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True Geordie live stream for UFC 246! Join us for all the latest on Conor McGregor vs Donald Cerrone.

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Gennaro 4 month ago
NO ONE has ever done that to Cerrone. Not Tony, not Gaethje, not Till. Not in 40 seconds without breaking a damn sweat. Conor didn’t even have to shower after this fight. Guys a legend
Allen Paul 4 month ago
Fight starts at 2:28:05
Archibald Maule Ramsay 4 month ago
Conor “no one can take that left shoulder shot” McGregor
bigmus8285able 4 month ago
This begs the question, just how good is that old man in that bar?
Skull Thuggery 4 month ago
Wanna know what Cerrone did when he woke up this morning? He sneezed three times
Leo Lane 4 month ago
Got a feel bad for cerrone
Guraman Grewal 4 month ago
2:28:50 TG looks like he’s going to burst
RD 4 month ago
You came for 2:28:05
QustaBoi Hanania 4 month ago
2:28:00 You’re Welcome
MannyBT 4 month ago
Ok, Time to review this on the channel. Anyone else stay up till 6am just to see Conor McGregor beat him in 45secs.
BT Drunk Artist 4 month ago
He head kicked and dropped Cowboy with Donald's favorite move.
Peter Griffin 4 month ago
"Conor beat Cerrone faster than Tony, Which makes you wonder: How good is Khabib?, And where does Tony fit into all that?" -Chanel "The undisputed undefeated" Sonnen
Balsamic Vinegar 4 month ago
Believing Bruce was a very very good guest would love to see him on the knock out more 👍
Daniel Studart 4 month ago
That shoulder move was genius and very innovative.
Josh Steele 4 month ago
Honestly don't know if that the best £20 I've spent or just the biggest waste😂😂🇮🇪
SWJ 8991 4 month ago
We need Bruce to be a permanent guest on the Knockout, he adds a different level of insight on the mental side of things and is very likeable as well 👊🏼 Keep smashing it lads
Glasgow’s green And white 4 month ago
He broke his nose with a shoulder
SWJ 8991 4 month ago
At first I thought Believing Bruce was Brian’s little Geordie Butler 😂
david ashraf 4 month ago
Feel bad for cowboy tbh
Peter Griffin 4 month ago
Was wooried for Cerrone's grandma to get ko'ed too before he hugged her lol
Zachymol 1 4 month ago
no one can take that left shoulder 🤷🏽‍♂️😂
Jord 4 month ago
The shoulders to the nose from Connor were vicious. Cerrone was not expecting Mcgregor to throw as many of them as he did and he buzzed him massively. MCGREGOR IS AN ANIMAL
Ross McDonnell 4 month ago
"His last rodeo, you might say" 😂
Intishar Rahman 4 month ago
Huge congrats to Conor McGregor from a Khabib fan for the win. Never seen him so humble as now.
Riruka22 4 month ago
I watched this after I saw the fight just for the reaction lol 😂
MMA Highlights 4 month ago
Memory Warrior 4 month ago
Enjoyed Bruce's videos, wasn't expecting to see him on this show. He could be a great addition.
HornetGamer 4 month ago
I was going to watch this. Unfortunately I sneezed.
SoulWorld 4 month ago
2:28:05 - McGregor vs Cerrone (For all those who are watching the stream afterwards 👍🏾)
LEVID 4 month ago
When your level 1 character in Raid Shadow Legends attempts to fight a level 30
The Notorious Bean 4 month ago
Can we just talk about how good the other Geordie lad is . Feel like I could listen to him talk for days 😂😂 subbed to him
Never Surrender 4 month ago
"Jorge Masvidal had a good last fight." - Conor Mcgregor (should've said)
s7vn 4 month ago
Respect to Cowboy, but we all knew who would win this fight. THE CHAMP IS BACK BABY 🇮🇪👑
Snooker Obsession 4 month ago
what a legend to thee sport. this man has a proper story. he had his redemption tonight. after everything hes been through he can still come back and finish cerrone with true style. honestly respect to this true fighter and legend
Sam Turner 4 month ago
2:19:00 start of fight 👍
Devin 4 month ago
McGregor really does bring in the revenue in all ways 1.5 million already mad
J Galvin 4 month ago
You're massively underatting McGregor here Geordie. He's back, faster, bigger, more aggressive and innovative than ever before. He has very chance to take on Masvidal and win.
LION KING 4 month ago
“3 Piece and a Soda” ... ❌ *4 Shoulders and a Whiskey* ... ✅
KOD Duncan 4 month ago
They’re saying cerrone made a huge payday he probably barely made 6 figures
Bobert Skiffington 4 month ago
So happy for Mcgregor, that win was huge for him.
Ali YT 4 month ago
What a fight! Most entertaining 40 seconds of my life 👏
joe p 4 month ago
Save face for Mcgregory. Nice set up.
ITZ BAZ 4 month ago
Imagine staying up all night for it all to be over in 35 seconds
Maldwyn Edwards 4 month ago
true “i remember mike tyson used to” Geordie
Smiggy 4 month ago
2:28:05 McGregor vs Cerrone fight starts
Peter Griffin 4 month ago
Jorge and Usman there waiting for Conor to call them out lol 😂
Nafis 123 1_1 4 month ago
Mcgregor knew how the fight would go down he knew it would be easy early tko which is why he was so nice to cerrone
Justin MacRae 4 month ago
Believing Bruce, Top man. Great work lads
Klaus 4 month ago
“The King is back”
Doodle 4 month ago
Imagine watching a 3hour live stream for a 4 second fight
TheHarrip 4 month ago
Hahaha😂 "I'm more out of breath talking about it than he is from doing it." TRUTH
Xdinked 4 month ago
Yesss im so glad to see Bruce on here, great job guys
Believing Bruce 4 month ago
That BelievingBruce guy is unreal at knowing the fight game 🧠🥊💥🤪
Emperor Palpatine 4 month ago
‘Even facially, his forehead looks older’
Irish Mick 4 month ago
God bless the Irish🇮🇪🍀
Preston Jones 4 month ago
Cowboy was never ready even though I love the bastard so much payday none the least
OnlyPeeper 4 month ago
I love how cowboy tried the kick and mcgregor showed him how to kick right after
Mike Jones 4 month ago
Around 2:18:00 they start walking out 2:28:00 fight starts
absoluttchamp 4 month ago
From McGregor fanboy to hater, and back to fanboy
Anas Ali 4 month ago
He did say blood would be spilled
c907al 4 month ago
i love this version of mac.
Millsy 4 month ago
Yes sir. Believing Bruce 😍
Peter Griffin 4 month ago
Cerrone asked for it, He charged against Conor like Ben Askren, He already gave his plan to Conor in a golden plate
KamieJay 4 month ago
Believing Bruce yes love this guy ahaha
Hollow 4 month ago
Believing Bruce is a lad. Glad y’all gave him a shot
abbsnn cose 4 month ago
"when i swing the left shoulder the human skull cannot take it"
Shane Pay 4 month ago
Rewatching this gives me goosebumps 💥💥
Hani Lab 4 month ago
I want to knock someone with my shoulder someday 4 times in a row and him keep leaning towards it 🤣
SEA DOGS 4 month ago
Mr Geordie is in love with CM
Darragh Connolly 4 month ago
Well, at least I can come here to hear what happened, I'll be off now
Ram 4 month ago
His second W in recent times, if you count the old man he sparked out in that Irish pub
Charlie Mills 4 month ago
02:28:00 fight starts 02:28:47 fight ends
Chike Nnabugwu 4 month ago
Damn I wanted to see what new stuff Conor would bring. What stances? I don’t know it was 40 seconds!
Emita Juanita 4 month ago
Connor needs to give True Geordie the interview, would love to see it!!!
Goobachi Fozzie 4 month ago
2:27:00 start of McGregor vs Cowboy
I'm informed because I saw a bunch of memes 4 month ago
2:28:00 What you're looking for.
DIV Brandon 4 month ago
Conor's got faster knockouts in Bellator as well. So excited to see him fight again
Carl McGrath 4 month ago
2:28:05 if you just want the mcgregor reaction lmao
Joseph T. Maramis 4 month ago
*_I went to go get some snacks and the fight was over.._*
Max Best 4 month ago
2:28:04 Fight Starts
Tom Hutchcraft 4 month ago
Joe Mama 4 month ago
"when i swing the left shoulder the human skull cannot take it"
Jay McCarthy 4 month ago
Believing Bruce was so interesting he would have made a great guest on the podcast. He should be a regular hes fascinating to listen to and very educated on the subject
Eliya Amanoeel 4 month ago
The amount of relief on Brians face is enjoyable to watch :-) you gotta' love this guy!
Snoozeman 4 month ago
Stiff as a board 😂
Martillo 4 month ago
Just if Conor's first left hand shot would've landed , it would've been about 2 second KO . Either way the outcome was crazy .
Nathaniel Rust 4 month ago
React to new Eminem album
Activate A 4 month ago
Dam look at them views
Jamie Fitzgrade 4 month ago
Longest intro ever
Usaama Khan 4 month ago
You tell em geordie! 💙
chassycy 4 month ago
When u just bought the beats ep then geordie went with the studio..
biblical 4 month ago
When Conor goes into a fight respecting his opponent he wins but when he goes into trying to take someone’s head off in the first 10 seconds he loses
nameernothing 87 4 month ago
Gg amazing comeback
Atomic Gaming & Animations 4 month ago
Now Conor can book his rematch for Moscow 👏
MegaSinker 4 month ago
Some serious views 👌🏼
bailey clifford 4 month ago
Exhilarating 40 seconds damn
Christopher Lillington 4 month ago
A 2 hr and 40 minute stream in order to watch a fight that lasted 40 seconds...fighting sports are so anti-climatic every time I watch them
Arsenal 11 4 month ago
Mcgregor got paid 2mill a second for the fight haha
AHD_ CHANNEL 4 month ago
only 40 seconds, McGregor super amazing
Raheem Shah 4 month ago
2:28:07 fight starts