If You Can't Drink Fast Enough This Cup Tazes You

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90's flav - call me
Dragon Ball FighterZ OST - Hit Theme
Persona 3 ost - During the test
Nigel Cross 1 year ago
I'd be so scared if michael had an infinite budget
deepledopps 1 year ago
This is the only man on Earth that would destroy humanity for a meme if he had the budget
Friendly canadian 1 year ago
“This looks like any old normal cup you may find in your kitchen.” Cup looks like a homemade grenade
Mr. Beaver 12 month ago
Michael is like Tony Stark but high on crack constantly.
Unthawing 1 year ago
"How many volts is this?" "It doesn't matter when its get past 10,000"
Captain1nsaneo 1 year ago
Michael is one personal tragedy away from being a legit super villain.
matt williams 1 year ago
You know, I thought YouTube was dying, the last few bastions of the old guard holding out against the current. Then this chaotic neutral / evil Hawaiian midget crops up out of the ashes. Cackling at the void where God once was. And deep down in my soul my hope for the future is renewed.
SirPixx 1 year ago
Make a wallet that screams when ever it gets picked up / gets stolen
Satria Sutena 11 month ago
"This will pass electricity through your heart :)" *"other guy laughing because it's not his turn anymore"*
Maddie 7 month ago
I wanna know how he got that through airport security and into Australia without being put on a terrorist watch list
TheBlueSuperDude 8 month ago
Ding dings are only on for that week. Me seeing this video 6 months later: FFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU
Gowixx 6 month ago
“I’m not an alcoholic... yet”
Mrtman 7 month ago
“My blood is going to become Red Bull and my mind will become one with the universe” I think he might be loosing his mind a bit, I love it
jhc 24 7 month ago
He’s like Doofenshmirtz with all his evil inators
Levelmake 8 month ago
“Don’t touch that and that at the same time” Michal proceeds to smile intensely “That will send electricity through your heart”
Joseph Perez 6 month ago
Michael:let's 3d print a protector to house all the electronics in. Puts all the electronics on the outside of the protector.
Kermit the Frog 1 year ago
7:19 “That will pass electricity through your heart.” The way he said that is so funny!
ManuAlouest 11 month ago
2:24 look at the picture on the bottom left of the computer.
Cai Jephcott 6 month ago
The way he acts when he’s excited makes me think he’s really just a 12 year old who happens to be a little bit psycho XD
Farah Samir 11 month ago
*Make a shoe that cries profusely Every step you walk with it 😂😂😂*
Ari Banari 8 month ago
Michael slaps literally any small object Michael: this bad boy can fit so much risk
Fatima Kane 6 month ago
who gave this 12 year old beer, tasers, and a 3D printer
Potato Mastaer 1 year ago
Perfect villain doesn’t exist. Michael Reeves: Hold my beer tasing cup.
James Surya 6 month ago
He looks like an evil version of Tom Holland
DB Editing 8 month ago
“Don’t touch this and this. That will pass electricity through your heart.” *smiles* :)
Tofutaco 6 month ago
FTC: "Is ThIs FoR kIdS?"
O Bee O 9 month ago
I bought a ding ding without my mom knowing I'm still scared everytime she calls my name from another room
laurence 1 year ago
I love how Michael casually builds things that could kill you if you aren't careful.
Tao Rose 6 month ago
Why dose everything that he makes look like a bomb
Zeretox 5 month ago
I can’t believe he found another way of getting people tazed
Jamie Fukofuka 10 month ago
"no im going to drink a nice relaxing drink" 2 sec later: * AHHHH FUCCKKK*
EmptySora_ 9 month ago
“I staying up 36 hours programming this, it better f**king work.” Accurate description of what I expect my programs to run like after minimal effort.
Odin Witt 6 month ago
If there is a god Micheal killed him
Tefloz 11 month ago
Yea if Micheal ever had a meet up I'm not going...
C B 8 month ago
Omg he's gonna give himself brain damage electricuting himself all the time like this 😂
The Fuzzy Ocelot 10 month ago
Micheal: "That will pass electricity through your heart." Also Micheal: Just drink from it!
killstrike1111 1 year ago
The utter definition of chaotic neutral. Does whatever shit he wants and thats perfect.
SU 57 11 month ago
-"Don't touch here and here" -Ok *touches tazer
Asher Yin 6 month ago
the fear in michael's eyes while drinking
Xetoe Gaming 7 month ago
“*That*, will pass electricity through your heart.”
Kin 6 month ago
Michaels laugh sounds like bill cipher without the extra effects
Raptorthumbs 1 year ago
Cake 4life 8 month ago
"But micheal, i wanna know how it works" -that one weird guy in the comment section
white winter 11 month ago
I wanna buy this no cap nobody: me:I'm not buying this
Erlkönig 7 month ago
do you think we can give him government funding for these projects
Declan Merca 8 month ago
I feel like every video showcases Michael as he falls further and further into the grasps of mental insanity
Kreami Nugget 6 month ago
Don’t judge me, I clicked on this video based on the fact that the thumbnail got cut off and it looked like it said “Tazer Cum” That’d be a good idea for Micheal
MysticXL3gend 6 month ago
Micheal: Im unwind with a nice relaxing drink.. Me: *see 2.5 seconds* *realizes where this is going* Micheal: *chugs Beer of Death Can* *presses start* Me: 3..2..1. Micheal: *Gets shocked* FUCCCKK!!!! Me: XDDD!!
bread 8 month ago
why do I feel like Michael would be the perfect voice actor for some character on gravity falls
Nicky h225 6 month ago
Michael seems like he enjoys creating pain in others
Homosexuality My Dear Watson 1 year ago
_Day 42 of convincing Michael to make the screaming roomba_
Impish beann 11 month ago
“Whatever you do, don’t touch this *and* this. ThAt’LL pAsS eLeCtriCiTy ThRoUgH yOuR hEaRt”
Owl. 11 month ago
the Naruto music when he was drinking it set the mood perfectly
Buggs Justice 9 month ago
Should’ve made it so when they finish their drink they still get shocked
Anzeko 8 month ago
Not allowed to dring.. Pfftttt Me: laughs in europe
YourPal_ TitLiquid 1 year ago
Michael scaring the shit out of those two with the threat of electrocution is my absolute favorite.
big ass Gopnik 7 month ago
"I don't like that!" SADISTIC LAUGHING
Cake Head 9 month ago
“This will pass electricity. Through your *heart*.”
EarthToAccess 7 month ago
hey question when will dingdings be available again? asking for a friend
Zenpro YT 6 month ago
Michal stop making things that taze you
OriginalCanadian 1 year ago
What's your fascination with making machines that shock people involuntarily
CrazzyJ0123 6 month ago
Im really sad i discovered his channel after the dingding sale ended.
KitKat 1099 11 month ago
But Michael! We wanna know how it works! -that one weird nerd in your comments section
Deactivated Account 10 month ago
I legit think your the worst person on Earth and that's exactly why I subscribed.
Frank D 1 year ago
Micheal's laugh reminds me of neville from iCarly
ZoTrope 1 year ago
Micheal just make the screaming roomba, easy programming, easy revenue
rob boss 4 month ago
He's the next Tony stark
Edward Nygma 5 month ago
"Said that one weirdo in my comemnts section" That one weirdo: I walk a lonely road the only one that I have ever known
caleb logan 5 month ago
no-one: Michael: LeTs AdD a TaZaR
Sprinkles 8 month ago
Hey you should make two cups that link together wirelessly (of coarse) where when one is empty it shocks the other
Rachel Ann 11 month ago
This Gus Johnson level of microphone taping is very much appreciated.
Rage Casanova 6 month ago
I regret missing the ding ding window. I will carry this sin with me for the rest of my life. Excellent video.
Evan Foster 4 month ago
An yes ding ding someone to join the spy crab The meme bois
Diowo ・ω・ 5 month ago
7:19 He still smiles as he warns Max that he could potentially get electricity travel into his heart.
All Of The Above 4 month ago
You need to make a series called drunk science
Racket Tattoo 6 month ago
Thank god he doesnt have a bigger budget.
Carazy123 1 year ago
6:58 That’s all you need to see
BUCKETGEARED 5 month ago
6:40 that’s the laugh of a short mad genius and I love it.
Admiral Ackbar 1 year ago
* tazer sound* Maxes filthy Frank flashbacks intensifies
fxme 10 month ago
Im liking the the naruto soundtrack And 90s flav
vibecheck 11 month ago
2:24 what the hell is in the corner of his screen
Miss Anxiety 5 month ago
"demonetization isn't even fucking real it's like Santa Clause or Canada or my desire to be alive" *mood*
Nadine Benchaffai 1 year ago
When you just fell like hearting your self
Sillimant 1 year ago
"only on sale for this week" Fuck, I missed *_another_* limited time sale because I didn't know about it, gotta love that
the oracle 6 month ago
"There are no stakes no risk no involuntary human suffering"
Mindjack015 8 month ago
8:10 Perfectly Cut Scream moment
doubleblade 7 month ago
I also feel like if left to his own devices he would have control over the entire globe
aiden bowser 4 month ago
Cracked my phone while watching this
Maple 1 year ago
Everyone: Make a Roomba that screams whenever it bumps into something. Me: Make a Roomba that hammers and absolutely destroys whatever it bumps into.
Mystic Buffalos 6 month ago
But Michael, we wanna know how it works!
ForceTVMM 6 month ago
But is he even old enough to drink? He’s like 12 remember
Dood Bro 11 month ago
Lmao he never explained how the sensor works to them, how it’s upside down
Andre P!nkney 7 month ago
2:21 so we’re just gonna Ignore the fact that there was a naked guy (p0*n) on the laptop tho???
godboy 1 year ago
Anybody: *Drinks* This cup: im boutta end this mans whole career
AndrewBrewer917 6 month ago
If Michael was sent back in time to the 1940s the SS would recruit him immediately
Oculallen - EA 8 month ago
Anyone else notice that auspicious looking man in the bottom left corner of Michael’s screen at 2:25?
Fluma 4 month ago
wasnt ding ding's name "youtube buddy"?
The peacock channel 11 month ago
I love how he says rasberry pie when it's a mother board
A Dez 1 year ago
Marvel: “the avengers is the greatest crossover in history” Michael: “Hold my tazer cup”
Fatebringer 489 8 month ago
“Now I’m going to unwind from this with a nice relaxing drink” proceeds to start the timer at 2.5 and chugs like his life depends on it