Da Baby & B. Simone Get All Flirty in the Classroom 🍑💦 Wild 'N Out

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Da Baby shows up to class ready to put his rhymes to the test but gets distracted by B. Simone’s flirty energy. 😂Catch an all-new Wild ‘N Out on Tuesday at 8/7c on VH1 🙌

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Sayee Kannah 29 days ago
Who else noticed DaBaby hand DC a note to give to B Simone just like how kids be doing in school when they have a crush
aNgie waNgie 29 days ago
BH Poiint 29 days ago
“Don’t lie who’s been a fan of Wild 'N Out before 2020?😇” (ɪᴍ ɢɪғᴛɪɴɢ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏᴏɴᴇ ᴡʜᴏ sᴜʙs ᴛᴏ ᴍᴇ ᴡ/ ɴᴏᴛɪs )🎉
Queen Daija 29 days ago
No one: DaBaby: passing DC a note to pass to B.Simone👀 DC: lookin confused asl not knowin what to do B.Simone: actin like she dont want the note(knowin damn well she do)
Kide GAMINGHD 29 days ago
Bruhh y’all can’t to me dababy and b simone weren’t having a little thing the whole episode
Cadedria Ross 29 days ago
Nobody: B. Simone: This my chance! Da Baby: Here we go.... Me: Shoot yo shot bihhhhh!!!
The Perfectkillerkid 29 days ago
I’m happy to see Darren Brand back, all we need is Timothy and Jacob
Carlfidence 29 days ago
This really the best game . Imagine how many high schools got this going during lunch or whatever .
Queen_Lizzy 29 days ago
I love how she ask for his number but we all know she got it already😂
Amy Christie 28 days ago
Maybe B.Simone might actually get herself a boyyfriendd
igor sdern 29 days ago
Nenysty TV 29 days ago
Why do they keep coming at Justina's voice...... She actually has a unique voice
Micheal Brown 29 days ago
Thts crazy was just saying they should put da baby on wildn out
Buju TM 29 days ago
I really thought the white dude was going to say “shooting up the class room” 😂😂
Ayahna Morris 29 days ago
When my girl B. Simone said: What’s your numberr I was cryin😢
Nadifa Abdi 29 days ago
Dababy: Give B.Simone a kiss in the classroom B.simone : whats your numberrrr
Sia Phares 29 days ago
Charlieclips and his lil dance took me tf out😆😆
Lil J 4lyfe 29 days ago
We know what DA BABY and B Simone doin in the classroom, but the question is, what are they doing outside of the classroom/ after school? 😏😉🤫😂💯
Itz Just Hova 29 days ago
Who else came straight to the comments after the video to read about bsimone and DaBaby😂😂😂
Janell Louis-Charles 29 days ago
shee could have said, "im tryna get da baby number IN THE CLASSROOM" 😂😂
Liz Liz 29 days ago
Wild N Out is on fire...I love the way DaBaby is chilled when his time comes up
Witchelle Sylvestre 29 days ago
Why this video ended so quick😫I’m tryna know what happened after B Simon got D baby number😭😭
Regardless Noah 29 days ago
"What's yo number? 😩" 😂😂
Aliyah 29 days ago
No one: Dababy: "Give B simone a kiss" in the classroom🤣💋💀
Lexi Harris 29 days ago
They be coming for Justina 😭
Shakiem Jean-Joseph 29 days ago
Darren Brand and Charlie Clips are Back for this Episode on Tuesday at 8pm on VH1. They need to get Tim Delaghetto back 💯💯💯I missed him
Quinton Rashun 29 days ago
I swear you never know what haircut Nick has 😂😂
Killersean 17 29 days ago
2:14 look how many times B Simone touched her hair She was nervous 🤣🤣
Genpri VLOGS 29 days ago
“I really wish I had some chips” IN TGE CLASSROOM “I got a really weird itch” IN THE CLASSROOM 😂😂
PLaZma 29 days ago
Who wants to see this battle Concieted, Hitman Holla, Charlie clips, and Justina Valentine V.S Karlous, D.C young fly, Chico Bean, and Emmanuel
Brooky Russell 29 days ago
Yayyyy I'm glad that Darren is in this episode 😊😊😊
C-money4x 29 days ago
Nick cannon:Yo dababy wanna be on wild 'n out Dababy: yea yea
Sam 29 days ago
y’all spelled “dababy” wrong lmaooo😂😂😂
Official OGB 29 days ago
1:29 Bruh wanted his turn too 😂😂😂😂
Lauryn H. 28 days ago
Ahhh as soon as I saw him and B on instagram I thought, “YES HE BETTER BE ON WILDNOUT”
Kaileah Matthews 29 days ago
dababy: give b simone a kiss in the classroom DC: aw hell nah
Zelly Cummings 28 days ago
This new YouTube comment setup got me late as hell. I was scrolling my ass off trying to find the comment section.
Esha Amin 29 days ago
Nobody: Everyone replying to the tired joke about wild n out making everything better: 🤣🤣🤣🤣 faxxxx fr thooooo
Niya Kearse 29 days ago
Who else think Dababy and B Simone make a cute couple
Christine Rogers 29 days ago
The way y’all obsess over celebrity relationships is weird
ODE TO BALTIMORE 29 days ago
That’s crazy they got a living legend on the show and didn’t announce him smh
ErvoTv 29 days ago
Did anyone notice how too short tried to say something 😂
Kalonda Tv 29 days ago
Mmm do B. Simone & Dababy got feelings for each other in the classroom?? Wild’N out go hard in the classroom🔥🔥💯💯👌👌
Josephine Gilbert 29 days ago
Today I was thinking of dababy coming to wild n out and here he is "oh my gosh"👀😏😄
Bra'Nyiah Dismuke 28 days ago
when you dont got cable and this the only way you can watch this show
mistaleel cruz 29 days ago
second hand embarassment at 1:29. He went but got overlooked by clips 😩 & he made sure not to go again the next time around
The Baddie Squad 28 days ago
Mane I think B. Simone and DaBaby got sum goin on😏it’s a whole lot of salt in dat water baby
CooperThatKid YT 29 days ago
Lmao DC Said “ugg What The Hell”
Totionna Clark 29 days ago
Sooooo nobody peeped dat he passed a note to her in the beginning
Daniella Donaldson 29 days ago
Omg that's litttttttt dababy and b.simone so cute❤❤ like if u agree 👇👍
Sydney Porch 29 days ago
She could've said we bout have a party in the classroom
L. G 29 days ago
When clips did that dance💀😂😂😂
Amerie Dean 29 days ago
wildn out: we have a game kick em out the classroom corona virus: IT CoRoNA TiMe
lureen 29 days ago
is no one gonna talk about how they brought Daren back?
Queen_Lizzy 29 days ago
I love how she ask for his number but we all know she got it already😂
Tyese Destiny 29 days ago
Aviation Best Videos 29 days ago
I’m the class prefect in the class room 😂 Justina will be my girlfriend in the class room Dc stop making noise in the class room I like to play in the class room Please I can’t find my pen 🖊 in the class room
Don Mars 29 days ago
Everybody Gangsta till they daughter is in A Da Baby music video
King Mere 28 days ago
The question everybody wanna kno is...did they kiss tho👀😂
Itz_lisa thompson Thompson 29 days ago
Bro Simone and da baby need to get together I’m telling you omg they will look so cute 😭🔥
Cupcakes 29 days ago
I said last dababy need to be on here and now he is and he’s also my favorite rapper
Lela Brown 29 days ago
Tre' Runyon 29 days ago
2:13, the guy in the blazer with the chain... I went to elementary and part of middle school with that kid. Holy sheet!
El Guerito 29 days ago
I love how dababy actually went thru her phone
Duke Dunkin 29 days ago
When you get money like him , Might as well mac w everything and anything.
Only1 Snow 29 days ago
00:19 Who throwing sht at Nick 😂😂😂
Indigo 555 29 days ago
He thought it was his turn and started rapping at 1:27
Yobra 29 days ago
Nobody Me: Damn I wish I wrote that comment
MrTrex1991 29 days ago
:44 B.Simone seemed thirsty as hell like calm down boo sheesh. 😂
I did not Ask for your opinion 29 days ago
B.Simon should have said “I trying to see da baby nudes in da classroom”
Mopi 28 days ago
Reads title Thinks back to the Find My Way music video “Of course”
Maurice on 30 fps 29 days ago
Can’t wait till I’m old enough to go to that show❤️😭✊🏾
•Prinxess Beauty• 29 days ago
I wonder what that note said that Dababy had passed to B.Simone🤔
Le'Yonna Stevenson 28 days ago
who noticed dababy been stering t B the whole time
Tee Saifele 28 days ago
Bruh how did I be coming up with these games yo? I remember we used to emulate wildin out in my latin class back in high school ☺️ 😂😂😂😂 🤣 🤣🤣🤣 good times
TheBigJHeard 2020 29 days ago
2:20 Charlie Clips dance had me weak😂😂 Built like the Phillbury Doughboy in the classroom🤣💯
Shamya Watkins 28 days ago
She could have been like what’s your number in this classroom 😂
sponge bean 28 days ago
I dead said “I’ll be here before 1 mill views” an hour ago now and now I’m here and the vid has 1 mill 😢
Christian Mukeba 29 days ago
Baby : givin B. Simone a kiss in the classroom B. Simone : stands up and dance Me : wtf is that dance move 😭
Kayla Wilson 28 days ago
I thought what been had each other number😂😂and does anybody know the dude who said Justina don’t got no butt just hips name bc he funny
sabrin mohammed 29 days ago
I thought they were still doing wild N out during quarantine 😂
Trinity 29 days ago
We not going to talk about how B.Simone has Mrs Kirk written on her dress😂
Reflex 28 days ago
The beats sound like michael jacksons “ they dont care about us” song. Am i the only one who hears it????
amukelani botes 29 days ago
Nick loves looking like a highlighter.
mikkel kos 29 days ago
Imagine juice wlrd on this ''freestyle u get kicked'' he whould stay ther eforever :I
Kei 2025 29 days ago
So, they still recording during the Rona y’all Nicca’s is brave!
Thabo Mokoena 29 days ago
But dababy has kids and his all flirty with b.simone
malavan babiry 29 days ago
“We got Da Bailey in the classroom”
D Z 29 days ago
Too Short The Legend
STILL 28 days ago
One doesn't own emotion, and when one is owned by emotion, it's a reflection of one's belief that one own's them. Let the Narrative of emotion go. Non-Duality.
B Demor 29 days ago
Im sure Dababy actually gave out his number in the classroom😂
Aissatou Diallo 29 days ago
The way he took her phone and started typing the number 😭 .
•Kie kie• 29 days ago
I want the full episode though 🙇🏽‍♀️.
Misslimitless23 29 days ago
B you betta get yo man girl!!!!! I’d love to see her reaction when she found out he was going to be on the show.
XsawceX 29 days ago
She really trynna fw DaBaby in the classroom🤣 the best 1 they had yet
Fitzroy Watson 29 days ago
At least we know what the Dababy and B-simone are going to do backstage
Yvette Archer 29 days ago
Waitttt I c big baby Daren brand yesssssss this made my day
Kuribohchaos8 29 days ago
You know she really bagged him during this segment. She got his number and everything in real life during this
The Freem Team 29 days ago
This one was funny 😅 TFT will be on the next season 🙌🏼🧡
NaEBrAzY!! 29 days ago
When they gone put sada baby on hea?!!! When Charlie started dancin i lost it