Camera man: This is some good yt content right here.
Lucia Smith 4 month ago
does anybody else think about what his parents think about their kid.
EvanIsOriginal 4 month ago
14:49 When your mom told you to do your chores and you're in the middle of a game.
Adax _S 4 month ago
11:43 Mark: You alright? Coyote: AAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHH Also Coyote: yep
Jaden E 4 month ago
Coyote: *Is dying* Camera man: 😐
Mary Hebert 4 month ago
I’m Coyote Peterson and I’m about to enter the sick zone with the coronavirus
Delet Dis 4 month ago
I love how he picks up an animal and immediately knows every thing bout it
StarKnight 54 4 month ago
His composure is amazing. He's just in this zone of trying to resist the pain, and he lets it out once he captures the creature. You've never ceased to surprise me with what you can take but capturing those things while immersed in pain is something else.
Lord Shaxx. 4 month ago
14:48 that wasp was radioactive or something because my man is transforming.
AJDaSwimmer 4 month ago
Coyote: gets corona virus and makes a video on it, saying how it's just slightly painful...
Solo.Jay2x 4 month ago
“Food drops” Me: 14:54
Kevin Robert 4 month ago
14:50 lol when someone doesn't cover thier mouth when they cough next to you
Matt 4 month ago
14:52 he looks like he’s about to turn into Hulk
Star-Lord 4 month ago
Coyote: Dies Mark : Are you OK?
MrNightmarekill 4 month ago
11:42 I'm glad we got at least one "You alright" in this video XD!
Isaiah Witten 4 month ago
I found you in my recommended again
M Lunat 4 month ago
me sees bullet ant : AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA coyote sees bullet ant: BITE MEE BITE MEEE
Hatless Atlas 4 month ago
Mark: Are you okay? Me despite knowing a good amount of people won’t get the joke: *BUSTAH WOLF*
scarsunseen24 4 month ago
Coyote: [gets coronavirus] Mark: R U ok? Coyote: [wears a coronavirus beard]
Lincoln Matlock 4 month ago
Can you imagine if while he writhing in pain, another one of the insects came up and stung him again? That’d be painful
Bella 4Amimals 4 month ago
Mark: R U Ok? Coyote: You think? Me: Nope he’s not OK
NEW PLAYER 4 month ago
11:44 Coyote : SCREAMING Of Pain Crew : Are You All Right?
The Goode Boye 4 month ago
imagine if coyote was a survivor in DbD Killer: *uses mori* mark: u good
kate Dalziel 4 month ago
coyote: covered in bees no screaming me: one bee on me AHHHHHHHHHH GET IT OFF GET IT OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
salty network 4 month ago
Cyote: Gets nuked Mark: U ok?
Carloswithac 4 month ago
I feel so bad for his right arm. It's always the right arm. 😂
Hawkclaw 4 month ago
Ok but what about “This is the furthest drop I’ve ever survived”?
Ithilween Shadowsong 4 month ago
1:27 Wrong spelling is Siquirres not Siquerres Edit: yeah kinda dissapointed i thought this was a trollpilation of Mark asking Coyote his favorite phrase.
NickieB 4 month ago
Mosquito, who's bite doesn't even hurt at all, bites me: Me: OOOUCH
J0nnyz0mb _G4m3r 4 month ago
Me: Gets stung by a bee Stars crying Coyote: Gets stung by tarantula hawk Starts laughing
Wolfie!! :3 4 month ago
3:03 R.i.p the GoPro 🤣
CSM J 4 month ago
Coyote: Swallows a grenade Grenade: Explodes Mark: Are you ok?
Kise ryouta 4 month ago
Despite being on pain, Coyote still manage to put the insect inside the conatiner calmly. How you do that?
Captain_KWD 4 month ago
Mark: you ok Coyote: yep I just can’t move my arm
Subscribe Woofer 4 month ago
Who else thought that Lord of the Stings would be the compilation
Gabe Wyatt 4 month ago
😭😭😩😩😭😭😩😩 I feel so bad!! (Edit) Coyote, if you see this, I just wanted to let you know that I HATE when you get hurt, but I still watch the videos...
AlexThe_Furret FH 4 month ago
Coyote: *sees a insect* Also coyote: *Intense war flashbacks*
Horses 4ever 4 month ago
1:01 sing coyote! Sing!!
Gian Alvarado 4 month ago
People filming:u alright Cayote:nahhhhh I'm fine
Tjad e 4 month ago
How many times have you been stung? Coyote: *YES*
*I am weird* 4 month ago
Coyote: **gets stung by executioner wasp** screams in pain and talks about the wasp Me: **coughs** mom I’m dying
Teag Brohman 4 month ago
if he keeps this up he's going to have a prosthetic arm in the near future