NLE Choppa Shows Off His Insane Jewelry Collection | GQ

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Memphis, Tennessee rapper NLE Choppa only started his jewelry collection in February last year, but it already impresses. From his first $50K chain to his diamond-studded bike chain necklace, NLE Choppa shows off all of his jewelry.

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NLE Choppa Shows Off His Insane Jewelry Collection | GQ
Lucas Brown 3 month ago
If this was on Netflix.The subtitles be like “(inaudible)” the whole time
Yt Peak 3 month ago
Nobody: NLE: I get the water erlhxdyvdkduvj then spit
69 Philly 3 month ago
He looks like he's boutta rob HiMsElF
mangoz 3 month ago
“Jewelry isn’t expensive” **has like 2 houses on his neck**
Apollyon Sandoval 3 month ago
Anybody else come just to hear him pronounce *"Juulry"* 😂
Gay Retard 3 month ago
This that south slang, I understand every word he’s saying
4 MET 3 month ago
Y’all always saying y’all can’t understand him but I understand everything he says
E.T.ANTONIO 3 month ago
At least he's smart and hasn't spent money on jewelry, that was all gifted
Doni Pringles 3 month ago
Best believe them people behind the camera had a translator ready.
Smitty Werben JagerMan Jensen 3 month ago
Y’all should’ve gave him some more time to collect his jewelry, he hasn’t been out that long
Ry Guyzur 3 month ago
"He jus walked up too me nd just put them all in my mouth" kinda of a weird line to say 😂🔥
Koby Williams 3 month ago
NLE: “all dis stuff on the table..... *whispers* I ain’t bought”
unoriginal name 3 month ago
New idea: Reverse mumble rapper You can clearly tell what they are saying in their songs but you cant tell what they are saying when they try to speak normally
benwk 3 month ago
When he said “yenoiemownnnatgaynshe” I felt that
Mr. Miller 3 month ago
I feel like he high key enjoyed life before all the fame. Like he seems like a chill dude to be around. He’s not materialistic like these other rappers. He’s humble.
Banks the halo great 3 month ago
NLE sound like he bit his tongue 6,345 times before this interview
youtube deleted my F.B.I account 3 month ago
his actually humble asf giving chains to kids Respect.
luvinglele 3 month ago
nobody: nle choppa: *jewelry isn’t expensive* also him: *has 2 houses + bills for 9 months on his neck*
I yem Gei 3 month ago
His Parents still waiting for him saying his first words...
iNutOnUrGyal 3 month ago
NLE Choppa: Yonawheadisjdiaemndsndis Lil Carti: Fiwalny a wrthy opnownet
iceENT 3 month ago
Man he need his Instagram back 🤦🏽‍♂️ can’t even keep up with him nomore man
ITZ MARTIN 3 month ago
“I love kids” he is a kid lol
D Redd 3 month ago
*The jewelry he'll be selling in 2 years when he fell off and gotta pay that debt!*
Haytham Alani 3 month ago
Man dressing like he robbed all that 😆
Lil Swerveyy 3 month ago
“It got diamonds on the side I just noticed that” yea iiiiiiiight
Eddy2smooth 3 month ago
“I aint gonna lie, jewelry don’t really be that much” 😂😂😂😂😂
RatlnaCageRage - 3 month ago
“He made da stUff oń da spot loo like he waz cookin crack or sum” -Nle Choppa
Δηtoηio 3 month ago
Nobody: NLE Choppa: This is ma baby abjababash ehdbba
SNAZZZY TV 3 month ago
“Jewelry don’t really be that much” His cheapest chain is more than I made in my entire life
Quintavious Hadley 3 month ago
I understand him perfectly y’all just want likes on them comments 😂
jojodaniel! 3 month ago
legend has it that he speaks his own language
GrandTurismo 90s Baby 3 month ago
Y'all worried bout how that man talk, dress and how his jewlery is gifted.. But at the end of the day he keeping it 💯 wit yall to the fullest..
da 4 bhaddies 3 month ago
“you see the dimples I got alil dimples” 😭
Criptufu Pantalones 3 month ago
Me: *thinking that i finally mastered english* NLE: I'm about to end this man whole career
ETHANX420X 3 month ago
They really need to get trippie redd on dis bih. He got a lot of jewelry.
Kamil Mosionek 3 month ago
No one: NLE Chopp: Iave Ocd yanowatisayen.
Rip Kobe Bryant 3 month ago
Me imagining that Johnny: hey NLE Choppa NLE: hey Johnny: shoves grill mold in nle mouth Nle: shcjfjjdckkvvkskkfkvi Johnny: bite down Nle: what was that 🤬
I Dowhatido 3 month ago
That nickname simple but hardddd “Baby Mexico” 😉🔥
Carl Johnson 3 month ago
Nobody: NLE Choppa YiiuwjnjksiwiwummmeueiemIMSoAKinglit
Jay Beasley 3 month ago
I feel like he is one of the most genuine people out there. Smart, faithful to his music, and calm. Despite his age, he’s one of the realist ones. ❤️ for No 💕
oxe txw 3 month ago
no one: not even GQ: NLE: *dndjfifbdjdjfjdjepfnrbfir*
Tate Donovan 3 month ago
NLE: hauguiangbsucjjenf djvisjngmf Me: word
Lunaaa 3 month ago
6:17 “It can go on your URR” i‘m dead
andy silva 3 month ago
“jewelry really don b dat much” boi youre wearing a whole rolls royce on you 😐
Brian Nicodemus 3 month ago
Who tf is MANDUCE I've been hearing that in all his interviews
Landon 3 month ago
NLE: forgets English when his mouth opens
John Funk 3 month ago
you should let Ski Mask the Slump God show off his jewelry, or a tattoo tour.
CheckData 3 month ago
Rappers be speaking their own language 🤣 this man is speaking straight choppanese.
Blueface Baby 3 month ago
NLE Choppa: Yonowahimealieyhthassright Playboi Carti: Finally A Worthy Opponent
ZK- EASERR 2 month ago
When he said “ahbuahmuhlamagamugumba” I felt that...
Biggy _07 3 month ago
People: I like strawberries Nle: I lissjsusudhhs stradaewswhsbebere
O 3 month ago
Congrats you've managed to waste all of your money on jewelry that sits around and depreciates.
Your Nan 3 month ago
im surprised he didnt choke on his own chains
Oh Kush420 3 month ago
He’s getting a lot of tattoos. They look fresh no cap . But I won’t be surprised if he gets one on his face
I Dowhatido 3 month ago
He felt that when he said “Bainsvdhskans haibdbdj haisien anisjdhew juulury “
Chazz Lopez 3 month ago
Did anyone realize when he whispered I ain’t bought they put that in big captions😂😂
Leon 040 3 month ago
Auf den Spuren des Reaktionsbosses...
Baby Carrot 3 month ago
He got a college tuition on his person at all times
Shivam Arora 3 month ago
The man's speaking cursive can't even understand what the backstory is behind all this bling 💎💎
ItzJu5tiN 3 month ago
Funny thing is, they added subtitles in English.
Opposite_Meta 3 month ago
4:43 the way his face changed had me dead 😂
Abe Bennett 3 month ago
Bruh said “I got dem dumples”
Wild_Frxxy 3 month ago
“i think I got OCD bruh igahsnakqknsdjsjo"
Elijah Ashman 3 month ago
It’s crazy how many tats he got in such short period of time.
Blazser Clips 3 month ago
I cant wait to watch the english version of this.
The Garcia’s Journey 3 month ago
Sooo in conclusion.. one of those chains could pay my rent for the next 2-3 years... thats tuff 😖
Real Talk 3 month ago
I Wish GQ could get NBA YOUNGBOY on here , his jewellery collection is crazyyyyy
GT Legendary YT 3 month ago
Nle choppa have beef with anybody he probably gon make a whole diss track on dat manzz
BBaller Studios 3 month ago
He sounds like he ate a box of Popeyes biscuits without the sweet tea.
lilfqry X 3 month ago
Rappers be like : “ you know what I’m sayin’ ?” Me : “ i dont, cs you were mumbling the whole time cuz”
Alan Morales 3 month ago
NLE Choppa before 2020: I ain't buying or getting jewelry this year. 8:44
Lucae Kijiji 3 month ago
“It could go on your er”
WINDOUGH 3 month ago
No one: Not a single diamond: NLE CHOPPA: heeerrruuaaddjeooiqw
QsG REWINDS 3 month ago
I understand literally everything he said
NotGoodJustHacks 3 month ago
Whens the english version coming out?
Emmanuel 3 month ago
“He made the stuff on the spot, look like he was cooking crack or some”😂💀
Phats Trap 3 month ago
5:33 he tried so hard to be yb😭
Nathaniel Jordan 3 month ago
We not talking bout how he gave one of his chains to a kid?
R Wilson 3 month ago
He sounds and looks like a lighter younger version of yo gotti mixed with chris brown .
_0NL1N3_ PL4YS 3 month ago
Guy in background: what does choppa mean NLE: THE SHOOTER ahahahah no yeah the shooter that's me
Jayda Norton 3 month ago
He’s a pretty boy.. but dang I can’t understand some of the things he’s saying. 😂
Prince Raheem 3 month ago
“Walked up to me and shoved them all in my mouth” LMFAOAOAOAOA AYOOOOO 😂
Memelord 3 3 month ago
Honestly I understand him perfectly, even though English isn't my first language. Yall trippin
Nya Bowman 3 month ago
@2:49 Young MA said the exact same thing happened to her 😭
R0X1D3 Muzic 3 month ago
Nobody : Literally Nobody : NLE Choppa : L E E W K E E D WANTE MAH CHAAIIN
BigBandsOnDeck 51 3 month ago
8:23 that should be a song 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Jay K 3 month ago
Think of jewelry as a trophy, the resale value is nothing what you paid for get that str8.
Just Me 3 month ago
Me: watches the whole video. Also me: what was he saying again....?
Ahlam Awil 3 month ago
NLE : I wanna take a picture with a girl DUDE: you got one in mind NLE:Yeeaaaaaahhhhh OMFG HE KINDA BLUSHED THO NO CAP , LUCKY GIRLLL.
youngswhtx 3 month ago
This night is welcome into my house any time 🇲🇽💯
Itachi Uchiha 3 month ago
Select your language: English ( US) English ( UK) English ( NLE Choppa)
Chronic Astro 3 month ago
He's changed a lot since shotta flow
Morgan Mirabella 3 month ago
does he even lift his lips when he talks
Adrian Weber 3 month ago
Respect to him for hustling. Promoted Gold Gods and King Ice in the video as part of his collection. He also knows jewelry depreciates quickly. That’s refreshing.
Fin 3 month ago
2:47 bruh some homeless dude found that and sold it for sure haha
Extremelyawesomebunny18 3 month ago
2:12 he’s not speaking English
JERIA WISE 3 month ago
He needa take that grill out his mouth 💁🏽 some boys be looking good while being simple.
ThatRandomB 3 month ago
Y’all should try to get Jay Z, Drake, or Gucci mane to get on here.
sweetie - 3 month ago
he only 16 ??????? finally a cute rapper who won’t catch a case 😪 .
DaNiNN 3 month ago
“he jus pulled up on me and stuffed em all in my mouth”