We Made HUMAN SIZED Candy Buttons... How Do They Taste?

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Today we're scaling up another nostalgic candy. This time we're making giant candy buttons, also known as candy dots. How will they taste?

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Nathan;; 9 days ago
“Piping lessons” I’m sure I’m not the only one that heard that 😂😂😂
9 days ago
"Piping lessons" Beavis and Butthead: hehehehehe "piping" hehehehehe
CreepyCat55 9 days ago
3:22-3:24 Literally had me on the floor dying. 😂
A. B. 9 days ago
Me eating Bottle Caps while in Quarantine: "Go on."
Kreedles 9 days ago
I think the next logically giant candy to make is smarties.
Jordan Marotti 9 days ago
Things that give me joy: 1) Nate saying “cloth” at 8:39.
Elijah Miller 9 days ago
7:38 the face of disappointment on his face when she Interrupts him 😂
Caleb Wheeler 9 days ago
I would love to see giant gummy peach rings and giant circus peanuts
xPaulRulesTheWorldx 9 days ago
My aunt makes "Cookies" that are very similar in texture to these. I've always thought they were... interesting haha
MadladNomad 9 days ago
Nate is quite literally that one weird friend everyone gets weirded out by sometimes but still love.
1993DrHouse 9 days ago
What happens if you put one of the giant dots in the freeze dryer, liquid nitrogen, the vacuum chamber, and on fire???
Andrew Hall 9 days ago
Please make a huge I mean HUGEEEE sweet tart pleaseeeewwww
beirirangu 9 days ago
"HUMAN SIZED"... I was expecting you to try making one that's as round as you are tall
Nikita Rosas 8 days ago
Callie sounds sick/ under the weather, i hope its just allergies
ChaoticKingEthan 9 days ago
These are just icing cookies, change my mind
Nicholas Jorge 9 days ago
Make a giant gingerbread house made from jollyrachers
Rennis Tora 8 days ago
"You can't prove that's not what Bigfoot sounds like" Ha!
Andrew Levy 9 days ago
if you've ever seen the Office I'd do a giant stapler and fill a large container with Jello
Virshwaysis 8 days ago
Try making a big version of the candy zots!
CraftyChica 8 days ago
This was hilarious! Haha. I have some giant candy suggestions for y'all: Giant Peeps Giant Reese's Giant Hershey's Kisses Giant Jelly Beans Giant S'Mores (I know those aren't technically candy, but giant s'mores would be awesome anyway) And maybe some giant Fruit Roll Ups or Gushers. 😎
Mason Barnes 9 days ago
8:18 cally looks like boyinaband
Shadow Cat 8 days ago
I've never had these although they sound cool. (I'm British 😂)
GolenCheeseit 8 days ago
I want a giant Twix, and when I say giant I mean as big as a person...
Harrison Lawry 8 days ago
Please make a giant roll of starbursts: I would love to see it!
Zyxaliath 9 days ago
Callie looks so pretty with her glasses ❤️
TheMyticalCreature YT 9 days ago
Katie:I not going to eat it that one hit my foot Nate:*eats it*
Millburto sky 9 days ago
In the first 2 min the clock in the background was 11:11, does my wish still work??
Kitty Stevens 9 days ago
Cali sounds a bit under the weather. Hope it’s just allergies.
Barbara Rodriguez 8 days ago
Got to thank you guys I've been playing Raid Shadow legends for months I love it.
NightValeBunny 8 days ago
On the ground for 2.5 weeks, with carpet. Me: 😬
Crystalsky 9 days ago
My mom wouldn't let me eat these when I was a kid because she read that the little bits of paper could hurt me.
KLASSY KLASSY 8 days ago
he eats her toes that’s why he ate the candy foot they made and when the candy button hit her foot he ate it
Daryl Sheneman 9 days ago
Sweetarts they are my absolute favorite candy I would to see them Then maybe break one up and throw it in the cotton candy machine.
BrandyLoxz [MemeCore] 8 days ago
7:45 the pop that it makes when he bites it😂
sua’s gorgeous legs 8 days ago
take a shot for every time Nate says “fairly”
ASC Sander Gaming 9 days ago
“And it dries super hard” My brain: “super hard” thAts WhAT ShE SAiD
David Asta 9 days ago
Giant Twizzlers please! I need this in my life! Especially the black licorice flavor!
Electro music 9 days ago
Lol that’s so cool! That would make a cool tapestry like paint the large candy dots on another pice of that white cloth. 🌈😍
Masked Man? 8 days ago
5:10 Anyone notice the flex seal poster and piece of paper that probably says Jack Douglas Edit: I watched later into the video and the piece of paper says Fredrick Douglas
Cry baby Senpai 9 days ago
I've never had them before in the only time I seen them was on YouTube
W_aves 8 days ago
Giant Smarties, Sweet tarts,twix,gummy sharks,peach rings,circus peanuts,laffy taffy,bottle caps,m and ms,Werthers,starburst, and Kit Kats would all be cool
Dmitry Nerdinsky 9 days ago
We would love to see a giant Twix bar!!
David 9 days ago
11:24 wait while crossing the street
Cat Gaming 9 days ago
I live in u.s.a and I never seen or heard anything like this candy
Louise Jennings 8 days ago
Need a giant food dehydrator for those things, 😂
Sega1F 8 days ago
there is this candy sometimes called - "Satellite Wafers" - giant versions of that might be a fun challenge!
Trinity White 9 days ago
Callie:this won't make a mess in your kitchen Nate: drops some of the icing Callie: well nevermind, you will make a mess if Nate's in your kitchen Me: ........... But, why would Nate be in my kitchen?😂
Martin Neps 9 days ago
I used to eat these by the packages fill my mouth full of these things I love them but I can't find them anymore would love to know where I could purchase some thank you
Jhare Naidoo 8 days ago
You guys should make a giant version of the 52 random weekend projects book
Goat 429 8 days ago
Messed up on the first round, but you know what you just got to try to learn.
8 days ago
I've seen thos candybuttons once, in a movie. I didn't know they existed untill now...
phthalo blue 8 days ago
"Human Size" arent they human size already?
Yvanz Dy 8 days ago
Please Try a giant snowbears, mentos(the once with filling inside), and bubblegum
Faze man Back 9 days ago
Me sees a king of random video YES ANOTHER AMAZING VIDEO Me morgz uploads me oh I already saw this on mr.beast video
rew to 8 days ago
GIANT GUMMY WORM/BEAR. or order them and do "testing" like 💥🔥. Also you can try using the buttons as airborne targets for guns
Ozzie 2.0 8 days ago
What do you mean my “human sized” normal ones are human sized
Levi Roberts 9 days ago
I dare u guys to super-size a take 5. U wont😂
Rakib Ahemed 9 days ago
Today we're scaling up another nostalgic candy. This time we're making giant candy buttons, also known as candy dots. How will they taste?
Jackson Hightower 9 days ago
GIANT WAX BOTTLES!! I need to see that in my lifetime.
Matthew 9 days ago
What about drying them in the oven? Or what about putting them in a freeze dryer
itsmeaaruunn 8 days ago
cali seems so much more chill and natural!!! loving it
Honour Youngren 9 days ago
I have a big sugar tooth. This makes me jealous. If I was there I would eat all of that under a day! XD
Isabella Walker 9 days ago
Why is Calli's hair so perfect around 7:50??
Sprite Bonn 8 days ago
Note when pastry chefs want icing to set they stick it in the refrigerator. Duh🤣
Anne Vo 8 days ago
I really hope you made a giant flan with all those egg yolks
The Cool Axolotl Logan 8 days ago
13:20 actual ceramic
Electro music 9 days ago
I’d love to see an enlarged cake like a house that looks like it’s made of cake that you could go inside
Greasemeister 9 days ago
Being Welsh ("british") we dont have those here, well, not that I've seen, but I'm gonna try and find some online to import just to try them
VolksyWorld Toys 8 days ago
3:27 the face of whipped
Alex Hansen 9 days ago
Are you sick Cali? Got the Zika, H1N1, bird flu super virus? Well I sure hope not love TKOR, keep it up guys and thank you for all the great content.
EvilBaron 8 days ago
Nope, I dont!!! (know this) AND this is called Baiser!!! (your Royal Icing???)
slam zamillion 9 days ago
False, you made twister: expert mode
Lillyfire theflower 9 days ago
I wanna see a Giant Air Heads plz and thanks :D
amazingmation 97 8 days ago
Can you please try making airhead bites huge? Love your videos ❤️ 💖
Emma B 9 days ago
Watching you separate the egg directly over the bowl stressed me out
Brielle Bernier 8 days ago
Please do: A giant jawbreaker. A giant Reese’s cup A giant peep for Easter.
Sa Wa 9 days ago
Can you make gourmet tart and tiny? I miss that discontinued candy. Not the sweet tart version, but the original recipe
Scottie T 8 days ago
Hope you feel better soon Callie!! Y’all keep up the amazing videos
Hollis YeaNo 8 days ago
Doscher's Candies in Ohio bought the recipe from Necco.
Ray Farley 8 days ago
Giant Charm's Blow Pop! Giant Banana Laffy Taffy! Giant Reese's Cups!
Kitcat & Squeak 8 days ago
What if you make gummies and then freeze-dry them, then microwave them, then deep-fry them. I know, it makes no sense 😅
Aqua Games 9 days ago
bubble gum candy lollipop ! 100 Times bigger than the normal size :D
Aubreylee Dmartin 9 days ago
Giant Hershy, cupcake, lollipop, giant bowl of ice cream, just make a lot of giant sweets, please.
Frogassassin 15 8 days ago
I have never heard of these
Black Ghost 8 days ago
Never heard of candy buttons probably an American thing I'm from uk 🇬🇧 :)
Jaidin Borenski 8 days ago
I want Giant Hershey’s kisses. Wrapped in tinfoil, the little ribbon thing, and the whole shebang.
Caroline G 8 days ago
Giant flying saucers or nonpareils (snowcaps) would be awesome!
Just Kibby 9 days ago
Everytime I go to hobby lobby I buy the mega candy buttons. I love them! GIANT FUN DIP
emily steele 9 days ago
Please please PLEASE DO BOTTLE CAPS those are so awesome and are SODA flavored!!!!❤❤
fasfan 8 days ago
How big can you make a regular candy bar? Like 6' long Twix??? Or a 4' Kit Kat bar.
Kay Wile 8 days ago
Star burst, bottle caps and air heads💕
Demon Dame 8 days ago
@TheKingOfRandom Make a giant Poptart!
Maddox M 9 days ago
Calli sounds sick..... uh oh. I hope they can keep content coming during the quarantine. Also, plz don’t die
Shondell Celestine 9 days ago
Sarah Capan 9 days ago
Hey, can you try doing things to mustered or ketchup or sour cream or something?
Karlijn Koning 8 days ago
Callie is wat more relaxed. I prefer this over the yelling and over excitement!
Marianna Gaylord 9 days ago
How about instead of making giant versions of candy you could make tiny versions of them
Gianna Taylor 9 days ago
So it won't make a mess on your counter... drop. Never mind ps. You should make a huge cinnamon heart
Levi Corbitt 9 days ago
They should make giant Bonz candy.
Michael Bushee 9 days ago
Hear me out- giant Whoppers/Malteasers the size of bowling balls.